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Her secret final Episode

( He’s a girl )
By summer Gold W.
Finale episode
Tae yung’s POV
Lisa , Soo bin and I walked inside my mansion.
I looked at Soo bin and noticed she was sad. I know it’s because of rose. She didn’t believe Rose could do such.
” Soo bin ” I called and she looked at me.
” Come here ” I said and held her hands as we climb the stairs leaving Lisa in the sitting room.
Immediately , we entered my room I locked the door and Carried her in a bridal style to the bathroom.
” Tae put me down ” she giggled as I dropped her in the bathtub with her clothes still on.
” I really missed you Soo bin ” I said and t©uçhed herl-ips.
” I missed you too ” she said and the next thing I felt herl-ips on mine.
Soo bin just k!$$£d me😱
Soo bin’s pov
” Soo bin hurry up we gonna be late ” Lisa yelled.
” I’m coming ” I said as I climbe-d down the stairs majestically like a queen that I am.
” Tae is.. ” she paused as her phone rang and answered the call.
” What???? ” She yelled.
” We are coming there right away ” she said and ended the call.
” What happened? ” I asked.
” It’s Tae ” she said and ran outta the house.
” What happened to him? ” I yelled as tears were alre-ady sliding down my cheeks.
” He got into a fight and he was stabbe-d ” she said and I almost [email protected]
Oh my God.
” Are you sure this is the address? ” I asked Lisa crying.
” Yes the caller s£nt it to me ” she said as we parked our car outside a big mansion.
I have never seen the house before and it looks clas-sic but right now I don’t have time to admire anything , I nee-d to get to tae.
I ran inside the mansion like a mad woman with my hills on.
” Soo bin ” Lisa yelled my name.
Immediately I entered the mansion everywhere was dark.
” Tae ” I yelled but no answer.
” plea-se tae where are you? ” I cried out moving around when my hills suddenly broke and I was about falling when a hands held me from behind preventing me from falling.
Immediately , the hands held me I perceived that familiar scent.
” Tae Yung ” I called and everywhere brightened at once.
” Suprise !!!!!!! ” Voices yelled from behind.
I turned to look only to see Lisa and lots of people gathering around.
” Oh my God tae what’s this ” I whispered as he went on his knees.
” Will you officially be my fiancee Soo bin ” he said and I opened my eyes wi-de.
” Yes I will ” I said allowing tears to flow freely.
” Thank you ” he said and a man walked in and gave him a papers.
He took it and transferred it to me.
I opened the paper and looked at it.
” That’s the paper to this house. It’s yours ” he said and I opened my mouth wi-de.
” I love you tae ” I yelled and boom he placed hisl-ips on mine.
He dis£ngaged from the k!ssand carried me in a bridal style turning me around as a ro-mantic song was being pla-yed.
” Congrats taesoo ” the crowd yelled and I smiled.
I love you tae and will forever love you till death do us path.

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