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Golden high Episode 30

( High School Drama )
Chapter 30
By: Summer Gold.
” I thought we are [email protected]!ngalre-ady ” She mumbled and bite her bottoml-ips
” What?? That’s funny” Michael said with a smile
” I love you too Michael,,, you should know that ” She said
” I know,, I just wanted to tell you so badly ” He replied and pu-ll-ed her into a hvg
” Why are you telling me now?? This is the last time am seeing you,,,,,,, in the next one month ” Lisa pouted
” I wanted you to focus on your exams,,,you won’t be able to resist me ” He win-ked
” Even though you avoided me,,I couldn’t get you out of my mind ” Lisa said truthfully
” Sorry about that ” He joked
” St©p it ” She [email protected] his shoulder gently
He smiled and k!$$£d her gently
A call suddenly [email protected]£ on her phone,,,,
” It’s my aunt,, I guess she’s here ” Lisa said
” Wow,I want to meet her ,let’s go ” Michael said
” Michael wait ” She gr-ab her hand
” What??”
She pu-ll-ed him closer and k!$$£d him again,,,he immediately responded to the k!ss,,,,it was getting really h0t until they got interrupted by another call
” We nee-d to go ” Michael said holding her hand
They both ran out of the school garden,,
” Sis!!” Lisa shouted and ran to hvg Anna
” Lisa ” She smiled faintly
” Are you okay?? You don’t look happy ” Lisa said
” There’s something you nee-d to know Lisa ” She said and sniff in
” You cried ,,what happened ?” Lisa asked sadly and wipe her tears
” Come with me ” Anna said holding her
” Hello mam ” Michael greeted
” Who are you?? ” she asked
” Am,,,,”
” Michael, he’s,,,, ”
” I think I’ve seen you somewhere,,, your face look familiar ” She said
” TV” Lisa said
” Somewhere else,,” Anna said
” He’s my b©yfri£nd” Lisa blurted and Michael almost [email protected]
” Wow,,,we nee-d to go now” Anna said pu-lling Lisa along
Michael sighed and walked away,,she doesn’t seem to like him
” He look like a pla-yboy ” Anna said to Lisa
” Because he’s handsome?? ” Lisa asked
” He’s too handsome ” Anna said
” The one you told me about is not as handsome as him??” Lisa tea-sed
” Don’t worry,I trust him ” She added
” Let’s forget that,, we nee-d to do something important ” Anna said
They both entered the proprietor’s office,,, Mr Leo was there,, she also saw a woman,,it’s the school doctor,,they stared at her immediately she entered with Anna
She wonder what’s happening,,, soon Hazel also [email protected]£ In
” Now this is awkward ” Lisa thought
” Why am I here dad??” Hazel asked sitting down
The driver arrived more earlier than Michael expected,, he really want to see Lisa again,,he sighed as he watch the driver taking out the luggage
” Leave It,,I can take it,,you can go and help my sister,,she’s lazy ” Michael said with a smile
” You won’t believe what I just heard ” Gavin ran in,,he was [email protected] [email protected]
” What is it??” Noah asked
” Hazel,,,and Lisa,”
” What happened to them!!” Michael shouted
” I just heard they,, are sisters ” Gavin broke the shell
” What?? Sisters?? How?? Lisa doesn’t have parents ” Michael said
” She’s Mr Leo’s daughter,,, Mrs Emily gave birth to her ” Gavin said
” Take it,,to the car ” Michael told the driver before running off
He ran all the way to the proprietor’s office,,he knew everything won’t be fine with both Lisa and Hazel
Just as expected,, he was hearing shout from the office
” Dad!!! Tell me this is not true!!!” Hazel shouted
” Am sorry Hazel,,it’s true ” Mr Leo said
” Does mom know about this?? ” she asked
“,Yes,,and she’s fine with it ” He replied
” But am notfu-cking fine with it!!” She bur-st into tears
“,Why her!!! Why you!!! Whyfu-cking you!!!” She shouted running toward Lisa but her Father st©pped her
” I hate you!!!!!!!!! I hate you so much!!!!! You’re planning to take everything from me!!! You took Michael away from me!! Now you’re taking my dad!!!! Even if everyone is fine with it,,,,I hate you,, I don’t care if you’re my father’s daughter, I don’t Care if my mom likes you,I don’t care if you’re my sister,,I don’t care if you’re older,, Lisa!! I hate you!! I hate you!!” She shouted and re-leased herself from Mr Leo’s grip
She took a glance at Emily and ran out in tears
” Hazel ” Michael called
” Don’t come near me,,go to your girlfriend ” she said in tears
Her eyes look so red
” You’re my friend,, ”
” I don’t want your friendsh!pMich ” She said and ran off
Michael sighed,,,
” Am staying with Anna,,am not leaving her,,,” Lisa finally spoke out
” Lisa,,,” Emily pu-ll-ed her into a hvg
” You’re really my mom??” Lisa asked as tears rolled down her eyes
” I am,,,am sorry for ma-king you pas-s throu-gh all these,, I love you so much ” Emily said
Lisa turned to Mr Leo who seem to be worried more about Hazel,,,
” Can I ,,,,call you dad ?” She asked and he scoffed
” If you want ” He replied and took his phone
He called someone
📞 find Hazel and take her home,,,,
He dropped the call and Lisa nodded,,it’s obvious he care more about Hazel,,she faced Anna who was in tears
” St©p crying sis,,am not going to leave you,,am staying with you ” Lisa said wiping her tears
She pu-ll-ed her into a hvg
” We are leaving ” Lisa said and Emily hvgged her again
She faced Leo,,,
” Call me when you nee-d anything ” He said with a straight face
She nodded with a light smile,,,
” Take care of her ” Emily said to Anna
” I promise” She replied and they both walked out of the office.
Lisa was surprised to see Michael
” Mich??” She called and immediately hvgged him
” Are you okay??” He asked
” Am fine,,,just,,shocked ” She said
” You don’t have to worry about Hazel,,,she will come around ” Michael said not sure of what he’s saying
” She hate me,,she said it to my face ” Lisa said sadly
” Don’t worry about her,,enjoy your break. I will give you a call ,Bye ” He said and pe-cked herl-ips
He bowed to Anna before walking away,,
” Let’s go sis” Lisa said
” Are you sure you’re going with me??” Anna asked
” Of course,,” Lisa said with a wi-de smile
They both entered the car and the driver drove off,,,Lisa rested her head on the seat,,
She can’t imagine Hazel to be his sister,,not even when they’ve never gotten along with each other,, a lot of things happened today.
Now she found out about her parents,,, she should really be grateful to Anna,,,she saved her life. Anna found her in a trash,,how can people be so cruel to throw a baby away?? Without the mother knowing about it?? Why ??
A tear dropped from her eyes,, she could have been dead if Anna didn’t rescue her,,Anna was really bold to take care of her,,she doesn’t even know her but she have never maltreated her,,,
Lisa would have been Calling her mother, but she made Lisa un-derstand she’s just her aunt,, Lisa never knew they are not related in any way.
Her mind went to Michael,, how will she live without seeing him ?? Can she really do this?? She’s add!çted to him and she knew that,,,,he have so much effect on her
” I can’t wait for the surprise ” Lisa said trying to forget about her worries
” You will love it” Anna replied
Lisa smiled and t©uçhed the n£¢klace,,,
” Where did you get that?? ” Anna asked
” It’s a gift from Michael,,,, he asked me out today. Am so happy,,and he helped me with my studies too,,he’s just the best ” Lisa said and Anna smiled
” You look like you really like him a lot ” Anna said and rou-ghed her hair
” I do,,I really do ”
” Am glad,,,, ” She smiled
“,Don’t worry,,the cute boy you told me about,,we can be friends,,” Lisa laughed knowing what she’s thinking
” And a girl too” Anna said
” Wow,,I can’t wait to meet her,,maybe this break won’t be lonely, I was thinking about how lonely I will be without Sharon and my other friends ” She said
” Who is Sharon??” Anna asked
” She’s Michael’s sister,,she’s my best friend ” Lisa replied
” Wow,,that’s amazing ” Anna smiled
” He was the one I saw in the TV when you got admitted into Golden High right?? ” Anna asked
” Yeah,,he’s the best student,, followed by Hazel ” Lisa said and suddenly felt sad as she called Hazel’s name
She never knew Hazel was her younger sister all these while,,she shouldn’t have hated her,,,,she felt guilty
” Wow,,she’s brilliant?? ”
” Yeah,, she got 98% ,,,and I got just 80%” Lisa smiled
” You can do better okay??” Anna patted her
” Am sure Vanessa’s picture will be re-moved soon,,Hazel will be there ” Lisa smiled feeling happy that Vanessa will be so angry
” How about your b©yfri£ndand sister??” Anna suddenly asked
” What do you expect?? Michael got the whole 100%,,Sharon got 70 though ” Lisa said
” Wow,,now I know why you managed to get 80%,,he taught you right?? I was shocked when I saw how much you improved on your chemistry and further maths,,, I remember you have some problems on it back in America ” Anna smiled
” Yeah,,thanks to Michael,,” Lisa said proudly
They finally got home,,
” You should freshen up,, I will prepare lunch,,, we are having dinner with the neighbor ” Anna said
” I can’t wait to meet them ” Lisa said climbing the stairs,,
She entered her room,,
“,Wow,,it got cleaned ” She smiled and jumped on the be-d
She took her phone,, a message [email protected]£ up,,,it’s from Michael
💌 I love You
That was what he said
She covered her face blu-shing [email protected],, thank goodness she’s alone,,
💌 I love you more
She replied and dropped the phone,, she took off her clothes and walked into the bathroom,,,
” It’s so good to be back home!!” Sharon shouted running round the large living room
Michael scoffed and took the stairs,,,he went into his room,the door opened and Sharon [email protected]£ in
” What are you doing here??” Michael asked ,she ignored him and sat down on the be-d
” Is Lisa okay?? ” She asked
” She’s fine,,,but am sure she’s shocked. I feel sorry for her,,,and Hazel too” Michael said
” I wish I know where she lives,, I’m missing her ” Sharon said
” Well I have something to tell you ” Michael said
” You guys are [email protected]!ngalre-ady?? Well she told me,,” Sharon win-ked
” That’s fast ” Michael thought
” Am her best friend,,, ” She said
” Good for you then,,,,I can’t wait to see Gavin,they will be coming over ” Michael said
” Yeah he told me ” Sharon said
” Now you know everything?? Well Ethan and Noah will be coming too ” Michael said
” Gavin told me ” Sharon win-ked
” Get out ” Michael pu-ll-ed her out
She laughed and went into her room
” I will be seeing all my friends during this break,,,but you won’t be there. How can I live like this?? ” Michael asked himself as he stare at Lisa’s picture.

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