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Her secret Episode 13 & 14

😍 Her Secret 🤐 🎸
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Episode 13 💙💚💛❤
❤ Tae Yung ❤
” I can’t believe we will be nee-ding that bit-ch’s help,,, she may ask for something else ” I said to the manager
” There is nothing we can do about this Tae Yung,, there is no one who can beat Rose in dancing and you know that ” He said
” How about Lisa?? ” Soo Bin asked
” Rose is their leader,,, she can’t stay behind for them ” He replied and there was total silence
I turned to Sae Ron,, she smiled and I returned the smile,, but right now am not happy.
I know the type of person Rose is,,, she will ask for something [email protected]
” She’s on her way ” The manager said
I sigh and focus on my phone doing nothing in [email protected],,, now what next??
” Don’t you think we should listen to Soo bin song before she get here?? ” The manager asked
” What?? The rehearsal have not started yet,, we planned to start everything today ” I said
” But is that not getting too long?? ”
” You don’t tell me what to do,, get that ” I said almost angrily
” Okay,, calm down ” he said
” Tae Yung is right,,, you should not try to order us around ” Kang Min said
” Okay,,,, am not gonna ask again. But let’s do everything right ”
Soon,, Rose [email protected]£ in with a sm-irk. Am sure this girl is up to something,,,,
” Hey Rose,, you are here ” The boys greeted and she waved in return
” What’s up?? ” she asked sitting down in akimbo
” The Ms has decided to use you as their [email protected] in the coming concert,,,, and the payment is really high ” the manager said
I heard her scoff
” How much is the payment?? ” she Asked and I [email protected]£ happy,, will she ask for the money
” 10billion won,,, with a car ” I said immediately
” What??!!! That’s not what we agreed on!! ” the boys shouted, actually we all agreed on 5billion
I just want to plea-se her more
” I will take care of it ” I said and faced Rose
” I can see you are really trying [email protected] ” She sm-irk at my face
” What?? ”
” I don’t want the money neither do I want the car ” she said
” Then what do you want?? ” Lee Min asked
” Him ” She said pointing at me
” What the fv¢k?? For what?? ”
” Let’s get married and am gonna help you,,, are you in or not ” She asked
” That’s never gonna happen ” I snapped
” Then let’s forget this ” she said and walked out
” Tae Yung,,, what are you doing?? You should do what she want ” the manager said and everyone nodded
” I can’t do that ”
” Then everyone is gonna loose because of you?? ” Lee Min asked
” I don’t give a damn,, you can go and marry her instead ” I said and stood up
” I will never do that,,,, I don’t care about what’s gonna happen ” I said and took the stairs
” Tae Yung ” I st©pped and turned back to Soo bin
” What do you want?? You want me to get married to her?? ” I asked
❤ Soo Bin ❤
” I will never do that,, I don’t care about what’s gonna happen ” He said and was about leaving
” Tae Yung ” I called and he st©pped and faced me
” What do you want?? You want me to get married to her?? ” He asked and I gulped in
I don’t want that to happen,,,, but it also include our career. If not mine,, what about the others. I don’t want our band to go down just because of a little mistake
” Yes ” I replied after the long silence
” What??? ”
” You should also think about us,,, you just have to do it ” I said
” Okay ”
” Really??? You will do it??? ” Yeon Jun asked happily
” Yeah ” he replied
He turned to me and went upstairs,,, gosh what have I done???
I know am wrong,,, but I can’t let others suffer. And that bit-ch Rose!!!! Am sure you are happy now,,,,
” Am leaving ” I said and left the practice room.
I walked upstairs and stood before Tae Yung’s room,, how do I approach him right now??
Oh no,,, I went into my room immediately.
❤ Rose ❤
📲 You mean he accepted?,, really??? Okay thanks
” Omg Omg omg!!!! ” I shouted jumping round the room
” What’s going on?? ” Lisa and briana rushed in
” Don’t worry,, I some few weeks. Am getting married to Tae Yung ” i said and win-ked
” Marriage???!! ” They asked uniformly
” Yeah,,, I told you guys. No one mess with Rose Black Pearl
” What have you done this time??? ” Lisa asked
” no,, don’t tell me you did not accept the Payment?? What about us??? This band is for us not you Alone ”
” Does that ring a bell??? I don’t care,, all I want is Tae Yung and that’s what I did ”
” I can’t believe you did that to us just because of what you want!!! ” Lisa yelled and walked out of the room angrily
” You shouldn’t have done that ” Briana said
” Am so sorry,,,, ”
” You should apologize to Lisa ” She said and walked out
Gosh,,,,,,,, why are they mad?? But who cares anyway???
Episode 14 ❤❤❤❤
🍏 Soo Bin 🍏
” Let’s go ” Tae Yung said
” Okay ” I replied shortly and took my violin,,, we both walked out of the house. He starts the car and took off.
The drive was a really silent one,,, I continue starring at him like my life depended on it. Why is he silent?? This silence is killing me,, just talk to me plea-se
” St©p starring at me like that,, it’s uncomfortable ” He said without facing me
” Am sorry,,,,, for what I said. I,,, was just,,,,, ”
” You wanted us to get married,,, you were just trying to tell me that you are a boy,, am I right?? ” He asked and I [email protected]
” No,,,, ”
” No?? Then what?? I was just a fool to have believed that you will love me the same way I do ” He said slowly
I just kept quiet,,, unable to say anything. We got to where the rehearsal will take place,, he got out of the car and I followed him silently.
Right now,,, what do I say??
” Tae Yung,,,, I ”
” Let’s start what we are here for ” he cut me off
” Okay ” I said and sniff in my tears
How do I explain right now?? Why is he so angry with me??
❤ Rose’s pov ❤
” Am so sorry Lisa,,,,, I know I was wrong. Am so sorry ” I said
” I hate the fact that you are so selfish,,,, why did you do that,, Tae Yung doesn’t love you. Can’t you get that??? ” She said and walked out on me
Gosh,,, a call [email protected]£ on my phone
📲 Hi Kang
📲 Yeah,, you nee-d to come right now.
📲 Why??
📲 What type of question is that?? You will be getting married to Tae Yung and you will do anything we want,, you don’t have to complain. Or maybe you don’t want the deal anymore
📲 I,, I will be there
What is Kang Min trying to do?? You don’t have to try so [email protected] Am still the boss in this game,,,,
I got dressed and got re-ady immediately
❤ Kang Min ❤
” I told you,, am going to make her life hell for doing that to you ” I said to Tae Yung
” You don’t have to do that,, I’ve agreed to the marriage ” He replied and I arch my brow
” What do you mean by that?? We all know that you don’t love that girl a bit ” I said
” So what do I do??!! Am even surprised right now that you are fv¢king supporting me!! This is what you all wanted right?? ” He said angrily
” Yeah,, that’s what we all wanted ” Lee Min said and sm-irk
” Then why don’t you just get married to her instead?? You are just a coward ” Tae Yung said
” If you call me that again,, you are going to regret it ” Lee Min said pointing his f!nger at Tae Yung
Oh no,,, this is not going to end well,, am sure Tae Yung is going to repeat that
” Do I really have to repeat myself?? What if I use some other word to describe you?? ”
” Guys st©p!!! That’s enough!! Rose is not gonna cause a fight between us ” Yeon Jun said going between them
I shook my head and sigh,,,
” You know what?? Am done with this,,, you all can do whatever you damn want ” Tae Yung said and took the stairs
” What do you mean?? ” I asked
” Am leaving,, ” he said more calmly
” That will be better ” Lee Min sm-irk
” What the hell is wrong with you?? ” Yeon asked angrily
” Gosh,, I can’t believe all these are happening ” I shook my head in sadness
Soo Bin ran after him,, I pray he’s able to convince him.
🍏 Soo Bin 🍏
” Where do you think you are going?? ” I asked him
He ignored me and continue packing his stuff,,,, he st©pped and brou-ght out his phone,, I guess he dialed a number
📲 Come to the mansion right now,, now!
He yelled over the phone and immediately after the call, he threw the phone against the wall.
The poor phone broke into pieces,,,
” Tae Yung,, plea-se don’t leave me,, ” I said hvgging him from the back
” Let go off me,,, only girls are allowed to hold me that way ” he said and pu-ll-ed me away from him
” Yung,,, st©p scaring me. Am so sorry for everything,, but plea-se don’t leave ”
” Do you know why Lee Min said that??? ” he asked and faced me
I shook my head negatively
” It’s because of you,,, am sure he’s in love with you and he’s just so mad at me because,,,, oh damn I don’t nee-d to say anything ” He said
His second phone rang and he picked it at first ring,,,
📲 Come upstairs
Soon the door opened,, two men [email protected]£ in. Maybe they are his personal guards
They took the little bags and went out,,,
” Goodbye Sae Ron ” He said and went out
I did nothing,, I was just so speechless. Oh no,, I wasn’t even expecting this. Now what is going to happen??
” Yung!! ” I shouted and ran after him
By the time I got out,, he’s gone
” Oh no ” I said
I never knew when I started weeping,,,,
” Do you really have to cry that much?? ” Someone said behind me
I turned back to the person and fold my fist at him
” I hate you ” I said angrily and was about leaving
” You really hate me?? ” He asked and I turned back at him
” Yes,, I really do ”
” What if I expo-se what you’ve been hiding??? ”

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