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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 19 & 20

He’s a Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 19
18+ rated contents
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
Time: Mid Night 🌑
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
I don’t know why but I wasn’t feeling sleepy, I have la-id down hoping Mr sleep would come and take me away but I guess the Mr is out on a [email protected]£ and never [email protected]£
So I just [email protected] the be-d gazing at the beautiful ceiling…. and soon after memories of all that have happened during my short stay in this house started come to my head
So funny!
So crazy!
I bet my friend Gira won’t believe me if I tell her all the crazy things that happens in this house
I won’t blame her though if she doesn’t believe, because I myself won’t believe her either if she was the one narrating the events to me….
I recall how bad Lee Chun treat girls and it got me really upset, I wish I could cut that his small thing off, I know it’s pretty small like my pinky f!nger…
Then I thought about how his elder sister Mia had given him quite a good beaten and thinking about it made me start laughing
The look of his face, so funny
I started laughing so ha-rd _ that I choked in my laugher
I started coughing, I nee-ded water but there were no water in the room…
Getting into my wheelchair, I wheeled to the nearest kitchen, I had memorized almost every [email protected] of the building from since the morning when Kyung-gu took me around
I knew a kitchen was close by, I can get water from there, so I wheeled myself to that direction…
Getting to the kitchen I moved to the washing sink and quic-kly turn on the tap, drinking directly from it…
“ Ahh ”
I heaved a sigh of plea-sure
I feel more better now, so I turned around to leave back to my room
But on turning around… My eyes nearly popped out of it’s socket
Standing right in front of me was Lee Chun and he was n-ked! Only wearing a short
And what is this am I seeing in his short?? is that a third hand pointing out from his white shorts
like a child’s stretched out arm…what’s that??? Is that his pen*s?? This is way larger than my pinky f!nger, It’s so big, so, so big!!!
But why is he here? And why is his pen*s pointing at me. Is he here to…??
It took me like 2 seconds to process all this information and the reaction that [email protected]£ to my mind is..
“ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ”
I screamed out loud and it seemed my screams frightened him as he j£rked
“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh ”
He also screamed out loud
“ What are you doing here? ”
We both chorused at the same time
“ You! ”
We chorused together pointing at each other
“ Me? ”
We also said staring confusedly at each other faces..
but then my eyes drifted down to his shorts and his mas-sive boner that looks like a third arm
“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh ”
I screamed again closing my eyes
“ What?… What’s wrong with you cripple monkey? ”
He asked looking lost
“ Turn around, turn around now!!!!”
I yelled
“ Why? ”
He asked and I point at his his shorts with my eyes still closed
“ Oh ”
I heard him say and then he chuckled foolishly
” Fool ”
I muttered silently…
“ You can open your eyes now ”
He said
“ Have you turned around? ”
I asked but he kept quiet
” Have you turned around!!!!! ”
I yelled
“ Yeah, yeah
I have turned around alre-ady, open your eyes will you? I nee-d to have a drink ”
He said and I slightly opened my eyes before opening it fully when I saw he had truly turned around
“ What are you doing here by this time? And why is that thing pointing like that huh?…”
I started interrogating him
He chuckled “ Because I am just waking up okay… You like it? Huh? ”
“ W.. What?.. N..No
Never… Gross! So gross! ”
I objected and he just laughed
“ St©p laughing! St©p!… It’s not funny…
So what are you doing here? ”
“ Actually I [email protected]£ to have a drink_ wait a minute I don’t nee-d to explain anything to you this is my house…. What are you doing here? ”
He asked back
“ I [email protected]£ to have a drink of water also
” I replied
“ so have you? ”
” Have I what?? ”
I shoot back, monitoring his every movement
“ Drink
Have you had the drink you [email protected]£ for? ”
He said
“ Oh… Yes ”
I replied
“ Good… Then get away from the sink so I too can have a drink ”
He said turning around
“ Heyyyyy.. No ” I yelled
“ Stay like that, don’t turn around, I don’t want to see that thing.. I will fetch the water you nee-d ”
I said
“ Okay then, but hurry up, I can die of thirst ”
He complained
“ Such a drama queen, how can you die of thirst huh? ”
I said then took a glas-s cu-p and fetched him clean water from the tap
“ Here you go, don’t turn around ”
I said stretching the cu-p out where he could see it without turning around
Taking the cu-p from my hand he drank it all down in a second “ More ”
He said giving me the cu-p
“ Huh ”
He most be really thirsty I thought
I took the cu-p, filled it with water and gave it to him which he also drank down in a second
“ More ”
He said again
“ Heyyyyy ”
I exclaimed alre-ady getting frustrated
How can he just finish two glas-s cu-p of water and still want more
Anyways I took the cu-p and fetched him another glas-s of water
“ Take! ”
I gro-an ed at him “ better don’t say more again ”
I warned as he drank from the cu-p
This time he was not as fast but he still empty the glas-s in his mouth
“ More ”
He said and I boiled up
“ Heyyyyyyy…. Are you a fish or Aquaman? Huh? How can you drink so much water!.. ”
“ Oh… Okay, let me turn around and fetch the water by myself then ”
He said tuning around
“ S..St©p
Okay I will fetch the water for you but this will be the last time unless I will [email protected] some s-en-se into your bladder ”
I grudgingly accepted before giving him that strong warning
“ Okay ”
Was his reply
I went and fetched him the water, ma-king it the fourth time and as I gave him the glas-s cu-p I wanted to give him a stronger warning not to say MORE but then….
I [email protected] as he splashed the whole glas-s of water on my face, he then moved away from my reach and started laughing silly
“ Haha…Hahaha…. Hahahaha…
Sweet revenge ”
He said and my face heat up in anger
“ I will kill you!
You are dead big head!!! ”
I yelled wheeling to meet him
“ Ahhhhh ”
He screamed and took to flight…..
____________ ⏲️
Another day
Location: Lee’s Mansion
Time: Day 🌅
🛍️ Kia’s POV 🛍️
“… Okay hope you have the money I asked for huh? Cus if you don’t have then I won’t introduce you to my younger brother Lee Chun and your fantasy of having se-x with him will only continue happening in your silly dreams ”
I said talking to my friend Ha-yoon who [email protected]£ to my house for the specific reason of getting her pu-ssyfu-cked by my brother Lee Chun
She stood from the sofa where she sat and [email protected]£ to where I sit, sitting down close to me
“ Yes!… Yes of course I have it ”
She said eagerly then put her hand into her bag bringing out cool bundles of cash
“ Now we are talking ”
I said smiling, then I took the money from her hands
“ So…. When will I meet your brother ”
She said and she couldn’t wait her b©dy was rigging of excitement
“ Don’t worry you will get that pu*syfu-cked good so enough, let me go get my little brother ”
I said standing up
Episode 20
18+ rated contents
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
Time: Day 🌅
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
Standing in front of the mas-sive standing mirror in my room, using my left hand to brush inside my hair gently, I stare at my reflection
I think I have kept my hair blonde long enough, I will be visiting the salon today so they can wash this golden colour off, I’m starting to miss my thick dark hair colour
I’m also thinking of changing my haircut, reducing it’s length_ well that is still a thought. I will decide when I get to the salon whether I will do that or not
I think I should be heading there right now, I really don’t really have any other thing planned out for today other than get my hair fixed…
Picking up my chocolate, thick leather jacket that was laying on the be-d I walked out of my room heading to one of the exit door, the one at the back….
On getting downstairs I saw my cool elder sister with one of her friends, by my cool sister I’m referring to Kia and not Mia obviously
Mia is nothing near cool, she is grumpy and too serious. Totally annoying really
But Kia is super cool and fun, she always comes baring sweet and ju-icy gifts if you know what I mean
Speaking of ju-icy gifts, it seems she just brou-ght one for me, today cus as soon as I stepped into the sitting room – as soon as she saw me, she flagged me
“ Lee Chun! hold on ”
She said then walked fast to meet me
I stood still…
“ Hey Lee Chun
I want to introduce you to one of my pretty friend, her name is_ ”
Cutting her short “ I don’t care to know her name, she likes me right? ”
“ Yes ”
“ Obviously
Then I know exactly what to do ”
I said and then smiled naughtily
“ Okay great, let me leave you two alone then, I’m feeling really tired ”
She said then made to leave the room before she st©pped
“ One more thing, plea-se promise not to make her scream too much, I really nee-d to catch some sleep ”
She said with a pleading eyes but I just sm-irked
“ Sorry dear sister
I can’t make such promise, you know I have a reputation to keep ”
I said feeling really satisfy with myself
“ Okay then
Let her voice pu-ll down the roof off then, I guess I will be slee-ping with ear plugs then ”
She said then walked away, climbing up the stairs…
I guess my plans for the day has just changed
I walked to meet her friend where she sat
Kia never seems to disappoint, she always have the h0ttest and S-xiest girls as friend, and this one looks a lot like the cartoon character barbie. Too sweet tofu-ck
As I got to where she sat, I just jumped on the sofa were she was sitting and she giggled all shyly
and silly
I smiled briefly stario at her
“ You are really pretty, do you know that? ”
I said but she didn’t say anything, she just kept blu-shing and looking all yummy
She is the shy type, I see. Very good, just how I like it
Less talk, morefu-ck and screams
Placing my right arm on the head of the couch, I slide my whole b©dy effortless using my bu-tt, that my arm on the head of the couch moved pas-sed her other shoulder -as I drew even more closer to her that [email protected] of our bodies t©uçhed
I could see her melt within, even with just the slightest contact of my skin on her’s
Admiring her beauty with my stares, I gaze at her from her pretty head, down to her expo-sed [email protected]
She was putting on a short flair go-wn, that when standing would slightly t©uçh above the knee cap, and since she is seated, the go-wn has extended way higher up her th!gh revea-ling almost all her soft, smooth, ju-icy [email protected]
Staring directly into her eyes, that was full with lots of S-xual emotions, I placed my left hand gently on one her [email protected], slowly R0m-ncing that area my hand was, before I started moving my hands
Steadily, my hand and f!ngerskept going up and down her soft, smooth [email protected], like I was waxing a car
“ Ah ”
She [email protected] ed softly to my t©uçh, b!tt!g a bit of her lowerl-ips…
Then with my hands still R0m-ncing her [email protected], I use my other arm that was across her shoulder’s to start mas-saging her arm, slowly creeping and moving my f!ngersto her b00bs…
Finally my five f!ngersand palm got to her b00bs and I started squee-zing it gently while it’s still inside her go-wn, she wasn’t putting on any [email protected] and her go-wn was made out of very light fabrics, so it was as if I was squee-zing her b00bs for real without any material barrier…
“ Ah.. Ah.. Ah.. ”
She was [email protected] ing softly with her eyes slightly closed….
👙 Ha-yoon’s POV 👙
My nippl** had become ha-rd and big, that it hurts slightly but the plea-sure was immense as he kept squee-zing my b00bs un-derneath my go-wn
Whilst still R0m-ncing my [email protected], his hands edging more closer to my [email protected] his f!ngerswere alre-ady inside my go-wn
His t©uçh was having great effect on me like crazy as my [email protected] was alre-ady soa-ked with my pus*y jui-ce and my pu-ssy had alre-ady swollen
My cl!toris was tingling me like hell!
I just want him to tear my [email protected] off andfu-ck me…
I was b!tt!g myl-ips so ha-rd from his t©uçh that I bit open my l!pand little blood [email protected]£ out but I didn’t even feel the pain, his di-ck hadn’t enter my pu*sy, neither any of his f!ngersbut I was experiencing unimaginable plea-sure just by his t©uçh
That the plea-sure overshadowed any pain I would have felt from b!tt!g myl-ips open…
I was [email protected] ing softly with my eyes slightly closed when he took myl-ips, k!ss!ngme r0ûghly
And immediately he started squee-zing my b00bs more furiously, pinching on my nippl**
While his other hand had gotten to my [email protected], which he kept robbing the surface on my [email protected], pushing the material into my hole
The feeling was insane and my pu*sy was inching me more and more for me to befu-cked
I wanted to say the words
“ plea-sefu-ck me! ”
But I couldn’t even speak as he was feasting on myl-ips with much pas-sion and I’m enjoying it so
Hisl-ips taste like candy in my mouth and I didn’t want him to st©p k!ss!ngme, but I just kept [email protected] ing into his mouth…
“ Ahhhh…Ahhhhh ”
Finally I was able to [email protected] out in the air as he st©pped k!ss!ngon myl-ips and started k!ss!ngdown my n£¢k
While he was still squee-zing my b00bs and teasing my pu*sy
But then as he k!$$£d down my n£¢k he di-p his hands into my go-wn and brou-ght out one of my b00bs, which he squee-zed even ha-rder than before, rolling my nippl** with his f!ngers
“ Ahhh ”
At the same time his other hand had slide into my soa-ked [email protected] and was tou-ching my pu-ssy
I could feel his f!ngerspu-lling and twisting my cl!t*ris
“ Ahhhhh….fu-ckkkk ”
It feels so good and my h!ps started jo-lting up and down, involuntary begging to befu-cked…
He k!$$£d down to my b00bs, exchanging hand for mouth
As he started su-cking on my b00bs his free hand went into my dress, bringing out the other b00bs and continued squee-zing and pressing it
He gave my nippl* a ni-bble with his teeth and at the same time I felt one of his f!ngers£ntering into my pus*y hole
“ Ahhh ”
I [email protected], b!tt!g myl-ips once more as he began di-pping his f!nger de-ep into my pus*y
So much plea-sure coaxing throu-gh my b©dy as he kept fing*ring my pus*y gently at first but then opt his pace and was going really fast
While still su-cking and squee-zing my b00bs
It was too much for me and I felt my [email protected] building up, until….
I cli-maxed, but he didn’t st©p, he was still fing*ring the hell out of me with even much more f0rç£
“ Ahhhhhhh….Ahhhhhh ”
I [email protected] ed out loudly
“fu-ckkkkk ”
I nee-ded that di-ck to just fv¢k me alre-ady, so I reached out for his trou-sers, gr-abbing hold on his d!¢k while still inside his trou-sers
It was really big and thick in my hand
I want this in my pus*y, I really do!!!!
I have been dreaming about this since, I really nee-d this di-ck tofu-ck me!!!!
I want Lee Chun tofu-cking fu*k me!!!!
That was sweet 😋😋😋😋
How I wish I was Lee Chun ohhhhhh🍆💦
Bad man things 😋😋
Ha-yoon is really getting the worth of her money
Will she finally get her dream di-ck????
Find out in the next episode

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