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He is mine Episode 27 & 28

Episode 27.
💐 Kaima 💐
” You!” Kara screemed immediately Andrew walked out.
” What did you do? Kayla yelled.
“Have never seen Andrew this way before” Kira said.
” It’s all because of the fool here, what did you do now am asking you Kaima what did you do? She yelled.
” Shut up Kara shut up” I yelled back.
” I haven’t done anything”
” Really?
” Yeah”
” Then why is Andrew so angry, why did he [email protected] you” Kayla asked.
I kept quiet.
” Can’t you talk kaima” Kira yelled.
I sighed.
” It’s Sophie” I said.
” What About her?
” I only taught her some lesson and that’s why Andrew is angry”
” What did you do to her? Kira asked.
” You $lut” daniel said coming in.
I sighed.
” Daniel…am..
” Quiet” he yelled.
I flin-ched.
” This should be the last time I will any of you close to Sophie” he warned.
” If you do anything bad to her again..I won’t hesitate to kill you” he threatened.
” And as for you kaima… don’t make me do something I will regret” he said walking out but he turned.
” If you try to mess with her again, you will be out of this school and you know what that means”
” Daniel…I love you” I said.
He laughed.
” Love?
” I hate you kaima” he yelled.
” Kaima, Kayla, Kara, Kira, am giving you the last chance”
” Be careful, next time I won’t be as gentle as this” he said and walked out.
Kara walked to me and [email protected] me.
” You btch” she yelled pu-lling my hair.
I pushed her off.
” It was Andrew and now Daniel? Kayla yelled.
” If Jeremy and Henry finds out what you fool did to Sophie, maybe we will be out of these school” Kara yelled.
” Kaima, if am expel from this school, I won’t spare you, am going to kill you” Kayla said with gritted teeth.
” I hate you so much” Kara said angrily and walked out.
” I won’t spare you if Henry yell at me”
” And I won’t spare you if Jeremy yell at me because of your own stupidity” Kayla said and walked out.
I sighed.
She really has so many knights.
Andrew [email protected] me.
Daniel [email protected] me even though I love him.
Kara [email protected] me.
The girls are angry with me.
Tears dropped from my eyes.. I cleaned it.
All I was trying to do is to make her stay away from Daniel.
Daniel is liking her that he doesn’t even look at me.
I think I should st©p fighting for Daniel.
It’s high time I let’s Sophie be.
If Daniel is mine, he will be mine.
Sophie can have him.
Am getting tired of being insulted and humiliated.
I know have done lots of wrongs but..
I will let’s Sophie be if not Andrew is gonna carry out his threat.
Am gonna be thrown out of this school in shame.
Am tired of being K-girls with no future.
I don’t attend clas-ses.
All we do is come to school and have fun.
Am tired of living this way.
It’s high time I close my legs and face my studies.
That’s if I could still meet up.
I sighed as tears rolled down my cheek.
💐 Sophie 💐
“Good boy” I said immediately we finished eating.
Andrew laughed.
” Thought you said you are not hungry?
” Uhnmm..I…
He laughed.
” Liar”
I smiled.
” Thanks Andrew”
” You are always welcome” he smiled.
” How are you feeling now?
” Am fine” I said.
He nodded his head.
“Let’s study now” I said.
” Sophie”
” Andrew”
” We just finished eating, let’s relax a bit”
” Shut up Andrew, that was what you said yesterday and we couldn’t study” I said.
He laughed.
” Sophie”
” If you don’t agree to study with me then I won’t talk to you ever again” I said standing up.
He held my hand.
” Sophie” he called.
I looked away.
” Are you angry? He asked.
I ignored him.
” Sophie, okay let’s study” he said.
” Really? I looked at him.
” Yeah”he said.
I smiled and sat down.
” Were you angry with me?
” Why won’t I? Am trying my best to make you study but you won’t listen” I said.
” But I don’t want to be a nerd” he said.
” Then you don’t nee-d to talk to a nerd” I said and stood up.
” Sophie” he called.
I ignored him and walked out of the [email protected]
I got in but there is no teacher in.
I sat down on my seat.
I caught Anna staring at me but she looked away.
She is a fool to think I will leave Andrew in order to talk to her.
I will never do that.
If am to choose between her and Andrew.
I will choose Andrew over and over again.
Andrew [email protected]£ in and sat down beside me.
I ignored him.
‘” Sophie” he called.
” Are you Angry with me for what I said?
” plea-se talk to me”
” Sophie” he called.
” Okay, am sorry” he said.
The bell rang indicating school is over.
I checked the time it’s closing alre-ady.
I have missed clas-ses today all thanks to that slut kaima.
” Sophie, for how long will you keep ignoring me? He asked.
I started packing my books into my bag.
He held my hand.
I looked at him
” Sophie”
I looked away.
” plea-se look at me”
I looked at him.
” Am sorry” he said.
I tried not to smile.
Am not really angry though.
I kept quiet staring at him.
He sighed.
” Am sorry Sophie” he yelled.
I [email protected]
Everyone is the clas-s turned to look at us.
” Sophie l..
I quic-kly covered his mouth with my hand.
” What are you doing? I whispered.
” To make you talk to me since you refused” he said.
” But do you have to yell?
” Yeah and I will do it again unless you speak to me” he said.
” Andrew I..
” Everyone..
He yelled I covered his mouth.
” Okay I have forgiven me, I will speak to you”
” Are you sure? He asked.
I nodded my head.
” If you have forgiven me then give me a kss here” he said pointing at his cheek.
I [email protected]
” Andrew”
” Yeah.”.
” You are crazy” I laughed.
He smiled.
” Thank you Sophie” he said and kssed my hand.
I stiffened and stare at him surprised.
He smiled.
” Sophie”
” Uhmm..I…” I stuttered blinking my eyes.
He laughed.
” Let’s go”
I composed myself and cleared my throat.
” I will only go with you if you promise to study” I said.
” Yeah, I promise” he said.
I smiled.
We were walking out of the clas-s when Anna stood at our front.
I looked at her.
What does she want?
“Uhmm… Andrew can I speak to you? She asked.
” Why? I snapped.
” Am not talking to you Sophie” she said.
” So? If you are talking to Andrew them you are also talking to me” I said.
” You are not Andrew so just shut” she snapped.
I laughed.
” Andrew darling” I called.
I heard Anna [email protected]
” Do you know what she wants to tell you? I asked.
” No”
” She wants to tell you that…
” Shut up Sophie” Anna snapped cutting me off.
I smiled.
” Are you scared? Too bad he doesn’t want to speak to you so why don’t I as-sist you in speaking to him afterall we are friends”
She sighed.
” I hate you Sophie” she said and walked away.
I bur-st out laughing.
Andrew only smiled.
” Sophie, what’s going on? He asked.
” Just wait and watch” I said smiling.
” But soph, am I your darling?
I looked at him.
” Just shut up” I snapped.
” But you just called me a darling” he pout.
” So? I don’t mean it and don’t get it into your head” I said.
” Can you call me that again?
I laughed.
” You wish” I said.
” Sophie”..
” Let’s go ” I said walking away.
I heard him laugh.
We got to where he parked his car.
I was about entering when I heard my name.
I turned to see kaima walking toward me.
I sighed.
” What does she want?
She got to my front
” What do you want? Andrew asked.
” Can I talk to Sophie for a while? She asked.
” No” Andrew snapped.
She sighed.
” Andrew plea-se” she said.
” Sophie”
” Andrew” I said.
He nodded his head and got into the car.
” Now what do you want? I asked folding my arm on my che-st.
” Sophie” she called.
” And that’s my name” I said.
She kept quiet staring at the floor.
” What do you want? I snapped.
She looked at me and fell on her knees.
I [email protected]
” Ka..kaima”
” Am sorry Sophie” she said.
I looked at her shocked.
Andrew got out of the car.
” Sophie plea-se forgive really sorry” she said.
I looked around to see if students are looking.
Fortunately no one is looking at us.
” Kaima” I called.
” I know I have wronged you so many times, I humiliated you, I embarras-sed you..I…don’t deserve your forgiveness but plea-se sorry” she cried.
I looked at Andrew but he looked at Kaima.
“Am sorry plea-se forgive me”
I sighed.
Kaima is on her knees begging me.
But why the sudden change?
Her tears really t©uçhed me.
But should I forgive her.
All what she did flashed into my memory.
What she did at the restroom today.
Should I forgive her?
But she humiliated me.
She treated me badly
Episode 28.
💐 Sophie 💐
I stood there speechless staring at Kaima.
” Kaima” I called.
She stood up and clean her tears.
” I un-derstand if you don’t want to forgive me…I have hurt you so much but I will be happy if you could find a place in your heart to forgive” she said staring at me.
I looked at her without saying anything.
” Is this kaima?
” Am sorry Sophie” she said walking away.
” Kaima” I called.
She turn.
I walked to her.
“It’s okay, I have forgiven you” I said.
” Sophie” she called surprised.
” Yeah kaima” I said.
” Thank you so much Sophie” she beamed.
I smiled.
” Sophie, thank you so much” she said trying to hvg me but she st©pped.
I moved to her and hvg her instead.
“Am really sorry for everything” she said and broke the hvg.
I smiled.
” It’s okay” I said.
” Can we be friends Sophie? She asked.
I looked at her for a while.
” It’s will be [email protected] being friends with someone like me” she said.
“Thank you Sophie” she said walking away.
” Kaima” I called.
She turned.
” I will think about it” I said.
She smiled and nodded her head.
I turned walking back to Andrew.
I got into the car.
He drove off.
” What will you think about? He asked.
” Nothing” I said.
” Really? He said looking at me.
” Watch out Andrew” I yelled when a saw a vehicle coming towards us.
He turned.
” You almost got us killed” I yelled.
He laughed.
” Sophie”
“Shut up and just drive” I said sternly.
We drove straight to his mansion.
I [email protected]£ out of the car and looked at the sky.
I heard him laughed behind me.
I turned.
” Checking if it’s gonna rain? He asked.
I smiled and walked inside.
We sat down on the couch.
” Am thirsty” I said.
He walked away and [email protected]£ back with a bottle of water and glas-s cu-p.
I poured the water into the glas-s cu-p and drank it.
” So tell me Sophie” he said.
” What? I asked
” Did kaima begged you? He asked.
” Yeah, she did.. she cried and apologize to me and it seems like the apology is real…I wonder what happened to her” I said.
” Did you forgive her?
” Yeah I did..she is really sorry” I said
” You did? After Everything she did to hurt you and you forgave her so easily? He asked.
” Yeah, she has realized her mistake” I said.
” I really felt bad to see her in tears” I added.
Andrew stared at me.
” What? I asked.
He smiled.
” You have a big heart Sophie” he said.
I smiled
” Thank you”
” You have a beautiful heart Sophie” he said smiling at me.
I nodded my head with a smile.
” She wants us to be friends but I will think about it..I just can’t trust her yet I don’t know what’s she is up to” I said.
He nodded his head.
” I don’t think she is up to anything, she can’t do anything to hurt you again” he said.
I looked at him.
” How do you know about that? I asked.
He looked at me and smiled
“Let’s study” he said.
I smiled.
He actually wants to study.
I brou-ght out my textbook from my bag.
” Finally” Andrew breathed out.
I smiled.
” Studying is a bit stressful and boring” he said.
I smiled.
” Yeah but I enjoyed are a good tutor” he said.
” Soon you will be a nerd” I said.
” Maybe” he shrugged.
I smiled.
” Thank you Sophie” he said.
” Thank you for paying attention” I said.
” We should study together more often” he said.
I laughed.
” Of course”
He smiled and win-ked at me.
” It’s getting late” I said keeping my textbooks in my bag.
“I wish you could stay here for tonight” he said
I laughed.
” Too bad, it’s not raining” I said standing up.
He stood my hand and Drew me to him.
ma-king me fall on the couch with him.
I [email protected]
” Andrew”
He smiled taking my hair from my face.
I looked at him speechless.
” You are beautiful” he said staring at me.
I cleared my throat.
” An… Andrew”
” Let’s stay this way Sophie” he said.
I looked at him.
” I feel like giving you a kss on…
I quic-kly stood up from him before he could complete his statement.
” Crazy boy”
He laughed.
” I will be outside” I said walking out.
I saw the JAHD boys coming out of their car.
They stood there staring at me.
I was surprised to see them
Did Andrew call them?
They started walking towards me.
” Sophie you..
I heard Andrew’s voice but he st©pped when he saw his friends.
” Sophie? Jeremy arched his brow.
” Sophie, you are here? Daniel asked.
“What are you all doing here? Andrew asked.
” What’s is she doing here? Daniel asked.
” Let’s go” Andrew said.
” See you later guys..I will be back” he said getting into the car.
I caught Daniel staring at me. I looked at him then looked away.
I smiled at Jeremy.
I waved at Henry and got into the car.
Andrew drove off.
” Is Something going between you guys? I asked.
He arched his brow.
” It’s nothing” I said.
He parked the car at my gate.
” Thanks Andrew” I said.
” Uhnmm…no goodbye kss? He asked.
I looked at him.
He win-ked.
” Crazy boy” I said and [email protected]£ out of the car.
” Bye” I said waving at him.
He drove off.
I smiled entering inside.
. 💐 Andrew 💐
It’s nice spending time with Sophie.
I smiled remembering how she reacted when I said am gonna kss her.
I wonder what herl-ips taste like.
I drove back home and got out of the car.
I entered and saw the guys drinking.
” Hey” I said sitting down.
” What was Sophie doing here? Jeremy asked.
” Nothing” I said.
” Really? Daniel arched his brow.
” Yeah” I said.
” Andrew, do you like her? Henry asked.
I smiled.
” What if say I like her? I asked.
“What! They exclaimed.
” What’s wrong? I asked.
” You…
I laughed.
” Do I like her? No…I like her” I said.
Daniel stare at me surprise.
” What are you guys doing here? I asked.
” You asking me that?
” Yeah, you guys didn’t say you will be coming besides I wasn’t expecting you” I said.
” Ohhhh you are not expecting us Because of Sophie? Henry asked.
I looked at him.
” Maybe” I shrugged.
” Where were you today after lunch? Jeremy asked
” With Sophie” I said Standing up.
” Really?
” Doing what?
” You don’t wish to know” I said climbing the stairs.
” Andrew”
I smiled and walked into my room.
I pu-ll-ed off my uniform.
I freshened up and wore a T-shi-t and a short. I picked my phone walking out of the room.
I walked down and saw them.
I smiled and sat down.
” We are slee-ping over” Jeremy said.
Henry yawned.
” Am hungry”
I laughed.
” I will order pizza” I said.
” Better if not am gonna die here” he said.
Jeremy laughed.
” Foodie”
My phone rang.
I checked the caller.
It’s Sophie.
I smiled and pick it up.
” Hi” she said.
I stood up walking away from the boys.
“How are you doing? I asked.
” Am fine” she said.
” So tell me what’s you doing now? I asked.
” Nothing, I just decided to hear your voice before going to be-d” she said.
I smiled.
” Is someone missing me? I tea-sed.
” Shut up Andrew…am not” she said.
” Then why did you decided to call me before going to be-d?
” It’s a crime to call you? Bye am hanging up now” she said and hanged up.
I laughed.
” Is she angry?
I decided to call her back.
She refused to pick.
I called her severally.
She decided to pick it.
” Finally” I said.
” Yeah”
” Are you upset?
” No am not” she said.
I smiled.
” You are so cute when you are upset” I said.
” Andrew”
” Don’t st©p smiling” I said.
She [email protected]
” I know you are smiling so don’t ask me” I said
” How about the JAHD boys? They left alre-ady? She asked.
” No”
” Why?
” They are slee-ping over” I said.
” Ohhhh” she mouthed.
” How I wish you are here too” I said.
She laughed.
” Have you eaten tonight? She asked.
I smiled.
She really care about me.
“Soon” I said.
” Alright bye take care of yourself” she said
” You too” I said.
She hung up.
I smiled staring at my phone.
” Is that Sophie? I heard Daniel’s voice behind me.
I turned.
” Yeah”
” Are you guys [email protected]!ng?
” Not yet” I said walking away to the sitting room.
The pizza has been delivered.
I ate it.
I yawned.
” Am off” I said standing up.
I walked to my room and fell on the be-d.
💐 Sophie 💐
I woke up this morning and freshened up.
” Should I s£nd a morning text to Andrew? I thought.
” No” I decided against it.
I took my phone heading out of the room when a text [email protected]£ into my phone.
I checked it.
It’s Andrew.
” Good morning beautiful” it’s re-ad.
I smiled and walked out of the room.
I got down.
Mum alre-ady made my breakfast.
I sat down and ate it.
I finished eating it.
I got out of the house locking the door.
I got outside the gate hoping to see Andrew’s car but it’s not there.
He didn’t come to pick me up today?
I sighed sadly.
I waited for a while hoping he would come but I didn’t see him.
I decided to go with the bus.
I got into the bus.
I walked down to the school.
I walked in hoping to see his car but it’s not there.
He’s not in school either.
I sighed walking to the clas-s.
I saw Daniel.
He st©pped when he saw me.
I tried walking away but he held my hand.
” Am sorry for what happened yesterday” he said.
I smiled.
” It’s okay, am sorry I yell at you”
“Am sorry”
” Have you seen Andrew? I asked.
” Am here” I heard his voice.
I turned.
He smiled walking towards me.
I looked at him then walked away.
” Sophie” I heard him called.
I ignored him.
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