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Her secret Episode 5 & 6

🍭 Episode 5 🍭
💖 Lee Min 💖
What the fv¢k? He’s a,,,, oh my God. A girl,,,, I can’t even think straight right now.
” Am starving alre-ady ” I said standing up, I can’t make it obvious but am going to make sure I see proof
” Me too ” Kang Min said ru-bbing his stomach
” She’s cooking alre-ady ” Soo Bin said with his cute smile, no her cute smile.
Now I know why she’s weird,, I smiled
” What are you smiling at? ” Yeon Jun asked
” Nothing really ” I replied and stole a gaze from Soo Bin.
Why is she acting like a guy? She’s not even safe to act that way
We got back home after the long day, I was shocked to see Lisa and Rose sitting.
” What are you guys doing here? ” Tae Yung asked
” Is it bad to visit? ” Rose asked and win-ked
I heard Tae Yung scoffing, I wonder when Rose will discover that Tae Yung doesn’t even like her
” Hey Soo Bin ” Lisa said and pe-cked her cheek
It’s obvious she likes him,, but she’s a girl!!! She’s not comfortable with that.
I sigh and went upstairs,, why is everything complicated right now?
🌹 Soo Bin 🌹
” There is something I nee-d to tell you Lisa ” I started and she brighten her eyes
Wait,, she think am about to ask her out? Oh lord help me
But I nee-d to tell her
” What is it? ” She asked
” You like me right? ” I asked and she blu-shed a little
” Am sorry Lisa but it can’t work ” I said starring at the ground
” Why? You have another girlfriend? Or you have someone you like? ” She asked with a sad expression
” No Lisa,,, I don’t have a girlfriend and I don’t have a crush ” I said
” Then why can’t it work out? ”
” It’s just complicated right now,,, I don’t want any relationsh!p” I said
She smiled and moved closer
” But we can be friends right? ”
” Of course,, sure ” I replied with a quic-k smile
” That’s better ” she said
,, thank God am safe again. She really do have a good heart.
We went back to the others drinking and laughing,,, they st©pped immediately we got there
” Are you guys a thing right now? ” Kang Min asked, I turned to Tae Yung and turned away before he caught me starring
” Of course not,,, We have decided to be best friends ” Lisa said and I smiled
” Best friends? ” Yeon Jun asked with a surprise look
” Yah ” I replied and joined them
” Have some ” Kang Min said pas-sing me the wine
” No!!! ” Lee Min scream and took the wine from him
We all turned to him confused,,, why is he screaming?
” Why did you scream that way? ” Kang Min asked while we all waited for his response
” Oh,, that,, was,,,, he last time he drank that. I was the one who suffered the most ” he said and we all bur-st into laughter
” I told you,, that guy is impotent ” Rose said and I sh0t her a glare
” What do you mean by that? ” I asked
” Oh,, are you angry? Am sorry ” she win-ked
I stood up and went upstairs,, I really can’t take her rudeness any longer.
I just hate her,,, someone knocked on the door. It should be Lisa, I stood up and opened the door, it’s Tae Yung
He entered and lock the door
” Why are you here? To beg for your girlfriend? ” I asked folding my arms together
” Why are you acting like a girl? ” he asked and my hands dropped
How did I act like a girl? I shouldn’t have walked away right?
” What do you mean? “.
” You should know how Rose is, such a spoilt [email protected] ” he said and scoff
” Then you should st©p her ”
” And why should I do that? ” he asked
” She’s your girlfriend ” I snapped
” She’s not my girlfriend ” he said
” Then who is she to you? ”
” Nob©dy ” he replied and went out before I was able to say something
Nob©dy? Then why is she always flir-ting with Tae Yung? Oh yes,, she like him no doubt.
. 🌹 Lee Min 🌹
I followed her as she start the car,, I have to find out where she’s going.
Finally she st©pped in front of a mall,,she got down and I also did. I put on my hood so nob©dy will see my face.
I entered the mall and watched as she check out a cloth,, a female dress.
What is she planning to do right now? Tell everyone that she’s a girl or what?
I went back outside and waited in the car,,,
Soon she [email protected]£ out,, dressed as a female!! Oh my God,,,, she’s so pretty.
I re-moved my hood to catch a better look,, but where is she going?
No, I can’t follow her. I went back home with happiness, am glad am the first to see her female side.
So cute that the picture keep on coming to my head,,, you are mine Soo Bin.
Episode 6 🍭🍭
🍭 Soo Bin 🍭
Am glad am able to dress like the girl I am after so many months,, gosh I really miss my hair. I t©uçhed the wig on my head and sigh.
I checked the mirror with me,, I’m sure no one will recognize me in this. That’s good, I sm-irk and continue walking.
Suddenly I bu-mped into someone,, am so sorry forgive me . I said with my head bowed
I looked up and [email protected] at what I saw,,, Tae Yung!!!! Oh my God!! He’s starring at me, Did he know me???!! Oh no!!
” Its okay ” he said with a smile. Did he just smiled? Oh my God, those dimples
” thanks ” I said and started walking away
” Wait ” He said and I st©pped
” What is your name? ” he asked,,, gosh what do I say right now??
” Am,,,, am,,, Sae Ron ” yeah
” Nice name ” He smiled
” Thanks ” I replied with a bow
” You are going into the Cinema right? ” He asked and I nodded
” we can go together ” he said and I [email protected]
What the heck??
” What? ”
” We can go in together ” he repeated
Now am dead alre-ady,,,,
” De ( Okay) ” I said with a bow
Again!! Why do I keep bowing to him?
To my surprise, he held my hand dragging me along with him
” What,, I can walk on my own ” I said
” I guess you are reluctant to move ” he said still dragging me with him
💋 Oh my God!! It’s Tae Yung of Young Ms!!!!
💋 Awwn,, oopa!!
💋 Is that his girlfriend!!!
💋 They look so cute together!!
” Now everyone think we are couples ” I said
” You don’t like it? ” he asked and I turned to him
Why can’t you know me?? It’s Soo Bin!! Soo Bin!!!
” What? ” I asked but he ignored me and we sat down
” Tell me about yourself ” He said without looking at me
” Huh? ”
” Why do I have to repeat myself every time? ” he asked and faced me
He lean closer to my face and I moved back, what is he doing right now?
💋 Awwn,, so cute
💋 I wish am the one!
So we are what everyone is focused on right now?
” What are you doing? ” I asked trying to avoid him seeing my blush and embarras-sing face
He moved back and I cleared my throat
” Do you think am gonna k!ssyou? ” he asked with a smile showing his dimples again
” You can’t,, am not your girlfriend ” I said
” What if I make you my girlfriend? ” he asked
” You don’t even know me ” I sm-irk
” Maybe it’s love at first sight ” he grin
What?? Is he in love with me right now??!!
” What? ”
” You will un-derstand later, let’s leave ” he said still dragging me with him
💋 Bye Oopa!!
” I nee-d to go home ” I said
” Don’t worry, I will take you there ” he said and I gr-ab his hand
” Why are you following me? Just st©p, plea-se ” I pleaded
” Do you want me to leave? ” he asked and I kept quiet
I wish you could stay,,, but you can’t. You just don’t know it’s me,, you will hate me if you ever find out.
” No right? ” he asked but I was quiet
” Your parents are waiting? ” he asked and I finally nodded
” Okay, am going to leave you ” he said and I smiled
” But,, you have to promise me one thing ”
” What? ” I asked
” You have to come here on Saturday,,, ” he said
” What? Why?? ”
” You will find out when you get here ” He said and win-ked
” What if I don’t come? ” I muttered
” Then,, that means you don’t like me and you don’t wanna meet me ever again ” he said
What???? But I like you and I wanna stay with you forever!!
” And you have to forget this ” he said and pu-ll-ed me closer to himself
” Wha,,,, what are you doing? ” I asked
He ignored me and k!$$£d!!! What!!
After he unlocked from the k!ss,, he win-ked and went into his car. I was about leaving when he [email protected]£ back
” Take this ” he said handing over a bundle of money to me
” For what? ” I asked
” For the k!ss,, am sure its your first k!ss” he said and win-ked again
How did he know it’s my first k!ss?? Oh,, I didn’t k!sshim properly, but that was because am shocked
I kept quiet,, he opened my palm and put it there
” Make sure you are here,,, do you have a phone? ” he asked and I shook my head
” Take this,, its only have my number in it,, I will give you a call ” he said and I took the phone from him
He smiled out dimples and drove off
Is this not trouble??!! Sae Ron why are you so unlucky???
💋 Tae Yung 💋
I can’t believe I k!$$£d a girl,,, not my fault. She’s just so tempting. How can someone be as pretty as that!
Those pinkl-ips almost drive me crazy,, I wish she come on Saturday.
I keep on thinking about her as I drive home,,, she’s so different. She wasn’t carried away by who I am,, she’s really the best for me.
I got home and entered,, Kang Min and Yeon Jun rushed to me immediately
” Have you seen the latest news? ” they asked
” What’s wrong? ” I asked
” See this? ” Kang Min said showing me his phone
There is a picture of Sae Ron and I,,, k!ssing??!!! Gosh those fans can be annoying some times
I re-ad the heading
Tae Yung Oopa finally got a girlfriend,, Even though we are hurt. Still happy for you!!!
” Is that true? ” Yeon asked
” Well,,, ”
” So it’s true and you never told us!! ” Kang Min said almost in tears
” jeez” I said and walk away from them with a smile
I met Lee Min starring,, I grin and tap his shoulder..
Gosh,, Sae Ron is really driving me crazy right now…..

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