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Golden high Episode 14 & 15

( High School Drama )
Chapter 14
By: Summer Gold.
” What the hell?!!!” Michael shouted and pu-ll-ed her away before walking into their room,,he dropped her on the be-d and went back
” How is she ??” Lisa asked looking worried
” She’s fine,,but,,she did something stupid ” Michael said with a frown
” Stupid?? Is it that bad??” She asked
” I don’t want to talk about it,,am really mad at her right now. She should have listened to me when I warned her against taking anything alcoholic ” Michael said angrily
” Don’t get mad,,,” Lisa smiled
” Hey Michael,,, I’ve been searching for you, where did you go to??” Ethan asked sitting with them
” I went to take care of something,, how about Noah??” He asked
” He’s in the hostel with Gavin ” Ethan replied
Talking about Gavin,,he really have a lot of explanation to make. Sharon thought he was Gavin,that was why she k!$$£d him. What are the two up to??
” Are you okay?? You look angry ” Ethan said
” I don’t want to talk about this,, Gosh,,I lost my appetite, Lisa am going to walk you to the dorm. Let’s go ” Michael said
Lisa waved at Ethan before following Michael who’s mind was somewhere else and she wonder what Sharon did. Could she have expo-se her relationsh!pwith Gavin?
” you can tell me what’s wrong,,” Lisa said and hold his hand smoothly
” It’s really stupid ” Michael muttered
” Oh,,,,,,,but,,,,”
” Goodnight Lisa ” He said and turned back
That was when she discovered that they’ve gotten to the hostel,,she sighed watching Michael walking away and she keep on wondering what’s suddenly wrong with him.
He was fine some minutes ago,so what happened??
She finally entered into the room,,Sharon was lying on the be-d with the duvet covering her b©dy warmly ,,,
Lisa shook her head and walked into the dressing room,,she was tem-pted to take another bath but the night was a cold one,she put on her pajamas and went back to the room.
She closed her eyes and sle-pt off.
” Hey Michael, you’re back.” Gavin said with a smile
” How was it??” Noah asked but he ignored the two and went into the inner room
” What’s wrong with him??” Gavin asked looking innocent
” I don’t know,,,I have no idea ” Noah replied and there was silence in the room
He [email protected]£ back in and took a text ,,he climb the be-d and started re-ading while the two friends were worried.
” Do you think someone did something to him??” Gavin asked
” Maybe,,,I don’t think he’s re-ady to talk to us right now,” Noah replied and they both decided to let him be. He’s going to come around when he’s calm,,
NEXT DAY( Saturday )
In Golden High,, Saturdays and Sundays are always the best for the students,, they are allowed to have fun and do whatever they want,,,as long as they don’t go out of the school compound.
Well the school is large enough to do whatever they wanna do,,,,some hang around while some choose to stay in the [email protected] and there are some who never come out on Saturdays.
Among such students is Lily ,,she prefer staying alone and not as-sociate with others. She opened the window of their room starring at The Blue sky,,it was morning, the weather was really cool.
She took her [email protected]£ra,,yeah that’s what she enjoys to do most,she took a picture of the sky and admire the look. She smiled and continue scrolling throu-gh her old pictures which brou-ght a lot of smiles on her face.
It’s the picture of just one person,,the person she wanted to talk to so badly,,but she’s doesn’t even have the courage to talk to him. How will she have the courage when she knew she’s not his type of girl??
So that’s why she always take pictures of him, no one is aware if this anyway and she’s glad. Sometimes she make videos of him as he talk and laugh with others,,that’s the only way she can get to watch him closely.
There was a time when she got to stay beside him so close,,that was the time they called the five best students in clas-s ,,she was among them even though she’s the fifth but she’s still glad to be among the best five.
She had almost hvgged him but tried to control herself,she wonder if he will ever look at her,,right now she won’t mind if they can just be friends,,
After checking all the pictures and videos,she decided to take a nap. Emma has gone out alre-ady, she la-id on the be-d ,,thank God the cleaners have taken care of everything.
Sharon woke up feeling much better than last night, she have suddenly had a great headache at midnight,she had to wake up and wash her hair with cold water. But now she’s fine.
Lisa was coming out of the bathroom after taking her bath,,she smiled at Sharon who also smiled back.
” drun!kard ” Lisa tea-sed
” Don’t let me drink again ” Sharon muttered and got up from be-d,Lisa only laughed
” No one f0rç£d you Sharon,,Michael even warned you but you turned deaf ear to him. Talking about Michael,,he’s really mad at you ” Lisa said as she ru-b the lotion on her b©dy
” Why ??” Sharon asked walking into the bathroom
” He didn’t tell me anything,,, I wonder what’s wrong ” Lisa replied
Sharon suddenly smiled when she remember how Gavin took her to the room last night,,,,,
” But I guess it’s because you almost pu-ll off your clothes at the [email protected]!! He even have to carry you down here before you do any ru-bbish ” Lisa said loudly and Sharon [email protected]
” What do you mean?? Michael was the one who carried me here?? It was Gavin silly!!” Sharon shouted from the bathroom
” Gavin was not even at the [email protected]!!! It was Michael ” Lisa scoffed
That was when it occurred to Sharon that she is really done for,,,she could remember k!ss!ngthe person because she thought it was Gavin
” Did you just say it’s Michael??” She asked again to be sure
” Yes ”
” No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She suddenly screamed which caused shiver into Lisa’s b©dy
” What’s wrong??” Lisa asked
” No!!!!!!!” Sharon screamed again
This time Lisa have to run to her,,she was crying loudly and pu-lling her hair
” Sharon what’s wrong?? You’re scaring me!!” Lisa shouted almost in tears
” You said it was Michael!! ” Sharon shouted again
” Yes,,it’s not some other guy, it was Michael ” Lisa replied but she bur-st into another loud tears
” Sharon tell me what’s wrong?”
Sharon got out of the bathroom still in tears,, she managed to put on her clothes,,,she didn’t bother to brush her untidy hair
” Your hair Sharon ” Lisa said
” I don’t care!!” She shouted
” Sharon tell me what’s happening ”
” I ,,I k!$$£d him!!” She shouted and Lisa almost lost it
” You did what?? ” she asked to be sure
” I k!$$£d my brother,, I thought he was Gavin” Sharon said and bur-st into tears again
” That was why he said you did something stupid ” Lisa said with a sigh
” He’s not going to forgive me ” Sharon said
” I am speechless right now ” Lisa said
They were suddenly interrupted by a [email protected] knock on the door,,Lisa went to open and Ethan rushed in with Noah,,
” What’s happening? Why are you [email protected]?? ” Lisa asked
” You don’t know what’s going on right now?!!!” Ethan asked looking breathless
” What??” Lisa asked
” Check your phone,, check the school blog!!” Noah almost shouted
Both Sharon and Lisa immediately gr-ab their phones and entered the school blog news
The picture was there,,like He was k!ss!ngSharon,,
” What?!!!!!” Lisa and Sharon shouted at the same time
Chapter 15
” Who the hell did this?!!” Sharon shouted almost in tears
” I don’t know,, the name was hidden ” Noah replied
” Let’s go to the school building,, where is Michael right now??” Lisa asked looking really worried
” I don’t know,, but I think he is being questioned ” Ethan sighed
” It’s really bad right now that the Proprietor is not in school,,he would have saved Michael from this silly mess ” Noah said
” Yeah that’s right,, he’s not in school ” Ethan said
” I nee-d to go there, I have to tell them he didn’t do it,it was all my fault ” Sharon said almost running out of the room.
” Are you crazy?? How can you go at a time like this,, wait a little bit. Let’s go ” Ethan said and they all walked out of the room.
” Michael,what happened?? I don’t want to believe it,I know you can’t do that. But this picture is saying something else ” One of the teacher pres£nt
” Even if I explain what happened, you won’t believe me since the evidence is right before you ” Michael said
” Michael,, we are re-ady to listen to your explanation ” Another teacher said
” I was only trying to help her get to her room,,she was the one who,,,,,”
” She was the one who k!$$£d you?? Why will she do that in the first place?? ” a teacher asked,,it’s obvious she doesn’t like Michael
Michael gave her a killing glare,,
” Am still trying to explain, don’t bu-tt in ,,okay???” Michael said trying not to shout
” How dare you talk to me like that ” The teacher yelled
” Are you all re-ady to listen to me or I should leave”
” Go on”
” She was drun!k,,and she mistook me for someone else,,,,” Michael said
” And you used that opportunity and k!$$£d her back??” The sane teacher asked
” Miss Kate!!! Let the boy talk!!” Mr Williams yelled
” I pu-ll-ed her off when she did, believe me,I didn’t take advantage of her,she’s my sister ” Michael said
” I believe you Michael,,, but you are going to be suspended until we get an evidence proving that you’re really innocent ” The principal said
Michael rou-ghed his hair and walked back into the suspension room,,,
The door opened and almost all his clas-s mates rushed in,,he was surprised to see them.
” What are you guys doing here??” He asked still looking confused
” We trust you,,,we know you can’t do that ” one of them said and he smiled
” Don’t worry,,we are going to teach the person a lesson ” Another one said
” But,,,why is the poster name hidden?? ”
” Guys,,trust me. You know am good in computers right?? I just got who posted the stuff ” A male student suddenly said and they all rushed to him to see the person
” What?!!! Rowan????!!!!” They all screamed
” Rowan??? Did you just say Rowan??” Michael asked almost immediately
” Here ” The boy show him his [email protected]©p
He immediately rushed toward the door and ran out of the room,,
” Oh no,,there’s going to be trouble ” The students said
” Where the hell is Rowan?!!” Michael shouted as he saw one of his friends
” He’s in,,but why are you shouting?? ”
” Get off ” Michael snapped and pushed him out of the way.
Rowan was on his phone when Michael walked in,,his eyes were as red as ever. He almost pounced on Rowan but he decided to calm down
” Why did you do that ” he asked
” Why did I do what?? Oh,,,you found out it was me??” Rowan said with a sm-irk and [email protected] his hand
” Am asking you why the hell did you do that!!! You want me to get expelled or what???!!”
” It will be better if you get expelled,,, but can I ask a question?? How does your sister’sl-ips taste like??” Rowan said with a sm-irk
” How dare you !!” Michael yelled and rushed closer to him hitting him [email protected] on the face that blood [email protected]£ running out of his nose
” Are you crazy?? ” Rowan yelled tou-ching his bleeding nose
” You still have the gut to talk?? I’ve had enough of your silly jokes ”
And the two boys started fighting really [email protected],,,
Someone [email protected]£ to call Michael’s friends,, including Lisa and Sharon ,,they all rushed to where the boys are.
They all [email protected] when they saw them,,Rowan was seriously injured,,his face was filled with blood while Michael only have a slight bruise on his lowerl-ips
Gavin and Ethan immediately rushed toward them and pu-ll-ed Michael away from Rowan who was alre-ady tired.
” Michael that’s enough!” Ethan shouted
” Let me teach this motherfv¢ker a lesson,,,I’ve always kept quiet each time he hit me,,I’ve always kept quiet thinking he’s gonna change but I guess he’s not re-ady. You think am a fool for not trying to hit you back?? But how dare you try to set me and my sister up?? Am not even concern about myself,, how dare you say $h!t about my sister???!!!!” Michael yelled angrily
🚺 Gosh,,I’ve never seen him get angry this way
🚺 He really care about Sharon a lot
🚺 I love the way he deal with Rowan,I hate him for hitting Michael every time.
Sharon on the other hand was crying unst©ppably,, Lisa was trying all her best to calm her down but she’s not re-ady to be calm.
” Michael ,you nee-d to go back to the suspension room or your punishment will be more ” Noah said
Michael took a glance at Gavin who was holding him and threw his hands off,,
” Don’t t©uçh me ” He said and started walking away
” Michael ” Sharon ran after him,,,
” Don’t come closer ” He said without looking back and left just like that
Lisa couldn’t do anything but she was really sad,,she turned back to see Rowan whose face was almost destroyed, he was starring at her. She shook her head and walked away with the others.
” How can Rowan do something like that?? How??” Noah said with a sigh as they walked into the room Michael was
” Are you okay??” Ethan asked him
He turned back and face them,,he was starring outside the window before they [email protected]£ in
” What’s between you and Sharon?? ” Michael suddenly asked Gavin after a long silent
” This is not the time to ask such question,,,,, ” Noah wanted to say something
” Shefu-cking k!$$£d me because she thought I was him??” Michael yelled and they all [email protected]£ quiet.
” I warned you not to take that alcoholic drink but you didn’t listen,,if you have listened,,these won’t happen. Am not going to forgive you two,,,” Michael said and Sharon bur-st into tears
” Am sorry,,,”
” Get out!! You all should get out!! I don’t want to see you guys!!! I can solve this alone” He snapped
They sighed and walked out of the room slowly,,,
They were alre-ady halfway when Lisa st©pped,,,
” You guys can leave,,,I will be back ” She said and ran back to Michael
She met him in tears,,,she locked the door and ran to hvg him. He resisted for some seconds before hvgging her back and tried to control his tears.
” It’s okay,,,you can cry ,,I won’t tell anyone ” Lisa said patting his back and then Michael bur-st into tears again,,crying his eyes out,bringing out everything he was keeping inside him.
” I shouldn’t have beaten him that way,,,,I didn’t plan to do that,,,I was just too angry to st©p myself,,,,, am so mad at myself for doing that,,,am so mad,” Michael said in tears and a tear dropped from Lisa’s eyes.
” You did nothing wrong okay?? ” Lisa said
He unlock from the hvg,Lisa wiped his tears with her thumb and hvgged him back.
” Everything will be fine,,you should st©p crying ” She said and unlock from the hvg again,,,
She t©uçhed his face and then hisl-ips which got some bruise as a result of the fight,,, she went on her toes and pu-ll-ed his face closer before smashing herl-ips on his gently.

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