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Golden high Episode 12 & 13

( High School Drama )
Chapter 12
” Hey Vanessa ” Michael called and she turned back to him with a light frown
” Am sorry for yelling at you,,I was in a bad mood. Am so sorry ” He said
” It’s fine,,” She said and managed to smile
” Where are you off to??” Michael asked
[email protected], wanna come along??” She asked
” No,,you can go. I have something to do,see you later ” He said and walked away.
” Seriously?? Now you don’t even have my time anymore?? ” Vanessa asked herself before walking away.
Michael met the others chatting and laughing at the same time and he wonder what’s wrong with them. He sat down but they don’t even notice him until he tap Gavin’s shoulder
” Oh my God!! Michael, when did you get here??” He asked still tou-ching his heart
” What are you guys talking about??” He asked
” Tomorrow is Friday,,” Sharon said with a wi-nk causing him to scoff
” What’s special about it?? It’s just like every other day ” He said
” I heard there’s going to be a [email protected] right?? You won’t attend??” Lisa asked
” Will you be there?? ” He asked
” Are you kidding me?? She’s a new bae ” Sharon said almost shouting
” Well,,I may and I may not. As the spirit leads * Michael said
Lisa keep his focus on Noah who was busy starring at the girl by her right,, the quiet girl Sharon told her about. They only talked once and it was just a mere greetings.
” Do you like her ??” Lisa whispered to Noah who suddenly was embarras-sed
” What did you tell him to make him flush that way??” Michael asked
” She told him he’s handsome ” Sharon smiled
” What? Oh,,,” Michael said and looked away
” Sharon is lying, I was asking him why he keep on starring at the girl over there ” Lisa said and pu-ll-ed Sharon’s hair
” Oh,,,Lily??” Gavin asked
” Oh,,that’s her name. Lily ??”
” Yes,,Noah is crushing on her ” Ethan said
” But bad for him,she’s a quiet girl. She wouldn’t even spare him a glance ” Gavin said and they laughed
” That’s bad,,” Florence said
” And I think She’s also quiet too ” Ethan said pointing at Juliet
” well sorry,she’s not quiet ” Sharon sm-irked
” Am quiet,, everyone knows that. Right Lisa ” Juliet said
” I have no idea ,,” Lisa said and looked away.
Suddenly a junior student [email protected]£ into the clas-s and [email protected]£ to Michael,,
” What is it??” Michael asked
” The school Proprietor asked me to call you to his office ” He said and bowed before walking out of the clas-s
” What?? Why is he calling me??” Michael asked
” Is there any competition or debate coming up??” Gavin asked
” Not at all,,” Michael replied
” You should go and listen to him first ” Lisa said
He sighed and walked out of the clas-s,,
” Guys guess what I heard!!!!” A student rushed in and the whole clas-s turned to listen to what she have to say
” What is it??” Sharon asked
” Well,,I overhead the Proprietor telling Michael that Hazel will resume next week” She said and everyone [email protected]
Some were happy while some were sad,,most students seems happy to hear that though.
” Wow,,that’s amazing. I can’t wait to see her ” Sharon said almost dancing
” Me too,,wow” Gavin said including Noah and Ethan with Juliet,everyone seems to like her.
” Who is she??” Lisa asked looking confused
” It’s the Proprietor’s daughter,, Hazel ” Sharon said with a smile
” Then,,why is he telling Michael first?? ” Lisa asked
” Well,,,,he kinda want his daughter and Michael to [email protected]£ each other ” Sharon whispered to her and a cold shiver pas-sed throu-gh her.
” What??? ” She almost yelled but kept her cool
” Yes,,that’s it. And besides,Hazel like Michael a lot,,,don’t worry you will like her when you see her. She’s nice ” Sharon said
Lisa took herl-ips in and breath out softly,,just then Michael [email protected]£ in with no expression throu-gh. One [email protected] of him is glad that Hazel will be coming and another [email protected] is not happy about it,,
He sat down and almost all the clas-s turned their attention on him,he didn’t care. He’s used to that anyway,,,
” Hey,,is it true that Hazel is,,,,”
” Yes,it’s true ” He replied straight
” What,,are you not happy about it??” Sharon asked
” I am,,” Michael replied but de-ep down he’s having a bad feeling about it.
” I really can’t wait to see her,,she will be more beautiful now,,,gosh” Sharon keep on saying that
” That’s okay Sharon,,she’s not that pretty. St©p talking like she’s Rihana ” Michael scoffed and they all laughed
” She’s pretty ,that’s it ” Sharon said and rolled her eyes
” Lisa is prettier ” Noah said
” What?? Me??” Lisa asked looking confused ,she wasn’t even listening to them
” Yes of course,, I guess I am the first guy to tell you you’re pretty ,,am so proud of myself ” Noah said
” It’s nothing to be happy about,bring your shoulder down ” Michael scoffed
” That’s harsh!! ” Noah yelled
” But true ” Ethan smiled.
Michael Sighed trying to get his mind off Hazel but he couldn’t,,, can he really [email protected]£ her like the Proprietor want ??
Michael walked into the office and his face beam with smile
” Sit down Michael ” he said with another smile
” Hi Sir ” Michael said before sitting down
” You may be wondering why I called for you right??” The Proprietor said and Michael nodded
” Well,, my daughter is back to Korea and will be resuming here next week ” He said with another grin
” Wow,,that’s amazing sir ” Michael said with a light smile
” yeah,,,so I wanted to tell you first because she really can’t wait to see you. ” he said
” I can’t wait to see her too,,,”
” So,,,,Michael. My daughter really like you a lot, she always talk about you . you’re one of the reason why she’s coming back home,,,I hope you don’t have a girlfriend, or do you??”
Michael was suddenly dumb for about a minute,,,what????
” Oh,,,I don’t have a girlfriend sir ” he finally said
” Good,,,that’s all. You will be the first person to see her next week,trust me” the Proprietor win-ked
” Okay sir ” Michael bowed before walking out of the office
Hazel keep on packing her clothes with a bright smile all over her face,she can’t wait to see the school and most especially, her long time crush.
She just hope he haven’t gotten a girlfriend yet, even if he have,,it’s none of her business. Michael is only hers,, or no one.
” Daughter,,you are really happy about this. Do you like him that much??” Her mother asked seeing the picture on her phone,, she even used Michael’s picture as her wallpaper.
” Come on mom,,,that’s a secret ” She said
” A secret?? And you told your dad??”
” Dad owns the school mom,,,it’s easy to tell him ” Hazel replied finally Zi-pping up her bags
” He’s really cute,,am sure he have a girlfriend alre-ady. Even if he doesn’t wanna have,,the girls will do the talking ” Her mother tea-sed
” Nob©dy dares,,,I have remain single all these years because of him,,,I must have him ” She said jumping on the be-d and took a sip from the orange jui-ce beside her
” You should be careful baby,,okay??” Her mother said
” I will mom,,and besides I will see dad almost everyday right?? ”
” Yes,,” Her mom replied and k!$$£d her hair before walking out of the room.
” Am sure you’re more handsome now ” She said scrolling throu-gh the pictures of him on her phone,,,,she smiled brightly.
Chapter 13
Vanessa smash the glas-s cu-p in her hand angrily on the wall and Eunice rushed out of the dressing room only to find the glas-s all over the floor.
” Vanessa what is wrong with you?? You’re going to hurt yourself !!” She yelled
” Don’t you un-derstand what’s about to happen?? Hazel isfu-cking coming back!!! There will be no chance for me to win Michael’s heart anymore!!” She yelled and rou-ghed her hair angrily
” I don’t think it’s enough reason to hurt yourself,, Michael will have to decided by himself. He haven’t even make any advances to you yet,,,and am sure he’s not planning to [email protected]£ Hazel either ” Eunice said
” Are you kidding me right Now? He will probably fall for Hazel,,I can’t take this” She said with a sigh and sat on the be-d.
” Am going to call one of the cleaners to clear this mess ” Eunice said and took her phone.
” Am not going to allow this,, never ” Vanessa said to herself
” You look extra happy today,what’s going on??” Lisa asked with a sm-irk
” you won’t believe it ” Sharon said rushing toward her and sat on her be-d
” Tell me ” She smiled
” Gavin said he likes me ,,,,” Sharon said
” Wow,,that’s amazing ”
” Of course!!!!!! It was like a dream when he was telling me,,but he was scared Michael is not going to allow that. So for now,,it’s a secret ” Sharon said and win-ked
” But,,don’t you think you should tell him?? He won’t be happy if he find out the wrong way” Lisa said
” I will tell him,,,maybe tonight ” Sharon said with a smile
” Oh,,Friday night. I should find something to put on ” Lisa said walking into the dressing room,Sharon also followed.
” That girl,,Lily,why is she always quiet??” Lisa suddenly asked
” I don’t know,, but am sure she’s not as innocent as her look ” Sharon said with a scoff
” I think she’s really innocent ” Lisa said and finally brou-ght out a dress,,
” This is nice,, ” She smiled and show Sharon who nodded in agreement
” It’s simple and beautiful and I love the color purple ” Sharon said
” Yeah,that’s my favorite color ,,,I love it. It’s special ” Lisa smiled as they walk back into the main room
” don’t overdress like Michael said ” Lisa tea-sed
” I won’t ” She snapped and Lisa almost laughed out.
” You look cute when angry ” Lisa finally said laughing out
” That’s not funny,you’re mocking me right??” Sharon pouted
” Okay,,is Michael going to be there?? ” Lisa asked and Sharon smiled
” You like my brother right?? ” She asked and Lisa immediately took herl-ips in nervously
” I knew it,,,your expression says it all. But sometimes I feel scared for him ” Sharon said with a sigh
” Why??”
” I guess you’ve never seen girls flir-ting with him right ??” Sharon asked and she shook her head negatively
” Am glad you haven’t seen that,,, it’s really annoying. I wonder why he haven’t gotten into their p**ts yet,,,they will give it out willingly ” Sharon said and laughed while Lisa only sighed
” You don’t have to worry about Vanessa ” Sharon said
” Not Vanessa,,, ” Lisa spoke up
” Oh,,,Hazel??” Sharon asked but continued ” That’s up to him to decide,,but am afraid he wouldn’t wanna disobey her father. Let’s talk about something else. ” Sharon said trying to change to t©pic.
They talked about other things and finally it was almost time for the [email protected],,they both walked into the bathroom and took their bath. After that, they dressed up so cutely.
” Am sure Gavin won’t get his eyes off me tonight,too bad we won’t stay too close to each other ” Sharon said with a pout
” Hmm,let’s go ” Lisa said and gr-ab her hand
They both walked out of the room,they locked the door and starts the walk, the [email protected] is taking place at the school [email protected] hall.
” That’s Lily’s dorm,,she’s staying with Emma,,she’s in grade 5A so you don’t know her ” Sharon whispered to Lisa
” Wow,never knew she’s close to us” Lisa smiled but still wonder why she choose to be silent.
They got to the [email protected] and sat down,,some students were dancing while some were ma-king out seriously,,
” Gosh,,,must they do that where people are?” Lisa said and turned her face back to Sharon but she’s gone.
” where the hell did she go to?? Just now??” Lisa asked herself
” Lisa!!! Come on,,join us!!” A voice said loudly and she finally saw them,,Three girls and Sharon among them,,
” No,am fine here ” She replied
Michael walked into the hall and the girls almost lost their breath
🚺 Oh my God
🚺 He looks so h0t !!
🚺 Gosh,I wish I get tofu-ck him,,just one night is enough
Lisa scoffed as she heard that, like seriously??fu-ck him?? She almost laughed but controlled herself. On the table she was sitting was a cu-p of wine and another one ,Soft drinks
She gr-ab the soft drinks and took a sip,she dare not take a take of that wine or she’s gonna loose it.
She took a glance at Sharon and the girls,, they were taking wine,,not even sipping?? Sharon is really gonna get drun!k.
” Hey Bess,,missing us??” Florence and Juliet sat down with her and her face turned bright immediately
” You seem happy to see us,,but we are not staying here. We are going to have fun tonight!!!” they shouted and ran off
Michael was busy tracing Sharon with his eyes when suddenly he saw her, he shook his head and walked to where she is
” Oh my,,Michael,, you wanna join us??” One of the girls asked s£dûçt!velytrying to t©uçh him
” Don’t do that ” He said and gr-ab Sharon’s hand.
” What are you doing?? ” Sharon said and pu-ll-ed his hands off
” You can have fun Sharon,,but not alcohol!! There are soft drinks!!” He yelled
” Can you leave me alone?? I won’t get drun!k” she smiled
” Sharon just listen to me,,”
” No!! Let me be!! ” She snapped and walked away to join the girls
Michael rou-ghed his hair feeling angry alre-ady,,,,
Suddenly he saw Lisa sitting down and Rowan beside her,,he was about walking away when Rowan got up and walked out with one of his friends. He went to Lisa and sat beside her
” Oh Michael!! ” Lisa said feeling happy to see him
” I guess you’re happy to see me” Michael said with a smile
” Of course,, I was really lonely ” She said and sighed
” Rowan just left here, I saw him ” Michael said
” I guess it was one of his friends who [email protected]£ to cal him,,,but I was expecting you though,,, ” Lisa said with a smile
Michael was about talking when they heard a loud cheer from the students,
“,What’s going on??” He asked and they both turned to see what’s happening
” Oh no ” Lisa said as she saw Sharon standing on one of the tables dancing [email protected],,she was indeed really drun!kthat she was about pu-lling off her dress while the students keep on hailing her.
” Gosh,,” Michael got up immediately and rushed to where she is,he carried her in his arm
” Am coming back,just wait here ” He said to Lisa
” Let me come with you ” Lisa said
” You don’t have to worry about her, am going to drop her and come back quic-kly ” He replied and walked out of the hall.
Sharon opened her eyes like a drun!kard she is and smiled drun!kenly
” You’re so cute ” She said and t©uçhed Michael’s face
” Ifu-cking told you not to take that drink,,when will you ever listen?? ” Michael yelled angrily even though he knew she doesn’t know what’s happening
” You’re,,,,,, Gavin ,,right?? ” She said and that made Michael st©pped on his track
Like seriously?? Gavin??
” Why will you think am Gavin?? Gosh,,,,” He said
” You’re so handsome ” She said and smiled
Before he could say anything, she pu-ll-ed his face closer and herl-ips landed on his.
Sharon,,you are dead 😹😹

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