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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 9 & 10

He’s a Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 9
18+ rated contents
😚 Byung-ho’s POV 😚
Oh my! I have never seen this before. A female hitting Lee Chun!_ Well except for his elder sister Mia but [email protected] from Mia no other female dare hits Lee Chun
They all adore and worsh!phim even though he treats them like trash, they still fall at his feet but this girl, this strange pretty girl seems like the opposite
I was really shocked when she [email protected] him and I almost laughed but I knew Lee Chun would kill me if I had laughed
This girl seems pretty interesting, I think I am liking her alre-ady….
“ …Okay he is gone now you nee-d to relax, plea-se just rest your head back, easy…”
The doctor said cajoling her to relax
“ Eesshi…. I feel like breaking his head, his big head…”
She kept saying ma-king threats and she had really funny expressions on her face that I chuckled
“ Don’t worry you will get to break his head later but plea-se try to do what the doctor ask of you alright?”
I said and she stared at me for awhile…
“ Okay ”
She said resting her head back on the pillow gazing up at the ceiling…
After ma-king sure she was resting properly the doctor and nurse left the ward
“ So… I have told you my name… I think it’s fair if you tell me yours? ”
I said and she glanced at me… Then shift her focus back at the ceiling like there was something up there
“ Won’t you tell me your name? I am sorry about your legs and that the fact you are lying here in this be-d. I know you most be angry_”
“ Ji-a… My name is Ji-a ”
She said cutting me short and I smiled but then she stared at me with tears almost coming down from her eyes
“ Tell me the truth… Will I ever walk again? ”
She asked and I really felt sorry for her
“ Of course you will ”
I said then sat down at the edge of her be-d but she didn’t look like someone that really believed what I said so I tried to convince her
“ I know it will feel strange moving on a wheelchair but I’m sure you don’t really nee-d the wheelchair to walk, the work of the wheelchair is so you don’t stress your legs that much so it can heal way fas-ter
It’s not like you are crippled or anything. I can’t count the many times I have had to move on wheelchair when I sprain my ankle during sports practice, but here I am standing and walking well ”
I said smiling and she stared at me but didn’t say anything
I continued “ Let me tell you a secret ” I said using a whispering voice “ Anytime I sprain my ankle and had to sit on the wheelchair I get to do nothing and demand a lot from my parents and siblings. Whenever I sit on that wheelchair I become like a king and the wheelchair becomes my throne
So for the next weeks or so you get to be queen, your parents and siblings would have to do and buy everything and anything you want while you just lazy around all day eating and slee-ping ”
I said hoping that would cheer her up but the reaction I got wasn’t what I was expecting
Tears just rolled down her cheeks even though she tried not to cry, she couldn’t keep the tears in, from running down
“ Hey… Did I say anything wrong? ”
I asked really concerned
“ No… Nothing ”
She answered wiping the tears away with the back of her palms
“ I don’t believe you, I most have said something. plea-se tell me what’s wrong maybe I can help? ”
I said and she glanced at me
“ I doubt that, unless you can bring the dead back? ”
She said and I went mute
“ I have no parents nor siblings to pamper me. I am all I have and while the wheelchair is like a throne for you to me it’s like a cage, a terrible one
How am I suppose to eat if I can’t work? And how am I to work if I can’t walk? If I can’t make use of my legs?… This can’t be happening to me… ”
She spoke and that’s when I realized she is an orphan…
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
How dare she! How dare that dirty girl hit me! Huh? When I even wanted to apologise to her
I was even thrown out of the ward like I am a trouble maker. I will make sure that doctor lose his job. What nons-en-se!
As if that’s not worse even I just got a message from the Italian model telling me her plane is about taking off
So I missed that S-xy lady with long sweet ton-gue just to get [email protected] by a lady on rags
“ Arrgg!
This day can’t get any worse ”
I cursed…
But just then I saw my friend Byung-ho coming and he was_ he is wheeling that mad girl over here
Standing up from where I sat in the reception I gave her a bad stare and she did likewise to me that I [email protected]£ scared she might give me one of those her h0t [email protected] so I shift away from her, dragging my friend Byung-ho the hand
“ What do you think you doing? And why are you wheeling her? Are you now her personal nurse? ”
I questioned
“ No, I’m not her personal nurse ”
He replied
“ Good then take her back from where she was and let’s get out of here. Clearly she doesn’t like apologises. I have done my best to try and apologize but I received a [email protected] instead.. no problem let’s just get away from here. Infact leave her here one of the nurses will take her back to her ward ”
I said then held Byung-ho’s hand to take him away with me… But he made himself [email protected] on the ground
“ Lee Chun ”
He shout my name
I turned facing him
“ I am not leaving Ji-a. She is coming with ”
He said pu-lling his hand away from my grip
“ Who is Ji-a? ”
I asked then followed his eyes down to the girl on the wheelchair
Oh! She is Ji-a
How can a mad girl have such a pretty name? I thought
“ And what do you mean you ain’t leaving her? You seriously want to take her home?…Okay fine do what you plea-se ”
I said alre-ady pissed off. I turned to walk out
“ Lee Chun! ”
He shouted my name again
“ What? ”
I half yelled alre-ady annoyed turning around but then he walked closely to meet me
“ I made a mistake. I meant to say she is she is coming not with me but you ”
He said
“ What? ”
“ Yes, you see Ji-a here is an orphan, she fends for herself, but now she isn’t able to work because of your carelessness. So she is now your responsibility
You have to take care of her until she is well enough to be able to walk and fend for herself again ”
He said
I was really shocked. I knew she was poor but never knew she was an orphan
I glanced down at her and she didn’t really looked plea-sed about what Byung-ho said
“ I thought you said I will be staying with you, I don’t want to be with him, he is a bad man ”
She said talking to Byung-ho
Byung-ho smiled then crouched down, levelling his head with her’s
” I know I said that but I’m sorry you have to stay with him now ” he said but she shook her head against it
“ No I don’t want to ”
“ Listen, he will take good care of you. I think it’s time my friend here starts taking responsibility of his actions and I promise you this I will always check up on you. Trust me you will enjoy living in his house than mine, his house is way bigger and their are lots of maids, you will finally get treated like a queen ”
he said but she looked really sad. She most hate me
“ plea-se smile okay ” He said to her before standing up facing me
“ So she is your responsibility now ” he said and I was about to speak when he shut me up
“ I am not done. You better treat her well. Remember I told you the doctor said she shouldn’t stress herself nor her legs ”
He said then smiled briefly before walking out of the hospital leaving me and the girl alone
“ What have I gotten myself into ”
I muttered and she was just frowning at me with her arms folded
“ So you will be staying with me now? I guess I have to wheel you to the car right? ”
I said and she just rolled her eyes
“ Dummy ” she muttered
“ Hey!
I heard that ”
I said frowning
“ I might for you to hear it ”
She said
“ I don’t have time for this, let me just wheel you to the car and take you home but don’t expect me to take care of you cus I can’t stand you. I will hire a nurse to do that ”
I said then walked to her back to wheel her away
“ Whatever!… I can’t stand looking at your ugly face anyways ”
She said
“ St©p saying I am ugly! are you blind? Look at this face does it look ugly to you? Huh? ”
I said and she turned her head around to look at my face
“ Yup! Really ugly ”
She said with all seriousness before facing forward
“ I know you just trying trying to get me upset ” I said
“ Nope, just saying the truth. You are really ugly ”
She said and I angrily wheeled her fast
“ Careful! Unless I will [email protected] you! ”
She warned alre-ady getting her hand re-ady for a [email protected]
“ Sorry ”
I quic-kly apologize wheeling her slowly
I don’t really want to receive that her h0t painful [email protected] again….
Episode 10
18+ rated contents
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
As Lee Chun wheeled me away out of the hospital compound to his parked beautiful vehicle just at the front my heart was beating really fast
I was scared to death even though I am pretending not to be, wearing a mask of confidence and fearless
But the truth was that I was really scared inside. I don’t know who this Lee Chun guy really is, how can I live with him?
I had agreed to stay with his friend Byung-ho who seem more of a better person than this Lee- j£rk of a guy till my legs were healed up but then Byung-ho all of a sudden changed what we had agreed upon and now I will be living with Lee Chun!
If I had a choice I won’t go with him cus I don’t like him one bit, he seems like a real per-vert
I mean who k!ssa total stranger? A total stranger you hospitalized because of your careless recklessness
He deserve the [email protected] I gave to him, no one has ever k!$$£d me and my first k!sswon’t most certainly come from a big head per-vert like him…
But I’m scared now. I hit him [email protected] and now I will be going to live with him in his house. What if he_ What if he seeks for revenge??
I gently turned around to look at his face. I wanted to confirm if he has a face of a ra-pist. When I still had the privilege to watch TV I saw a TV program when a man tried forcing himself on a lady
The man had a strong ugly sick face…
Checking out Lee Chun’s face. Although he is quite as ugly as that man even more ugly… I guess he has an innocent face. I don’t think he looks like a ra-pist he is more of a per-vert
But he do have.. beautifull-ips and his nose is quite perfect…his eyes are also really really pretty and his hair… before I knew it was staring at his face admiringly_
“ What are you doing? ”
He asked as he caught me staring
I flin-ched as I didn’t know what to say
“ You trying to [email protected] me right? ”
He said frowning and I quic-kly went with that
“ Yes ”
I said also frowning
“ Why?.. Ain’t I moving slowly enough? ” He asked and I thought for a while
“… I just felt like giving your ugly face a [email protected] again. You will be receiving a lot of [email protected] from me while I stay at your place because whenever I look at your face my hands keep inching me to hit your ugly face ”
I said and I could see the scared look on his face
“ You know it’s a crime to hit someone, you can’t just go around hitting people because you don’t like their face. You can get arrested for that ”
He said and I scoffed
“ Coward. So you will call the cops on a pretty innocent girl like me? I see you are not only a per-vert but also a big little baby ”
I said mockingly
“ Innocent girl my foot! You are more like a little money monster with iron palms… ”
“ Shush!… I will hit you if you insult me, only I get to do the insulting ”
I said
“ Why so? ”
“ Cuz I am the one on the wheelchair dummy and you responsible for that. If you want to have a right to insult me back then u will stand in front of your car while I enter inside and run you over
When I squash your legs and you get to sit on the wheelchair then you have earn the right to insult back un-derstood ”
I said and he muttered some words un-der his breath looking at me like I was mad
“ What? ”
“ Nothing. Let me just get you inside the car I’m tired of listening to your voice ”
He said then wheeled me to the pas-sager door
He pressed a remote bu-tton in his hand and the car down opened like the wings of an eagle
It was beautiful to watch, I have never seen a car door opening in this way
I was so carried away at how the car doors were opening that I didn’t pay any attention to Lee Chun until I felt his hands on my left [email protected] and my right arm
“ Ahhh ”
I screamed and a [email protected] quic-kly followed
“ Ahhhhh….Ouchhhh ”
He cried out holding on to his face
“ What do you think you doing! per-vert! Freak! j£rk!
Why were you tou-ching me… You sick boy. If you dare t©uçh me again.. I will so kill you ”
I threatened
“ You crazy… You really crazy
I only wanted to carry into the vehicle… Ouchh.. my face
You have completed ruined my face. What kind of girl are you huh? ”
“ Oh.. ”
I kinda felt bad for hitting him when he just wanted to as-sist me into the car
But how was I to know, I felt his soft f!ngerstou-ching my skin and it made me feel kinda weird, some strange kinda feeling I have never felt before
“ Don’t expect me to say sorry… You can’t use t©uçh a lady like that_ ”
“ you are no lady… ”
He said cutting me short
“ Shush! What did I say about insulting me? Huh?… It’s like you want another of this, it’s heated up alre-ady ”
I said waving my f!ngersat him
He stared at my hand in a frightful look, like he was looking at a torturing machine “ Don’t think I’m afraid of you or those your small tiny f!ngers… They are so small yet they sting like fire… Eshhh ”
I couldn’t help but laugh but he gave me a bad stare
“ Are you coming with or should I just leave you here cus I can do that. There is no way I am getting [email protected] by that hand again ”
He said
True, I just realized he can actually leave me here and his friend had gone alre-ady
“ Okay come and as-sist me BUT no funny movement unless I will get to use this on you again ”
I said waving my f!ngersstill
He hesitated to place his hands on me… But then he finally did and I felt that strange feeling when his hands made contacts with my skin, my [email protected] and back.
It felt really awkward when he lifted me up, I left really shy almost blu-shing but I did well to hide my face and emotions from him
“ Place me down alre-ady, st©p tou-ching me more than necessary! ”
I gro-an ed at him and he quic-kly let go of me when he had placed me on the seat
He is really scared of my [email protected]
Good. He better be…
After dissembling the wheelchair he put it inside the boot then took his seat at the driving wheel
“ Stra-p in your seatbelt ”
He instructed
“ Don’t tell me what to do ”
I argued but still did what he asked
Then he sped off…
___________ ⏲️
We got to his house in no time as he drives so fast and reckless no wonder he ran me over
Big head!
But oh my! was his house beautiful!!
So so beautiful!
I have never seen anything as beautiful as this. A house made of glas-s!!!!!
How rich is this big head boy???
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
Finally! I have never been so happy to be home
I drove so fast so I can get home because I can’t stand staying close to this mad girl, even on the road she kept ma-king threats at me waving her deadly f!ngersat me
Thank God my house is really big because I will be staying far away from her, I hope our paths never cross again…
Coming out of the vehicle, leaving her inside
“ Kyung-gu ”
I called out to one of the male servant, that happened to pas-s by the compound…
He quic-kly [email protected]£ to me
“ Take this cripple to one of the guest room_ and oh yes! Don’t forget her legs, they are inside the boot ”
I said intentionally to spite her
She blaze at me “ Who you calling a cripple! I will so kill youuuu ”
“ Whatever ”
I cooed walking away why she just kept insulting and ma-king death threats
Mad girl…
I went straight to up to my room and quic-kly I checked my face in the standing mirror
One side of my cheek had red f!nger prints on it
“ That stupid girl!… I hate her!
She wants to ruin my beautiful face ”
I cursed before sitting down on my be-d really angry…
About a few minutes my elder sister pretty friend [email protected]£ into the room
“ Lee Chun… I have really missed you… ”
She kept saying nons-en-se
I know what she wants, and I think she can be a distraction, to take my mind off how angry I am right now
I unZi-pped my [email protected] and brou-ght my di-ck out
“ You know what to do ”
I said and she quic-kly crouched down and start su-cking and stro-king my di-ck….
Today isn’t really one of Lee Chun’s best days 😢 But at least Min-seo will make it up to him 😋😋
Ji-a seems to not be able to st©p herself from [email protected] 😁
Has Lee Chun finally escape from Ji-a inching f!ngers😥
Or are things about to get even more h0t for him? 😩

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