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He is mine Episode 35 & 36

Episode 35.
💐 Anna💐
I watched as Kaima talked with Sophie.
They are now friends?
They hvgged each other with smiles on Sophie face.
She held her hand as they both walked out of the clas-s with Andrew.
I sighed.
Andrew who I like doesn’t even like me.
And Sophie my friend?
She is now someone’s friend.
I watched as they walked to the cafeteria laughing.
They sat down with the JAHD boys.
I sighed
If only I and Sophie are still friends I would have been the one sitting with the JAHD boys instead of kaima.
I looked at them and walked out of the cafeteria.
Kaima doesn’t move with the K-girls again but Sophie.
It’s obvious she has exclude herself from the K-girls.
I saw Kayla, Kara and Kira walking to towards me.
They stood at me front.
” Where is your dumb friend? Kayla asked.
” It’s obvious they are no more friends” Kara laughed.
” And why?
” That is because she got her eyes on Andrew” Kara said.
” Really?
” Yeah, she likes Andrew” Kara said.
I sighed.
“What do you want?
” If you know what’s best for you stay away from Andrew” Kara warned.
I laughed.
” You got feelings for him too?
” Just stay away from him”
” And why should I?
” He does not belong to you” Kayla said.
” Then who? I asked.
” It’s none of your business” Kira said.
” Andrew belongs to Sophie” I said.
” Just shut up” Kira said.
” What Happened to Kaima? She is not your friend anymore but Sophie’s Friend and the JAHD boys? They chose Sophie over you.. Jeremy likes Sophie, Daniel likes Sophie, Henry like Sophie and Andrew? He also likes Sophie” I sm-irked.
Kayla looked at me angrily.
” It’s obvious the JAHD boys has fallen for her” I said.
” Liar” Kara yelled.
” Then take a look at them at the cafeteria” I said.
” No” Kayla fumed.
” And what about you guys? You are nothing but losers, you lost” I said and walked away.
💐 Sophie 💐
We walked out of the cafeteria with the JAHD boys.
We saw Kayla, Kara and Kira walking towards us.
They st©pped at our front.
We looked at them.
” Jay” Kayla called.
He ignored her and walked away
“Henry” Kira called.
He sm-irked and walked away.
“Andrew” Kara called.
He win-ked at me and walked away.
” See you later Sophie” Daniel pinched my cheek a little and walked away.
I smiled and stare at the K-girls who looks at me angrily.
“Let’s go kaima” I said.
” Where do you think you are going? Kayla half yelled.
I smiled.
” Hey, keep it low” I said.
” Kaima what are you doing with her? Kara asked.
” She is my friend now” kaima said.
” Really? Kira scoffed.
” Your friend? Cant you see she is a loser? Kayla yelled.
I laughed.
” Loser?
” You are the losers here, I can’t believe the JAHD boys would ignore you that way, they don’t even want to see your faces, you know why? It irritates them. They don’t want to hear your voices, you know why? It pissed them off and they don’t want to get un-der your Sk-irt anymore, do you know why? I sm-irked.
” It’s rotten and it’s smells” I said covering my nose.
They looked at me confused.
I laughed.
” Almighty K-girls has fallen, you are nothing but losers, you have lost and I? I won” I said laughing.
Kara raised her hand to [email protected] me but kaima caught it.
I looked at her then kaima.
She let go of her hand.
I raised my hand and [email protected] her instead.
Kayla and Kira [email protected]
” Now you listen to me, don’t try to mess with me, I won’t hesitate to crush you” I said sternly.
“Smelling $luts” I said walking away.
I smiled as I walked into my clas-s.
💐 Anna💐
The bell rang.
It’s closing.
I stare at Sophie as she packed her books into her bag.
Andrew is not in the clas-s.
She caught me staring at her.
I quic-kly looked away.
Kaima walked into our clas-s.
Our eyes met but she looked away.
” Sophie” she called smiling.
” Hey Kaima” Sophie said.
She sat down beside Sophie.
” You are not going home? Sophie asked.
” No”
” Why?
” To study with you”
” Oops. Sorry I forgot” Sophie Said and [email protected] her head.
Kaima smiled.
” It’s okay, so where are we studying? Kaima asked.
Sophie looked at me and caught me staring at them.
She smiled.
” At Andrew’s place” she said.
” You mean Andrew’s Mansion? Kaima asked.
” Yeah” she said with a smile.
I [email protected]
” Wow” kaima said.
” Yeah” Sophie said nodding her head.
I looked at her.
She sm-irked.
” Where is Andrew? Kaima asked.
Andrew walked into the clas-s.
Sophie beamed.
” Let’s go” he said and took Sophie’s bag.
They all walked out of the clas-s.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
I walked out of the clas-s.
💐Kaima 💐
We got into Andrew car and he drove off.
Andrew sat at the driver’s seat while Sophie sat at the front too.
I sat at the back.
Sophie couldn’t st©p staring at Andrew.
Andrew caught her and win-ked at her.
She smiled.
It’s obvious they are in love with each other.
How I wish am Sophie.
She is loved by everyone.
She has a big heart and she is kind.
Why won’t the JAHD boys fall for her?
She is beautiful with her long hair.
The gate opened and Andrew drove in.
We got down from the car.
I admired the mansion.
” Wow” excaped my mouth.
It’s extremely big and beautiful.
It’s magnificent.
I couldn’t st©p looking at at.
I have never been to his Mansion before.
” Kaima”
I smiled.
Sophie nodded her head as we walked Inside.
It is more beautiful than I thought.
Well furnished and extremely beautiful.
We sat down.
” It’s time to study” Sophie said.
” Nerd” Andrew said.
She frowned at him.
” Andrew”
He laughed.
” Sorry”
” You are soon to be a nerd” she said.
He smiled.
” Be right back” Andrew said taking the stairs.
Right from the beginning.
Andrew doesn’t like any of the K-girls.
He [email protected] talk to anyone except the JAHD boys.
I wonder how he [email protected]£ so friendly with Sophie.
He hate the K-girls so much.
The only reason why am here is because of Sophie.
He hasn’t said a word to me.
Sophie brou-ght out her textbook.
Andrew [email protected]£ back wearing a shi-t and a jean trou-ser.
Sophie stare at him.
” Keep drooling” he said.
Sophie blinked her eyes.
” I wasn’t staring at you” she said.
” Liar” Andrew laughed.
I smiled.
“Uhnmm…let’s start” she said.
” You are not hungry? Andrew asked.
” No am not” she said.
” Okay” Andrew nodded his head.
” But I will nee-d a glas-s of jui-ce” she said.
Andrew smiled.
” I will get it” he said walking away.
Ever since I knew Andrew.
He rarely laugh.
But now?
He laugh so easily with Sophie.
He smile at her.
He is more handsome when he smile.
He look perfect in his shi-t and jean.
” Kaima…let’s start with…
The door bell rang interrupting Sophie.
” Who is there? She asked standing up.
” I will get it” she said walking to the door
Episode 36.
💐 Sophie 💐
” I will get it” I said and walked to the door.
I opened it but there is no one there.
I got out to check if there is anyone but I couldn’t find anyone.
” Is there no one here?
I sighed and walked back inside.
” Sophie” Andrew called.
” Andrew, someone rang the door bell but I got there now but I couldn’t find anyone” I said.
” Okay” he said and walked to the door.
I sat down and drank the jui-ce he brou-ght.
” There is no one there” he shrugged.
” Okay”
” Seems the person ran away” kaima said.
I nodded my head.
” So let’s start” I said.
💐 Daniel 💐
I got out of my house and drove off to Andrew’s place.
I really don’t know why but I feel like seeing Sophie and am sure she is with Andrew.
It is obvious she has fallen for Andrew.
She has a beautiful smile.
She is just so beautiful.
I couldn’t st©p thinking about her.
I just nee-d to see her face even if I won’t be saying anything to her.
I don’t care if I have to join their study group just to see Sophie’s face.
I smiled.
I parked my car and got out.
I opened his door and walked in.
” Hey” I said.
They all turned to looked at me.
I saw kaima there too.
Is she here to study too?
I ignored her.
” Daniel” Sophie called staring at me.
I smiled at her.
” Hey bro” I shook hand with Andrew.
” You are here? Andrew arched his brow.
” Don’t even ask me why” I said and sat down.
” Hi Daniel” kaima said.
I looked at her then looked away.
” It was you? Sophie arched his brow staring at me.
” What? I asked
” Uhmmm…it’s nothing” she said.
” How are you Sophie? I asked.
” Am fine” she said closing her textbook.
“Now we are throu-gh for today” she said.
” You done studying? I asked.
” Yeah, it alre-ady late” she said.
” I was actually here to study too” I said.
” Really? She arched her brow.
. 💐 Kaima 💐
” Really? Sophie arched her brow at Daniel.
He nodded his head.
Sophie stare at him surprised.
” Quit staring at me Sophie, am serious here” he said.
Sophie blinked her eyes.
” Uhmmm”
” So what do you say?
” It’s a No” Andrew said.
Sophie looked at Andrew.
” Hey man, am asking Sophie not you” Daniel said.
Sophie kept quiet staring at Daniel and Andrew.
Daniel want to join our study group.
I felt happy though but it hurts that he won’t even be talking to me.
I know he wants to join because of Sophie.
He alre-ady likes Sophie.
Well even if he doesn’t talk to me besides I will still be closer to him.
As time goes on.
He might talk to me.
I just hope Sophie says yes.
I just hope she will allow him study with us.
Sophie looked at me.
I nodded my head a bit.
She turned to Andrew then Daniel.
” Okay, you will study with us” she said.
” Really? Daniel smiled.
” Yeah” she nodded her head.
” Thank you” he said.
” Uhnmmm but we are throu-gh for today by tomorrow then” she said.
Daniel nodded his head while Andrew stare at Sophie.
He doesn’t want Daniel to study with us probably because he alre-ady notice, Daniel also likes Sophie.
” Let’s go” Sophie said carrying her bag.
Andrew didn’t say anything he took his car keys walking out.
I walked out with Sophie.
” So kaima, how do you intend to go home? Sophie asked.
” Uhnmm..I will just call my driver” I said.
” That means you have to wait here till your driver arrives? She asked.
I nodded my head.
” You know what Sophie? Let me drop you home while Andrew drop her home” Daniel said.
” No Daniel, why don’t you plea-se drop kaima home” she said.
” I want Andrew to drop me home, plea-se drop kaima home plea-se” she pleaded.
Daniel looked at her.
” plea-se Daniel, won’t you do it for me plea-se?
Daniel stare at her.
He frowned at me, I looked away.
” Don’t worry Sophie, I will get my driver here”
” No kaima, Daniel will drop you off, won’t you Daniel?
” I will” he said.
Sophie smiled.
” Good, Thanks”
He walked to his car.
I got in and sat down beside him.
I waved at Sophie as Daniel drove off.
,💐 Sophie 💐
I smiled and watched as Daniel drove off with kaima in his car.
” Let’s go” I said and got into Andrew’s car.
He drove off.
He hasn’t said anything to me.
What’s wrong?
Have I done anything wrong to him?
Is he angry with me?
I sighed.
” Andrew” I called looking at me.
He didn’t answer me.
He got to my gate and parked his car.
” Andrew” I called again.
” Why are you not talking to me?
” Are you angry with me?
” Did I say or do something wrong? I asked.
He looked at me and smiled.
” You didn’t do anything wrong Sophie” he said.
” Then why are you not talking to me? I asked.
” Why did you allow Daniel study with us? He asked.
He looked at me.
” Are you upset with me because I allow Daniel join us? I arched my brow
” Sophie, you shouldn’t have, when I say no I was expecting you to say no but you said yes instead” he said.
” So? Why shouldn’t I allow him study with us? I asked.
” He is not here to study but for something else” he said.
I arched my brow.
” For something else?
” Yeah”
” For what? I asked.
He kept quiet not staring at me.
” Daniel is your friend Andrew” I said.
” I know”
” He only nee-ded help in his studies so he thought we could as-sist him so why won’t I let him join us? I asked.
He sighed.
” You are being selfish Andrew” I said.
” Am not” he said ruffling his hair
” So because I said yes to Daniel you refused not to talk to me right? I asked.
” Sophie you are getting it wrong” he said.
I scoffed.
” Really?
He couldn’t say anything.
” No problem, even I won’t talk to you either” I said opening the car door.
He held my hand.
” Am sorry” he said.
I re-moved my hand from his and got out of his car.
I opened the door and walked up straight into my room.
I sighed.
I can’t believe Andrew refused to talk to me because I allow Daniel study with us.
What’s wrong with him?
Is something wrong that I don’t know about?
Daniel is his friend and a dull [email protected] like him.
Probably he is re-ady to focus on his study.
Then why is Andrew being selfish?
He also said Daniel did not join the group to study but for what?
What else will he join the group for?
Written by ✍️✍️ owie oyindamola.

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