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He’s a Ko-rean god S-x Episode 5 & 6

He’s a Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 5
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Kxy h0tel
Time: Night
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
We got to the [email protected], and as soon as we stepped into the building although the Dj was pla-ying some very loud music and the lumination wasn’t that bright because it was beaming dark colour lights and it was [email protected] to see properly
But still with all these conditions, as soon we entered into the club all eyes were on us_ well most especially me.. well to be frank only me
My friend Byung-ho isn’t ugly but, he is handsome actually but no way cute as me not even a quarter. I am one of a kind. One in a billion. Infact only one of me exist in the universe…
As I was saying, all eyes were on me and me alone, like some kind of tracking ch!phad been placed on me to alert everyone when I enter a room
I hadn’t taken two steps when I was crowded by girls, h0t S-xy girls. Many of which [email protected]£ to the club with their b©yfri£nds, even husbands. I could see some men struggling with their women not to come to me
But it is [email protected] and nearly impossible to prevent the ladies from coming to me
You see, I am like a large magnet that attract all kinds of metals to it.. I was completely crowded by h0t girls, they were all over my b©dy, robbing and R0m-ncing me…. in the process separating me away from my best friend Byung-ho
Lee Chun! …Oh my God! I’m going crazy
Lee Chun!… He is so freaking cute!.. ahhhh
Oh my God! Lee Chun, I love you! I love you so much!!!
plea-se dance with me Lee Chun! squee-ze me ti-ght!
Comefu-ck me Lee Chun, se-x me all night!
I nee-d your hvge di-ck in my mouth Lee Chun, plea-se! plea-se!
The girls kept going crazy and talking wildly….
I ain’t a rock star am not even a musician but I’m sure I have more female fans than the most popular of all rock star artist and musicians alike…
Byung-ho was alre-ady familiar with such situation like this, as it always happens to us anytime we go out together, I get crowded at first while he remain in a isolation but later we we always do meet up, I make sure of that. That’s how much I care for him
He knows what to do and that’s exactly what he did
” Hey Lee Chun! I will catch up with you later when you sort out these okay ”
He spoke on t©p of his voice because of the loud music noise and screaming females, pointing at the ladies that circled round me
“ Sure man. See you later ”
I said giving him a thumbs up smiling silly when I felt one of the female alre-ady pla-ying with my d!¢k that was still in my [email protected]
“ Take it ease their ladies, the night is still pretty young, you don’t want to wake up my deadly tiger so soon. Do you? ”
I said arching my eyebrows while I threw my hands around two girls shoulders
“ I don’t mind waking up that tiger now ”
One pretty face, with a pointing round b00bs said s£dûçt!velyto me b!tt!g her lowerl-ips slightly
I sm-irked “ I am sure you do, I’m sure you do…. Come on ladies let’s go have some fun. Waiter keep the drinks rolling ”
I said moving to a pri-vate section almost half of the girls at the [email protected] following me but not all of them can follow me in there
Afterall I only deal with the h0ttest of h0t women. I am not that stingy nor cheap
I whispered to one of the club workers ear
“ Sort them out ”
With just those few words he knew what to do
He quic-kly signal to the club guards and about like 6 of the guards all dressed in black outfit, looking all big and tough [email protected]£
They stood at the entrance of the pri-vate section and as I walked to the door with the crowd of women with me the guards only let me in
They blocked all the girls from entering letting only the prettiest and S-xiest of the bunch access in there by the large crowd of women reduced to just 6 girls…
Noooo! Let me in! Noooo!
Get your hands off me!… Lee Chunnnn!
I nee-d to be with Lee Chun!!…
The many ladies that weren’t granted entrance kept complaining and crying out to me. My response
” Bye bye Ugliest ”
I said waving at them laughing and the six beautiful ladies with me laughed also while R0m-ncing my b©dy…
And as I turned to sit down I heard someone screamed loudly
“ Jan-nu!…Jan-nu!
Let me in! That’s my wife in there! Jan-nu!… ”
But the screams [email protected]£ faint. One of the guards most have carried him away. I don’t even know which of the ladies with me is his wife as non of them showed any sign of concern for the poor man but I know one of them in here with me is the man’s wife. But guess what?… I don’tfu-cking care…
Sitting down at the long soft semi round couch with h0t girls sitting at my right and left hand side
I stretched my arms out over the couch bringing out one b00bs each of the two female go-wn sitting next to me, at my right and left hand
With their b00bs out I started pla-ying and squee-zing them at the same time….
Two Waiters entered into the pri-vate section with two large bucket filled with bottles of champagne and more were still on their way
“ Drink up ladies cus you all are about to get the time of your pretty lives ”
I said smiling and the ladies were all giggling and smiling…
Bottles were opened and glas-ses were filled up. My hands were still busy squee-zing br**sts and nippl** so a lady had give me my drink with her hands
Another h0t lady crouched down on her knees, unZi-pping my Zi-ppers she brou-ght out my hvge thick di-ck that hasn’t yet gotten [email protected] but was still large
“ This is one hell of a co*k you got here handsome ”
She compliment me salivatingly
I gave her a ‘ thank you ’ smile and also a ‘ get on with the busy ‘ look
She li-cked herl-ips at the sight of my hvge di-ck and started slowly stro-king it
Gently she stro-ked it applying her saliva on it, she kept on stro-king
“ Ahh ”
I [email protected] ed out softly, squee-zing the ladies b00bs in my hands…
After some good stro-king she put just the cap of my di-ck in her mouth and started su-cking on it while both of her hands were still stro-king the rest of my long di-ck.
fas-ter she stro-ked it! squee-zing my ba-lls slightly rou-gh
I throw my head backwards involuntary “ Ahh..Ahhh ” I gro-an ed in plea-sure
My di-ck was becoming more and more s-en-sitive to her t©uçh and su-ck
I could feel her teeth on the ti-p of my di-ck, she was bitting it slowly and it was driving me crazy
“ Ahhh ”
I [email protected] ed out and just then one lady placed her softl-ips on mine and we started k!ss!ngpas-sionately while I [email protected] ed into her mouth…
Sofu-cking great
I was squee-zing b00bs, getting my di-ck su-cked good and also receiving a sweet h0t k!ssing
I so love my life!
Can things get better than this?
Oh yeah, they are about to get even more better!
As I was getting the h0t treatment, one of the ladies started undressing herself until she was completely n-ked,
b00bs, nipp**, a** and pu-ssy showing… another lady did the same thing
Then both ladies started ma-king out, while pla-ying with each other’s b©dy
squee-zing the other b00bs and f!ngering the other pu-ssy while I watch on
Thatfu-cking turned me on like hell!
An incredible sight to watch….
I am so turned on right now!
Episode 6
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
What a show to watch, two h0t ladies k!ss!ngand messing around with each other h0t bodies
Not only that, I’m getting my di-ck su-cked good, my hands pressing and squee-zing on two soft b00bs while myl-ips are being feasted on
Super sweet!
But I can’t enjoy all this alone
As I told you earlier on I’m not that selfish, I can share a little bit of my stuff
“ Hey! ”
I called out to one of the guards guarding the door
I gestured to him to bring his ear closer… Which he did
Then I whispered into his ear to go get my friend Byung-ho
He nodded and walked out
I know my friend Byung-ho is kinda upset with me for what I did. Not that I did much
His clingy annoying girlfriend is the one at fault, she practically threw herself on me and although she is super h0t and S-xy I didn’t have se-x with her because of my best friend Byung-ho
I only had her svçkmy di-ck and I su-cked her pu-ssy with her b00bs but no di-ck pene-tration even though I really wanted that
I am not a bad friend, but even with what I did and had to sacrifice because of my best friend Byung-ho, he is still upset with me… so I have to make it up to him
He deserves to get a little treat of what I’m enjoying. His tiny di-ck nee-ds to be su-cked and some nippl** ans pu-ssy put into his wi-de mouth…
Some minutes later
The guard returned with my friend Byung-ho
Byung-ho pupil wi-de-ned out, his jaw dropped down when he saw what was happening in the room
“ Welcome my friend..
Ladies plea-se welcome this handsome young man ”
I said and the two ladies ma-king out with each other walked to him
“ W…Wai.. Wait ”
Byung-ho stuttered and before he could say anything meaningful his [email protected] were alre-ady down and one of the ladies was su-cking on his di-ck
“ Oh goddddd! ”
He [email protected]
And with just a slight push, he fell on the couch and the other lady pressed her b00bs on his face suffocating him with it while his di-ck was still being su-cked
I laughed “ Enjoy my friend. Enjoy and forget about your boring girlfriend… ”
Time for me to get serious with this bit*ches
Pushing the lady su-cking my di-ck away, I instructed the one k!ss!ngme to climb on t©p of me…and she did
Sitting flat on my di-ck, arms around my n£¢k she started grinding on me, dancing se-ductively
I [email protected]£d hold of her bu-tt cheeks with both hands. Tapping and squee-zing them while I start su-cking on her b00bs…
After giving me a good s£dûçt!vegrinding on my [email protected] she helped herself slide my di-ck into her sweet hole
“ Ahh ”
She [email protected] ed out as my hvge, thickness filled her up completely
Slowly she started moving her [email protected]!st and h!ps up and down on my di-ck
“ Ahh… Ahh… Ahh”…
As I was busy gettingfu-cked my friend Byung-ho had pu-ssy in his mouth
The ladies had layed him down flat on the couch
One lady sitting on his face, pu-ssy in his mouth while the other lady was still su-cking on his di-ck
Byung-ho was shaking in plea-sure, he would not be forgetting this night so soon I’m sure of it…
I myself was experiencing a goodfu-ck but the h0tty is going in her own pace, time for me to change the tempo
Rolling her over she [email protected] and I smiled
“ let’s make this more interesting. Shall we? ”
I said naughtily and she nodded
I threw one of her legs up in the air. Then I placed my di-ck in her pu-ssy entrance, teasing that hole with the cap of my di-ck, before….
I entered with one sharp thrû-st
“ Ahhh ”
She [email protected] ed and I thrû-st in and out again sharply before maintaining a fast pace on her
She started [email protected] ing and screaming loudly in a funny way really. Her voice is similar to that of a baby rat, the sounds were irritating me so I had to cover her mouth up with my hand..
Back to my friend Byung-ho
He still has a pu-ssy in his mouth but the lady su-cking on his di-ck has now climbe-d on it and was ri-ding him and my friend was shaking like a leaf in the air
The lady sitting on his face then stood up giving him time to breath before…. She gave him her brea*ts to [email protected]
Byung-ho started pressing and squee-zing… Then started su-cking on one of her nippl**
“ This is awesome! ”
He shout out in joy
I threw him a smile while still focus on the pretty h0tty
It was a hell of a wild night 😋😋😋
___________ ⏲️
The next day
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
My tummy kept speaking, kept ma-king funny sounds reminding me how hungry I am
I knew I am hungry but does my stupid tummy nee-ds to remind me about that? As if the pains I was feeling wasn’t enough I am really hungry but I can’t eat my own flesh can I?
I have no food, neither do I have money
That’s the story of my life
My name is Ji-a by the way, a 17 year old teenager
And oh yeah, I’m an orphan, a very poor orphan with no relatives..
Well I do have relatives but they don’t want anything to do with me
Since my mom and dad died in an automobile accident 3 years ago, I have been fending for myself
Life hasn’t been easy as I don’t even have a place to rest my head, slee-ping in one slump orphanage home to the other but for the pas-s 6 months I have settled in this recent orphanage home..
Well don’t feel too sorry for me, I’m a strong girl and I have been taking care of myself with any work available. Now I’m helping my Nana hawk her rice cakes
She isn’t related with me in anyway, she makes rice cakes not to far from the orphanage home and she is nice to me so I’m calling her my Nana. She gave me a work I help her sell rice cakes and she gives me food and money
I am on my way to meet to meet her so she can give me some rice cakes to sell and I will eat some too
Getting to a [email protected] crossing line I started crossing the road when… From nowhere a black car [email protected]£ hitting me and s£nding me up in the air and down to the ground… everything went blank
The last thing I heard was a voice saying
”… She is still Alive Lee… ”
Lee Chun and Byung-ho really had a great time at the club 😋😋😋
But who ran over this poor orphanage girl?
If you guess right, then get re-ady cus things are about to start changing for a [email protected] fellow 😚
Watch out for the next episode

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