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He is mine Episode 33 & 34

33 /34
Episode 33
💐 Andrew 💐
I hvgged her ti-ghtly.
I smiled.
” It is obvious Sophie likes me too”
” She has fallen for me”
I broke the hvg.
She stare at me.
I win-ked.
She smiled
She is beautiful.
I cu-mpped her cheeks and stared at herl-ips.
I brou-ght myl-ips closer to her.
She stare at me.
I was about smashing myl-ips on hers but she moved away.
I smiled.
” An… Andrew”
” Sophie”
She looked at me.
I win-ked at her.
Her cheek turned red.
I laughed.
I held her hand.
“Am sorry for yelling at you” I apologise.
She smiled.
” Am also sorry for getting angry” she said.
” Tell me, you were jealous right? I asked.
” No..I was not” she said.
” Then why were you angry?
” Shut it Andrew, let’s go” she said smiling.
I looked at her.
She took her bag heading out.
I smiled.
We got into the car and I drove off.
We got to my house.
As usual to study.
We got in.
She sat down.
” Andrew” she called.
I sat down beside her.
” Am hungry” she pout.
I smiled.
” Really?
” Yeah, I couldn’t eat my lunch all because of you” she said.
I laughed.
” Am sorry”
” Let’s go” she said standing up.
” Where? I asked.
” To the kitchen” she said.
” Why”
” To get something to eat” she said walking away.
I smiled and followed her.
She got into the kitchen.
” Where is your Noddles? She asked.
“There” I said.
My phone rang.
I walked out of the kitchen.
I picked it up.
It’s Jeremy.
” Have you seen Sophie? He asked.
” Yes” I said.
” Okay bro” he said and hung up.
I was walking away when my phone rang again .
I checked the caller.
It’s mum.
I smiled and picked it up.
” Mum”
“How are you my darling?
” Am fine mum”
” Have missed my son so much”
” I missed you too mum” I said.
” Hope you are studying well.?
I remembered Sophie.
” Yes mum”
” You will make your mum proud right?
” Yes mum, I will” I said.
” Am glad to hear that my son.. thank you Andrew” she said.
I smiled.
“You have change these past few days” she said.
I laughed.
” But am glad you are changing for good” she said.
” Yes mum”
” I love you son”
” I love you too mum”
” Take care of yourself okay and don’t hesitate to ask me if you nee-d anything”
” Okay mum, how about dad?
” He is fine son”
” Okay mum, take care”
” Bye” she hung up.
I smiled.
Am only changing for Sophie.
She is an angel.
I walked back into the kitchen.
She was dishing out the noodles.
She smiled when she saw me.
She handed one place to me and took one.
We sat down and ate it.
Am not really a fan of Noddles.
Mum bought all the foodstuffs here.
But do I have a choice?
Sophie is eating it so I have to.
Our eyes met.
I win-ked at her.
She blu-shed with smiles on her face.
She stood up taking the plates she used to the kitchen.
I took my mine too.
I got into the kitchen.
I dropped my plate.
She washed the plates we used.
I stare at her and her long hair.
She finished washing it and turned.
She caught me staring at her.
She smiled.
She was about walking out but I held her hand.
I moved closer to her and stare into her eyes.
I held her cheeks and stare at herl-ips.
I feel like kssing her?
I placed myl-ips on her.
She stiffened.
I kssed her su-cking her l1ps.
She held my shi-t ti-ghtly with her eyes shut.
I kssed her but she is not responding.
She is not kssing me back.
She doesn’t know how to kss?
I broke the kss and stare at her.
I smiled at her closed her.
She opened her eyes slowly to look at me.
I smiled.
Her cheeks has turn red.
She covered her face and ran out of the kitchen.
I smiled wi-dely.
I love you Sophie.
Is she shy?
I walked out of the kitchen.
. 💐 Sophie 💐
Andrew just kssed me?
I can’t believe this.
Sophie what were you thinking?
Andrew just kssed you and you stood there.
You couldn’t even kss him back.
Well I don’t know how to kss.
He stole my first kss?
Is this how it feel to kss?
Hisl-ips are so soft.
How am I gonna face him now?
Oh God.
He will know I don’t even know how to kss.
Such a dummy like me
” Sophie” I heard him called.
I couldn’t Look at him.
I covered my face with my palm.
He laughed.
” For how long will you keep doing that? He asked
I shook my head negatively
He laughed.
” Come on Sophie” he said walking to me.
I ran away.
He laughed running behind me.
He caught my hand.
I looked else where.
He turned my face to look at him.
He held my cheek ma-king me look at him but I shut my eyes.
💐 Andrew💐
I held her cheek ma-king her look at me but she shut her eyes ti-ght.
I smiled.
She is so cute.
” Soph” I called.
She refused to open her eyes.
” Won’t you just look at me? I asked.
She shook her eyes negatively.
,” If you don’t look at me then am gonna kss you again” I said.
Her eyes wi-de-ned.
I laughed.
” You are so cute” I said.
She smiled.
” Sophie” I called.
” You haven’t kssed before? I asked.
She stared at her floor and nodded her head shyly.
I smiled.
She haven’t kss before?
I hvgged her ti-ghtly.
.she broke the hvg, I stare at her.
I couldn’t st©p staring at her.
She is really beautiful.
” Let’s study” she said walking over to sit down.
I followed her and sat beside her.
” St©p it Andrew” she said opening the textbook.
” What?
” St©p staring at me” she said.
I smiled.
” Okay”.
. 💐 Sophie 💐
We are throu-gh for today.
” You are not as dumb as I think tho” I said packing my textbook
He laughed.
” Let’s go” I said standing up.
” Sophie” he called standing up.
I looked at him.
He stared at me.
” Why don’t you stay here tonight?
” sorry”
” Why?
I remembered the kss.
I don’t think I can stay.
What if he kss me again?
” Why are you smiling?
” Oops, Am..I…I.. smiling? I stuttered.
” Yes you are” he smiled.
” Are you thinking about the kss? Do you want more? He win-ked walking closer to me.
I ran out.
” Sophie” he called laughing.
“Let’s go Andrew” I said smiling.
He laughed.
” You won’t excape the kss next time” he said.
I smiled.
” Wait let me get my car keys” he said walking in.
I stood beside the car walking for him.
He got out.
He win-ked at me.
I blu-shed holding my cheeks.
He laughed.
He opened the car for me.
I got in.
He also got in and drove off.
Episode 34.
💐 Andrew💐
I parked at the gate.
She smiled.
She wanted to come out but I held her hand.
She looked at me
I smiled.
” Take care of yourself okay?
She nodded nodded head.
” Promise me you will”
” Am not a little baby, I promise I will take care of myself” she said.
I moved closer to her and kssed her forehead.
I placed my head on her head.
I feel like kssing herl-ips once more.
She is not even looking at me.
I smiled.
I never knew she is this shy.
“Look at me Sophie” I said.
” plea-se”
She looked at me.
I smiled and placed a kss on herl-ips.
” Andrew” she [email protected]
I laughed.
She held her cheeks and pout.
” You are so cute” I win-ked.
She got out of the car.
” Sophie” I called coming down from the car.
She turned.
“No goodbye kss? I asked.
” Andrew”
I laughed.
” C’mon Sophie, okay goodbye hvg? I said
She smiled.
” See you tomorrow Andrew” she said and walked away.
I watched her as she walked inside.
I smiled
I love you Sophie.
I got into the car and drove off.
💐 Sophie 💐
I got into my room and fell on my be-d.
I couldn’t st©p thinking about the kss.
Andrew is so crazy about kssing.
Oh my goodness.
He still want a goodbye kss after stealing a kss in the car?
He is unbelievable.
I smiled remembering how I met him and the little moment we have shared.
He just the best among the JAHD boys.
It is true he likes me.
No he loves me.
He doesn’t love Anna but me.
Is this how it feels to fall in love.
I feel like spending every moment with him though.
He is just so sweet.
My phone rang.
It’s Andrew.
I picked it up.
” Hi” I said.
” Don’t tell me you are still thinking about the k!ss” he tea-sed.
I smiled.
” Shut up Andrew”
He laughed.
” So tell me how are you?
” Am fine”
“ are thinking about me right? He asked.
” Don’t deny it soph..I can feel it here” he said.
I laughed.
” Can I tell you something? He asked.
” Okay”
“Am thinking about you here” he said.
I laughed.
“Even I know you are thinking about me” he added.
” You wished”
” I feel like k!ss!ngyou once more” he said.
” Andrew” I yelled laughing.
“You look more cute when you laugh” he said.
I couldn’t say anything than smiling.
” Alright Sophie, I will take to you later” he said.
I nodded my head as if he can see me.
” Bye” he said and hung up.
I smile and placed the phone on my che-st.
You are right Andrew, am thinking about you too.
💐 Kaima 💐
I woke up from my be-d this morning.
I freshened up and dressed up for school.
Mum [email protected]£ into my room.
” Kiama”
” Mum”
” Am so happy to know that you are alre-ady dressed for have changed these days, you wake up early and stay in your room to re-ad unlike before all you do is to dress like a slut and [email protected]” she said.
” Mum”
” Am sorry but am glad to see my baby changing for good” she said.
I smiled.
“Your breakfast is re-ady” she said.
I nodded my head.
She walked out.
Mum knows me too well.
Am glad she knows am changing.
Am sorry for I have hurt her
I have once lived my life wrongly but now I am re-ady to make corrections and get back on my feet.
I will nee-d to talk to Sophie if I can be in her study group so we could study together.
I just hope she will accept me in.
I walked out of my room.
I met mum, and my elder brother.
Dad is out of the country.
” Good morning big brother” I greeted him.
He looked at me.
Surprised that I greeted him.
I never got once give the respect the he deserves.
I have spoke to him rudely.
Even though he has wanted the best for me.
Mum smiled.
” Your sister is greeting you kayden” mum said.
” Mum..I just wanted to be sure, did kaima just greeted me? He asked.
” Am sorry big brother” I apologized.
” She is really sorry for her past behavior, she is now a changed kaima” mum Said.
” She called me big brother? He asked.
Mum laughed.
He stood up and [email protected] me.
I hvgged him ti-ghtly as tears welled up in my eyes.
” Am sorry for everything big brother” I said.
He broke the hvg.
He looked at me with smiles on his face.
” I have missed my little sister” he said and k!$$£d my forehead.
“I missed you too” I said.
” Am glad you decided to change for good” he said.
I nodded my head.
” Sit down and have your meal” mum said.
I smile and sat down.
We ate our meal quietly.
” Bye mum” kayden said pe-cking my cheeks.
He is off to the office.
He doesn’t stay with us. He has his own mansion.
He do come here to spend some time with us.
I really missed him.
“See you later cu-pcake” he said k!ss!ngmy cheek.
I smiled.
It’s been long he called me that.
” cu-pcake”
I stood up.
” Bye mum” I said taking my bag.
She k!$$£d my cheeks.
” Study well”
I nodded my head and walked out.
I got into my car and the driver drove off.
He got to the school.
I got out of the car and headed to my clas-s.
I sat down and get re-ady for clas-ses.
Few students stare at me but I Ignored them and brou-ght out my textbook.
The teacher entered.
” Kaima? She called.
I nodded my head.
She smiled and started writing on the board.
The bell rang.
I walked out of the clas-s.
I nee-d to speak with Sophie.
I walked to her clas-s and bu-mped into a girl.
She looked at me.
” Sorry” I muttered and walked pas-sed her.
I saw Sophie and Andrew laughing.
I smiled and walked up to them.
” Hi” I said.
” Kaima” Sophie called.
” Hi Andrew” I said.
He nodded his head.
” Can I talk to you Sophie?
” Okay go ahead” she said.
I looked at Andrew.
” You can say whatever you want to say” he said.
I nodded my head.
” I want to join your study group” I said.
Andrew arched his brow.
” I want to study along with you guys” I said.
” Really? Sophie asked.
I nodded my head.
” Okay, you are welcome to our study group” Sophie said bringing her hand out for a shake.
I smiled and took it.
” Thank you Sophie” I said.
She stood up and hvgged me.
I smiled.
” Thank you so much Sophie”
” You are welcome” she said and broke the hvg.
I looked at Andrew but he was staring at Sophie.
” Let’s go have lunch together” Sophie said.
She held my hand walking out of the clas-s
” Sophie” Andrew called.
She win-ked.
Andrew laughed.
I smiled.
They are fond of each other..

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