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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 23 & 24

He’s a Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Episode 23
Time: Day ( 3 days later )
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
Knock! Knock!
I heard a knock on the door then a voice
“ Ji-a ”
It was my friend Kyung-gu’s voice
“ Come on in, the door is open ”
I yelled from where I was inside the wardrobe/changing room….
Entering into the room “ Where are you? ”
He asked as he couldn’t see me since I was in the wardrobe/changing room which is like a separate [email protected] on it’s own
“ Here! I’m in here ”
I announced
He followed the sound of my voice, as I heard his foot steps nearing the door
“ Are you in there? ”
He asked
“ Yes, come on in ”
I said
“ W.. what?.. Ain’t you?.. ”
He was hesitant as he though maybe I was n-ked
“ You can come in, I’m putting on clothes ”
I said
“ Oh
Alright ”
He said then opened the door coming in
“ Kyung-gu.. ”
I greeted whilst still checking throu-gh the endless clothes, looking for what to pick but searching for no one in [email protected]
Of course I wasn’t n-ked, I had some clothes on but I nee-d to change into new clothes, the ones I’m wearing are the ones I wore yesterday
I don’t have any problem repeating them, I repeat my clothes a lot
But the thing is that I am going to the hospital for my regular check-ups
The cast on my legs nee-d to be re-moved and replaced with new ones and I also nee-d to un-dergo some physical thera-py on my legs too
Speaking of my legs, they are getting really better…
“ How are you Ji-a? ”
Kyung-gu asked and I squee-zed my face in a frustrated look
” I am not fine Kyung-gu, I don’t know which cloth to put on, they are all too fancy to wear to a hospital ”
I complained
He smiled “ Okay, don’t worry I think I know what exactly you nee-d ”
He said then walked to one [email protected] region of the large wardrobe and brou-ght out a simple go-wn
“ This should look nice on you right ”
He said holding the go-wn straight for me to see
“ Perfect!
You such a life saver. I have been searching for hours, how did you find that so quic-k? ”
I said happy and relieved
He just smiled then handed me the dress for me to change into
ma-king to leave he st©pped
“ And oh yes, Master Lee s£nt me to tell you that you should hurry up and come downstairs unless he will be leaving to the hospital without you ”
He said
“ Really?
He said he will be going without me? So is he planning on going to the hospital by himself? Does he want to have his own legs checked?
He is such a dumbas-s ”
I said and Kyung-gu chuckled
“ I am just a mess£nger
Let me leave, so you can change ”
He said and I nodded
” Thanks, for helping me chose a dress ”
I said and he nodded before leaving…
I didn’t like the fact I was going to the hospital with that big head boy Lee Chun, I would have preferred if his best friend Byung-ho had taken me to the hospital
Byung-ho had been the one taking me for my check-ups, he was the one that took me the last two times I went but he couldn’t this time as he was really busy today hence I have to go with Lee Chun
Thinking about it, I haven’t even seen that big head Lee Chun for the past five days or so our paths seem not to be crossings
Let me use this opportunity to see his ugly-handsome face, not that I miss him or anything. I just want to see his face
_________ ⏲️
5 minutes later
I [email protected]£ out from the changing room wearing the dress Kyung-gu had picked for me
“ How do I look? ”
I asked
“ Like someone re-ady to go to the hospital ”
He said jokingly and we both laughed
“ You look great ”
He said afterwards
“ Thanks ”
I said and he helped wheeled me out my room….
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
Seated on the couch, I had my eyes fixed on the TV set, watching some funny Ko-rean series
“ Haha… Really funny ”
I laughed slightly as I watched one funny scene…
“ I thought you would have left for the hospital without me big head ”
I heard a Ji-a’s voice say
Turning around I saw the male servant Kyung-gu wheeling her and as soon as she saw my face she stared for a while before she bur-st out into a loud and ha-rd laugh
“ Heyyyy
What’s funny huh? ”
I asked frowning at her but she just kept on laughing pointing at my head like I had something on my face
“ What’s wrong with you huh? Did you take laughing pill or something huh? ”
I asked…
After she had laughed to her heart de-sire, she finally spoke
“ Where did your golden hair went to ”
She said then laughed some more
I placed one of my hand on my hair…
I had gone to the salon as planned which I then had my hair styled back to it’s original colour, black
I guess she didn’t know I wasn’t really a blonde, course I had dyed my hair golden before we met, when I ran her over with my vehicle and throu-ghout her stay here my hair had always been golden…
“ Is that why you are laughing cripple monkey? I ain’t naturally blonde, haven’t you heard of a thing called dye? ”
I said mockingly
“ You dummy, of course I know what dye means ”
She said frowning
“ Then why are you asking me a dumb question and laughing like a pig ”
I said
“ I am laughing at you course you look really ugly now, before you were a little bit cute when I thought you were naturally blonde but now that I have seen your true hair colour, I can see you are just as ugly as a bat ”
She said
Did she just say I look like a bat???
“ Heyyyy
I look nothing like a bat, those nas-ty creatures wish they have a face as pretty as mine ”
I said
” plea-se for your sake go back and get you hair dyed back to golden course you really look so ugly, so, so ugly ”
She said and she was beginning to get me upset
“ You are blind… You know what? I don’t have time to argue with you, let me just take you to the hospital so the doctor can check your legs as well as your eyes ”
I said but then
🎶 Ugly, ugly, ugly 🎶
🎶Lee Chun is so ugly🎶
🎶Ugly, ugly, ugly🎶
🎶Lee Chun is the Ugliest🎶
She started ma-king jest of me throu-gh a song, and as annoying as that may be I didn’t really want her to st©p singing because she has really lovely voice
I have never heard a voice so sweet before, I was just staring at her…
“ Hey… Why are you looking at me like that huh? ”
She asked and I got myself back
“ Nothing… Let’s just go shall we ”
I said then wheeled her out of the building to the garage where my car was parked..
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
I lied, of course I lied when I said Lee Chun looks ugly now, the truth is that he looks even more handsome with his natural black hair colour
I was really shocked when I saw his new look for the first time
I really just started laughing as a form of distraction course I didn’t want him to notice the awe in my face when I saw how cute he is
That’s why I started saying and singing how ugly he is, I can’t let that dummy know I think he is cute
But then I wondered why he stared at me strangely when I was singing on how ugly he was
The way he stared at me made my heart skipped. I don’t know why…..
Episode 24
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
I wheeled Ji-a to my red Ferrari and I wanted to as-sist her from her wheelchair to the seat of my car…
But even me rying to help is a struggle, course as soon as my hands [email protected]£ in contact with her b©dy she started yelling and complaining for no reason at all
“ Heyyyyy
Watch your hands big head, place your hands on my [email protected]!st not as-s, you dummy unless I will [email protected] you so ha-rd you will dance like an Indian man ”
She warned sternly
I withdraw my hands away from her b©dy, my hands were not even close to her a$$ but stomach
This girl has real problem, she is just finding any reason to hit me
“ How do an Indian man dance like huh? ”
I asked
“ Place your hands inappropriately on my b©dy again and you will find out first ha-rd ”
She said and I scuffed
“ Alright then, since you like to threaten me so, you are more than welcome to get in the car yourself if you can ”
I said then paused, watching to see if she would try to get into the vehicle without my help
“ Fine!
I don’t nee-d your help anyways, I can do this ”
She said with much confidence
I watched in amusement as she battled to get off her wheelchair onto the seat of the car
So stubborn! What kind of girl is this? Never met anyone as stubborn as her but do all stubborn girls have sweet voice like her’s?…
She did put effort, much effort I most say to enter into the vehicle, she tried her best but….all her attempt and effort only succeeded in getting her entangled in a dicey situation
As she was close in successfully ma-king it into the vehicle her wheelchair sl-ips lightly farther away ma-king her nearly for to the ground
Her whole b©dy was hanging on thin air inbetween the wheelchair and vehicle, the only reason why she didn’t fall to the ground was that she was fast in gr-abbing hold of wheelchair armrest with both hands and both of her legs were alre-ady slightly resting on the rim of the vehicle
But she was stuck, she couldn’t get into the vehicle neither could she get back on her wheelchair, she was just hanging inbetween
I would have helped her by now but watching her struggle was kinda funny_ actually it was really funny
She [email protected]£ visibly frustrated
“ Ahhhhh… Stupid wheelchair!, Most you sli-p!… I was this close to ma-king it… Don’t worry I can still do this.. ”
She yelled, cursed and tried motivating herself all at the same time
“ Do you nee-d my help? ”
I asked alre-ady ma-king advances to help her but she abruptly refused my help
“ No!… I can do this myself ”
She said
“ I see ”
I uttered, aback at the same time amused by her stubbornness
She clearly is in a state where she nee-ds help, she clearly nee-ds my help but she is refusing
She is just so stubborn!… Or perhaps she just dislike me to the extent she doesn’t even want me to t©uçh her b©dy even if it’s to help her..
I watched her struggle some more until…her accept defeat as i could see the despondent look on her face
“ Help me ”
She muttered in a low arrogant tone
“ What? ”
I pretended like I didn’t hear what she said, I wanted her to beg me properly
” I said help me! ”
She half yelled giving me a angry look
Like seriously, she nee-ds my help and she is being rude??
“ Did someone just say something like a cry of help? Seems unlikely course I didn’t hear plea-se ”
I said speaking looking at another direction like I was talking to someone else other than her
“…. help me P.. plea-se ”
She reluctantly say “ okay I have said it, now will you help me or not! ”
She was still using that arrogant tone with me
And I was bent on ma-king her beg me for real
I started whistling ignoring her, I even turned around to check myself on the side mirror of my car, it was from the mirror I could see her struggling with her grip, her hands were shaking really, she couldn’t continue holding on to the wheelchair anymore
” Helpppp ”
She screamed this time for real as her let go of the armrest and her face was destined to hit the ha-rd ground…
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
My hands and arms had become really weak and shaky from supporting my whole weight on them that it sli-pped from the armrest
” Helpppp ”
I screamed out closing my eyes as I wait for that painful moment when my head would hit on the ha-rd concrete floor….
But it never did, I opened my eyes to see I was floating in the air, Lee Chun had caught me before I could hit the floor
But i was facing head down when he caught me, so one of his arm went round my stomach and the other round my.. my brea*ts!
So embarras-sing!
His arm was pressing against my brea*t
I turned my n£¢k around to look at his face but he just stared at me, directly into my eyes like there was something in it, ma-king my eyes blink countless out of nervousness, I couldn’t control it
“ What are you doing? Is there something wrong with you eyes? ”
He asked and I felt really embarras-sed so I shut my eyes closed, covering my face altogether with one of my hand
I heard him scuffed “ You could have seriously injured yourself because of your stubbornness ”
He said scolding me and that made me nearly cry
I didn’t know why, but I knew if I should speak at that point I would end up crying not because of I was hurt but I was experiencing some strange emotions
He carried me into the vehicle with one of his arm still resting on my brea*ts
Normally I would have given him a h0t [email protected] about now but I was experiencing so much emotions, I wasn’t myself at this point, I just remained motionless in his arms…
He gently placed me on the seat of the car and also helped me with my seatbelt, then he put the wheelchair into the boot before he jumped into the driver seat
He turned on the engine but before he drove he glanced at me and asked me a question
“ Hey
Cripple monkey are you feeling okay? ”
Although it sounded like an insult, it felt more like he was concerned about me
I nodded my head
“ Good ”
He uttered before driving out of the compound…
__________ ⏲️
Minutes later into our journey to the hospital, I had finally managed to get back my emotions into check
I was feeling more like myself now even though I was still feeling kinda embarras-sed about everything that happened especially for the fact that he caught hold of me by my brea*ts
So embarras-sing! So, so! embarras-sing!
I was suddenly feeling the urge to hit him ha-rd on the head, that his big, prefect cute head
As he drove I was just glancing at him from time to time
My God! He looks really handsome in this new look of his, so, so handsome.. but he is a handsome fool
He has no respect for girls whatsoever, I am sure he probably caught me on my brea*ts on purpose
Such a per-vert!
Ohhhh he so deserve a [email protected] for that, a really h0t one, but I can’t just [email protected] him out of the blue without any reason
The time I should have [email protected] him was when he did the act of gr-abbing my b00bs but back then I didn’t know what went wrong, I was hit with so much strange emotions and feelings that I was left acting like a dead leaf…
As I was in my thoughts, Lee Chun glanced at me
“ What’s wrong with you huh? ”
He asked, I didn’t realized I had a frown on my face while in my thoughts
“ Nothing… Face the road ”
I instructed afterwards and he scoffed
“ I am an expert driver okay ”
He said boastfully
“ I can see that, no wonder you nearly killed me, what an expert driver you are ”
I said sarcastically
“ Hey… That was just a mistake ”
He quic-kly pointed our
“ only amateurs makes mistake ”
I mocked and he frowned….
after some while we st©pped on the order of the traffic light since it was red, as we were waiting for it to turn green so we can move…
While waiting a pretty lady on short go-wn was busy catwalking in the pedestrian way and when Lee Chun saw her, he started checking her out to the extent he turned his head and n£¢k around almost 360 to check out her a$$
Just then the light changed from red to green but didn’t notice as he was still busy checking the lady a$$
Giving me a perfect excuse to hit him for gr-abbing my brea*ts earlier on and hit him I did
I [email protected] him ha-rd on the back of his n£¢k
“ Ahhhhhhh “….

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