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He is mine Episode 7 & 8

Episode 07
💐 Daniel 💐
She got in while I drove off.
She kept staring at the window.
I turned on the music loudly.
I heard her [email protected], she looked at me while I win-ked at her.
She looked away and covered her ears with her hands.
I smiled.
” Such a dummy”.
” Doesn’t she listen to music?
She was just quiet.
I face the road driving nodding my head along with the music.
I felt someone tapped me.
I looked at her.
Seems like she was saying something.
I turned off the music.
” Uhnmm, can you plea-se drop me off here? She said.
” Why? I arched my brow.
” Uhmmmm… actually..I..
I looked at her face
And bur-st out laughing.
She just stare at me blankly.
” Ohhh, you don’t want those kids to see you coming out of my car?
She went silent.
” Talk”
She nodded her head.
I laughed.
” No way dummy, we are going in together” I said driving off into the school.
I parked my car.
I looked at her.
Her eyes were shut ti-ghtly.
I laughed.
” What’s wrong with her?
” Dummy” I called.
No response with her eyes shut
” Dummy” I half yelled.
She got frightened and opened her eyes.
” Won’t you come down? I asked.
” Uhnmm.. I will come down” she said looking at me.
I got down from the car, expecting her to come down.
She still sat down in the car.
I sighed getting angry.
Is she going to keep sitting down there?
I got to her and opened the door.
” Dummy” I called.
She looked at me and [email protected]£ out of the car.
💐 Sophie 💐
He got into the school compound.
Students were gathered in group discussing.
I sighed.
What will they think seeing me come on of Daniel’s car?
Especially the K-girls.
I really don’t want their trouble.
I sat down in his car lost in thought.
So many questions clouded my mind.
” Dummy” I heard him called.
He opened the car wi-dely for me to come outside.
I breathed out and looked at him.
I got out of his car.
” Thanks” I muttered.
“Who is that girl that [email protected]£ out of Daniel’s car? I heard someone asked.
I sighed.
” Should I walked you to the clas-s? He whispered in my ear.
Many students alre-ady gathered, some talking ph0tos.
Daniel was too close to me.
I moved away from him.
He drew me closer to him.
The students [email protected]
I [email protected] shockingly.
I looked at him but he smiled.
” Ohhhh, the jhad Boys” I heard someone say.
I looked up and saw Andrew, Jeremy and Henry coming to our direction.
The students paved way for them.
I tried to move away from his grip but he drew me more closer to him.
” What’s wrong?.
I looked at him but he didn’t even spare me a glance.
” Daniel.. you” Jeremy said looking at Daniel then me.
” Ohhhhhhh..” Henry said laughing and [email protected] his hands.
Daniel sm-irked.
” Sophie” Andrew called.
Daniel let go of me
I breathed out relieved.
I fixed my gaze on the floor.
” See you later dummy” Daniel said walking away with the boys.
I stood there not moving at inch.
” Who is she?
.” Why is closer to our Daniel?
” Who is this bit-ch?
” What is doing with my Daniel?
” Why is she with the JAHD boys?
” I can’t believe Daniel hvgged a lowlife?
” I really can’t wait for the K-girls to see this”
I heard people asked angrily
I sighed.
I tried moving.
” Where do you think you are going? A girl with red hair asked.
” What were you doing with Daniel? Another one asked pushing my shoulder.
” Why are you quiet? Huh? Who are you?
I just kept quiet.
I felt another held my hair.
” Let’s go of my hair” I said.
She held it ti-ghter.
I winced.
” LET GO OF HER NOW” I heard voice roared.
She quic-kly let’s go of it.
I looked up and it was Jeremy.
He looked at the girl angrily, she got scared.
“Now move everyone” he yelled.
Everyone dismissed.
” Come with me” he said walking away.
I walked slowly behind him.
I got into my clas-s and sat down with my head on my desk.
Tears welled up my eyes.
” Sophie, Sophie” I heard Anna’s voice.
I looked up at her.
” You crying? She asked.
” No” I shook my head negatively.
” Take a look at this” she said showing me her phone.
I [email protected] shocked.
It is a picture of Daniel and I this morning when he drew me closer to him.
I opened my mouth unable to close it.
” What is going on Sophie? She asked.
I looked at her.
” You are the talk of the whole school.. I wonder what will happen if Kayla, Kira, Kara and kaima sees this picture” she said looking worried.
” You btch” I heard someone yelled.
I stood up.
It is Kayla, Kara, Kira and kaima.
Episode 08
💐 Kayla 💐
” Hey babe, I nee-d to see jay” I said.
” You know have missed him so much” Kara said.
” You missed jay? I asked.
” Yes of course, it been quite sometime since I felt him inside of me” she said.
I looked at her with anger.
” Back off Kara, you know jay is mine” I said.
She laughed.
” You should back off Kayla, jay is only mine” she said smiling.
” Kara” I yelled
Kaima and Kira [email protected]£ in.
” Hey Kay, why are you yelling? Kaima asked chewing gum.
I hissed.
” Kara what happened? Kaima asked.
She laughed looking at me.
” You know, I still find it [email protected] to comprehend what happened yesterday” Kira said.
” I can’t believe Andrew pushed Kayla because of a newbie and Jay couldn’t do anything” Kara sm-irked.
Kira laughed.
I fumed angrily.
“WHAT? Kaima yelled shock staring at her phone.
” What’s wrong? I asked.
” This..” she said handling at phone to me.
I looked at it.
It is picture of that newbie and Daniel together.
Daniel held her closer to him with smiles on his face.
Kira and Kara also looked at the pictures.
” This btch” kaima yelled.
“Yesterday it was Andrew and now it is Daniel” Kara yelled.
” We nee-d to put her in her place before she gets to Henry” Kira said.
” What are they doing together?
” Am sure she [email protected]£ out of Daniel’s car”
” Am gonna deal with that $lut” kaima yelled walking out.
” I think it is high time, she is bitting more than she can chew, am gonna make her life miserable before she gets to my jay”
We walked out.
We got to her clas-s sitted with a dumb girl like her.
” You btch” kaima yelled.
She turned and stood up when she saw us.
We walked into the clas-s and got to her front.
Kaima [email protected] her.
She skrie-ked.
I sm-irked.
” What’s this? Kaima yelled showing her phone to her.
She fixed her gaze on the floor with her hand on her cheek.
I smiled.
” Can’t you talk? Kara yelled.
” I know nothing about this” she said.
” Really? Kaima [email protected]£d her hair.
” Yes” she yelled and re-moved kaima hand from her hair.
Kira pushed her, she fell on the floor.
Kaima pounced on her.
We all sat down favorite place in the school.
It is meant for us only.
” What was that? I asked.
” What were you doing with that newbie? Henry asked.
” Why did she come out of your car? Andrew asked.
” Chill guys, why bombarding me with questions?
” Spill man” I said.
” I only decided to give her a ride to the school, I saw her walking on the road and that is all” he shrugged.
” Okay, but what was that scene you pu-ll up out there, what was it all about? Andrew asked.
” It’s nothing”
” Ohh what are you planning dude? Henry said sm-irking.
” Is she the new chick? I asked smiling.
” Are you tryna get into her [email protected]? Andrew asked.
He bur-st out laughing.
” Not yet man” he said.
” But what about kaima? Henry asked.
” What about her? He arched his brow.
” You are breaking her heart you know” I said.
” What if she knows about what happened in the morning? Andrew asked.
” So?
” She is gonna feel bad you know” Henry shrugged laughing.
” It’s been long I $crewed that $lut” he said.
Andrew laughed.
” You enjoying digging into her hole? How am I sure you are not in love with kaima? Henry sm-irked.
” Henry” he called getting angry.
Henry bur-st out laughing
” Let’s check on the newbie” I said.
” Why? Henry arched his brow.
” Just for fun” I said walking out.
We got to the corridor to her clas-s and saw students gathered.
They moved away from the way immediately they sighted us.
Some [email protected] with their mouth opened.
I sm-irked.
” What is going on here? Henry asked.
They didn’t say anything they pointed too the newbie’s clas-s.
We got there and met the K-girls on the newbie.
” What? Andrew yelled.
” What do you think you are doing? Andrew roared.
Everyone turned to look at us
The girls moved away from the newbie.
” What are you doing? Daniel yelled.
” Daniel.. take a look at this” kaima said showing her phone to Daniel.
Daniel raised his hand and [email protected] her.
Everyone [email protected] shock.
” can’t believe this $lut..
” QUIET Kayla” I yelled.
” Andrew, she..
” Shut it Kara” Andrew roared pu-lling sophie up.
” Sorry Sophie” he said.
Tears streamed out of her eyes.
She nodded her head and walked out of the clas-s.
I followed her.
” Jay, where are you going?
Kayla asked holding me.
I pushed her away from me.
She staggered back.
I sm-irked and walked out of the clas-s.
💐 Sophie 💐
I kept on walking.
I sighted a quiet and empty clas-s.
I got into it.
I sat down and wept bitterly.
” Why all these?
” I have nothing to do with anyone”
” This is my second day at school and all these is happening?
I cried bitterly.
” Hey” I heard someone say.
I turned and saw Andrew handling me handkerchief.
I looked at him and cleaned my tears.
” Sorry Sophie” he said trying to clean my tears.
I moved away from him and cleaned my tears with my hand.
” It’s okay Andrew”
” This is just your second day at school and you alre-ady getting hurt” he said.
I nodded my head.
” Just don’t cry too much okay? He said.
I nodded my head.
“What are you doing here? I asked.
“I was actually pas-sing by looking for you but I saw you here” he said sitting beside me.
” Yeah” I said.
” Why did you allow them do that to you? He asked.
” It’s all because of you JAHD boys, it was because of Daniel and I together, I didn’t know who took the picture and they saw it” I said tears rolled down my cheeks.
” Am sorry Sophie that you had to go throu-gh all of this” he said.
I nodded my head
” Why did you [email protected]£ with Daniel in his car? Thought you said your parents are gonna dropped you off”He asked.
” Yeah, but mum and dad travelled and they couldn’t make it back home last night, I decided to walk maybe I could get a bus, but I saw Daniel and he decided to give me a ride.. I didn’t like the idea of it because of the K-girls, but I just don’t want to be late for school or when will I get a bus so i decided to allow him drop me off” I said.
” Ohhhhh” he mouthed.
I nodded my head.
” If you want sophie, I can dropped you off at home and dropped you off at school” he said with a smile
I looked at him surprised.
I can’t allow that.
I can’t let’s anything happen to me because of any of the JAHD boys.
I can’t keep getting hurt because of some guys.
” Sophie”
” No Andrew, thanks” I said Standing up.
” Where you going? He asked also standing up.
” To the clas-s” I said walking away.
For how long will I let’s all these keep happening to me?
Why did I get into these school?
Why do I get bullied and humiliated all my life”
Why am I so weak?
I tr!pp£dhopping to fall down.
I opened my eyes and saw Henry holding me.
He stared at me.
I cleared my throat.
” Watch where you going to”He said.
” Sorry I bu-mped into you” I said
” You okay? He asked.
” Yes, thanks” I said walking away.
Written by ✍️✍️ owie oyindamola.

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