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He is mine Episode 23 & 24

Episode 23.
💐 Sophie 💐
I ate my food and retired to my room.
I brou-ght my book to study.
I don’t know why but my mind is off from what am even studying.
I sighed and closed the book.
I [email protected] the be-d staring at the ceiling.
The question Anna once asked [email protected]£ back to my memory.
” Do you like Andrew?
Do I like Andrew?
Well it is normal to like something though and besides he is different his friends.
He is handsome, nice and caring.
He has been friendly to me ever since I got to the school.
He is my friend so why won’t I like him?
I like Andrew”
But why did Anna ask?
My phone rang interrupting my thoughts
I checked the caller.
It’s Andrew.
I smiled and picked it up.
” Sophie” he said.
” Hi”
” So how are you doing?
“Am fine and you?
” Am good ” he said.
” Uhm okay”
” Why do I feel like you are smiling” he said.
I [email protected] a little.
How did he know am smiling.
” not smiling” I said
He laughed.
” Really?
” Yes of course” I said.
” You really don’t know how to lie” he said.
” when are we starting the teaching? I asked changing the t©pic.
” I don’t know yet”
” Really? I don’t think you are re-ady to learn” I said.
” Am re-ady to learn” he said.
” So tell me when?
” Okay, tomorrow” he said.
” Tomorrow?
” Yeah” he said.
” Okay,”
” But soph.. I don’t want it in the school, you know I want it somewhere else” he said.
I laughed.
” Why are you laughing?
” You don’t want the students to see bad boy Andrew learning.. you don’t want people to see me teaching dull [email protected] Andrew” I said laughing.
” Am not a dull [email protected] Sophie” he said.
” Really? I asked laughing.
” St©p laughing soph, it’s not funny”
” Not until you accept that you are a dull [email protected]
” Okay, I agree with you, can you st©p laughing now?
I st©pped laughing.
” Okay”
” Good girl”
” Now tell me where?
” Why don’t you come to my place? He asked.
” Your.. your I stuttered.
He laughed.
” Yeah, let’s study together at my place” he said.
I went silent.
” Sophie, is something wrong with that? He asked .
” Uhnmmm…no..I..
” Come on Sophie, I hope you are not thinking dirty” he said.
” No am not”
” So is it fine by you?
” I will think about it” I said.
” Think about it? Do you have to?
” Yeah”
” Okay then, talk to you later” he said.
” Alright, bye”
I hung up.
I and Andrew will be studying together at Andrew’s place?
I smiled.
” Sophie, what’re you thinking?
” It is just studying” I said to myself.
I got up from be-d and prepared for school.
I got down to the dinning and saw a small paper there.
I opened it.
” Princess, we won’t be coming home tonight, look after yourself, here is some money for you” it’s re-ad.
I folded it back and dropped it on the table.
I picked the money that was kept on the dinning table.
I prepared myself bre-ad and tea with egg for breakfast.
I finished my breakfast and walked out of the house.
I got out of the gate and saw Andrew standing by the car.
He smiled and opened the door for me.
” Thanks”
I entered into the car.
He drove off.
” Why didn’t you inform me that you are standing out the gate? I asked.
” Nothing” he shrugged.
” Uhnmmm” I nodded my head.
” How was your night?
” Great and yours”
” Not great, I was just thinking all throu-gh the night” he said.
” Thinking? Why? I Asked.
” Nothing” he said.
I stare at him.
” Do you wanna have a picture?
I laughed.
” In your dreams” I said.
He laughed.
We got into the school and he parked.
Before he could get down to open the door for me.
I got down myself.
He smiled.
” Boring Sophie” he said.
I laughed.
” I will see you later Sophie” he said.
” Where to?
” I nee-d to catch up with something” he said.
“What’s that? I asked.
” Talk to you later Sophie, I will be back” he said getting into the car.
I watched him drove off.
So he only [email protected]£ to drop me in school.
He is really nice and so sweet.
I smiled and walked away going into my clas-s.
Someone bu-mped into me ma-king me almost fall down.
I sighed and I realized it is stupid Kara.
” Are you blind? She yelled.
I looked at her.
” It is you who is blind” I said.
” Really? She asked.
” Yeah, you know you’ve got a big problem, you bu-mped into me and all you could do is to yell? Don’t you have manners at all? I said angrily.
” Well i should have known slut like you don’t have common s-en-se, you have wasted all your s-en-ses slee-ping around shamelessly with boys, opening you leg for both cats and dogs” I said.
” Hey”
She raised her hand to [email protected] me but I was quic-k enough.
I held her hand.
” You wanna [email protected] me?
I asked.
She fumed.
” I laughed.
” Kara, don’t mess with me, am not who you think I am,” I said sternly and threw her hand away.
” Who do you think you are? She Asked angrily.
” Am Sophie Lawrence” I said
She looked at me with her mouth opened.
I moved closer to her and join herl-ips together.
” You never can tell, fly might find its way into your mouth if not closed” I said walking away.
I smiled satisfactorily.
I walked into the clas-s and dropped my bag.
I sat a paper boldly written.
” Stay away from him” it’s re-ads.
I took it and tore it.
” Stay away from him?
” Who?
I sat down.
” Who wrote this?
” Who is she talking about?
I thought.
Anna entered into clas-s and ignored me walking to her seat.
I wanted to stand up to meet her but the teacher [email protected]£ in.
I sat down quietly on my seat to receive my lecture.
The bell rang indicating lunch break.
I saw Anna walking out of the clas-s.
I nee-d to speak to her.
” Why is she behaving like this?
” Anna, wait” I shouted walking behind her.
She didn’t bother to look back.
She kept on walking.
I walked fas-ter and caught up with her.
I held her hand but she j£rk it off.
” Anna”
” What do you want? She asked.
” Anna, ever since yesterday you just change towards me” I said.
” So?
” What’s going on Anna? I asked.
” Did I do something wrong? Did I say something bad to you, have I offended you in anyway? Why the sudden change Anna,? What’s wrong? You..
” Enough Sophie, plea-se” she half yelled.
I looked at her.
” What do you want Anna? I asked.
“Do you like Andrew? She asked.
” Why do you ask? I arched my brow.
” Just Answer me, do you like him?
” Well I don’t know” I shrugged.
She looked at me
” But what has Andrew got to do with your attitude? I asked.
She looked at me.
” Until you are re-ady to tell me if you like Andrew or not” she said and walked away.
I sighed.
” What’s has Andrew got to do with this?
” Why is she so interested in me liking Andrew?
” What’s is going on? I thought.
I bu-mped into someone without knowing I shut my eyes.
I was waiting to land on the floor but something was holding me.
I opened my eyes and saw Jeremy.
He is the one I bu-mped into.
I straightened up.
” Uhmmm… sorry” I said.
” Are you okay? He asked.
” Yeah, am fine, thanks” I said.
” What are you thinking about? He asked.
” is nothing” I said
” But you looked Disturbe-d”
” Me? No am fine, thanks”
” Do you mind having lunch with me?
” No thanks, am not hungry” I said and walked away.
Kayla appeared at my front from no where.
I sighed.
She crossed her arms on her che-st staring at her.
I tried walking away but she blocked me.
” What do you want? I asked.
She smiled.
” Good question” she said.
I hissed.
” I have no time for all of this” I said sternly.
” Really? She sm-irked.
” What do you want? I half yelled.
” I want you to stay away from Jay” she yelled.
I laughed.
” Jay?
” You want me to stay away from Jeremy? I asked.
” Yeah”
” And how is that even possible? I asked.
” Stay away from Jay, he is mine only” she said.
I scoffed.
” Yours? The last time I checked, he humiliated you in front of everyone, he [email protected] you and insulted you” I said.
” And that is none of your business” she said.
I laughed.
” Really, and what made you think jay will like you have something to do with $lut like you except to sleep with you” I said.
” Am sure it is not only jay who has gotten into that rotten thing between your l.egs” I sm-irked.
She looked at me with so much anger.
” Watch your ton-gue” she yelled.
I laughed.
” It would have been better you watch yours instead” I said and pushed her away.
I hissed and walked into my clas-s.
Episode 24.
💐 Sophie 💐
The bell rang indicating school is over.
I sighed.
I couldn’t concentrate throu-ghout the lessons.
I stood up and packed my books into my bag.
Lots of thought running throu-gh my mind.
” What’s is wrong with the stupid K-girls?
” In the morning It will was Kara then at lunch Kayla?
” Why can’t they maintain their limit?
” I thought the K-girls walked together like fools but what happened?
” I saw them separately, with each of them asking me to stay away from the JAHD boys”
” It’s not like I have anything to do with them”
I sighed and remembered what was written on my desk.
” Who do I stay away from? Daniel? Andrew? Henry? Or Jeremy?.
” But who wrote it?
” It is obvious it is one of the K-girls” I thought
I walked out of the clas-s.
” Where is Andrew? I thought.
” Am here” I heard his voice behind me.
I [email protected]
” Did I say that loud” I asked.
He laughed.
” How are you Sophie?
” Uhnmmm fine, where were you, I didn’t see you today except in the morning, what happened? I asked
He looked at me and smiled.
” I see someone missed me”
” Who? I asked.
” Do you miss me? He asked staring at me.
“Of..of course no..I was just worried about you” I said not looking at him
” Is that it? He asked.
” Yeah” I said
” Uhnm okay so how was clas-ses today? He asked.
” Were you not in school today at all? I asked.
” Nope”
” Why?
” Let’s go” he said.
We started walking towards his car.
I saw Anna.
I st©pped..she was staring at me.
Andrew followed my gaze to see why I st©pped.
” Anna..
She looked at me once more and walked away.
I sighed.
” Are you okay? Andrew asked.
” Yeah,” I nodded my head.
💐 Andrew 💐
We got into the car and drove off.
Sophie has been quiet ever since we got into the car.
I looked at her.
She seems lost in thought.
” What’s wrong?
” Is the because of Anna her friend?
” Did they got into a fight?
I drove into in and parked my car.
“Sophie” I called.
” Ohh..we are here” she said.
I smiled.
” Yeah”
We got out of the car.
” Wow” excaped her mouth.
” Your house is really beautiful,” she said looking around.
” You own those cars? She asked.
I laughed.
” Let’s go in” I said
We both walked into the mansion.
” Wow,” she said looking around.
” You have a nice mansion Andrew,” she said sitting down.
I smiled.
” What can I offer you?
” Offer me anything” she said.
” How about alcohol?
She looked at me
” A glas-s of jui-ce”
” Sorry I don’t have jui-ce here” I said.
” Really?
” Yeah” I nodded my head.
” Okay just get me a glas-s of water” I said.
” But I don’t..
” Andrew” she half yelled cutting me off.
I smiled.
” I was only pu-lling her legs”
I walked into the kitchen.
I placed the jui-ce and a glas-s cu-p in a tray.
” Here” I said sitting down beside her.
” Thanks”.
I poured the jui-ce in the glas-s cu-p and gave it to her.
” Thought you don’t have jui-ce” she arched her brow.
” Joking”
She shook her head negatively.
She took it and sip a bit.
” So let’s start” she said.
” Now? Isn’t it too early?
” Early? Andrew it is getting late, so let’s just study” she said bringing out books from her back.
” Now we are going to start with mathematics” she said opening her textbook.
” So tell me what you want me to explain better to you or Better still let me start from the beginning because I know you have nothing up there” she said pointing her my head.
I kept staring at her.
She is really beautiful.
She has a small tiny pinkl-ips, her eyes are so beautiful.
Her long hair Falling on her shoulder.
She looked at me then at herself tou-ching her face.
She snapped her f!nger at my face.
I smiled.
” Why are you staring at me? She asked.
” Is there something on my face? She asked again.
I continued staring at her.
She looks more beautiful when she talks.
” Quit staring Andrew” she half yelled.
I smiled.
” How you okay Sophie? I asked.
” How do you mean? She asked.
” Is something wrong? I asked.
She looked at me confused.
” You look Disturbe-d in the car, is something bothering you?
She sighed.
” You can talk to me, mere looking at you I know something is eating you up” I said.
” am fine” she said.
” Is it because of Anna? I asked.
” Anna?
I nodded my head.
“What do you know about her?
” Nothing, you both are not as friendly as you used to be, I saw her ignored you even when you called her” I said.
She sighed.
” It’s nothing Andrew” she said.
” Are you sure? He asked.
“Can we study now? She asked.
” Am hungry” I said pouting.
She looked at me and arched he brow.
” Really?
I nodded my head.
” How can you be hungry now that we are about to study? She asked.
” I don’t know” I shrugged
She shook her head negatively.
” So are you also hungry? I asked.
” No am not” she said.
💐 Sophie 💐
It is true am really hungry.
” Are you sure you are not hungry? He asked again.
” Am..
My stomach grumbled loudly cutting me off.
Andrew looked at me.
I sighed a bit embarras-sed.
Am sure he heard it.
” I alre-ady told you Sophie, you are not good at lying” he said with a smile.
” Just stay here while I get you something to eat” he said walking away.
You stomach why do you have to grumbled?
Why won’t it grumbled.
Except my breakfast I took in the morning I haven’t eaten since then.
I was unable to eat at lunch break.
Am really hungry.
Well it is good it grumbled if not I would have die of hunger.
I checked my time.
It is Getting late.
” Where is Andrew?
Why is he taking so much time?
Instead of sitting here waiting for me maybe I should just walk around.
I stood up taking the stairs.
This mansion is really spacious and beautiful” I thought admiring it.
I got to a room slightly opened.
” Is someone in? I thought.
I wanted to open the door and enter but I decided against it.
It is bad intruding someone’s privacy”
I climbe-d down the stairs.
I got to the wi-de sitting room.
Andrew entered with packs in his hand.
” Sorry, I took so long” he said bringing out the food he bought.
I smiled
” Thanks” I muttered.
He gave me mine.
” You didn’t even ask me what I wanted to eat” I said.
He smiled.
” Sorry about that”
” It’s okay, but you can help me manage that” he said.
I nodded my head.
I started eating gently and slowly as I could.
If only Andrew is not here I would have devour the food hungrily but I have to compose myself.
I caught him staring at me.
He win-ked.
I smiled.
” Am okay now” I said drinking water.
“Thanks Andrew” I said.
He nodded his head.
” You are welcome” he Said taking the plates away.
He [email protected]£ back.
” Now can we study? I asked.
” Not yet” he said.
” Why? I arched my brow.
” C’mon Sophie, we just finished eating don’t you think we should relax a bit” he said.
” Andrew”
” Sophie”
I sighed.
He is not re-ady to study.
I checked my time.
It’s 6:00pm
” It’s getting late Andrew, I will like to get going” I said packing my books in my bag.
” Sophie”
” What?
” Why don’t you stay here? He asked.
I looked at him.
“No, Andrew”
” Sophie”
” Shut up Andrew, I will be waiting for you outside” I said walking out.
I got out and [email protected] at the weather.
It’s going to rain.
My rain started dropping.
I [email protected] loudly.
” Andrew” I yelled.
” Sophie”
” Come and drop me off now” I said.
” Am sorry Sophie but I don’t drive when it’s raining” he said.
I looked at him.
” Just get inside” he said.
” But I nee-d to get home” I said.
” Maybe when the rain st©pped I will drop you off” he said.
I sighed.
The rain started falling heavily.
I screamed and ran back inside.
Andrew laughed.
” It’s not funny Andrew” I yelled.
” Sorry” he said still laughing.
I looked at him but he win-ked.
I sighed.
I just hope this rain st©ps…I really can’t stay here.
Written by ✍️ owie oyindamola.

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