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Golden high Episode 18 & 19

( High School Drama )
Chapter 18
” Lily brou-ght something?? But why??” Michael asked looking confused
” What else?? ” Gavin asked with a scoff
” Am going to see her,, but what is the thing?? Am giving it back to her ” Michael said
Gavin handed over the pack to him,,,,he didn’t even bother to check it before walking out of the room.
Soon he was in Lily’s dorm,,he was about knocking when Lily [email protected]£ out. She was surprised to see him but at the same time happy.
” What are you doing here??” She asked
” We nee-d to talk ” Michael said
” But,,,,” she wanted to say something but Michael gr-ab her hand and walked her to somewhere pri-vate.
” Am sorry I can’t take this ” Michael said handing the bag to her but she didn’t take it
” But why?? I only gave you because we are friends now,,,it’s nothing ” Lily said
Michael sighed and took her hand,, he put the bag in her hand,,
” We can be friends without giving each other gifts, doing this will only cause trouble for me ” Michael said
” Trouble?? How??” She asked
” I don’t have to tell you,,I have to go now. Am sorry for not accepting the gift ” He said and walked away just like that ,,Lily sighed and went back in.
Michael walked back into the room and sat down,,
” You don’t have to be sad Noah,,,,am not going to make any advance on her. She’s not my type,,and besides you should tell her before it’s too late ” Michael said
” It’s fine,,I don’t think I have enough courage to tell her. It’s fine ” Noah said with a sigh.
” Hazel will be back on Monday,,, ” Gavin suddenly said and they all win-ked at Michael
” Guys st©p,,,she’s nothing to me ” Michael said
” Her father want you guys to be something,, are you going to reject him??” Ethan asked
” I don’t know,, but I don’t like her that way. We are just friends ” Michael said
” You mean,you guys have never k!$$£d before?? ” Noah whispered
” What?? Not at all,,,” Michael said truthfully
” Even if she want that,, I won’t allow that ” Michael said
” So you haven’t had your first k!ss??” Gavin asked
” Oh,,that,,, it’s a secret ” He smiled
” Come on,,tell us,tell us!!!” They screamed tickling him all over
” Okay guys!!! Am going to tell you,,,just st©p!!” He shouted
” No,,tell us before we st©p”
” Gosh,,,okay it’s Lisa, it’s Lisa!!” He shouted and that’s when they left him
” What??? Lisa??? When did you guys,,, I can’t believe this ” Gavin said with a smile
” When??”
” it was yesterday ,,,in the suspension room, she was the one who k!$$£d me though,but it was cool ” Michael smiled when he remember her.
” Wow,,that’s amazing. Wait, do you like her by any chance?? ” Ethan win-ked
” She’s cool,,,” He replied and they laughed
” Just cool?? ”
” Okay guys,, that’s enough. Am going to leave now,,,your questions are too much ” Michael said and went out of the room
He was smiling as he walk ,,,his friends can be crazy at times. He went to his favorite place in the school,,the school garden,,but someone was there,, just the back view though.
It was like the person noticed him and looked back,,,
” Oh,,,Lisa??” He smiled and sat down beside her on the bench.
” You’re re-ading?? ” he asked with a surprise face
” Yeah,,,but I nee-d your help somehow ” Lisa said
” Always re-ady ” He replied
” Can you explain this to me?? Am confused ” She said showing him the chemistry calculation
” It’s simple ” Michael said and took the text from her
He explained everything to her,
” wow,,never knew it’s as simple as that, thank you” She said
” I told you everything is simple,,you just have to follow the principles ” Michael said
She nodded and packed the texts ,,,she turned to him
” What,,,is there something on my face??”. Michael asked
” You’re so handsome ” She said
” What?? Am handsome?? ” He asked like he’s surprised
” Are you kidding me?? You must have heard that from different girls ” Lisa said
” I know,, but it sound so special coming from you. And you’re also beautiful,, ”
” Thanks,,, ” Lisa smiled shyly
” You [email protected]£ from America right??? Can you tell me about the school you attended over there?? ” Michael asked
” Well,,,it’s a nice school ,,but I think here is the best. There are lot of good students and bad students also,,you know the Americans are really something else,”
” Yeah,I know. But I love their lifestyles anyway,,so tell me is there any guy who is handsome like I am??” Michael whispered into her ear
” What?!! ” Lisa laughed
” Come on,,tell me ” He smiled
” Well,,,no,,” She replied
“Now am calm” Michael said tou-ching his che-st
” But there was a girl,,,gosh,,I hate her ” Lisa said and hissed
” Really?? Why??”
” She’s so full of herself,,h0ttest girl, riche-st girl,, she’s just so annoying,in a nutshell,,we are enemies,but am glad am never going to see her again ” Lisa said
” Wow,,,enemies,, ” Michael repeated the word
There was total silence as the two continue starring at each other,,
” What ” They asked at the same time and ended up laughing
” Let’s get going,,, it’s becoming late. And am really hungry ” Michael said standing up
” Hungry,,,it’s almost time for dinner right?? Or you want some snacks?? ” Lisa asked looking concerned and also stood up
” You want to give me??” He asked
” If you want it ”
” Well,,I want something else ” Michael said with a smile
” What is it??” Lisa asked
He moved closer to her ,,,
” Just a k!ss,” He whispered into her ear, before she could reply,hisl-ips alre-ady captured hers.
Chapter 19
” Just a k!ss,” He whispered into her ear, before she could reply,hisl-ips alre-ady captured hers.
Lisa was surprised but nevertheless,,she closed her eyes and open up for the k!ss. Not like she doesn’t want it too,,she was only tying to control herself and not do anything stupid.
Michael left her after some minutes catching his breath,,he smiled and pu-ll-ed her into a hvg.
” You’re not mad at me right?? ” he asked
” No,” Lisa replied and hvgged him ti-ghtly.
She was feeling the urge to ask him about Hazel but decided to keep quiet,after pu-lling away from the hvg,Lisa packed her books and they were re-ady to leave. But suddenly Michael pu-ll-ed her back,,
” Are you okay?? Is anything wrong??” Lisa asked
” Geez,,” Michael muttered un-der his breath and rou-ghed his hair softly
” What is it??” Lisa asked again
” It’s nothing,,, let’s just leave. I think am going crazy, ” Michael said
” Tell me ” Lisa said
” Am just,,,, you know what?? It’s not something I can explain in words ” He replied
” Really?? Is it that bad??” Lisa asked
” It’s not bad,,never mind,it’s okay ” Michael said
The truth is,,he really wanted to just gr-ab her and k!ssher again until she become breathless, but it’s going to look weird,he shouldn’t be doing that.
But right now, it’s like he can’t control himself. He gr-ab her hand and pinned her to the nearest flower tree with his hands against hers over her head,
Lisa was surprised and speechless at the same time,, what is he trying to do? She can’t even move and her hands are hurting so badly because of the rou-gh treeback.
” Am sorry I have to do this,, but am afraid am going to get sick if I don’t” Michael said and doesn’t even allow her to talk before taking herl-ips in.
Why does she taste so nice?? He thought, He bite her bottoml-ips sweetly and that made her to open up completely.
” Oh,,,, ” Lisa muttered un-der her breath not wanting him to st©p even though she was losing her breath seriously because of the [email protected] and de-ep k!ss.
Finally Michael left her,,,he smiled his charms out
” That’s not enough, but I guess you’re breathless alre-ady ” He said
Lisa wanted to scream out a no but she just kept quiet starring at her in shock,,, how can he do that like a professional,she’s sure he would have done that with countless girls
” I know what you’re thinking,but you’re wrong. Am not a pla-yboy” he said with a wi-nk which s£nt blushes all over her cheek.
” I was thinking about something else ” She finally spoke up after the long silence from her
They finally went out of the garden,the garden keeper waved at them and they smiled.
” Do you think he saw us??” Lisa asked
” Of course not,,he only watch the gate to the garden and then come to water the flowers money and night,,noon is not included ” Michael replied
” Why is noon excluded??” Lisa asked
” Are you not a biology student?? The plant will surely lose it nutrients when you water it at noon,,,it should be allowed to ph0tosynthesize before adding water to it. Plants nee-ds both sunlight and Water,,as well as a open place and not a dark place ” Michael explained
” Oh,,now I un-derstand. Thanks ” She smiled
” Am cool ” He replied
The clas-s was so silent as the chemistry teacher walked in,he alre-ady informed them about the practicals coming up and it’s time to peer them up.
” You all seem anxious to see me,do you like practicals that much?? ” the chemistry teacher asked with a smile and the students giggled. Maybe they are just happy because it’s going to be a group work.
” Okay,,so now,am going to start the peering. Anyhow,anywhere,anyone you are peered with, you have to accept it that way” He said and they all nodded in approval
He started Calling out the names,,,,,,,
” Lily,grouped with Noah. Sharon getting grouped with Gavin,Justin with Florence,Juliet grouped with Ethan ,Vanessa with Rowan,,no no,,the two of you can’t be in the same Group,, I will change it. ” The teacher said immediately putting down something in his note
” Okay now,,,Vanessa with Justin, Rowan with Lala,and lastly, Michael with Lisa ” He said and closed his notepad.
I guess you all know your [email protected] right now,,,,so after the school ends,,each group must come to my office,separately tho ,,I will give you the practicals to work on. Do you get that?? ”
” Yes sir ” The students chorused
Just then a junior student walked in,,
” Excuse me ,,the proprietor asked me to call Michael Sumbae ( s£nior Michael in Korea ) ” He said
” Okay,,Michael you can leave ” The chemistry teacher said
Michael stood up and walked out of the clas-s,,
” Thank you,, you can go ” He said to the junior who smiled at him
” I like you,,you’re my role model. I want to appear on the school Advert in my s£nior year too ” The junior student said and Michael smiled
” You should study [email protected] then,,that’s all ” He replied
” Am doing that,,,”
” What’s your name??” Michael asked
” Daniel ” He replied
” Okay Daniel,thanks for the complements. You can go to your clas-s now,,I will see you around ” Michael waved at him even though he knew he may not see Daniel again. The school is too big to notice other students who are not in your clas-s.
Only the popular students are known all over the school and it’s like he’s one of the popular students,, who wouldn’t know the most brilliant and handsome boy in Golden High??
He walked into the office wearing his forever charming smile but was almost shocked when he noticed a student sitting down.
It’s Hazel,,,she noticed his pres£nce and immediately stood up
” Michel!!” she shouted and hvgged him so ti-ghtly that he could [email protected] breath
” Oh,,Hazel,,” He managed to talk and then Hazel re-leased him
” Hi sir ” Michael greeted
” Hello Mich,, I called you here so you can walk Her to your clas-s,,the last time she [email protected]£ here,you guys were in grade 3. ” The Proprietor explained
” Okay sir ” Michael replied and turned to Hazel who was busy checking him out
” You first ” He said
She smiled and waved at her dad before walking out,,,
” You’re so handsome ” She said and faced him as they walked together
” You’re also beautiful ” Michael said straightly
” It’s like some things changed about this school,,” Hazel said seriously this time
” Yeah,,a lot of things changed” He replied
” Can you show me around later??? plea-se ” She asked and held him ti-ghtly with a pout
” You don’t have to do that,,, of course I will. It’s nothing ” Michael replied
” Thanks,, ” She grinned as they walked into the clas-s
🚺 Oh my God!! It’s Hazel!!!
🚺 Hi Hazel!!
🚺 Gosh she’s h0t!!
🚺 She’s so beautiful am jealous!!
🚺 Did you see the way she’s holding Michael?? They look good together
That was when Michael noticed that she was still holding him,,,he re-moved her hand gently.
Lisa on the other hand was looking confused,, is this the same Hazel she knew back in America or it’s someone else,,no,,it’s someone else.
” Wow,,,Mr Kim!!! Nice meeting you again!!” Hazel said and hvgged the teacher
” You’re welcome Hazel,,never knew you’re back tho,,you’re good right??” The teacher asked
” Yeah am fine,, hello everyone. Do I nee-d to introduce myself. It’s me ,,Hazel Silas,,am back here,so nice to see you all again ” She smiled out dimples and the students screamed out
🚺 Gosh!!!!
🚺 I can’t st©p saying this,, she’s really beautiful!!
” Can I get a seat beside Michael??” she asked after seeing Vanessa beside him
” Someone is there,,, but there’s,,, ” She interrupted
” I have to sit with him so he can explain somethings to me,,it’s dad’s order ” She said and sm-irked at Vanessa who was folding her fist together angrily
” Okay,,Vanessa can you find somewhere else to sit??”
Vanessa stormed up angrily and took her bag,
” You will have your locker by lunch, thanks ” Hazel said and was about sitting down when her eyes caught with Lisa
She walked closer to her still staring,, Lisa also was trying to know if it’s really Hazel
And then,,,,,
” You?!!!!!” They both shouted at the same time.

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