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He is mine Episode 9 &10

Episode 09.
I got into the clas-s.
Everyone fixed their gaze and attention on me as I walked sluggishly to my seat.
I heard some murmuring.
I ignored it, sat down and [email protected] head on the desk.
The bell rang.
A teacher [email protected]£.. it’s mathematics.
She taught and went out.
Students trooped out of the clas-s for the next subject.
I stood up taking my book and textbook.
Anna [email protected]£ to me.
” We having the same subject” she said.
I nodded my head.
” How are you sophie? She asked as we walked together.
” Am fine”
” Am really sorry about what happened earlier” she said.
” It’s okay, am fine” I said.
We got into the clas-s and sat down together on a seat.
The teacher taught her subject.
The bell rang, the period is over.
I stood up.
I saw the K-girls, I ignored them and walked back into my clas-s.
💐 Kaima 💐
” I can’t believe Daniel [email protected] kaima” Kara said.
” I mean how could he do such a thing in front of everyone? Kayla said with a sm-irk plastered on her face.
I scoffed.
” And even I can’t believe jay could pushed you away”
” It was Andrew yesterday and now jay” Kara sm-irked at Kayla.
” It is obvious Daniel doesn’t like kaima” Kayla sm-irked.
” And it is obvious Jay doesn’t like you” I sm-irked back.
“I really don’t know what is so special about that dumb girl” Kira said angrily.
” I was humiliated in front of everyone, she just [email protected]£ here newly.. I still find it out to believe the JAHD are all over her” I said with gritted teeth.
” Except for my jay” Kara said sm-irking at Kayla.
Kayla looked at her angrily.
I laughed.
” I nee-d to deal with that btch” Kayla said
” We all nee-d to act fast” kira said.
” And what do you intend to do? We heard a voice.
We turned to see Andrew with his hands in his pocket.
” Andrew” Kayla called
” You know what? I want you all to stay away from Sophie” he said sternly.
” Sophie?
” Who’s is Sophie? Kara arched her brow.
” You all know who am talking about, I don’t want to ever see you closer to her or you gonna have me to deal with” he said sternly walking away.
” I have never seen Andrew this serious and angry until today and it all because of a dumb girl” Kara said angrily.
” I think I know what to do? I said walking away.
💐 Andrew 💐
We sat down our usual and favourite place.
” What you did to kaima was too harsh man” Henry said.
Daniel arched his brow looking at him.
” You shouldn’t have hit her that way knowing fully she is soon to be your wife” Jeremy said.
” Jeremy, st©p” he said.
” Come on man, it is obvious you are falling for kaima but you don’t wanna show it” Henry sm-irked.
” Henry” Daniel called getting angrily.
He gets angrily easily.
We all bur-st out laughing.
” Come on guys, it’s not funny at all” he said
“You know that girl is really a dummy” Henry said.
” Yeah, how could she allow kaima hit her without doing anything” Jeremy said.
” And all she could do was to cry? Like a little kid? Henry arched his brow.
” I wonder what’s wrong with the K-girls, it is not like we are [email protected]!nganyone of them” I said
” I think kaima saw the picture of what happened in the morning ” I said.
” So?
” I think that newbie is in trouble, a big mess” Henry said.
” I have never seen a girl as dumb as her” Daniel said.
The K-girls cat walked in.
” Here come the $luts” Jeremy said.
” And the btches are here” Henry sm-irked.
They got to were we sat.
” Daniel” kaima called.
” Jay” Kayla called looking at him.
” What’s you doing here? Daniel asked.
” We never requested for your services” Henry said.
” To have some fun with you” Kara said kssing Jeremy’s cheek.
” Kara” Kayla called looking at her angrily
Kara ignored her and sat down on Jeremy [email protected]
” I have missed you jay” Kara said unbottoning Jeremy’s shi-t
Jeremy [email protected]£d her kssing her r0ûghly.
” Daniel… You..” Kaima said su-cking herl-ips.
She started pu-lling off her uniform.
She re-moved her shi-t leaving her with b.ra.
Daniel sm-irked, k!ss!ngher hungrily.
” You want it here? Henry asked unbottoning Kira shi-t.
She nodded her head wra-pping her hand round his n£¢k.
” Andrew” Kayla called coming closer to me.
I sm-irked and walked away.
I got into the clas-s but couldn’t find her.
” Where is Sophie?
I walked out of the clas-s to the cafeteria but she is not there.
A girl bu-mped into me.
It is the girl I saw with Sophie.
” sorry” she stuttered.
” Where you Sophie? I asked
She kept staring at me.
I arched my brow.
” Where is Sophie” I yelled.
” I…I…don’t know where she is” she said.
I hissed and walked away but where is she?
She is not in the clas-s and the cafeteria?
Where could she be?
Well where could I expect a nerd like her to be?
Maybe somewhere re-ading probably the [email protected]
I got into the [email protected] and met her there.
She is so engrossed in her book.
” Such a nerd you are” I said sitting down.
She looked at me
” Andrew”
” Have been searching everywhere for you” I said.
” Why? She arched her brow.
” Just to check up on you” I said
She nodded her head fixing her gaze back into what she is re-ading.
” Have you had your lunch? I asked.
” Not yet” she said not looking at me
” Okay” I said Standing up.
” Where are you going? She asked.
” To get you some lunch or would you come with me? I asked.
” Uhnmm…no… thanks” she stuttered.
I walked out of the [email protected]
Episode 10.
💐 Sophie’s 💐
I sighed and continue re-ading my book.
I felt a bit peaceful being alone in the [email protected]
I didn’t even let’s Anna know where I am but how did Andrew knew am in the [email protected]
Did he saw me entering into the [email protected]?
Few minutes later.
” Hey nerd” Andrew called sitting beside me.
I looked at him.
” Here have this” he said dropping what he bought on the table.
I opened it.
It contains so much snacks.
I [email protected]
” But i..”
” I know you didn’t ask me to get it for you but you just have to accept it” he said.
” Isn’t it too much? I asked.
” I know nerds like you will surely be a foodie” he said.
” But am not one” I said.
” Okay”
“Is it for the both of us? I asked.
” No it is all for you” he said standing up.
” Andrew”
” Eat well nerd” he said walking out of the [email protected]
I sighed.
My stomach grumbled.
I brou-ght out doughnut and a smoothie from what he bought.
I don’t think I can finish all of these.
💐 Andrew 💐
I got into our JAHD boys sp©t.
I met the Daniel and Henry bu-ttoning up their shi-t.
there while Kara, kaima and Kira [email protected]
” Yo man, where were you? Daniel asked.
” Gotta catch up with something” I said sitting down.
” Where is jay? I asked.
” Over there with Kayla” Daniel said.
” Andrew, where were you? Jeremy asked sitting beside me.
“Why don’t we [email protected] games? Kayla asked.
“Let’s go guys, I nee-d some food” Henry said.
Jeremy laughed.
” Foodie”
” What’s you still waiting for? Daniel asked.
” Daniel..
” We are done, now out of here now”
” Let’s go together” Kayla said.
We all walked out going to the cafeteria.
We sat down at our main sp©t.
We place our order though and started eating.
My mind flashed to Sophie
Has she finished what I bought for her?
” Earth to man” Daniel snapped his f!nger at me.
I looked at him.
” Why are you smiling? Kara asked.
” None of your business” I said.
” Andrew.. you”
” Am done eating” I said walking away.
I got into the [email protected] and saw Sophie still there but asleep.
She is slee-ping?
I laughed.
So nerd do get tired of books.
I sat down beside her and took the book she was re-ading.
I dropped it.
It’s seems boring.
What did she manage to re-ad this?
She didn’t finished what I bought.
I took out of it and started eating.
I stood up and walked out of the [email protected]
I got to the cafeteria.
No one is there.
The lunch break is over.
I walked into the JAHD boys sp©t.
” Where were you Andrew? Daniel asked.
” No where” I said.
” Don’t we have clas-ses? Henry asked.
” Yeah, we do but I don’t wanna go for that old man boring lesson” Jeremy said.
I laughed.
” You know I think dummy also attend government clas-s, why don’t we go have some fun” Daniel said.
Jeremy shrugged.
We stood up and got into the clas-s.
” Hey you, why are you late to my clas-s? Old man Bernard roared.
This is one thing I hate about him.
So noisy.
We ignored him and sat down.
” Where is the newbie? Henry asked looking around.
” She is not here” Jeremy said.
” QUIET” the old man roared.
I sighed.
Such a boring lesson.
Finally it ended.
” Finally” Henry muttered.
We got out of the clas-s.
” Jay wait up” Kayla said holding Jeremy’s hand.
” What now? He asked.
” I was thinking why don’t we go home together? She asked.
Jeremy re-moved his hand from hers and walked away.
” Andrew” she called.
I looked at her walking away.
We got back to our place and sat down.
Henry yawned.
” Man, am tired” he said.
Daniel laughed.
” But what happened to newbie? Jeremy asked.
” Why isn’t she in the clas-s? Henry said.
” Dummy like her might have forgotten she had a clas-s or maybe she is somewhere pla-ying dumb” Daniel said.
Henry laughed.
” She is not a dummy but a nerd” I said.
Jeremy laughed.
The bell rang.
I checked the time.
It’s closing.
” Wake up man” Daniel said tapping Henry.
He yawned tiredly.
Jeremy laughed.
” Shut it man”
Daniel took up picking his car keys.
” I nee-d to catch up with a chick, see ya” he win-ked walking out.
I picked up my keys walking out.
I got into the clas-s but Sophie is not there except her bag.
Maybe she is still in the [email protected]
I got there and met her still slee-ping.
I got to her.
She tends to sleep a lot.
How do I wake her up?
I saw her cell phone beside on the table.
I picked it up and got her number.
I dropped it back.
” Sophie nerd” I said tapping her slightly.
” Hmmmm” she hummed.
” Wake up Sophie” I said tapping her.
She raised her eyes up ru-bbing her eyes.
I tried not to laugh.
She looks funny.
” It’s closing” I said.
” What? She yelled.
I looked at her.
She checked her time.
” Did I sle-pt this long?
” Ahhhhh” she said ruffling her hair
“Don’t worry I will drop you off” I said.
” Uhnmm…no.. don’t worry” she said standing up.
She staggered about to fall.
I held her.
She looked at me and moved away.
” Thanks” she said picking her books and phone.
She walked out and I trailed behind her.
She got into the clas-s and took her bag.
” Let’s go” I said.
We walked over to my car.
We got into the car and I drove off.

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