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Golden high Episode 24 & 25

( High School Drama )
Chapter 24
” my child,,, our child ” She said and bur-st into tears
” Child?? Your child?? You found her??” He asked in surprise
” It’s not just my child,,it’s our child!!” She yelled
Leo scoffed and went to take a seat,,, he rolled the seat around and faced her again
” How sure am I that the child is mine?? And besides,, remember I have my own family now” He said with a smile
” I don’t care Leo,,,, we had se-x,and i got pregnant for you!! ”
” Yes Emily,,I know you got pregnant and I told you to terminate it,,,firstly you didn’t listen, you gave birth to her. I agreed to become her father,, but you [email protected]£ back to tell me you lost the child,,so what the hell are you saying right now?? You lost your child and now she’s back?? Do you think am a fool??” Leo asked angrily
” Leo,,,I told you what happened,,someone took my child away from me,,and I’ve been searching for her for almost 18 years Leo,,18 years!!!” Emily cried out
” Okay,,,so how sure are you that she’s the one???” Leo asked and got up from the chair
” The birthmark is still there Leo,,and I remember naming my child Mona Lisa,,,the n£¢klace,,but I don’t know why it’s not around her n£¢k, am sure she’s the one ” Emily said wiping her tears
” Did you just say Mona Lisa?? Or something?? ”
” Yes that’s her ”
” Is she in Hazel’s clas-s??” Leo asked
” Yeah,,that’s right,,have you guys met before??” Emily asked curiously
” Hazel just [email protected]£ to tell me to expel her because she’s a pain in her as-s ” Leo said with a sm-irk
” What?? No,,you can’t do that, you can’t expel her ”
” And why do you think I can’t do that?? ” He asked
” She’s also your daughter Leo,,she’s your first child!!”
” Do you think am going to believe that?? Am not a fool,,okay??”
” Then let’s get a DNA done,,,that’s the only way ”
” Even if she’s my daughter,I don’t care” He muttered and took the office phone
One of the teachers picked up
📞 Hello sir
📞 s£nd Mona Lisa from grade 5B to my office right now
📞 Okay sir
” What are you planning to do??” Emily asked
” You can leave now Emily,,,I want to be alone ” Leo snapped
” You can’t get her expelled just because your daughter want you to!!”
” Emilyfu-cking get out of my office!!!!” Leo yelled angrily
Emily sighed and walked out right away,,
Lisa was in the clas-s,she was lost in thought. She just want to be alone until she heard someone calling her name
” You’re Lisa right?” The student asked and she nodded slowly
” The Proprietor called for you” She replied and turned to leave
Lisa’s heart skipped a beat,,is she getting expelled for real?? What have she done?? Did Hazel really reported her to her father?? Oh no,this is bad
She got up from her seat,,she felt Michael’s eyes on her,she turned to him but he took his face off and continue whatever he was doing.
Lisa breath in and out before going out,,she should just prepare for the worst,,
She walked into the office slowly as ever,,the proprietor was working when she entered,,this is the first time she will see him closely. He look more younger than she expected, he also look handsome. Lisa what are you thinking when you are about to get expelled??
” Am here sir??” Lisa said in her broken voice
She have spent half of the day crying,, is it because Michael is more angry with her or because she’s going to get expelled??
Leo looked up to face the so called Lisa,,,he rested his back on the seat starring into her eyes
Is it possible she’s his daughter?? That’s not possible,, he’s not going to believe it. Even if she’s his daughter,,, he will never do anything to hurt Hazel and his wife,, they are too precious to him than anything in this world.
” Your name??” He finally asked
” Mona Lisa sir” Lisa replied waiting for his next word
” What happened between you and my daughter?? She was in tears when she [email protected]£ here,,” Leo said and Lisa almost bur-st into tears
” Sir,,,it’s,, ”
” I want straight answers Lisa,,, I have works to do” Leo snapped.
” Am sorry sir,, plea-se don’t expel me. I promise not to do that again,,plea-se don’t expel me. My aunt will be disappointed in me,,am so sorry ” Lisa bur-st into tears
Leo was surprised,,, he scoffed and looked away.
” I asked for what happened,, I never said I was going to expel you,,,” He said and Lisa was surprised
He’s not going to expel her??
” It was just a misun-derstanding sir,,,am sorry ”
” You guys don’t get along??” Leo asked
Lisa shook her head negatively,,
” Why?? She resumed just few days ago and you two doesn’t get along??”
” We attended the same school in America ” Lisa said
” wow,,that’s interesting. So that’s how you two always fight each other?? ” Leo asked and Lisa nodded
” Why??”
” I don’t know,,, but she really hate me a lot. ” Lisa said
” But you don’t like her either right??”
” I don’t mind being her friend,,” Lisa replied
” Am not going to do what she asked for,,you two should try to get along. But,,,I should tell you,,I hate it when anyone hurt her,,this may be my last warning,,leave ” Leo said
Lisa nodded and walked out of the office,,she really thought he was going to expel her.
” Lisa??” Someone called her name and she turned back,, she remember her. It was the doctor who attended to Michael when he fell sick
” Hello mam ” Lisa said
” Are you okay?? Is everything fine?? You don’t look good,are you sick??” Emily asked and Lisa was confused
‘ Why is she so worried’ she asked herself
‘ She’s a doctor dummy ‘ her mind told her
” Oh,,,am fine mam,,am really fine. Thanks ” She smiled before walking away.
Hazel washed her face in the bathroom,, she sighed when she saw her eyes in the mirror,she hate Lisa with Pas-sion. She wipe her face with the towel,,she arranged her rou-gh hair. She’s looking more better than before,,she walked out of the restroom and went to get two ice cream. She’s going to apologize to Michael,well he’s the only one he can ever apologize to.
She went into the clas-s and she’s lucky to find Michael alone in clas-s,,,she handed the Ice cream to him
” Am sorry,” She said
Michael sighed and took it from her
” You’ve forgiven me??” She asked and he nodded
” Omg!!!!! Am so happy!! ” she shouted jumping round the clas-s
Michael smiled and dropped the Ice cream on the locker
” Youre not taking it??” She asked
” I don’t like chocolate,, ” He replied
” Oh that’s true,I was just too sad to remember you don’t like it,,am sorry,am happy now ,,I thought you won’t talk to me again ” She sighed sat down
” Am sorry for yelling at you,,I was just mad,,am sorry ”
” It’s fine,,,but can you promise not to do that again?? My heart was broken ”
” I can’t promise,, until you st©p being rude to people ”
” Okay I promise,,,, ” She smiled
” Then,,we are good ” He said
It was after school,,,Lisa and Rowan just left the lab,,they’ve started working on the practical and thank God they are still getting it well. She doesn’t feel like going back to the dorm yet.
” Okay I will see you tonight,,dinner ” Rowan said taking his backpack
” Yeah,,,” She replied shortly
” You’ve changed a lot Lisa,,are you Still mad at me or something?? ” Rowan asked
” Am not mad at you Rowan,,am fine . I will see you later ” Lisa said and walked out,,,
She decided to go to the school garden maybe she’s going to see Michael,,bad thing he’s still mad at her. As expected he was there,, putting on his headphone. She admired him from the back before walking closer to him.
She sat down beside him without saying anything,, he opened his eyes and faced her,,,he ignored her and closed his eyes back.
” Michael am sorry ” Lisa said and took his hand gently
” What do you want??” He asked still closing his eyes
Lisa took herl-ips in and faced him properly,,
He opened his eyes and scoffed
” Can you move your face away a little bit??” He said trying not to stare at herl-ips
” Am sorry ” Lisa pouted cutely
” Why??”
” Everything,,,, am really sorry. ” She said
Michael sighed and nodded,,,
” It’s okay,,am also sorry for taking it too far,,,” he said
” No,,it’s my fault. I caused everything,, so are we friends now??” Lisa asked and he nodded
” Gosh,,,now I can smile again. I was really turning to something else ” Lisa said and shook her head
” Am sorry ” Michael muttered
” it’s fine,,,,”
” What did Mr Leo said??” Michael asked
” I was surprised,, I thought he was going to expel me ” Lisa said
” He won’t do that,,he’s a nice man ” Michael smiled
” I agree with you,,Hazel is really lucky ” Lisa replied
” Let’s not talk about Parents” Michael said seriously and Lisa nodded
” I missed you so much,,,, I think you’re the only one who can make me smile ” Lisa said sadly and Michael was confused not knowing what she’s saying
” But it always hurt to see you laughing with Hazel while am hurting down in my heart,,,,it really hurt ” Lisa said in tears
” What are you doing?? Why are you crying?? ” He asked worriedly and pu-ll-ed her into a hvg
” Am serious Mich,,, it really hurt so much ”
” It’s okay sweetheart, you don’t have to be sad,,am always here for you. You were the one who wanted some space ”
” I was a fool,,,,I only hurt myself,,, ”
Michael broke the hvg and held her face,,
” You were not the only one Lisa,,,,,I was also hurt,,I only acted like nothing is wrong ,i only pretended like I was okay,,but am not. ” He said and Lisa smiled
She lean closer and k!$$£d him shortly,,,
Chapter 25
Michael unlocked from the k!ssand clear his throat,,Lisa was surprised, did he just,,,
” What’s wrong??” She asked
” I won’t be able to st©p,,, ” Michael replied
” Oh,,,,,”
” Let’s go back,, it’s getting late alre-ady ” He said and stood up
” Hold my hand ” He added and she held his hand ti-ghtly
They both walked out of the school garden,,,,
” You’re going to walk me to the dorm right?? ” Lisa asked
” No,,I can’t ” Michael tea-sed
” plea-se,,I really don’t want to leave you so soon ” She pouted
” Really?? How’s your chemistry practical going?? If you don’t un-derstand something,, ask me okay??” Michael said
Lisa smiled and t©uçhed his cheek,,,
” You’re so cute ” She said
” I know,,” He said
” You’re not cute ” She frowned
” Thanks ” Michael said
” Gosh,,you’re annoying ” She said
” just because I didn’t blush??” Michael laughed
” See you later,,,,am planning to eat badly tonight,,” She whispered into his ear
” If you’re thinking am going to carry you,,,then you’re wrong ” Michael scoffed
” You’re harsh !!”
” Bye ” He laughed and ran off
Lisa smiled and went in,,,,she met Sharon ,as usual with her phone
” Why are you smiling so much?? I’ve missed that smile ” Sharon said
” Come on,,I’ve always smiled ”
” But you [email protected] smile these days,, wait did you meet with my brother?? ” Sharon whispered
” What?? No I didn’t,, why will he be the one to make me smile?? I only smiled on my own ” Lisa said and walked into the dressing room
” I know she’s lying, ” Sharon smiled
” Why are you suddenly dressing so cutely? Do you also have a crush now??” Sharon tea-sed her
” Am not dressing cutely Sharon,, its my normal style ” Lisa replied putting on her snickers
She was putting on a short pink go-wn which expo-se her white and smooth th!gh and kneels ,,,
She even loosed her hair from the ponytail,,
” Anyhow Lisa,,but you look h0t” Sharon said with a wi-nk
” thanks ” She smiled and they both walked out of the room
They entered the cafeteria and as usual the students were all talking loudly,,Lisa find herself searching for Hazel,,but she was not there. She sp©tted Michael and his friends,,, she stared at him wishing he can just look back for once but he was busy chatting and smiling.
‘ Lisa you’re going crazy alre-ady ‘ her mind said
She sighed and was about sitting when Michael turned to face her,,it was one of his friends who told him,,,
” Hey Lisa ” He waved at her with his sweet smile
Lisa smiled back and sat down,,at least she’s happy now. She wonder why she always want his attention,, just on her,nob©dy else.
‘ Am I not selfish right now?? Wanting him by my side every time? That’s selfishness ‘ she said inwardly
Florence and Juliet also joined them,,,,the cooks brou-ght their order for them and they all started eating
” Girls,,guess what ” Florence said
” You had your first se-x ” Sharon said
They all dropped their spoons and stood up walking away,,,
” I will just eat everything, thanks ” Sharon said laughing her as-s out
She knew they will be disgusted ,,that was why she said it
She packed the chicken on their meals,,they all ordered for the same food anyway.
” Where are others??” Michael said from behind,,
They are joining them,,their food trays in their hands
” They left ” Sharon said taking another bite from the three chicken [email protected]
” What the hell are you eating?? ” Michael asked and the rest bur-st into laughter
” I said something,, they were disgusted and left, so I have to eat these, my luck ” She smiled
” What did you said to them?? Ethan asked
” Florence asked us to guess about something and I said she had her first se-x ” Sharon said
” Gosh!!”
The boys also dropped their spoon and walked away
” Thank God the boys got wine,,” She smiled And took Michael’s glas-s,she was about sipping it when she heard his voice
” Don’t you dare,,am not re-ady for another case ” Michael said taking the glas-s from her again
” I thought you left ” Sharon asked as they all sat down again
Fee minutes later,, the girls also joined them
” what the hell happened to my chicken!!! ” Juliet shouted ma-king others laugh
” I ate it ” Sharon replied l!çk!ng herl-ips
” Lisa,,you can have mine,,am allergic to chicken ” Michael said putting the chicken on his food on Lisa’s
” You are allergic to chicken?? You’ve always fight over it,,when did you suddenly [email protected]£ allergic to it??” Gavin asked
” Keep shut Gavin,,, you can eat now Lisa ” He win-ked
” Am fine,,,you can have it ” Lisa said
” Since none of you want it ” Sharon said And gr-ab the chicken
” Gosh,,it was you who said you’re going to eat badly,, but it’s Sharon who’s doing it ” Michael said rou-ghing his hair
” Come on Sharon,,you will end up Pas-sing out ” Gavin laughed
” You can just carry me in your arms,it’s safe” Sharon said
” So,mine is no longer safe?? This is hilarious ” Michael said
” Don’t be jealous ” Noah said
Everyone was busy in their different dorms after the interesting Dinner,,,,
Michael and his friends were not left out,,
” Gosh,,I always miss Ethan ” Noah said
” Same here,I always wish we have the same room, ” Gavin sighed
” Why is he smiling?? ” Noah whispered at Gavin pointing at Michael
Michael was lost,,he was not even listening to their conversation
” Guys,,I nee-d your help ” Michael suddenly said
” What is it?? ” Gavin asked
” Wow,,this is the first time you are asking for something,, ” Noah said with a smile
” I will do anything for you sweetheart ” Gavin said
” Gosh,that’s disgusting ” Noah said and Gavin laughed
” Am serious guys” Michael said
” We are listening ”
” Okay,,,am asking the both of you,, or may be Gavin alone. I nee-d you to tell me something,, ” Michael said
” What is it??” Gavin asked curiously
‘ gosh this is embarras-sing’ Michael said inwardly but finally gathered courage to ask him
” How did you ask my sister out??” He asked
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