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Her secret Episode 11 & 12

😍 Her Secret ❤❤❤
© By Summer Gold. W
Episode 11 💙💚
🌹 Tae Yung 🌹
How can he,, I mean how can she do that!! She’s just a fv¢king liar!!!
” Hey Tae Yung where are you going looking so angry?? ” Kang Min asked
I ignored them and walked out of the house,,,
” Tae Yung!!!! ” I heard Her calling my name
I entered the car and start the engine,,,,, she [email protected]£ in front of the car and I st©pped
” Get the fv¢k out of my way you liar!!! ” I yelled
” plea-se,, let me in. Am going to explain,,, plea-se ” She said in tears
I allowed her to come in,,,,,
” Just drive to somewhere safe ”
” Don’t tell me what to do!!! ” I yelled at her
She flin-ched in fear,,,,
I continue driving and st©pped at one of our favorite sp©t,,,, I [email protected]£ out of the car and she followed me.
🌹 Soo Bin 🌹
Gosh,, why is he suddenly scary?? How do I explain right now??
I followed him out of the car,,,,,, walking just behind him.
” Speak ” He said and turned to me
” Actually,,,, I did that…,,,, to protect myself,,,,, ” I said
” How???? ”
I told him everything,,,
” So what??? You keep on fooling everyone,,, I just thought we are friends but I made a great mistake. Why did you come into my life as Kim Sae Ron???? Why do i keep on thinking about you?? When you are right beside me,,, do you know how much am suffering because of you??!! I hate you!!! ” He said and rou-ghed his hair
” am,,, am so sorry “”” I managed to say
” Sorry???? So,,, you want me to forget about you right??? Am just so stupid to fall in love with you!!! Don’t you ever appear in front of me again ” He said and walked away
” Tae Yung wait!! Wait,,, plea-se,,,, Tae Yung ” He ignored me and drove off
I bend down and cried my eyes out,,, I should have told him,,, I never knew he loved me. And I love him too,, but how do I tell him right now when he’s so mad at me???
” Why are you here alone?? ” A voice said and I looked up
” Lee Min ” I called still tearing out
” Why are you crying?? ” He asked
” It’s nothing ” I said and wipe off my tears
” Really?? You still lied ” he said
I stood up and face him,,,,,
” I know you are a girl Soo Bin ” He said and I [email protected]£ shocked
” What are you talking about??? ” I asked
” Am not lying right??? You are a girl,,,, ” he said and I looked down
” You are not mad at me?? ” I asked
” Why should I?? ”
” But,,, Tae Yung,, ” I said and bur-st into tears again
” Do you like him?? ”
” What????? Of,, of course not ” I lied
” Am sorry ” I said
” For what?? ”
” For lying to you guys,,, really sorry ” I said wiping off my tears
He pu-ll-ed me closer and hvgged me,,,,,
” You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this,,,, ” Lee Min said
” Why?? ”
” Because,,,,,,, because,,,, never mind ”
” Tell me ”
” Am sure you won’t wanna listen ” he said and smiled
” Let’s go home ” He said dragging me along
Why is he nice anyway,,,, gosh how do you face Tae Yung right now???
Right now he thought I want him to forget about me,,,, but I really do love him a lot.
” You guys are acting weird ” Kang Min said facing Lee Min and I
Lee Min turned to me and I shook my head negatively,, I can’t tell them now.
I don’t want Tae Yung to get even more mad at me,,,, I went upstairs immediately.
I wanted to knock on Tae Yung’s room but I was scared,,,,, what if,,, oh God.
I went into my room and [email protected] on the be-d,,, I can’t even sleep right now.
I stood up and walked out of the room,, I knocked on his room but got no reply.
I went in and close the door behind me
” What the fv¢k are you looking for ” he asked coldly
” Am,, am sorry. ” I said
” Sorry for what?? ”
” You know what am talking about right??? ”
” Lee Min,,, he know about this right??? ” He asked and I was surprised to hear that
” Yes ” I answered
” You can leave ” he said and focus back on whatever he’s writing
” Are you still mad at me?? ”
” No ”
” Thanks ” I said and blink out tears
I went out and breath out,,,, I guess am cool now
” You are not!!! You are still lying to your fans!! ” my inner mind said
No,, they don’t have to know…. But still,,, I can’t continue like this,, what do I do???
Episode 12
🌹 Tae Yung 🌹
I walked out of the room,, I can’t even sleep right now. She’s the one all over my mind,, just forget about her Yung, she’s a boy…
” Idiot, she’s a grown up woman ” my mind told me
Damn,,,, the memory of her br***t crushed throu-gh my mind. Why did I even have to see that!!
Am really going crazy right now,, I went downstairs and sat down beside the pool.
Everyone is asleep right now, I open the bottle of water in my hand and gulp down almost half of it.
I really nee-d to do something about this? Will she continue to act??
I heard some foot steps behind me and I look back,, she walk toward me and sat down
” Why are you here?? ” I asked
” Never knew you will be here,, I should be asking you that ” she replied facing the pool.
I watched as she pu-ll-ed in her legs and started pla-ying with water,, I was just a fool. I should have noticed her skin,, they are so soft and clean.
” Yung?? ” She called and faced me
” Huh?? ”
” Do you hate me now?? ” She asked looking away
” Hate?? ”
” Yes ”
” Why should I hate you?? ”
” Am glad you don’t hate me,,, am just so sober right now. I feel so sad,, am lying to almost everyone around me,, am just,,, ” I interrupted her by pu-lling her into a hvg
” You did that for a reason,,, they will un-derstand ” I said
She pu-ll-ed from the hvg and smiled softly,,
” Idiot,,, you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought you are going to avoid me forever ” she said and sm-irk
” So,, what if I do?? ”
” plea-se don’t ”
” Okay I won’t,, I won’t let you cry.”
” Boys don’t cry remember?? ”
” Soo Bin,, no matter how much you try,, you are still a lady ” I said and she nodded
” Thanks oopa ”
” Don’t you think we should go now?? ” she asked
” No,, let me stay like this for a while ” I said and la-id my head on her shoulder
🌹 Soo Bin 🌹
I smiled as he la-id his head softly on my shoulder,, he’s just so cute. Hisl-ips are beautifully pouted,,, I wish I can k!sshim.
” You want a k!ss?? ” he asked still closing his eyes
Did he caught me starring
” What?? ”
” You were starring at myl-ips ” he said and opened his eyes
” But,, how did you see that?? ”
” You won’t believe it if I tell you ” he said and raised his head up
” So,,,, ,, ” I said and raised my brow
” What?? You want the k!ss?? ” he asked and I nodded
He hold my face and pu-ll-ed closer to me,,, he softly placed hisl-ips on mine.
He bite my bottoml-ips causing me to [email protected] and then he slide his ton-gue into mine.
I [email protected] softly and sweetly,,, he left me and look straight into my eyes
Are you crazy Sae Ron?? You are falling too much,, okay not like I don’t want to.
I love him,,, and I know that
” Now let’s go ” He said and pu-ll-ed me up
He held my hand and we walk upstairs,,
” Goodnight ” I said with my head bow
He smiled and and went in,,,,,
He k!$$£d me again!!! I said in my mind and started jumping round my room,,,
This is weird huh??? But am in love,,
A message [email protected]£ on my phone,, I checked immediately
💌 re-ady for tomorrow’s rehearsal??
Oh,, it’s Yung
💌 Yeah sure I am
I replied and fell back to sleep,, I couldn’t even put off my clothes. Am so fv¢king tired
🌹 Lisa’s pov 🌹
I [email protected] of be-d,, gosh I can’t believe it’s morning again. When did I sleep anyway,, I scoff and walked into the bathroom.
Why do I keep on thinking about what Rose said?? But it’s true, Soo bin is weird. He’s too handsome,, he’s beautiful. That’s the reason why I love him alot,, but it’s a pity he doesn’t want any relationsh!p.
His reasons are known alone by him,, but still. I love him,
I walked out of the bathroom and used the cream,, suddenly someone ban-ged in,,
” Rose?? What happened?? Why are you [email protected]?? ” I asked and scoff
She’s annoying sometimes
” Check this out ” she handed me her phone
” Omg!!!! ” I screamed out
” We really nee-d to [email protected] this,,, and with this. I’ve got some great ideas. I nee-d to get dressed immediately ” she said rushing her words and ran out immediately
I can’t believe we ( Black Pearls) just won for the best dancer , gosh am so happy!!
i have to inform Soo bin about this,,,,
🌹 Rose’s pov 🌹
Wow,, this is really amazing. And am sure that right now,, the MS will really nee-d my help for their coming music.
They nee-d a dancer right??? Then I will have to make use of that opportunity to get what I want.
” Tae Yung?? You are mine,, and mine alone ” I said with a sm-irk

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