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He is mine Final Episode

Episode 49.
💐 Daniel💐
I took my bath and got dressed up.
I stood at the front of my mirror checking myself out.
I smiled.
Am taking kaima out on a [email protected]£.
I just wish to spend some beautiful moment with her.
There is not doubt I have fallen in love with her.
I want her to be my girlfriend.
I want us to be together just like Sophie and Andrew.
I smiled.
I took my phone and car key, and walked out of my room.
I got to the sitting room, I met my cousin, Jason there.
” Hey bro” I said.
” Wow”, you are very handsome” he said looking at me.
I laughed.
“So tell me? Where you are going? He asked.
” On a [email protected]£” I said.
He laughed.
” You? On a [email protected]£? He asked.
” Yeah, is something wrong with that?
” No….but are you sure you are going on a [email protected]£ or you just wanna…” He win-ked at me.
I laughed.
” You’re crazy” I said and walked out.
” Okay, get something for me while coming” he yelled.
I smiled.
He is my crazy cousin
He is having issues with his parents so he
decided to come and spend some time with me.
I got into my car and drove off kaima’s place.
I finally got there.
I parked my car and got out.
I stood by my car and brou-ght out my phone to s£nd her a text.
” Waiting for you, beautiful” I s£nt.
💐 Sophie💐
” And now she looks perfect” I said smiling.
She laughed.
” Thank you”
” Am sure Daniel will not be able to take his eyes off you” I said and win-ked at her.
She blu-shed.
” Who knows…he might even want to rip off your dress and take you…
” Sophie” she half yelled with a smile.
I laughed.
” Kaima”
” You are being [email protected]ûghty” she said.
I laughed.
[email protected]ûghty?
” Yeah”
“you said am [email protected]ûghty? What about you? I asked.
She laughed.
” You are very beautiful” I said.
Her phone beeped.
She checked it.
” It’s Daniel” she said.
I smiled.
” He is here” she said.
” Go, don’t keep him waiting” I said with a smile
She hvgged me ti-ghtly.
” Thank you so much Sophie, thank you” she said.
I broke the hvg.
” Am really happy kaima” I said.
” Everything Happened because of you, it’s all because of you that Daniel likes’s because of you that he decided to take me out on a day…if you had not forgiven me…I won’t be with Daniel…thank you so much” she said.
I smiled.
” It’s okay, don’t keep my bestie waiting…it’s your first [email protected]£ with him, so go so go and enjoy yourself” I said.
” I love you Sophie”
” I love you too..let’s go” I said.
We walked out of the room climbing down the stairs.
Andrew saw us coming, he stood up.
“What kept you so long? He asked.
He looked surprised when he saw kaima.
” Ohh… you are pretty Kaima but where are you going? He asked.
” On a [email protected]£” I said.
” A [email protected]£?
” Yeah, a [email protected]£ with Daniel” I said.
He smiled.
” Really? He asked.
I nodded my head.
” Let’s go, Daniel is waiting outside” I said.
Andrew nodded his head and we all walked out of the house.
💐 Daniel 💐
I stood beside my car waiting for her.
But what’s keeping her? I thought.
I stared at her when I saw her coming.
Is this kaima?
She is really beautiful.
They got to where I was standing.
I stared at Kaima.
‘” you look gorgeous” I said.
She said.
” Thank you and you look handsome too” she said.
” Shall we? I asked.
She nodded her head.
” Bestie” I heard someone called.
I was suprised to see Sophie and Andrew coming.
What are they doing here?
They got to us.
” Hey bro” Andrew said.
We shook hands.
” Don’t know you are here” I said.
” Uhn..uhn… bestie” Sophie said.
I smiled.
” Sophie, how are you?
” Am fine…thank you Daniel” she said.
” Sorry kaima” she said and hvgged me.
” You are the best ever Daniel…am happy you made the right decision” she whispered into my ear.
I smiled.
“You are the best Sophie” I said.
She broke the hvg.
” Now you both, go and enjoy your [email protected]£” she said.
I looked at Andrew, he smiled and nodded his head.
” Let’s go” I said and open the door for her.
” Bye Sophie” she said and got in.
Sophie waved at me
I smiled and got into the car.
I drove off.
I got to the expensive restaurant where I made reservation for us.
I got out and open the car for her.
” Thank you” she smiled and got out.
We got in and sat down.
No one is here.
It’s just us.
I want sometime Alone with her.
I brou-ght out the chair for her, she smiled and sat down.
I sat down opposite her.
💐 Kaima 💐
This place is clas-sic.
No one is Here, did he reserve it for the both of us? .
The waitresses [email protected]£, placing the foods on our table.
I [email protected] staring at the foods they are putting on the table.
” Enjoy your meal” they said, bowed and left.
“Isn’t this too much? I asked.
” Nothing is too much for you kaima” he said.
My cheek flu-shed.
” Thank you”
He nodded his head.
We started eating.
We finished eating.
The waitresses [email protected]£ and took the dishes away.
I heard music pla-ying slowly.
I looked at Daniel.
He smiled and stood up.
He [email protected]£ to me and brou-ght out his hand.
I took it.
He placed his hands on my [email protected]!st.
While I put mine on his che-st
We stare at each other as we move our b©dy slowly to the music.
He brou-ght his l1ps closer to mine.
I locked my l1ps with his l1ps as we kssed.
He broke the kss.
I smiled.
He took my hands and stare at me
” Kaima, I want you to know that am aware of your feelings for me for a very long time but I thought it is not true…I never love you from the beginning when I met you…but when you change your ways.. when you decided to be friends with Sophie…I realized how good and beautiful you are…it’s true I never liked you but Sophie told me to give you a chance and I did… kaima I thought I only want you to be my friend…I thought I like you because Sophie told me to like you but am wrong kaima…I don’t like you kaima” he said.
I [email protected] staring at him.
” You… don’t… like…me? I stuttered as tears welled up in my eyes.
” Yes I don’t” I said.
” But…you…
” I love kaima…I love you so much…my feelings for you is beyond friendsh!por likeness…I don’t know when I fell in love with you but I know I have fallen for you kaima” he said.
I [email protected] as tears rolled down my cheeks.
” You love me? I asked.
” Yeah kaima…I really love you a lot” he said.
I smiled.
He cleaned my tears with his thumb and held my cheeks.
” Can I ask you something? He asked.
I nodded my head
” What if say I want you to be mine…I want you to be my love….will you say yes to me? He asked staring at me.
I looked at him.
I [email protected] as I covered my mouth with my hands.
He wants me to be his girlfriend?
He love me too..
” Kaima” he called.
” Yes…yes Daniel…yes I will be yours” I shouted.
He beamed.
I nodded my head.
He smashedl-ips on mine.
I wra-pped my hands round his n£¢k and de-epened the kss.
💐 Jeremy 💐
I smiled as I walked with Katherine.
She asked us to hang out.
She just nee-ds someone to talk and walk with and she feels the best person is me.
She tends to love talking.
Well she is also fun to be with.
” So tell me Jeremy, you have a girlfriend? She asked.
” No…you? You have a b©yfri£nd? I asked.
” Uhnmmm…yeah” she said.
” Okay” I nodded my head.
” Don’t you wanna know who the person is? She asked.
” Who? I asked.
” You” she said.
I arched my brow
” Me?
” Yeah”
I looked at her.
She laughed.
” Just kidding” she Said.
I smile.
” So do you mind telling me about him? I asked.
” I don’t have” she said
” Why?
” We broke up there months ago” she said.
” Why? I asked.
She sighed.
” I caught him slee-ping with my best friend, and he said he doesn’t love me but my best friend” she said.
” Sorry about that” I said.
” Yeah, am over him now” she said.
” Are you sure?
She laughed.
” Yeah”
” What if he comes back today and want you back…will you forgive him and run into his arms? I asked.
” No… Never…I can’t do that…he is out of my life now and nothing can bring us together again” she said.
I looked at her.
” Don’t let me bore you with my talks, tell me more about you” she said.
” Am Jeremy” I said.
She laughed.
” So?
” Yeah…you told me to tell you more about myself so am telling you am Jeremy” I said.
She knocked my head.
I winced.
I looked at her.
She laughed.
” You are a blocked head” she yelled running away.
I smiled and ran after her
Episode 50.
💐 Sophie 💐
Kaima is officially Daniel’s girlfriend.
Am happy for them.
I smiled as I walked with Andrew going to the clas-s.
Our final exam is fast approaching.
And we have been studying.
I, Andrew, Jeremy, Henry, Daniel and kaima.
“Hey Sophie” I heard.
I turned and saw daniel and kaima walked towards us, holding their hands.
I smiled.
She got to me and hvgged me.
” I missed you Sophie” she said..
” Really? I arched my brow smiling.
” Yeah…even though it’s just two days” she said.
” Uhmmm why will you miss me when Daniel is here? I tea-sed.
She laughed.
” You are different from Daniel” she said.
” Really? I asked.
” Yeah, he is my b©yfri£ndbut you? You are my best friend forever” she said.
I laughed.
” I missed you too” I said and hvgged her.
“Let’s go” kaima said.
” Where are you both going?
” Girls little secret” kaima said.
I laughed.
“Sophie….I will you miss you.. how I wish we won’t end our high school soon” she said.
I laughed.
” Just few weeks more” I said.
” I know Sophie…I made lots of beautiful memories with you here” she said.
I nodded my head.
” But I know we will be best friends forever right? She asked.
” Yeah” I said.
She smiled.
💐 Andrew 💐
I sat down together at the JAHD boys sp©t.
I stare at Jeremy as stare at his phone with smiles on his face.
” That’s Katherine? I asked.
” Yeah” he said.
” I guess someone has fallen in love” Daniel said with a smile.
” Have I? He asked.
” It’s obvious Jeremy” I said.
” She’s just a friend” he said.
” A friend? I asked.
” Yeah”
” I know you won’t admit that you have fallen for her but she is beautiful” I said
He laughed.
” I know”
” Ohhh…now that you all have girlfriend…what about me? Henry asked.
” What about Lila? Daniel asked.
” Lila? I asked.
” Yeah”
” Who is she? I asked.
” Henry friend but she likes Henry”Daniel said.
” Really?
” Yeah…and I think Henry like her too” Daniel said.
” I like her just as my friend and nothing more” he half yelled.
Daniel laughed.
” You can’t deny it bro”
“She talks too much and also troublesome ..but she is nice” he said.
I laughed.
” Go and take Lila before someone else take her away from you” I said.
“I don’t nee-d your advice” he said.
I laughed.
” You surely nee-d it” I said.
He laughed.
💐 Sophie 💐
We just finished writing our final year exam.
I smiled.
” Finally” Andrew muttered.
I smiled.
” Let’s go” he said and took my hand.
I stood up , walking out with him.
” Sophie” I heard my name.
I turned to see kaima running towards me.
She jumped on me, hvgging me.
” Finally Sophie” she yelled smiling.
” We are out of high school” she said.
I laughed
She is just so excited.
Jeremy, Daniel and Henry walked to us.
“Finally” Henry muttered.
I laughed.
He doesn’t really like book.
Students trooped out of the school jubilating.
Our graduation [email protected]£ has been fixed.
I smile.
Am finally out of high school.
” Why don’t we all go out and have some fun? Henry asked
” Yeah…of course” kaima said
“Let’s go” I yelled smiling.
They all laughed.
” Why don’t you asked Lila to join us? Andrew asked.
” And Jay, why don’t you ask Katherine to also join us? Daniel asked
” You think so?
” Yeah”.
” I don’t want to see Lila” Henry said.
” Why?
” Just don’t want to”
I smiled and snatched his phone.
He [email protected]
” I will call Lila myself” I said
” No Sophie, don’t” he said.
” I will”
He tried to snatch the phone for me.
I laughed running away.
He likes Lila but won’t admit.
Is he shy?
I st©pped running.
I took his phone going throu-gh his contact.
I saw her name with her picture.
I smiled and called her.
She picked it up fast like she was expecting his call.
” Hey Henry” she said.
” Uhmmm….this is Sophie not Henry” I said.
” Sophie?
” Yeah”
” Okay…so why do you call me?
” Actually we wants to hang out and I want you to come along” I said.
” Me? Why?
” Because Henry is coming along and he also wants you to be there with him but he is too shy to ask you” I said.
She laughed.
” Really?
” Yeah”
” So tell me where at you? She asked.
” In the school” I said.
” Uhnm….. okay…I will be there” she said.
” Alright, thanks”
” Bye” she said.
I hung up.
” What did she say? Kaima asked beside me.
” She is coming” I said.
” What? Henry asked.
” Yeah, she is coming” I said.
” Sophie?
” Henry?
” Don’t you think we should change our clothes? I asked.
” There’s no nee-d…it’s not using again…so let just wear it and have some fun to make beautiful memories…last day in high school” she said.
I laughed.
” Where is Jeremy? I asked.
” Talking to Katharine on the phone” Andrew said.
” What about her? Is she also coming? I asked.
” Yeah” Andrew said.
I smiled.
Few minutes later.
I saw Katharine walking into the school.
I have seen her picture on Jeremy’s phone.
She is really beautiful.
Jeremy left us and walked to her.
They hvgged each other.
She held his hand as they walked towards us.
” Hi everyone” she smiled at us.
” Hi Katharine, am Sophie” I said.
” Really? Sophie? Wow…I have been. Wishing to meet you for a long time” she said.
” Really? I asked.
” Yeah”
I smiled and looked at Jeremy.
He smiled.
” I guess, you are are the JAHD boys” she said.
I laughed.
” Yeah” I said.
She shook hand with everyone.
” Isn’t that Lila? I asked when I sighted her.
” Yeah…she is”
She stood on a sp©t looking around.
I decided to go and meet her.
I got to her.
” Hi Lila” I said.
She looked at me.
” Hi”
” Am Sophie” I said.
She smiled.
” Wow Sophie… it’s nice to meet you” she said.
I smiled.
“Let’s go”I said.
She nodded her head.
She ran to henry and jumped on him, Almost falling him down.
I laughed.
” Now that we are complete…what are we waiting for? Kaima asked.
” Let’s go” she yelled.
I laughed.
Jeremy and Katherine got into Jeremy’s car.
Kaima and Daniel in his car.
Lila and Henry in his car.
I got into Andrew’s car.
We kssed each other.
” I love you babe” he said.
” I love you too”
” You are the best thing that ever happened to me…no one can ever take your place in my heart” he said.
I smiled.
” No one can ever take your place in my heart too…you will forever be mine” I said.
He smiled and smashed hisl-ips on mine.
I broke the kss.
” Let’s go” I said.
He smiled and drove off.
The End.

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