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Her secret Episode 19 & 20

( h0t [email protected]ç£.)
Episode 19
Rose’s Pov :
” b©yfri£nd?? How can Tae Yung call Soo Bin his girlfriend??
He’s not a [email protected] right? Am sure he’s not.
I ti-ptoed out immediately before they find out about me,, something is really wrong. Why did Tae Yung sign into MS again??
I must find out everything,, I
I got into my car and drove off,,, I got home and lucky for me, I found Lisa.
” Hey Lisa, do you know what’s going on?? ” I asked
” What do you mean?? ” she asked
I smiled inwardly, I think she knows something. And am going to use one of my tricks on her.
” I learnt that Soo Bin is Tae Young’s girlfriend,, I can’t believe she’s the girl I’ve being searching for ” I said faking some tears
I heard her [email protected]
” How did you know,,, that Soo Bin,,, is a girl?? ” She asked causing me to [email protected] inwardly
Soo Bin is a girl??!!!!! How come?? How did it happen??
” You don’t have to know ” I replied and walked out of her room.. What the hell???
Soo Bin,,, a girl,,, how is that possible?? She have been pretending all these while??
Am not going to forgive you for this!!! Never,,, I wipe my tears and took my phone. I called my PA immediately,, I can’t wait any longer.
📲 Mam???
📲 Come right now
📲 Okay
I hang up and took my bag,,,, I walked out of my room immediately.
” Mam am here ” My PA said
” Come with me ” I said and we both entered the car
” We have to do something right now ” I said
” Anything for you ”
” You know Soo Bin right??? ” I asked
” yeah,, MS” I smiled
” When you see him,,,, finish him off ”
” You want him dead?? ”
” Yeah,, am going to give you whatever you ask for ‘ I sm-irk
” Consider it done ” he said
I smiled and got out of the car,,,, he drove out.
Soo Bin goodbye
Lisa’s Pov :
Oh my God,, what do I do?? How did Rose find out of Soo Bin identity??? She will be in danger right now,!!!
I quic-kly called her, thank God she picked at once,,,,
📞 Hey Lisa, what’s going on???
📞 Soo Bin,, we nee-d to see each other right now!!
📞 Really?? What’s going on??
📞 Rose find out about everything,, you can’t stay there
📞 So where should I meet you?? ”
📞 Come to our meeting point,, but make sure you inform Tae Yung about this
📞 Okay
I hang up and got dressed immediately, I wish she can escape this, oh Lord.
I rushed out of my room,, oh no I forgot my car key. I rushed in again and took the car,, I ran out again.
I walked into the car and drove off,,
Rose’s PA :
I can’t believe she asked me to kill Soo Bin,, what did he do to her?? Anyway who cares,, she’s going to reward me.
I immediately called the MS driver,, he’s my friend.
📞 Hey what’s on??
He asked
📞 Do you have any idea where Soo Bin is??
📞 He drove out some minutes ago
📞 Any idea where he went??
📞 Nope,,,
📞 Okay thanks
I ended the call and sigh,, you can’t escape from me Soo Bin. You can’t.
Suddenly I saw a car coming,, I knew it. He’s the one,, I immediately used my mask and took my gun.
Soo Bin’s Pov :
I rushed out of the mansion immediately Lisa called,, Rose is a witch, how did she find out about me?? How??
Am trying to call Tae Yung but he’s not picking up, what do I do??
I drove out immediately with full speed,,, I have to meet up with Lisa before it’s too late..
Suddenly a car appeared in front of me,, what is going on right now??
He pointed a gun at me causing me to [email protected],,, is he gonna kill me??? What thefu-ck???
Tae Yung where are you???
Episode 20
Semi finale
Tae Yung’s Pov :
” Do you have any idea where Soo Bin is?? ” I asked the driver
” He went out some minutes ago ” he replied
I took my phone and I [email protected]£ shocked when I saw the calls, damn. Why do I have a feeling that something is wrong??
I entered the car and drove out of the compound, I tried calling her but she’s not picking up.
She finally pick the call,,,
📞 Hey Soo Bin, where are you??
I asked
📞 If you want to see him,, come alone
The voice said,,, oh no she’s in trouble. What do I do??
📞 Am going to come alone, plea-se text me the address.
📞 Good
He hang up immediately,,,, I rushed out of the compound with fill speed.
🎻 Soo Bin 🎻
” Why did you kidnap me when you won’t hurt me?? And who s£nt you?? ” I asked pacing round the room
” I was s£nt by Rose ” he said causing me to [email protected]
” Rose? How can she do that?? ” I asked feeling broken
” That’s because she’s jealous of you,,, she love Tae Yung. She can do anything to get him ” he replied
” That’s bad ” I sighed
” But why did you decide to save me ” I asked starring straight at him
” Because,, am a fan. Though,, I never knew you’re a girl. But am a fan of yours ” he said causing me to smile
” Am so glad,, it’s my fan who saved me. Is that not an achievement right now? ” I blink out tears
” It’s nothing ” he said looking away
” But it’s something to me ” I said
We both st©pped when we heard a car coming into the compound,,
” I think he’s here,, I have to leave ” he said
” no,, wait!! You can’t leave like that ” I said
” But he’s going to get mad at me ” he replied facing me again
” No he can’t,, he will be grateful ” I smiled
He sighed and nodded,,,,,
Soon Tae Yung [email protected]£ in,,,, I guess he didn’t called the police.
” What’s happening here? I thought you’re in trouble ” he said looking confused
“YES,,, But he saved me ” I said and hvgged him
” How did he save you?? ” he asked curiously
” Sir,, I work for Rose. And she s£nt me to,,,,, kill your girlfriend ” the guy explained
” What?? How dare her?? ” Tae Yung said sounding angry
” I have to teach her a lesson ” he said taking his phone
” Sir,, what are you doing?? ” the guard asked
” Am calling the police,,, she deserved to be punished ” he replied
” What?? No plea-se,, don’t ” The guard shouted and we turned to him looking confused
” Why?? ” I asked
” I will also get into trouble plea-se ”
” Don’t worry about that, I have a plan ” Tae Yung smiled
” Now just speak out ” the police instructed him
” Okay ” he replied and took the phone
📲 Hello mam
📲 Yes Sam,, how is the plan?? Did you get ride of her alre-ady??
I [email protected] when I heard her voice,, how can someone be as wicked as this??
Tae Yung held my hand softly,, damn I still can’t believe this
📲 Yes mam,, I’ve done that. But how about her b©dy??
He asked
📲 I don’t know,, just throw her somewhere nob©dy is gonna find her
A tear dropped from my eyes
📲 Okay mam
He hang up after that
” I recorded everything perfectly ” One of the cops said
” Sir,, plea-se. I don’t wanna get into any trouble ” the guard pleaded
” Don’t worry,,, after we get her, you are also free ”
” Thank you ”
We all drove into the compound with the police behind us,, we got out of the car and two cops went in.
After some minutes,,, they [email protected]£ out with Rose struggling from their grip. Lisa also followed them,, she ran to hvg me immediately she saw me.
” Everything is over now ” she said and I nodded
” What thefu-ck is happening?? Let me go this minute!! ” Rose shouted
” It’s better you keep quiet or I shut it for you!! ” Tae Yung yelled
” Its okay ” I t©uçhed him
He rou-ghed his hair angrily,,
” Let’s leave,, ”
Lisa joined us and we all drove back to the MS Mansion.
I still find it [email protected] to believe all these happened within few months

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