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Her secret Episode 15 & 16

🎻 Her Secret 🎻
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Episode 15 ❤❤❤❤❤
🎻 Soo Bin 🎻
” What do you mean?? ” I asked facing him
” Everyone is not even aware that you are a girl right now ” He sm-irk
” I never knew you are as evil as this ” I said
” That’s the problem,, Soo Bin you turned me this way ” he said with a straight face
” What do you mean?? ” I asked
” You only look at him!! He’s the only one you like,, why can’t it be me?? Why is he so different?? What’s different about him?? ” he asked almost in tears
” I love him,,, because he’s not selfish like you!! ” I yelled and ran out of the house in tears.
I got to our favorite sp©t,,,, tears rushed out of my eyes. What have you done to me right now???
” Why did you leave?? Why did you leave me here?? Am so scared without you right now,, come back. Just come back!!! ” I yelled to no one in [email protected]
” Am not coming back to that house if that’s what you want ” I heard his voice behind me
I turned back immediately
There he his,, looking as cute as ever, his two hands in his pocket, a band around his head. So cute,,,,
I ran to him and hvgged him ti-ghtly,,,
” You [email protected]£ ” I said in tears
” Did you cry because of me? ” he asked cu-pping my face in his palm
” No,, I did not ” I said and wipe my tears
” Come with me, we have to do something ” he said dragging me
” Where are we going?? ” I asked
” I don’t nee-d to tell you,,, you will see ” He said as we entered his car
I guess he [email protected]£ alone,, he starts the car immediately. He drove to one of the nearest Mall,,, we both [email protected]£ out and entered.
💋 Omg!! It’s The Ms!!!
💋 Soo Bin oopa!!! Tae Yung looks so h0t
I saw him talking to one of the ladies,, The lady [email protected]£ to me with a smile
” Hi ” She said
” Hi ” I replied
” Come with me mam ” She said
What??!!! Mam???? How the fv¢k,, what’s happening here??
I followed her and we went to a pri-vate room,,,
” Undress ” She said and I [email protected]
” What?? ”
” Am a lady like you, don’t be shy ” She said causing me to [email protected] again
What is Tae Yung trying to do??
I undress myself and she handed me a dress,, a very pretty one though . I put in on and she sat me down right in front of a mirror.
I watched her take out a long wig,, she used it on my head since am on a guy’s style.
” You don’t really nee-d too many makeup ” She said and I found myself blu-shing
” thanks ” I said
After some minutes,,,,
” Done ” She said after sli-pping the heel in my foot
” Thanks ” I said
I smiled at my reflection,, oh my,, am so beautiful.
Tae Yung what are you doing??
I walked out of the room and cleared my throat so he can turn to me.
🎻 Yung 🎻
I turned to her and a [email protected] escape myl-ips,,, she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I smiled and and gave her a sign with my hand to come closer.
” Thanks ” She said with a smile
” For what?? ” I asked raising my brow
” Everything ” She replied
I held her hand and we both walked out of the mall,,,,
” Where are we going now?? ”
” Surprise ” I win-ked
🎻Soo Bin 🎻
I found myself starring at him every second,, damn I can’t even resist him. What have you done to me??
” You are free to [email protected]£ me ” He said with a sm-irk
I turned my face to the other side preventing him from seeing my blush.
” Why did you say that?? ” I asked
” You were starring really r0ûghly,, am I that handsome? ”
” Most ugly guy I’ve ever seen ” I said
” What??? ”
” Yeah ” I sm-irk
” I can kidnap you from here ” he said
” Go on,,, am going to stay with you anyway ”
” You are something else ” he said with a grin
He st©pped the car in somewhere I don’t know,, he got out and I followed him. Where is this?? It look more like a garden,,
” Do you trust me?? ” he asked giving me his hand to hold
I nodded and took the hand,,,,
We walked in and I [email protected] covering my mouth with my palm,,,
It look so,, beautiful. The flowers are out of this world,,
” Wow ” I said and sniff in the flower scent
He pluck one of the flowers and attached it to my hair,,,,,
” So beautiful ” I heard him said
” Thanks ” I said with a grin
We walked to where the table was beautifully set,,, different meal was alre-ady there. Am not even a foodie, I would have consumed everything right away.
” Eat up ” he said
I nodded and took a bite from the fried chicken,,
” Hmm,,, yummy ” I said with a wi-nk
” You can finish everything if you want ” he said
” What?? Am gonna die if I try that,,,, ”
” I will wake you up with a k!ss,, myl-ips are magical ” he said with a a sm-irk
My eye went straight to hisl-ips and I took myl-ips in,,, he’s so cute
” Am sorry ,,, but this is the least I can do,, since the public Will be curious to know who you are if we are seen together ” He said
I nodded,,,,
” I love you ” He said and I looked up immediately
Did he just say that he love me??
” What?? ” I asked to be sure
” Never mind ” he said and focus on his food
” I love you too ” I said and I faced me with a smile
He stood up and [email protected]£ to my side,,,, he held out his hand to me. I took it and stood up,, he pu-ll-ed me closer with my [email protected]!st,, he lean closer and k!$$£d me, I closed my eyes and k!$$£d him back with my hands around his n£¢k.
So now,, we are [email protected]!ng?? Am so happy 😋😋
Episode 16
🎻 Lee Min 🎻
” Who have an idea of where Soo Bin went to??? He haven’t come back,, it’s running late alre-ady ” Kang Min said looking worried. I scoff
” Am also worried about him,, I called him but he’s not even picking up ” Yeon Jun said with a sigh
” Probably with her b©yfri£nd” I said with a sm-irk
” What do you mean by,,,, her b©yfri£nd??? ” Yeon Jun asked raising a brow
” He’s not a [email protected] right?? Or is he??? ” Kang Min asked
” Damn you guys are so daft to know that she’s a girl,, she is a girl, she’s only pretending and acting like a guy. Just get that ” I said
” What??? Girl?? What do you mean?? I don’t un-derstand anything you are talking about. How can Soo Bin suddenly turn to a girl?? ” Kang Min asked with unbelief written all over his face.
” I don’t have any explanation to that ” I said and went upstairs.
Am just too desperate right now,,,, am fv¢king in love with her and she doesn’t even give a damn about that!!!!!
🎻 Lisa’s pov 🎻
” What do you mean by Tae Yung left the MS?? ” I asked in shock
” That’s true,, he left. But am sure something happened ”
” Am sure it’s because of Rose, she caused everything. How could she ask for Tae Yung in return?? He doesn’t even love her,, I hate how she behaves sometimes ” I said angrily
” So what do we do right now?? ”
” I have to call Soo Bin to ask him about everything,, or maybe I should just go there?? Or what do you think?? ”
” Yeah,, you can go ”
I stood up immediately and got dressed,, I don’t like the idea of Tae Yung signing out,, what’s happening??
Rose is the main problem,, she started everything. I don’t think I can forgive her now,,,
I took my car keys and left the house,,, I got into the car and drove off.
” I can’t believe what Lee Min said,, how can Soo Bin be a girl?? That’s not possible ”
” I wonder why he’s not home yet ”
I eves dropped to everything,,
What?? Soo Bin is a girl??? How come?? Is that why he resisted me when I told him I like him??
What’s happening?? Then where is he??
Could it be that,,, Tae Yung is aware of everything and they,,,,,, omg 😱
Is Soo Bin the strange girl Tae Yung is going out with???
No,,, no,,, no,,, this can’t be true. But if this is true,, then Rose must not hear this.
Am sure she’s gonna kill Soo Bin if he turns out to be a girl.
Damn,, what do I do???
I turned back and rushed into my car,, I drove out immediately.
Where could Soo Bin be?? Where?? Am trying to fight the feelings that he’s with Tae Yung,, oh no what’s happening????
Nothing is the same right now,,, our anniversary is coming, the MS nee-d to re-lease their list but now Tae Yung signed out??
Soo Bin is the lead soloist and now he’s a girl?? Is everything not turning [email protected]???
Lisa,, think about what to do.!!!!
🎻 Soo Bin 🎻
” Damn,, I hate seeing you in this ” Tae Yung said starring all over my b©dy
I’ve changed into my normal guy outfit,,,
” I have to go now ” I said with a sigh
” If anything happen,, just call me.if Iee Min try to do anything with you, am going to kill him ” He said folding his fist
” Nothing like that is never going to happen,,, ” I said and hvgged him
” Bye ” he said and k!$$£d my hair
I waved and entered the car,, I drove out of the mansion without looking back.
Am missing him alre-ady,, but I have to take care of everything. I know Lee Min would have told the guys about me.
But what do I do?? I have to face these anyway, I knew one day, my secret would be out.
Even though I never had a thought of it that am going to fall in love with one of them,, am so sorry that I kept that lie from them.
I really have to free my mind right now,, I don’t care about what it’s going to lead to. I will face it alone.
I got home and entered,, Kang Min and Yeon Jun was there.
They both turned to me immediately I entered,, I swallowed into nothing. I knew it,, they are starring at me differently.
Lee Min,, you bastard!!!!!
” Hi ” I manage to say something
” Hi ” Kang Min replied
I walked toward them feeling nervous,,,, I don’t even have enough boldness to tell them what I’ve planned.
Sae Ron,, your life is a disaster!!!
I took the stairs,,
” You are a girl right??? ” I heard them ask
I froze at that moment, I turned to face them.
I gulped into nothing and looked down to nothing in [email protected],,,
” Am,,, am sorry,,, I should have told you a long time ago before now,,, but,, I was scared ” I said
” But,, you told Lee Min and Tae Yung?? You don’t trust us enough to tell us?? ” Yeon Jun asked
” No,,,, that’s not true. They found out about everything themselves,,, ”
” I can’t believe I never noticed ” Yeon Jun said with a sigh
” That was why you never allowed me to sleep in your room?? ” Kang Min asked
” Am so sorry,, ” I said
” It’s fine,,, ” Yeon Jun said
I smiled and hvgged them both,, I turned back and saw Lee Min starring at us angrily.
He scoff and went back upstairs,,
He’s my only problem right now,,,,
I left them and went upstairs,,,,, I really nee-d to rest right now. I was about to enter my room when a hand gr-ab me.
” Lee Min?? What the fv¢k are you doing?? ” I asked when I saw his face
” You think you’ve won right??? ”

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