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Golden high Episode 6 & 7

[ High School ♡♡ Drama ]
Lucky for Sharon,Florence and Juliet showed up and sat beside her,she welcomed them with her warm smile.
” What about Lisa? Why are you alone??” Florence asked
” Well,she’s with her new crush,Rowan ” Sharon said pointing at Lisa and Rowan sitting down
” Oh,, ” Florence said
They got their order and started eating silently,
” Can we join you??” Michael asked with other three boys behind him
” What?? No you can’t ” Sharon said
” Of course you can” Florence immediately said
” Thanks ” Michael smiled and sat down with his friends
They started eating again ,nob©dy talked until Gavin broke the silence
” Your friend seem to be close with Rowan ” He said
” I guess,,” Sharon replied shortly
She saw Lisa standing up and coming to them,she smiled
” Why are you smiling?? ” Michael asked
” She’s joining us ” She replied
Just then Lisa got to them and sat down opposite Michael,
” Why are you here?? Thought you enjoy your company with your crush ” Sharon tea-sed
” What?? He’s your crush??” One of Michael’s friend asked
” Of course Noah ” Sharon replied
” Your mouth!!” Lisa yelled and they all laughed except Michael who only focus on his food
” I heard the school will be throwing a welcome [email protected] for the new students on Friday ” Ethan said
” Am not a new student so why are you telling me ??” Michael asked
” We have two new students here,,Lisa and Florence ” Sharon said
Michael looked up and caught Lisa starring at him
” Well,,,,,it’s cool” He said and faced his food again
” You look hungry,,” Sharon said to Michael and they all laughed
” The old students are also gonna be there right?? So I can dress so,,,,,”
” Cut the crab Sharon,,don’t you dare dress cutely to the [email protected]” Michael interrupted her
” But,,,,,”
” No but,,,” He snapped
” Idiot ” Sharon muttered and bite the chicken angrily
Gavin chuckled
” Now the poor chicken is the one suffering ” He said
” Let’s leave,, am done ” Michael said standing up while wiping his mouth with the tissue
” But we are still eating ” His friends said
” Fine,,meet me at the waiting room,,,” He said and left the table
” Are you done Sharon?? I lost my appetite ” Lisa said
” I want to spend more time with Gavin ” Sharon whispered to her
” Then meet me at the dorm,, ” Lisa said and walked away while the others continue chatting loudly
Lisa sighed out as she walked out of the cafeteria,, she could remember that she was really starving, then why couldn’t she eat half of the food,she was the one who ordered for fried egg and plantain, then why did she suddenly lost her appetite??
” Oh my God!! ” she screamed when she saw a b©dy on one of the chairs,
” Michael?? ” She called
” Sweetheart?? ” He smiled
” What are you doing here?? ” She asked
” This is the waiting room,,am expecting those gluttons to come here ” Michael replied
” Am going to sleep,,,” She said
” Goodnight ” Michael said
She walked out but ran back in,,,
” What’s wrong??” Michael asked looking concerned
” I can’t go alone,,,” She said .
” Maybe I should go with you?? ”
” Can you do that?? ” Lisa asked
” Let’s go,,,”
” You’re afraid of ghosts?? ” Michael suddenly asked and she flin-ched
” St©p talking about ghost,,it’s late ” Lisa said looking scared
” Are you kidding me ?? I was about telling you that there are many ghosts here ” Michael said
” No!!!” She shouted and Michael immediately covered her mouth with his palm
” I was just joking,,, ” He said
She nodded still breathing [email protected]
” Michael,, ” She called and he faced her
” What?? ”
” About,,you and Rowan,,,,”
” I don’t wanna talk about him,,,but am going to apologize right now for something ” Michael said and she was confused
” Apologize for what??” She asked
” When next he hurt me,,am not going to forgive him,,” He said
” So,,why are you telling me??”
” I heard he’s your crush,am sure you won’t like it when you see your crush get hurt right?? ” Michael smiled
She wanted to tell him she wasn’t crushing on Rowan but no word [email protected]£ out of her mouth
” Why do you suddenly want to fight back??” Lisa asked even though she knew the question sounds lame
” I guess everyone likes bad boys,,so am gonna become one too,” He win-ked
” No,,I don’t like bad boys ” Lisa said and he laughed
” Really?? So that means Rowan is a good boy?? Wow,,,that’s amazing. Well,,,others like bad boys right??”
” Michael,,,,,did anything happened between you guys in the past??” She asked
” What?? I dont even know him,,how will I do something for someone I don’t know?? We met in this school,,and we never get along,, he doesn’t like me and I don’t like him either. I don’t hate him though,,” Michael explained
” Wow,,,that’s not nice,,” Lisa sighed
” It’s fine,,we can’t get along,,” Michael said
She was about saying something when Michael told her they’ve gotten to the dorm,,
” Bye Sweetheart ” He said and turned to leave
” Lisa,,,” She said and Michael turned back to face her
” What’s Lisa??”
” That’s my name,, ” She said
” I told you I won’t remember right??”
” I just wanted to tell you,, even if you forget,,I’ve never introduced myself to you properly so am doing it now,,,” She said
” Sweetheart sounds more better,,,,” Michael win-ked at her and she [email protected]
” What,,anything wrong??” He immediately asked
” No,,am fine,,thanks for walking me here, goodnight ” She said and rushed inside
Vanessa pouted angrily as she watch Michael leaving the female dorm,,who the hell was he talking to??
She breath out trying to calm herself but it’s not working at all,,,she jumped on the be-d angrily and soon a knock [email protected]£ on the door,
” Who’s there?? Eunice?? ” she called the name of her roommate
” It’s Michael ” The voice said and she couldn’t hide her joy
She rushed out of be-d and opened the door immediately
” Oh my,,Michael,,” She called and hvgged him
” Why didn’t you come for dinner??” He asked
” were you worried?? ” she asked
” We are friends so I should be worried because it’s unlike you to ignore food ” Michael said
” Are you calling me a glutton right now?? That’s harsh ”
” Sorry,,,but ,,,,,”
She interrupted him with a pe-ck on his cheek.
Michael sighed and nodded slowly still not getting why she keep on doing that lately
” why are you suddenly silent??” Vanessa asked
” I will just go back,,I [email protected]£ to check if you’re good” Michael said
” Michael wait ” She st©pped him
” What is it??” He asked
” I have something to say to you,,,,, but,,not now,, how about tomorrow?? ”
” Okay,,,tomorrow ” He replied and walked away.
” What is she planning to tell me ??” He asked himself
” See who asked us to meet him at the waiting room ” Noah said with a scoff as he entered the dorm
Well,,for the male,it’s three students in each dorm. And Michael is in the same room with Noah and Gavin,, Ethan is in another room.
” Well,something [email protected]£ up ” He replied and took off his shi-t
” You followed Lisa right??” Gavin said
” I never wanted to ,,but she was scared of going alone,, nothing else ” Michael said putting on his pajamas
” Do you think you should be talking to her?? ” Noah asked
” What do you mean??” Michael asked laying his back on the be-d
” She’s Rowan’s friend, Sharon even said she’s crushing on him,,,,what if Rowan try to hurt you if you get close to her??” Gavin said
” You’re right ” Noah agreed
” She’s Sharon’s friend ” Michael said
” Come on Michael,,try to un-derstand what we are saying ”
” I un-derstand you,,am not trying to start any relationsh!pokay?? Just friends, she’s nice ” Michael said
” Her crushing on Rowan doesn’t st©p me from being her friend,, we are not even friends, so you guys should not worry about me ” Michael said and closed his eyes
” No re-ading?? ” They asked at the same time
” Am tired ” He replied without opening his eyes.
The door opened and Sharon [email protected]£ in grinning [email protected] ,Lisa scoffed and ignore her jumping on the be-d
” Did I do something wrong??” Sharon asked sadly and sat beside her
” Are you kidding me?? How can you say it in front of those people that am crushing on Rowan??” Lisa asked
” Point of correction ,,they are not those people, they are our friends,” Sharon rolled her eyes
” I still don’t like it” Lisa snapped
” I was only saying the truth,you have a crush on him so why hiding it?? ” Sharon scoffed
” Then,why don’t you just tell Gavin you’re crushing on him?? ”
” Oh Lisa,, so you’re angry because of what I said??”
” Yes,,am really mad ” Lisa replied
Sharon sighed and stood up walking into the dressing room, she put off her dress and put on her pajamas,. She walked back into the be-droom and la-id on her be-d, she took a novel and decided to re-ad so she could sleep.
She took a glance at Lisa and discovered that she’s alre-ady slee-ping,
” Can’t believe she got mad because of that ” She scoffed and continue re-ading
Lisa gro-an ed out loud when she heard the alarm clock ringing really loud,, she took it and almost throw it when she remember that she’s not at home,she sighed and got out of be-d,,Sharon was still slee-ping with her face covered with a novel.
She took the novel from her face and tapped her slowly,
” What is it??” Sharon asked sleepily
” Get up,,we nee-d to get re-ady for clas-s ” Lisa said
” Okay,,” Sharon said and sat up with her eyes close
” Just a sleep head,,come on wake up!! ” Lisa shouted and she jumped down
Lisa couldn’t control herself, she laughed and fell on the floor
” That’s not funny,,you freaked me out ” Sharon said and rolled her eyes
” Am sorry,,but ,,,it’s funny ”
They were both interrupted by the gentle knock on the door
” Who could that be??” Lisa asked
” Laundry I guess” Sharon replied and walked toward the door to open up.
A lady [email protected]£ in and walked into the laundry room,,
” Let’s go take our bath,,, or we are gonna run late ” Lisa said dragging Sharon into the bathroom
The lady who [email protected]£ in went out immediately with their dirty clothes
” That’s what they do everyday?? ” Lisa asked
” Yes,,,” Sharon replied
” Wow,,this look so good on me ” Lisa smiled checking herself out in the sport wear,a complete blue of soft cardigan and joggers with a white snickers
” Let’s go,,” Sharon said taking her [email protected]©p
” I left mine in my locker,” Lisa said and carried her bag
They locked the door and started their walk to the clas-s
They saw Vanessa also coming out with another girl
” I never knew she stay close to us” Lisa said
” Yeah,, and that’s her best friend Eunice,,they both look good together since they are both rude ” Sharon said while Lisa chuckled
They finally got to clas-s,,just few minute before clas-s starts
” Michael is not in clas-s,but his friends are here ” Sharon said looking worried
” You can go and ask Gavin ” Lisa win-ked at her
” Nice plan ” She said and stood up at once
” Morning ” The girl Lisa talked to the other day greeted her and she was shock
” Morning ” She replied with a smile
Sharon [email protected]£ back and sat down
” So??” Lisa asked
” He said Michael was still slee-ping when they were coming, they tried waking him but he said he was gonna meet them in clas-s ” Sharon said
” What??”
” It’s nothing, he will be here” Sharon let out a smile
The teacher walked in and the clas-s [email protected]£ silent,,,
” Morning students ” The Male teacher greeted
” Morning sir ” They all chorused
His expression looks cold
” He’s cold ” Sharon whispered to Lisa and she nodded in agreement
Just then Rowan walked in,he was about walking to his seat when the teacher st©pped him
” Come back here Rowan ”
Rowan scoffed and walked back to the front of the clas-s
” Why are you just coming?? ” The teacher asked angrily
” Must I answer you??” Rowan asked and the clas-s [email protected]
” What?? How dare you talk to me that way??!”
” You’re just my teacher,,not my dad” Rowan snapped
The teacher was about saying something when Michael walked in with a headphone and his two hands in his pockets.
The girls were alre-ady blu-shing and whispering among themselves,,he looks so h0t.
He ignored the teacher and Rowan re-ady to sit down
” You’re late ” The teacher said
” I woke up late because I feel sick,,” He said and sat down
” I haven’t told you to sit down ”
Michael sighed and stood up walking back to him
” The both of you,,detention room right now!!” The teacher said and the clas-s [email protected]
” I can’t stay in that room with him ” Rowan said angrily
” Who cares, leave right now”
” But sir,,it’s not even up to five minutes you started the clas-s” Michael said
” You must be pres£nt when I walk into this clas-s,,so no argument, just leave ”
They both walked out of the clas-s ,even the students were sad.
” They are going to kill each other in that detention room,,” Sharon said to Lisa
” What?? They will fight??” She asked immediately
” I can’t allow that,, I nee-d to do something ” Sharon said looking really worried
” Don’t worry,I have an idea” Lisa smiled
” What is it??”
She ignored her and stood up,,the whole clas-s faced her in confusion
” Teacher,,don’t you think what you did is wrong??” Lisa asked and the clas-s [email protected] again
🚺 What is she doing??
🚺 She’s going to be punished
” You think am wrong for punishing them for their lateness??” The teacher asked
Lisa was alre-ady scared but Still gathered her boldness
” They [email protected]£ in before you started the lecture,, you haven’t even started the clas-s ” She said
” Who do you think you are to question me?!!”
” I know am just a student but I should tell you it’s wrong”
” Get out of my clas-s,,,now!!!!!”
” I will,,,,Where is the detention room?? I guess that’s the right place ” She said and the teacher was shocked
” I will show you ” Sharon shouted and they both walked out of the clas-s leaving everyone in complete shock.
” What you did is really,,,,”
” I don’t care ,,,I don’t want them to fight ” Lisa said
” That’s it over there,, ” Sharon pointed at the clas-s before going back
Lisa Sighed and opened the door,,thank goodness she [email protected]£ on time, they were about to fight.
Rowan immediately re-leased his grip from Michael’s collar when she [email protected]£ in,,,,
” What ,,what are you doing here??” Rowan asked
” What do you think am doing here?? Am getting punished for misbehaving ” She replied
” What did you,,,, ”
” I don’t wanna talk about it,,,,how long are we going to stay here??” She asked
” All day ” Rowan replied
” What?? Am hungry?!!” She yelled
Rowan chuckled and that was when she faced Michael who was looking out of the window maybe he’s listening to song because his eyes were closed.
She swallowed before turning back to Rowan,,,they both sat down and continue talking and talking.
Michael scoffed as he listen to everything they are saying,he wasn’t listening to any music,,he turned and faced them, seeing how she was smiling while talking to Rowan made him sighed.
Are they that close??? He asked himself but decided to ignore them. Maybe he should just get some sleep,,,he sat down with his head on the table,,,.
” Do you think Michael is fine ??” Gavin asked sadly
” I don’t think they fought,, everywhere is calm ” Ethan said as they walk to the cafeteria
” Why do I have a feeling that Lisa did that intentionally?? ” Noah asked
” I was thinking about that also,but why will she do that?? ” Gavin asked
Just then Sharon walked pas-s them,she did not even notice them.
” Sharon ” Gavin called and she looked back,, her sad face immediately turn to a smile when she saw Gavin
” Let’s eat together,, your friend is not here ” Gavin said and they both walked away
” He’s lucky Michael is not here,, he’s going to freak out ” Noah said
” It’s boring without him ” Ethan pouted
Someone [email protected]£ to call Rowan saying he have to do something for a teacher so he left,,,
Lisa turned to face Michael and discovered that he was asleep,, she smiled and went to sit beside him. She couldn’t help but to admire him,,still looking cute even in his sleep,,hisl-ips look so small and well pouted.
She suddenly felt the urge to t©uçh his face,,,she wanted to st©p but couldn’t control her hand . she t©uçhed him and Michael being s-en-sitive immediately freaked out and gr-ab her hand turning her on the table with him on t©p of her
That was when he discovered that it was Lisa,,
” What?? You??” He asked
And just then the door opened and Rowan [email protected]£ in meeting them in the position.

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