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Golden high Episode 22 & 23

( High School Drama )
Chapter 22
” let’s avoid each other from now Mich ” Lisa said and walked away
” What does she mean by let’s avoid each other?? ” Michael asked himself to be sure of what he heard,,he immediately ran after her,,he gr-ab her hand and took her back to the rooft©p
” Lisa,,,what do you think you’re saying?? Avoid each other for what??” He asked
” You heard me right,, I don’t want to be your friend,, ”
” Tell me you’re joking,, did I do something wrong?? Tell me ,,,I can’t do that, I can’t avoid you ” He said and pu-ll-ed her into a hvg
” Am sorry if I hurt you,,, so,,don’t try to avoid me,plea-se” He said hvgging her more ti-ghtly
Lisa pu-ll-ed away from the hvg,,
” Don’t do that again,,,and I mean what I said ” She snapped
” You are serious right now??” Michael asked still shocked and hurt at the same time
” Yes am serious,,”
” Okay,,fine,,,but,,,don’t leave because of me. You like watching the stars,,am just going to leave instead ” He said with a fake smile and walked out
‘ what the hell am I doing??’ Lisa asked inwardly and turned to Michael,but he was gone
” Michael??? Michael!!! ” She called running out to catch up with him but he was really gone.
She sighed trying to control her tears,,she’s only trying to hurt herself more. She won’t be able to take it if Michael doesn’t speak to her,,
She left the rooft©p and went to join the others,,
” Wow,finally you’re back. Had fun??” Florence asked with a wi-nk
” I don’t want to talk about it ” She replied and sighed
” What’s wrong with you lately?? Why are you always quiet?? You don’t want to talk about this, You don’t want to talk about that, what’s happening?? ” Juliet asked
” Am fine,,I just don’t feel too good ” She replied
” Are you sick?? ” Sharon asked
” Maybe,,I really nee-d to go right now ” Lisa said and stood up walking out of the cafeteria
She was afraid of the darkness but she really have to go,,she continue walking slowly until she got to the dorm,she saw someone sitting down in front of the room next to theirs
” Hey Lisa” The person called and that was when she knew it was Lily
” Lily?? What are you doing here alone?? ” Lisa asked
” Am taking pictures of the moon and the stars,,wanna take a look??” Lily asked
Lisa smiled and nodded ,,she went to her. Lily showed her the pictures
” Wow,,this is amazing!! ” Lisa shouted mesmerized by the sight of it caught in the [email protected]£ra
” You’re really good,,wow,,am speechless ” Lisa said
” Thanks,, you want a print out??” lily asked
” You can give me??”
” Sure,,, have it ” Lily handed the picture to her
” You can give it to someone you like ,,,it’s amazing ” Lily smiled
” Oh,,,,,,” Lisa thought of giving Michael who love the moon.
” No,I can’t ” She said [email protected] her head
” What’s wrong??” Lily asked looking confused with the way Lisa [email protected] herself
” It’s nothing, am sorry ” Lisa said and got up
” I nee-d to go now,,see you in clas-s tomorrow ” Lisa said and went in.
Lily shook her head still not getting why she will do that,, what was she thinking?? She smiled and continue taking her numerous pictures.
Lisa took her phone and decided to call her sister,, she picked at first ring
📞 Lisa!!
📞 Sis,,I guess you’re happy I called
Lisa smiled
📞 Of course,,how are you doing over there??
📞 Am fine Anna,,,it’s really great to be here. How about you?? How’s work??
📞 Am doing really great,but I missed you so much Lisa, I cant wait for the visiting day,,I have a cute surprise for you.
📞 Wow,,I can’t wait. What is it??
📞 I said it’s a surprise,, so you should wait for it.
📞 Awwnn,,,okay,,am waiting. Can’t wait to see your face again SIS,,
📞 Me too kid,,,and guess what
📞 You know am not good in that
📞 Okay then,,,,I got a little bit close to the lady staying in the next mansion,, so sometimes we spend times together. Her husband doesn’t stay home,,I guess he’s a traveler. So don’t worry about me,,am having fun
📞 Wow,,I will love to meet her
📞 Of course,,,she have two kids actually. But they are in school,,I don’t know the school though. But ,,,the son is cute
Anna sm-irked and Lisa scoffed
📞 I know what you’re thinking, its not going to happen
📞 Come on,,don’t worry am sure you will like him when you see his picture.
📞 Bye sis,,,I love you
Lisa said,,,Anna laughed out
📞 I love you more baby
Lisa smiled as she dropped the call,,she really miss her sister so much, especially her food.
She giggled still thinking about what her sister said,,cute ?? Can anyone be as cute as Mich??
” Oh no,,you’re thinking about him again ” She said and got out of be-d walking into the bathroom. After taking her bath she put on her pajamas and fl!pflops,, she sat down on the study desks and decided to study for some minutes.
” Wow,,you’re doing good Lisa!!” She said happily after solving some questions using the method Michael taught him,,
” He’s a good teacher,, why do I un-derstand it more than when the teacher taught me??” She asked and almost laughed at her own comment.
” Come on,,you can leave. ” Sharon said
” No,,I can’t let you Walk alone,if something happen,,Mich is going to break my head ” Gavin said and they both laughed
” Okay fine,I don’t want him to break your head ” Sharon said
They both walk hand in hand ,,,
” Don’t you think he’s a little bit strange these days?? He [email protected] eat,,just keeping quiet and studying even ha-rder like he’s preparing for war ” Gavin said and sighed
” I don’t know,,,I wanted to talk to him but he doesn’t seem to have my time right now ” Sharon sighed
” I just hope he’s fine ” Gavin said worriedly
” You don’t have to worry about him too much,,,he will be fine ” Sharon said and pe-cked his cheek
” Gosh,,why did you do that!! ” Gavin half yelled
” What?? ”
” Don’t talk ” He snapped and just k!$$£d herl-ips.
” You’re a bad boy,,you know that right??” Sharon tea-sed
” No am not,,,am cool ” He replied with a smile
” No you’re not ” Sharon said
” Yes I am”
” No you’re not ”
” Yes I am”
” No you’re not ‘
” Just give up ” Gavin laughed
” Silly ” She poked his nose and laughed
” I love you ” Gavin said and pu-ll-ed her into a hvg
” I love you too ” Sharon replied closing her eyes as she inhale his cute scent
” Go now,,,goodnight ” Gavin said and pe-cked herl-ips before running off.
Sharon smiled watching him until she could no longer see him,,,
She opened the door and locked it,,Lisa was alre-ady asleep on the study desk,,she shook her head slowly and taped her
” Lisa,,” She called
” Lisa get up ” She said again
” Oh,,when did you get in??” Lisa asked
” Just now,,,” She replied
” Okay” Lisa said shortly and closed the texts,,she climb the be-d and sle-pt off.
Sharon sighed and went into the bathroom
” Hey Michael,, we were waiting for you at the cafeteria,, so you were here?? You’re not eating?? ” Noah asked
” No” He replied Shortly
” Is anything bothering you??” Gavin asked
” What?? Of course not,,am really fine. Just not feeling good,,am fine ” He replied with a smile
” Are you about to sleep?” Noah asked
” What,,you want me to do something for you??” Michael asked
” Yeah,,,further maths,, the as-signment seems ha-rder than the example ” Noah said and they all bur-st into laugher
” That’s what I always try to tell him,,,the teachers are so cruel,,simple examples and [email protected] as-signments,, the exams are always the worst,, gosh ” Gavin said
” It’s nothing,, just that you have to make use of your [email protected],, and confuse the teacher ” Michael said with a sm-irk
” What?? Confuse the teacher?? How??” They both asked curiously at the same
” Gosh,,I was just joking. You seem to believe everything I say ” Michael laughed
” Wow,,I was really curious to know. ” Gavin said
” Am going to explain once,,so listen carefully ” Michael said taking a pen and note like a lecturer
Gavin chuckled ,,,,
……………10 minutes later
” Do you un-derstand?? ” Michael asked
” Am sorry,,,but I don’t un-derstand a thing ” Noah said silently
” What thefu-ck!!!?? You don’t un-derstand??? Gosh now I have to explain again?? Why can’t you guys try to learn fas-ter like Lisa??” Michael yelled
” What?? Lisa??” Gavin asked
” No,,,never mind,,am going to explain again. Listen carefully,, ” He said calmly
Chapter 23
Lisa finally walked out of the bathroom after spending over 40 minutes,,she just find herself standing un-der the running water not wanting to leave. Sharon have been yelling that she have to tell her to go without her.
If she skip the first clas-s,it’s not bad. She wipe her we-t b©dy with her pink towel and clean her hair as well,,,after using the cream she walked into the room,her uniform was well ironed on the be-d thanks to the cleaners who always help them with the laundry,, she hate washing .
She put on her uniform and then her shoes,, she arranged her hair properly and [email protected] her hand out once in front of the mirror
” Why did I do that?? I don’t even know ” She said and laughed out
Thank God no one is there,, they would have thought she’s crazy.
She gr-ab her further maths text and put it in her bag,,not like she did the as-signment. It was too [email protected] and Sharon doesn’t even know it either. It’s [email protected] of the reason why she left earlier today,she’s probably going to copy and paste from Michael.
She smiled at the thought of him but the smile faded away immediately she remember they are not in good terms right now. Well,,she caused it.
She walked out of the room,,locked it and kept the key.
She started her walk to clas-s,,her steps were really slow like she’s not late alre-ady.
She got closer to clas-s and could hear the further maths teacher asking for the as-signment,,
” Oh no,,should I just escape?? Yes,,that’s it,,,,” Lisa said to herself
” Are you coming in or not” Oh no the teacher saw her
She sighed and walked in,,all eyes on her
” Before you sit,,,can you show us your as-signment?? Did you get the answer correctly?? ” the teacher asked and her heart skipped a beat
She didn’t even get one out of it,,,,all eyes were on her right now expecting her to talk.
” She’s really [email protected] ” A voice said and the clas-s bur-st into laughter
She knew whose voice it is,,,it’s no one but Hazel. She breath out trying to calm herself.
” Lisa?? Am waiting ” The teacher said
” I tried to solve it but I couldn’t get the right answer” She spoke up
” Gross ” Hazel said and the clas-s laughed again
” I explained more than thrice yesterday,,,, ”
” I don’t even know how she got admitted here” That was Hazel again and that was it,,,Lisa have had enough,,she’s going to talk
” Well I guess your dad collected bribe from my aunt ” Lisa said and everyone [email protected]
” Really?? My dad ?? Wow that’s amazing,,, but I guess he’s now more disappointed in you because your [email protected] doesn’t seem to change from it state,,it’s getting worst after all. Don’t worry,,I will tell my dad to return your sister’s money ,,finally you can leave this place,,isn’t that awesome??!! ” Hazel said with sm-irk
” Hazel!!! That’s enough!!!!!!” Michael yelled ban-ging his hand on the locker [email protected] that the whole clas-s flin-ched
” Why are you not telling her to st©p thefu-cking $h!t she’s saying?!!! ” He shouted at the teacher angrily
🚺 What’s happening??
🚺 Why is he so angry?
Lisa was watching him with a shocked look,,,that was the same expression on his face when he was beating up Rowan,and now??
” It’s okay,,let’s all settle down. Lisa you can have your seat ” The teacher said
” Thank you sir ” She said and sat down
” Michael can you come solve the questions for us??” The teacher said
” I don’t get it right,,I tried it but I couldn’t get it either. Maybe Hazel should solve it since she’s [email protected] ” Michael said
” Michael!!” Hazel shouted angrily
” What!!!” He shouted back and stood up
” I can’t stand this anymore,,,go on and solve it!! ” He yelled again
” Are you okay?? What the hell is wrong with you!!” Hazel shouted
The clas-s were watching with amazement wondering what is wrong with them,,,
” You’re so rude Hazel!! You’re really rude!! She didn’t get the answer correctly doesn’t mean she’s [email protected],,, how dare you say that to your fellow student?? You being brilliant doesn’t mean you know everything,,, you’re not even brilliant to me,,, ”
” Guys that’s enough ” The teacher said
” How dare you say that to me!!” Hazel shouted in tears
” You can get me expelled ” Michael snapped
” Am disappointed in you,, youfu-cking yelled at me because of this riffraff??!! ”
” Am more disappointed in you,,when did youfu-cking turn to a bully??!!”
Hazel shook her head in tears and ran out of the clas-s,,, Michael pushed the locker away angrily and also walked out of the clas-s.
” Let’s end the clas-s here ” The teacher said and walked out leaving the students in total confusion.
” I’ve never seen Michael and Hazel shouting at each other,, it’s all because of her ”
” Gosh,,I hate her ”
The clas-s started to murmur,,,,tears rolled out of Lisa’s eyes as she heard that. She stood up and ran out of the clas-s,,,,,right now she’s feeling guilty. Is that not what she wanted?? Wanting him to defend her ,,then why is she crying??
She wipe her tears and decided to look for Michael,,,
” School garden,,,” She said and picked a race,,,she ran to the garden,,she’s right. Michael was there,,, his head resting on her [email protected] Is he crying???
She moved closer to him,,,she t©uçhed him gently
” Michael ” She called and he raised his head ,,he stared at her for some seconds before speaking up
” What do you want?? Are we not supposed to avoid each other?? ” He asked with no expression
” Am,,,,,,”
” Don’t be mistaken,, I didn’t do that because of you. I was only trying to tell her she was wrong,,I would have done that if it was someone else she said it to. Me not talking doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s right,,It just take time for me to react. You [email protected]£ here because you pitied me,,,I don’t like it when someone feel that way toward me. Let’s continue to avoid each other,,,, ” He said and stood up
” Michael wait,,,am sorry,,,,,, I ,,,am really sorry ”
” Lisa st©p! You are suddenly sorry because I defended you in clas-s,is that not it?? That’s what you want?? Defending you?? If it was Rowan who did that,, you would have gone to him too,,,,gosh,,what am I saying?? I don’t care if you are with Rowan or anyone. Do you get that?? Move out of my way ”
” I didn’t ask you to defend me!! You did it willingly!! ” She suddenly yelled
” And do you even know you’re faulty in what you said to her?? You brou-ght her dad to the Silly fight you two were claiming to have,,,when you are doing those $h!ts,,elders should be excluded,,but you called her dad. You’re also rude Lisa ” Michael said and walked away.
Hazel walked into her father’s office in tears,,her eyes were all red as a result of the tears.
” Oh my God,, Hazel!!! What the hell happened to you!!” He shouted getting up from his seat as soon as he set his eyes on her
” Dad,,,” She cried out
” Tell me who did this to you ”
” I want her expelled,,,right Now!!! For ma-king Michael yell at me,,,he shouted at me dad,,he probably hate me now,,because of her!!! Get her expelled!!! Mona Lisa!!!!” She shouted and walked out of the office angrily
” What?? What the hell ??”
He was so angry to see his daughter that way,,,but he tried to calm down.
Just then Miss Emily,,the female doctor walked in
” Emily,,why are you here??” He asked trying to smile
” I found her Leo,,,I found her. ” Miss Emily said in tears
” Found her?? Who??”
” my child,,, our child ” She said and bur-st into tears


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