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He is mine Episode 25 & 26

Episode 25.
💐 Andrew💐
Sophie sighed angrily.
It’s 8 o’clock and the rain has refused to st©p.
” Sophie are you not going to sit down? I asked.
She frowned looking at me.
I smiled.
She has been standing ever since the rain started.
There is no doubt she will be spending the night here.
I feel happy though.
” Sophie c’mon” I said.
” Shut up Andrew, just shut up” she said.
I looked at her.
” It’s all because of you, this rain is falling because of you” she yelled.
I looked at her and bur-st out laughing.
” How?
She kept quietly staring at me.
“It’s not my fault soph”
” Then who’s fault? She asked.
” I don’t know” I shrugged.
She hissed.
” Even God wants you to spend the night here” I said.
She arched her brow.
” Well let’s me go prepare the be-d for you because I don’t think the rain will st©p any time soon” I said.
” Don’t you dare stand up from there” she said sternly.
” Why?
She hissed.
I looked at her funny face.
She is really cute when she frown.
She sat down beside me with her arms folded on her che-st.
I looked at her.
” Quit staring Andrew” she said.
” Let’s me get you something to change into” I said standing up.
She looked at me.
I smiled.
She hissed and looked away.
I laughed climbing the stairs.
I got into my room searching for what she can change into.
She can’t put on her uniform to be-d.
What will see change into now?
I thought.
I checked my closet and brou-ght out my shi-t. It is gonna be short for her, I dropped it.
I brou-ght out one of my new night wear.
I don’t have any lady’s clothes here.
I walked down and met her slee-ping on the couch.
I smiled and stare at her.
She suddenly opened her eyes and caught me staring at her.
She looked at me sternly.
I cleared my throat.
” You can change into this” I said handling the new night wear.
” This? She arched her brow.
I looked at her.
” You mean, am gonna wear this? She asked pointing at the clothes.
” Yeah” I said.
” Am sorry but I can’t”
” Why?
” I can’t put that on”
” Then what do intend to wear, your uniform or what? I said trying not to yell.
She looked at me then sighed.
” Okay, I will put it on” she said.
I gave it to her.
She stared at it for a while then stood up.
” Come with me” I said.
I took her to my room.
She walked in and paused looking around.
” Your room? She asked.
” Yeah” I said.
She looked at me then the clothes.
” That’s is the bathroom” I said pointing at the door.
” Okay” she said walking away.
Few minutes later.
She walked out of the bathroom slowly.
I looked at her.
The clothes is so big on her ma-king her look funny.
I tried not to laugh.
She looked at the clothes and hissed loudly.
I bur-st out laughing..
💐 Sophie 💐
Immediately Andrew saw me walked out of the bathroom.
He started laughing.
The night wear is just so big and I don’t like but I don’t have a choice.
It’s all because of Andrew.
He st©pped laughing and looked at me face as I stared at him.
He bur-st out laughing so [email protected]
I looked at him confused.
” What’s wrong with him?
” What’s funny?
” Andrew” I yelled.
He st©pped laughing and looked at me.
” Don’t you dare laugh at me again” I said sternly.
” Andrew” I yelled.
” Okay, sorry” he said.
” So where am I slee-ping? I asked.
” Here” he said pointing at his be-d.
I gulped.
” Are we slee-ping together on this be-d? I asked
” Yeah, is something wrong? He asked.
” On his be-d?
” Are we slee-ping together but but..
He snapped his f!nger at my face j.erking me out of my thoughts.
” St©p thinking dirty” he said.
I sighed.
” Okay you know what?
” What? I asked.
” Sleep on the be-d, I will sleep on the couch” he said.
” Are you okay now with that? He asked.
I looked at him.
” Go to be-d now” he said walking away to his closet.
He brou-ght out his night wear and walked into the bathroom.
I sighed and climbe-d on the be-d.
I covered myself properly with the duvet.
The rain has st©pped.
I sighed closing my eyes.
💐 Andrew 💐
I know Sophie thinks bad about me.
And that is because am one of the JAHD boys.
It is obvious she doesn’t like the idea of staying over.
I just feel like having her around me.
I walked out the bathroom and walked to the be-d, she is slee-ping.
I stare at her.
She is beautiful.
The rain alre-ady st©pped but it started again with a thun-derstorms.
She opened her eyes suddenly
She looks scared.
She was shivering.
” Are you okay? I asked sitting on the be-d.
She stare at me blankly.
” Sophie , are you okay? I asked.
“Can.. can.. can…” She stuttered.
I held her shoulder.
“Is she scared of thun-derstorm?
” Can you sleep on the be-d with me? She asked lowly.
I looked at her.
” plea-se Andrew, I don’t think I can sleep alone” she said tearily.
” It’s okay Sophie” I said.
She nodded her head.
” plea-se”
” Are you sure you want me to sleep her? I asked pointing at the be-d.
She nodded her head.
” Okay, let’s sleep” I said.
I [email protected] the be-d beside her.
She faced the ceiling.
” Sleep Sophie” I said.
” Okay” she said shutting her eyes.
The rain [email protected]£ heavier with another thun-derstorm.
Sophie opened her eyes and held me ti-ghtly.
” She is scared of thun-derstorm”
She is frightened.
” Sophie” I called.
” Andrew..I..I..
” It’s okay Sophie, am here” I said.
” But I..
I held her cheeks.
” Am here with you Sophie, okay?
She nodded her head.
I smiled.
” Let’s sleep” I said and [email protected] head on my che-st.
She held me ti-ghtly.
I smiled.
I love the way she held me ti-ghtly.
I smiled and kssed her hair.
💐 Sophie 💐
I felt my head on something different from be-d.
I opened my eyes slowly.
My head is on Andrew’s che-st.
I [email protected] and re-moved my head.
I looked at him.
He is slee-ping.
But how did my head got to his che-st?
I remembered asking him to sleep on the be-d with me.
I was scared of the thun-derstorm.
I sighed.
I looked at him but hisl-ips curved into smile.
Is he really slee-ping?
He is cute tho.
But why is he smiling?
Is he having a sweet dream?
I tried getting down from the be-d.
He held my hand.
I looked at her and he opened his eyes.
“Where are you going?
I looked at him.
” I nee-d to go home” I said.
” Ohhh.. good morning” he said.
” Good morning so plea-se come I drop me off, I nee-d to prepare for school” I said getting off the be-d.
” Nerd” he said.
I smiled.
I picked up my bag and walked out of his room.
I walked out of the house waiting outside.
” Let’s go” he said.
He is fully dressed in his uniform.
We got into the car and he drove off.
He st©pped at my gate.
” Thanks Andrew” I said.
He nodded his head.
” I will be waiting for you” he said.
” No come in,” I said.
” You want me to come in with you? He asked.
” Yeah” i nodded her head.
We got out of the car walking in.
We got to the sitting room.
” Be right back” I said climbing the stairs.
I got into my room and took my bath.
I wore my uniform dropping the other one in the laundry basket.
I got dressed for school
I brushed my hair and walked out of the room.
I walked to pas-s Andrew going into the kitchen.
I prepared tea and bre-ad.
I put in on a tray taking it to the sitting room.
” plea-se have this” I said.
He looked at me and smiled.
” You are so sweet” he said.
I smiled.
We sat down and ate it.
I returned the tray to the kitchen.
We got into his car and he drove off to the school.
We got into the school.
He [email protected]£ out and I did.
He held my hand and we walked into the school together.
Students glared at me but ignored it.
We bu-mped into Anna who was running out of the clas-s.
She looked at us surprised.
She looked at our hands.
” Hi Anna” I said.
She ignored me and stare at Andrew.
He lets go off my hand.
” See you later soph” he said.
I smiled.
He pinched my check a little and win-ked at me.
I laughed.
He walked away without sparing Anna a glance.
I looked at Anna.
She held my hand dragging me out of the clas-s.
She lets go of my hand when we got to an empty clas-s.
” Stay away from Andrew” she said sternly.
I looked at her.
” Am warning you stay away from Andrew” she yelled.
I looked at her confused.
” Why? I arched my brow.
She kept quiet.
” Am tired of your nons-en-se Anna, first you ignore me and refused to talk to me and now you want me to stay away from Andrew” I yelled.
” Yes, I don’t want you near him, stay away from him” she yelled back.
I scoffed.
” And why?
” I like him” she said
” Ohhhh… you like him?
” Yeah” she half yelled.
I laughed.
” So it’s because of Andrew you have been behaving this way towards me? You want me to stay away from Andrew right? I asked.
” Yes..if you still want us to be friends you will have to stay away from Andrew” she said sternly.
I looked at her.
” Is this really Anna.
” Now listen to me, I don’t want our friendsh!panymore, I don’t care about us being friends and am not gonna stay away from Andrew” I said sternly.
She looked at me blankly.
I folded my arm on my che-st.
” And do you know why? I asked.
” Why? She asked.
” Because he is mine.. Andrew is mine ONLY” I yelled.
” Do you get that now? I asked pointing a f!nger at her.
” Get rid off that feeling you have for Andrew” I yelled.
” HE IS MINE” I said sternly and walked out of the clas-s.
Smile creeped on my face.
So she has been behaving like that because of Andrew.
Too bad I won’t be staying away from Andrew.
Episode 26.
💐 Anna 💐
I stood there surprised.
” Sophie like Andrew?
” He is mine” what she said kept repla-ying on my head.
I sighed angrily.
I won’t let’s go of Andrew.
I heard someone laughing and [email protected] beside me.
I turned to see Kara.
I looked at her.
” So you fool, you are after Andrew? She sm-irked.
” You also want Andrew? She asked.
I looked at her.
” Talk” she said and pushed me.
I couldn’t say anything.
” Now listen to me, I don’t want to see you anywhere close to any of the JAHD boys if not…
” What are you going to do?
she [email protected] me. I held my cheek.
” How dare you talk back at me” she yelled
I looked at her
” This is just the beginning” she said and walked out.
I sighed.
“I won’t give up on Andrew”
I walked out of the clas-s.
I got to the clas-sroom and met Sophie on her seat with her eyes glued to her book.
She looked up and caught me staring at her.
She hissed and face her book.
I walked over to my seat and sat down.
The teacher [email protected]£ in.
The bell rang for break.
Students trooped out of the clas-s.
The JAHD boys walked into the clas-s.
I sat down on my seat.
” Hi Sophie” Daniel said and sat beside her.
She closed her book.
” Hi”
“How are you doing pretty? Henry said.
She smiled.
I watched them as she laughed with them.
I don’t know why the JAHD boys like her.
She is not even pretty.
I sighed as I watched them angrily.
Sophie caught me staring at them.
She sm-irked at me.
They stood up and walked out of the clas-s
I felt extremely jealous seeing them with Sophie.
I hate her so much.
I stood up from my seat
💐 Sophie 💐
I love the look on Anna’s face.
She looked extremely angrily as she watched me and the JAHD boys
I sm-irked at her.
We stood up and walked out of the clas-s to the cafeteria.
We got to their sp©t and I sat down beside Andrew and opposite Jeremy
Kaima walked into the cafeteria.
” Can I seat with here? She asked looking at me.
I sm-irked.
” No you can’t”
” Am not asking you” she snapped
I scoffed.
” You heard her right, you can’t” Daniel said sternly.
” Daniel.. you” .
Daniel ignored her.
I smiled.
” Now leave”
” You btch” she fumed.
” You slut, leave” I said.
She looked at me angrily and walked away.
I nee-d to use the restroom.
” plea-se excuse me” I said walking out of the cafeteria.
I walked into restroom and met Anna there.
I [email protected] my hands and sm-irked at her.
She looked at me.
” How are you doing? I asked.
She hissed.
” Sophie, stay away from Andrew, can’t you see i like him” she half yelled.
” So?
” Am warning you Sophie”
” Don’t mess with me Anna, am gonna crush you” I said sternly.
She looked at me and walked out of the restroom.
I don’t want her friendsh!panymore.
And now am not re-ady to let’s go of Andrew.
I don’t care.
I used the restroom and walked out of the restroom.
I bu-mped into Kaima.
She [email protected] me.
I looked at her surprised.
I wasn’t expecting the [email protected]
” Stay away from Daniel” she said sternly
I sm-irked at her.
” And what If I don’t? I asked.
She raised her hand to [email protected] me but I caught her and [email protected] her instead.
She [email protected]
” Now get something into your skull, Daniel is mine” I said sternly.
She looked at me shocked.
” Yeah, he is mine and I can’t stay away fr what’s mine” I said.
” Really?
” Yeah”
She snapped her f!nger.
Two boys [email protected]£ out of the restroom and held my hands.
I tried to free from their grip but they are more stronger than I do.
” Now watch and see” she said.
She started unbottoning my shi-t.
I [email protected]
” What are you trying to do? I asked fearfully.
She raised her hand and [email protected] me.
I winced.
💐 Daniel 💐
What’s keeping Sophie? I thought.
She went to the restroom and she is not back.
I stood up.
” Where to? Jeremy asked.
I ignored him and walked out of the cafeteria.
I walked to the girls restroom.
I saw two boys holding Sophie’s hand as Kaima [email protected] her.
” What’s are you doing? I roared.
She [email protected] when she saw me.
The two boys quic-kly let’s go of Sophie and scurried away.
I will deal with them later.
Sophie walked back into the restroom.
I moved to Kaima.
” Daniel” she called
I [email protected] her [email protected]
She screemed.
” How dare you? I yelled and [email protected] her.
She fell on the floor.
” Daniel.. plea-se”
” You won’t listen right? I yelled.
” Now get out, get out” I said.
She ran away.
I sighed and wait for Sophie to come out of the restroom.
I will deal with those bastards myself.
After what seems like forever she [email protected]£ out of the restroom.
” Sophie” I called.
She looked at me.
Her eyes were puffed.
It’s seems like she has been crying.
She tried walking pas-s me but I held her hand.
” Don’t t©uçh me” she yelled j£rking my hand off.
” It’s all because of you, that slut humiliated me” she yelled.
” I..I..
” I don’t want to hear anything.. now Daniel stay away from me” she said sternly.
” And one more thing, tell kaima, this is just the beginning, I won’t let’s go so easily” she said.
” Am gonna pay her back” she said sternly and walked away.
I sighed and ruffled my hair angrily.
” Kaima” I yelled with gritted teeth.
💐 Andrew 💐
Where is Sophie?
Have gone to the clas-s to check on her but she is not there.
But where is she?
I was walking to the restroom and when I saw her walking out.
She was cleaning her face.
“Sophie” I called.
She looked at me.
Her face were puffed.
She has been crying.
” Sophie, is something wrong? I asked.
She hvgged me ti-ghtly
” Andrew” she called tearily.
I patted her back.
” Is okay Sophie but what happened? I Asked.
” I..I..” she stuttered.
” It’s okay, let’s go” I said and broke the hvg.
I cleaned her face with my handkerchief.
She nodded her head.
I held her shoulder walking to the clas-s.
The students stare at us.
” Let’s go to the [email protected]” she said lowly.
” Okay” I said as we both walked into the [email protected]
We got there and sat down.
” What happened Sophie? I asked.
” At the cafeteria, you said you want to use the restroom but I couldn’t see you where were you? I asked.
She sighed.
” I went to the restroom and bu-mped into Kaima, she [email protected] me and made two boys held my hand.. she..she..she..” tears rolled down her cheeks.
“It’s okay” I said cleaning her tears.
She nodded her head.
” Thanks Andrew” she said.
” I will be back” I said Standing up.
” Where are you going?
” Am coming” I said walking out of the [email protected]
Am gonna deal with that kaima, she is the reason Sophie is crying.
How could she raise her hand to [email protected] her?
She won’t back off easily but am gonna deal with her.
I bu-mped into Kira.
” Where is kaima? I asked impatiently.
” Why asking me that?
” Shut up.. where is she? I yelled
She flin-ched.
” Over there” she said pointing at a clas-s.
It is their base.
I walked in there and met her with Kayla and Kara.
” Kaima” I yelled.
She stood up.
I held her n£¢k
Kara and Kayla [email protected]
” How dare you? I yelled strangling her.
She tried to free my grip from her n£¢k.
I let go of her n£¢k and [email protected] her [email protected]
She screemed and fell on the floor.
Her friends [email protected] covering their mouth.
” Now you all listen to me” I said sternly pointing my f!nger at each of them.
” Stay away from Sophie” I roared
“This is my last warning, stay away from her or else you will be out of this school” I said.
They [email protected] shock.
” If you dare [email protected] filthy hands on her, I won’t spare any of you” I said sternly and walked out.
If they [email protected] hands on her again.
I won’t spare any of them.
I walked to the cafeteria and I bought lunch for her.
She has not taken her lunch.
I walked back to the [email protected] and saw her re-ading.
I smiled
” A nerd will always be a nerd”
I got to her.
She looked at me.
” Where were you? She asked.
” To get you this” I said dropping what I bought on the table.
” Really? She arched her brow.
” Yeah”
” But you took so long” she said.
” Yeah, sorry about that”
She looked at me then nodded her head.
I smiled.
” Now eat” I said.
” Am not hungry”
” Don’t tell me you are not hungry”
” Of course am not hungry”
” Do you know what it took me to get this lunch for you?
” I didn’t ask you too and besides I can pay you back” she said.
” Uhmm… I know you are rich but plea-se eat”
” Andrew…I..
” plea-se”
She looked at me.
” Okay..I will feed you” I said.
She laughed.
I smiled.
” Should I?
” Am not a baby”
” But you refused to eat”
” That’s because am not hungry”
” Sophie”
She laughed.
” Okay I will eat” she said.
” Thanks” I smiled.
” But on a condition”
” What’s that? I asked.
” I will eat if only you will eat with me” she said.
I smiled.
” But am not hungry”
” Then am not eating either” she said.
” Okay okay..I will eat” I said.
She smiled.
” Good boy”
I laughed.
” Good girl”
Written by ✍️ owie oyindamola.

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