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Golden high Episode 20 & 21

( High School Drama )
Chapter 20
” You?!!!!!” They both shouted at the same time.
The clas-s was confused ,,do they know each other somewhere??
” Hazel,,you should have your seat first ” The teacher said
” You’re in the wrong place ” Hazel whispered to Lisa before walking back to her seat. She sat down feeling mad as ever
” Before you [email protected]£ in,,we were grouping ourselves into different teams,,for the upcoming Chemistry practicals ” The teacher said trying to bring Hazel along
” Am getting paired with Michael” She said
” Michael got a [email protected] alre-ady,,”
” I can’t do a practical alone, and besides I nee-d someone intelligent as my group member, I don’t know anything about the t©pics you’ve taken so far,, ” She said
” You’re right,,so what do we do now??”
” Am with Michael, that’s it ” She snapped
” Lisa?? Are you comfortable with the three of you being in a group?? ” The teacher asked and Hazel scoffed
” No,,I will just go for someone else,,maybe Rowan ” She said
” Better,,can’t stay in the same room with you, am gonna puke ” Hazel said and the whole clas-s bur-st into laughter
” I will rather pack dungs than staying with you,,, my dog pet looks more prettier than you” Lisa said and the clas-s [email protected]
” How dare you!!” Hazel yelled ban-ging her hand on the locker
” Hazel,,calm down ” Michael gr-ab her hand
” You want to get expelled??!!”
” Okay okay,,that’s enough,,let’s settle down ” The teacher said
Lisa rolled her ton-gue out at her before sitting down,,,
” You guys know each other somewhere?? ” Florence was the first to ask as they all walked to the cafeteria during lunch
” Back in America,, she was my clas-smate. We hate each other,, no doubt. I never planned to see her again,,” Lisa said
” Wow,,that’s crazy ” Sharon said not knowing what to say
” But I will advice you to be careful with her,,she can get you expelled with just a f!nger snap and you know what that means,,there’s no other school that’s gonna accept you in ” Juliet said
” Fine,,,” Lisa rolled her eyes
They all took their orders and went to sit down,,
” Are you re-ady?? Or next time??” Michael asked her
” I really want to see everywhere,, but am hungry, let’s go have lunch first ” She said pu-lling Michael out of the clas-s and sticking to him like he’s some toy.
” Gosh,, it’s so good to be back. ” She said dreamily as they walked into the cafeteria
The students started murmuring,, just as usual.
” Hey Sharon ” Hazel waved at her
” Great to have you around,,,you can join us ” Sharon smiled
” You can join them,, I will just go somewhere else ” Michael said shortly and went to sit with his friends.
Hazel was about sitting when she noticed Lisa was there,,
” What the hell” She shouted
” Why barking?? ” Lisa asked
The whole students are now focus on them right now??
” What?? Me barking?? You mean am a dog??” Hazel asked pointing at herself
” I never said that,, but if you love the title,you can have it ” Lisa smiled
Florence and Juliet almost laughed but they controlled themselves,,
” How dare you,,” Hazel said and gr-ab the orange jui-ce in front of her. She emptied everything on Lisa’s b©dy
” Oh my God!! ” Lisa shouted standing up immediately,, her uniform was now stained with differer color,blue,yellow,orange and others
🚺 Wow,that’s so embarras-sing
” Are you crazy??!! How could you !!!” Lisa yelled almost in tears
Hazel smiled and took another one,,she was about pouring it all over her when Someone hold her hand,,,
She turned back and scoffed
” How dare you try to t©uçh me !!! Get off ” She shouted
” You shouldn’t be doing that,, it doesn’t suit you ” Rowan said and took the cu-p from her
” And who do you think you are to question me??” She asked angrily before facing Lisa again
” Next time,,,make sure you avoid crossing my [email protected] or you’re going to regret it ” Hazel said
Someone suddenly gr-ab her hand from the back dragging her out of the cafeteria,,,,Lisa was shocked to see it was Michael, he doesn’t even care about her right now?? He’s taking Hazel out leaving me here??
A tear dropped from her eyes,,
” Let’s get you cleaned ” Sharon said trying to take her hand
” Don’t t©uçh me ” Lisa snapped and ran out of the cafeteria
Vanessa on the other hand keep on smiling, she was enjoying the show. At least if she can’t make life miserable for Lisa,,Hazel will do it.
” I think I just have to enjoy the show while it last ” She giggled
” Me too ” Eunice replied and sip from her drinks
” Hazel,,what was that for?? Why did you have to do that?? ” Michael asked angrily as he drag her into the restroom
” I hate her ” Hazel rolled her eyes
” Hazel,,you don’t even know her. Why hating her??”
” Know her?? You know her more than I do?? Wise up dude,,we went to the same high school in America ” Hazel said and Michael [email protected]
So,,the girl Lisa was talking about was Hazel??? He rou-ghed his hair,, why is all these happening right now???
” You don’t have to worry about me,,I am fine, but I have to teach her a great lesson. She will regret ever coming to this school ” Hazel said with a sm-irk
” No,you can’t do that. She’s my friend ” Michael said
” Then quit being friends with her” Hazel snapped and walked away
Just then Lisa ran in,,she was in tears. She st©pped the moment she saw Michael,,,
” Lisa I,,,”
” Don’t you dare talk to me ” She snapped
” Am sorry,,, ” Michael said
” Wow,,so now you’re pleading on her behalf?? Great couples,, ” Lisa said and was about going into one of the bathrooms when Michael pu-ll-ed her back
” We are not couples Lisa,, ”
” You left me there and went for her instead!! You didn’t even look at me,,she did all these!!” Lisa yelled pointing at her uniform
” Am sorry,,but it’s not what you’re thinking okay??”
” I don’t care,,just leave me alone ” She threw his hand off
“Lisa wait,,”
” You should leave now,,you’re not going into the washroom with me right?? ” Lisa said and went in.
Michael sighed and went out,,,he didn’t go back to the cafeteria, he walked back to the clas-s. He really lost his appetite,, he got back to clas-s and met Rowan alone in clas-s doing something on the system.
He ignored him and just sat down with his head on the locker,,,,
” You look like a husband who can’t provide for his wife’s nee-ds ” Rowan said laughing his as-s out
Michael couldn’t help but to laugh also,,,,
” It’s not funny ” Michael said and frown his face immediately
” After laughing?? ” Rowan scoffed
” I only laughed so you won’t look stupid for laughing alone,,” Michael said
” Fine,suit yourself ” Rowan replied and faced his system back.
Just then, Lisa [email protected]£ in,she alre-ady changed into another uniform. She went to her locker and sat down,
” Are you okay??” Rowan asked ,she nodded with a smile
” Am fine,,thanks for the other time. I owe you one ” Lisa said
” Really?? Okay,,am going to think of what to ask ” Rowan smiled
Michael sighed and put on his headphone,, he’s getting mad listening to them.
Finally the lunch was over and the students started coming in one after the other,,,
” Why did you skip lunch??” Hazel asked as she sat down beside Michael
” Not hungry ” He replied
” So you mean am the hungry bird?? ” Hazel asked with a frown and Michael laughed out so much that the clas-s were confused
” Is that funny??” Hazel asked still frowning
” You look like a hungry bird ,,seriously ” Michael replied still smiling
Hazel gave him a gentle [email protected] on his shoulder and smiled
“Okay,am sorry ” Michael said
” What’s so funny?? This is annoying ” Lisa said and rolled her eyes
” are you jealous??” Lily asked with a wi-nk
” Why will I be jealous?? I don’t care ” Lisa replied
” That’s a lie,, I can see it in your face ” Lily smiled and Lisa was surprised
Why is she even talking to her???
” Why are you talking to me now?? Thought you don’t talk ” Lisa said
” I talk,but not too much ” Lily replied.
Chapter 21
School was finally over,,as the chemistry teacher informed them, they went to him in groups and he gave them the practicals,, each group are left in their own fate after that.
” I think it’s going to be easy ” Rowan said checking the lists with him as they both walked into the chemistry laboratory
Lisa only kept quiet,, she seem to be lost in her own world.
” Hey Lisa are you even listening to me ??” Rowan t©uçhed her
” Am sorry,,” She said
” Gosh,,,what are you thinking of?? ” Rowan asked
” Nothing,,, just tired ” She said even though that was not the reason behind her silence.
They started taking out what they nee-d for the practical,,
” Wow,,,I think this is going to be easy. ” they heard a voice
” Don’t be so sure ” another voice said and Lisa recognized the voice immediately,,
And then the two people finally showed up,,,
” Wow,,look who we got here ” Hazel said mockingly at Lisa
” Hazel don’t start that here ,,,” Michael snapped and looked at Lisa
” Like I care,,,, I just hate seeing her around ” Hazel scoffed and walked away pas-sing the middle of Lisa and Rowan almost ma-king Lisa fall. Michael immediately rushed to help her from falling,,
” Don’t t©uçh me,,,I can help myself ” Lisa snapped
” You almost fell ” Michael said
” Then you should have allow me fall!!” She said almost yelling
” Lisa ,,,,,,” Michael called
” Rowan,,we are done right?? Let’s go ” She said and walked out of the lab
” I guess am the one nee-ded this time ” Rowan whispered to Michael before going out.
Michael sighed and rou-ghed his hair,, he always does that when he’s angry and sad.
” Why are you still here?? We have to get these things ” Hazel said showing him the list in her hand
Michael nodded and they both got busy,,.
” Can I join you guys??” Hazel asked some group of girls sitting round a table as she hold her food
” Wow,of course ” They immediately gave her a seat
” Thanks ” She smiled and sat down
” I was not expecting this,,never knew you can sit with us ” One of the girls said
” Why can’t I sit with you,,not like am special. Am just a student like you guys ” Hazel replied
” You won’t believe it,,but am happy to see you here ”
They continue eating and talking at the same time,,they enjoy each other’s company.
Sharon,Florence and Juliet on the other hand were worried about Lisa who haven’t join us,,
” Guys let’s eat,she will join us later. Am really starving ” Juliet said
” Yeah you’re right,she will join us ” Florence and Sharon agreed and they started eating.
” Is something wrong between Michael and Lisa?? ” Florence suddenly asked
” Why did you ask that?? ” Sharon asked with her mouth filled
” I haven’t seen them together today, they look awkward and besides Lisa is not happy ” Florence replied and Sharon smiled
” What are you smiling at??”
” I don’t think I have any explanation to that,you can just ask Lisa when she gets here ” Sharon said
” You’re sounding weird,am sure you know what’s happening. Michael is your brother ” Juliet said and pu-ll-ed her head which made her laugh.
” Let’s find out” Florence said and shook hands and Juliet
” You guys are funny,,,” Sharon keep on laughing
She knew what was going on with Lisa,,,everything is because of Hazel and that’s the reason why she can’t say anything. Not like she’s scared of Hazel,she’s only trying to help her confused brother.
Lisa was having a great time at the school rooft©p,, the stars are really amazing. Bit that suddenly made her remember Michael,,she sighed
” Just forget about him Lisa ” She said to herself
Just then she heard steps coming closer to her and she almost screamed out when she noticed it was Michael
” Oh,,you’re also Here??” Michael asked with a surprise face which turn into a wi-de smile
Lisa cleared her throat and stood up
” I was about Leaving ” Lisa said trying to walk away.
Michael pu-ller her back,,_
” How long will you keep on giving me this Silent treatment ???” He asked
” I don’t know what you’re talking about,,can you leave me alone??” She snapped and looked away
” I said am sorry alre-ady, what else do you want?? Why do you keep on avoiding me?? You’re even getting closer to Rowan than me,,,,,”
” You’re also close with Hazel,,so why are you curious about Rowan and I??” Lisa scoffed
” All these is because of Hazel?? ” Michael asked
” let’s avoid each other from now Mich ” Lisa said and walk away

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