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Her scent Episode 9 & 10

Her Secret 🤐 😍
Written ✍ by summer gold
Episode 9 🎻🎻
❤ Soo Bin ❤
I watched as Tae Yung [email protected]£ downstairs,,, he’s so cute. I focus back on my meal immediately.
” Guys,,, we have to get to the practice room right now ” Our manager said
” Why can’t we just finish our breakfast?? ” Kang min asked and scoff
” We don’t even have enough Time again,, ” He said
” Am going to finish this ” Yeon Jun said
” Foodie!! ” Lee Min and I chorused
” Don’t you dare call me that!! ” Kang min shouted and we laughed.
” Okay guys,,, let’s go” Tae Yung said and we all stood up
I think he’s been acting weird lately,,, maybe because of what I told him.
I wish I can tell him about me,,, but am too scared to do that. He will be mad at me no doubt.
But what do I do right now??? Am madly in love with him,,, but I have to keep this so it won’t look obvious.
” We’ve made up our mind,,, Soo Bin will be singing the solo this time ” The manager said and we all [email protected]
” But,, what about Tae Yung?? ” They all asked
I turned to Tae Yung,,, he only focus on something else
” Why will you think I choose Soo Bin? Tae Yung was the one who brou-ght the idea ” The manager said
” What?? ” I shouted
” I’ve never done that,,, how will I?? ” I asked
” Don’t worry,, Tae Yung will help you. So from now,, you will have to practice pri-vately with Tae Yung,,,, but you are choosing your song ”
” I can’t believe this ” I said and rou-ghed my hair
” Why?? Are you scared? ” Tae Yung asked without looking up
” Am not ” I snapped
” Good,, you can do it yourself ” he said
” What?? You can’t do that,,, she’s not even,,,, ”
” She?? ” Tae Yung asked and we all turned to Lee Min
” Oh,,, I mean he ” He said and I breath out a sigh of relief
But why do I have a feeling that my secret will be out soon?? Gosh,, am just too scared for that to happen.
❤ Lee Min ❤
What the fv¢k am I thinking? I almost let out her secret,,, am not careful at all.
But what do I do when I always think about her??? Gosh am so lost,,,,,,,,
I sigh out
After the rehearsal, I went straight into my room and la-id down on the be-d. I really nee-d to take her off my mind.
The first day I saw her in that lady’s dress,,, I fell de-eply in love with her,,,
But I can’t even tell her,,, she will be scared that am gonna expo-se her.
❤ Soo Bin ❤
” Where are you going? ” Tae Yung asked me when I was about going out of the house
” You can come along if you want ” i sm-irk
” Am bored,, let’s go ” he said and took his scarf.
He tied it around his n£¢k since the cold is too much,,,,
We both continue walking around the city,, it’s so cool walking around like this.
We’ve always used car every time,,, I looked up at him and smiled,, he’s just so adorable.
” Wow,,, I can’t believe am walking like this ” Tae Yung said and I smiled
” Are you tired? ” I asked
” Am not,, let’s just continue. I don’t wanna go back ” he said
” Hey Tae Yung,, see that. Let’s go get some ice cream ” I said pointing at a shop
” But,,,,, ” I drag him along before he could finish his statement
” How do you want it? ” The man asked
” Chocolate cream ” I said
” Just a minute ” he said
” I never said I wanted chocolate ” Tae Yung whispered in my ear
” I will take the two ” I win-ked
” You dare not do that ” he said
” I thought you don’t want it ” I said and raised my brow a little
” Even if I don’t want it ” He sm-irk
” Here it is ” The man handed the ice cream to me
” Is he your b©yfri£nd?? ” He asked me and pointed at Tae Yung
” What???. We are guys ” I said
” Really??? But you look like a girl,, you are,,,, short ” he said and Tae Yung scoff
” Bye man ” I said and we both left the place.
I keep on thinking about what the man said,, does that mean. No matter how I try to keep this,,, it’s going to be obvious??
” What are you thinking about??? The girl’s stuff? ” Tae Yung asked and I [email protected]£ back to reality
” Of course not,,, it’s nothing ” I said
” Let’s sit here for a while ” He said and we both sat down on a bench
” Wow I love this place,, the moon is really bright ” I said
” What about the stars? So beautiful,,, and the brightest star over there,,,, is me ” he said pointing at the biggest and brightest star up there
” Why do you think it’s you?? What about me?? ” I asked
” Who cares?? Maybe you are the moon ” He said with a sm-irk
” No,, I don’t wanna be the moon ”
” Why? ” he asked
” You can see the moon is far from the brightest star,,, so am the star beside the brightest star. Because,,,,,,,, ”
” Because what??? ”
” I,,,,,,,,,, never mind ” I said
” Don’t you think we should go home now? ” He asked
The truth is,, I don’t want us to go back home. I just wanna stay here with you,, even of you only think of me as a boy. I still want to spend more time with you
” Yeah,, sure ” I said and we both stood up
” Wait ” he said and I st©pped
He untie the scarf from his n£¢k and tie it around mine
” You must be freezing ” he said and continue walking
” Thanks ” I smiled and ran to him
I hold his hand and sm-irk at him when he turned to face me,,,,,
Episode 10 ♥♥
🌹 Rose 🌹
” Mam,,, we can’t find anything about the strange girl. I don’t think she’s here in Korea ” My b©dyguard said
” what??? Okay you can leave ” I dismissed him
She’s nowhere around here?? But why will Tae Yung [email protected]£ someone who is not here??
Is he trying to hide her from public? Is she a commoner??
What are you doing Tae Yung,,,,, what!!
I pace round my room trying to get what to do,,, am just so lost.
” Hey Rose,, why are you so restless?? ” Lisa asked coming into the room
” I want to know who the fv¢k that girl is,,, but nothing is happening. Imagine my guard telling me she’s not around here? ”
” Maybe she’s not here for real ” She replied
” But why will he [email protected]£ someone like that? ”
” I can’t answer that,,, but don’t you think you have to calm down?? Tae Yung said it to your face,, he doesn’t even love you. ”
” No Lisa,, he must love me back ” I snapped
” Okay,, do what you want. Just count me out ”
” Whatever,,,,, but don’t you think Soo Bin is somehow weird?? ” I asked
” Why? How?? ”
” He’s too handsome for a guy ”
” I thought you hate him,, now you find him attrac-tive?? ” She asked and scoff
” No,,, I just think it’s weird. Anyway,, never mind ” I said and sigh
🌹 Lee Min 🌹
I watched as Tae Yung and Soo Bin chat and laugh,,, are they friends right now??
I shook my head and sigh,,, my feelings are really killing me right now.
I keep on thinking about her every little bit,,, I walked out of my room.
I saw Tae Yung going into Soo Bin’s room,,, why is he going there??
What if her secret link out??
Oh no,,,, what do I do???
🌹 Tae Yung 🌹
What is happening to me?? Am not a [email protected] right?? But why is my heart always beating fast whenever am with Soo Bin??
I hold my che-st and closed my eyes,,, I remember Sae Ron. Where are you right now??
I wish I can see you again,, this is punishment. I walked into Soo Bin’s room.
” Hey Soo Bin!! Where are you?? ” I asked
” Bathroom,,,, what do you want?? ” He asked
” Never mind,,, I will just go back ” I said and walked toward the door.
Something turned me back and my eyes met with the phones on the be-d,,,, I scoff.
How many phones will he use?? Suddenly my eyes caught with one,,, it look so familiar
I decided to check,, I took the phone and my eyes eyes wi-den.
This is mine,,,, but how did Soo Bin get it??
I gave it to,,, Kim Sae Ron.
Wait,,, what is happening right now???
I checked the contact list and I was shocked,,,,,, its my number alone.
What is the phone doing with Him??? . I looked round the room and I saw something which shock me again.
It’s the dress he was starring at,, the day we went to the shopping mall.
Am I going crazy right now ,,,, is he????? What???
He [email protected]£ out of the bathroom,, I turned to face him. I saw fear and shock all over his face
” Tae Yung,,,,, what,, ”
” What,, is there anything wrong to come to my friends room?? ” I asked boiling in anger alre-ady
” No,,, ”
” St©p ” I said and walked to him
. 🌹 Soo Bin 🌹
I moved backward as he walked to me,,, what is happening right now??
He went back and locked the door before coming to me,,,
Did he find out about me alre-ady??
My back t©uçhed the wall and I gulped down into nothing,,,,, I watched as his eyes roam throu-gh my b©dy.
Gosh,,, am only on towel right now.
He moved his hand to the ti-p of my towel,,, I [email protected] in fear.
He pu-ll-ed down the towel and my pointed br***t faced him,,, I saw his face wi-den at the sight.
I couldn’t do anything right now,, I just continue starring at his face
He’s damn angry with me,,,, he turned his back at me and I raised my towel up.
” You,,,, you are Sae Ron right?? ” He asked turning back at me
I nodded and blink out tears,,,,
He hit his fist [email protected] on the wall,,,,
I was really scared right now,,,, he said nothing and walked out of the room.
Am dead right now,,,,, will he tell everyone??
Will he expo-se me???
Tears rushed down my eyes,, am sure he doesn’t even want to see me right now. What do you want do??

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