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His invisible creator Episode 13 & 14

🌒His Invisible Creator♣
(is he a human??)
Episode 13🌸🌸
Written By:Tofunmi Nikky📝
” It’s about Kenneth,The INVISIBLE “Amelia told him
” Who are you?? “Reed asked a little suspicious,,, she sighed not knowing what to say
” You don’t nee-d to know who I am,, you nee-d to stay away from him. He’s using you for his evil plans “She said
” Wait!! do you think am going to believe you? you just [email protected]£ and started saying all this about him,,,, look I can’t trust you and I know he’s not someone bad “He said pointing a f!nger at her
” I’m going to prove to you how cruel he is,,, and once he turn into a human again. He’s not going to spare anyb©dy. But first you have to trust me “She said, he rou-gh his hair and stare at her.
They ran out of the cafeteria when the light went off,, they st©pped walking when they realised Reed and Amelia aren’t with them,,,,
” Where is Reed? “Vivian was the first to ask
” I thought they followed us and what about Amelia? “Gerald said and looked back
” The both of them “They chorused in shock
” We have to go and look for them “Gerald said and she nodded.
They went back to the cafeteria and looked at where they sat recently but they couldn’t find them,,,,
” Am thinking we should split up,,that way it will be more easy to find them “Gerald said facing her
” Alright,,i’ll go that way “She said and walked to the other side.
Reed drove out of the school compound impatiently,, Amelia looked at him coldly. The rate at which Reed is driving now,,,She just hope they don’t have an accident.
” You’re driving too fast Reed “she finally speak up and he just scoffed
” Is the place still far? “he asked ignoring her what she said
” No,,,we should get there in the next five minutes “she replied still looking at him.
The priest waited outside for Amelia,he wasn’t that happy the only person who could help them didn’t give her the chance to talk. He knew that [email protected] from him there’s no way out,,,,,
He sighted a car coming from afar,she might be the one but why did she have to come with a car.
The car car [email protected]£ to a halt before him,, Amelia [email protected]£ out of the car and he rushed to her,,,
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” Sir “She said as she hvgged him ti-ghtly,, he unlocked from the hvg when he saw someone stepping out of the car,,
” Is he the one? “He asked facing Amelia
” Yes that’s him “She replied and he beamed with smile as he looked at him,,, Finally.
😍Vivian’s pov😍
We st©pped at the garden and I [email protected] on the gras-s,,We’ve searched the whole school and still couldn’t find them,,,,Even if they want to go anywhere they should at least inform us.
” Let’s inform his mom “Gerald blurted and I faced him sharply
” It will wors£n the situation. I’m sure by then everyone would have know we’re searching for them. Let’s wait till school is over, they may come back,,,, who knows “I said
” We haven’t even try calling their number “He snapped and I nodded.
” Am going to call Reed now “He said again and brou-ght out his phone.
That’s what we should have done instead of looking for them all over the school. I feel so tired.
🌻Reed’s pov🌻
” So are you willing to help us ” He asked and I rou-gh my hair.
Should I really believe this people, what if it’s a trick.
No,,it can’t be. I think they are saying the truth. If it’s a lie I would have know by now.
Does that mean they are right? he told me he’s gonna become a human on my birthday. So is this what he’s pla-ying.
But each time am with him, I feel secured,,,peaceful, more powerful. Not knowing he’s this cruel.
What’s his gain if he uses his power to destroy human??
” plea-se you’re the only one who can bring him down,,, he mustn’t become a human “He begged,,,
” I’ll see what I can do but I just hope you’ve said is true “I said and stood up from the chair
” We have no reason to lie “Amelia said and the man nodded
” I’ll help you,,,”I said
” Thank you “The man said with a hvge smile
” I’ll get back to you,,,Let’s go back to school “I said and looked at her
” Bye “She hvgged him and then faced me,,,we walked out and the man followed us out;
” Bye!!! “he waved as we enter the car,,,I turned on the ignition and drove off
” Thanks Reed “She smiled at me while I maintained a straight face. I couldn’t get all what the man said out of my head.
That was why he created me by giving me powers, he’s my creator. I nee-d to see him. He’s to explain.
Episode 14💟💟
🍀 Gerald’s pov🍀
” His number is unreachable “I said to Vivian who is standing by my side
” Let’s go back to the clas-s,,,am sure they’ll come back “she said
I tried the number again but it’s still the same thing; Still not reachable
” Let’s go Vivian “I said facing her, we walked together to the clas-s but unfortunately Mr Colt was alre-ady in clas-s
We headed to our separate seat.
I brou-ght our my book inside the desk,,
” Hi! “I looked up to see Livia seated at my front; occu-pying Amelia’s seat
” What do you want?? “I said quietly,glaring at her
” I nee-d a small favour from you, I want you to help me beg Reed. It’s like he doesn’t want to see me “she said still facing me
” Am sorry I can’t,,,, you can go and beg him yourself “I said and faced what I was doing
” You’re his friend that’s why I [email protected]£ to you,, I know he will listen to you “she said and I was f0rç£d to look up
” Am sure you heard what I said,, and like you said earlier. He doesn’t want to see you,,,Just let him be! “I said angrily
” Can you plea-se get up from my seat “I heard Amelia’s voice and turned to saw her standing beside me,,,, I faced the front and was surprised that Livia alre-ady walked back to her seat
” Where have you been? And where is Reed?? “I asked her after she’s settled down on her seat
” He won’t be coming back to school “She answered and faced her front
My gaze met with Vivian and she gave me “Where is he?”look
I replied by shaking my head. I know Reed doesn’t like Amelia,,, so why the heck did they go out together???
🌟Reed’s pov🌟
I entered the building and opened the door,,,,
” We nee-d to talk!!! “I shouted standing at the entrance
” I want to ask you something and I nee-d you to be honest with me,,,What exactly will happen on my birthday? “I asked waking in fully
There was a total silence, he didn’t reply me. I’m sure he’s hiding something
” Is better you tell me now before I find out on my own! “I said loudly
Huh?? what did he just say?? He must be fv¢king kidding me right now!!
” Why will you use my b©dy? wait,,,for what mission??? “I asked trying to hide my anger
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” That means you’re my creator?? That was the reason you gave me so much powers;so you could use me “I said with my eyes turning red
” And you think I’ll do that? No and never!!! “I yelled
<<YOU’LL HAVE TO DO WHAT I TELL YOU,THEY DESERVES TO SUFFER!>>My hand turned into a fist as I listened to him
” leave me out of this. Don’t even try to use my b©dy!!!!! “I thun-dered and the wall cracked,,, I turned to leave
<<DON’T GO AGAINST ME,I AM THE ONE WHO CREATED YOU AND I WILL USE YOU WHICHEVER WAY I WANT!!>>He said and I stormed out of the building with anger.
🍭Vivian’s pov🍭
[School Over❗]
We walked out of the clas-s and st©pped at the parking lot,,,
” Now can you tell us where Reed is? “I asked Amelia
” Good Afternoon to you all “James Interrupted us
” Hi James “Gerald said
” Hi “Amelia and i said simultaneously
” Sir Reed asked me to pick you up “He said
” Is he home?? “I asked him immediately
” No!,,,Can we go now?? “He asked
” Sure,,See you tomorrow guys “I said facing the two of them
” Bye,,” They *both waved as I walked away with James
We entered the car and he zoomed out of the school.
Minutes Later
I entered the house and was surprised to see the house decorated,, So beautiful
” What’s happening here? “I asked one of the guard I met on my way in
” We’re preparing for Sir Reed birthday ” He said happily
” Okay, thanks “I said before walking away
Am sure he’s birthday is gonna be a big one,he’ll be really happy when he sees this
❤Reed’s pov❤
I drove into the house crazily,,I stepped out of the car and headed inside
” Good Afternoon Sir “Many of the workers greeted but I ignored.
Am not in for their ru-bbish greetings today,,
I opened the door and walked in to see the whole place decorated,,
” Good Afternoon Sir “One greeted,Can’t they just shut up!
I took the stairs but bu-mped into Vivian,,
” Sir “She shouted with a smile,, She rushed to meet me
” Everyone is preparing for your birthday, where have you been? “she said
” I can go anywhere, not like I nee-d your permission so st©p questioning me,,and henceforth maintain your distance so you won’t see my bad side” I said and continued walking leaving her speechless
” make you’re you arrange everything,and don’t make a mistake “I saw mom talking to a woman,,I went to her
” I don’t want to [email protected] my birthday so it’s better if you st©p the preparations “I said and she faced me
* But why son? “She asked
” I don’t want a [email protected] so can you at least do this for me “I said and walked away.

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