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Dream Episode 51 & 52

Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 51
Justice is served
Candace Noah
The whole court room went silent when the Judge was about to give his final Judgement
I was so scared, what if the judge decides to set her free?
I sighed
Are you alright? Chase asked in whispers, he was seated beside me
I shook my head
I am worried about the judgement, you know it might be in Kira favour
He chuckled lightly
That cannot happened, Loretta’s testimony is enough to put her behind bars. he as-sured
I hope so . I muttered
I glanced at Loretta and smiled, she was seated beside Nick with her head resting on his shoulders
Are they couples?
The Judge cleared his throat and I felt my heart beating fas-ter
After listening to both attorneys, I have come to a decision “
he looked around to make sure everyone was listening before he continued
Kira Montes! he called with his gaze fixed on her
She was standing in the witness box with her head bent, she was clearly ashamed
I pronounce you guilty of all the crimes you were charge with , which are Kidnapping, illegal possessions of arms and ammunitions, attem-pted Murder, as-saults , abetting a [email protected]£ and you are hereby s£ntenced to a life imprisonment with [email protected] labour …………..
I sighed in relief
Nooooooooo. Kira screamed violently and the two cops beside her immediately held her still
She tried to struggle out of their grip, but I guess their hold on her was ti-ght because she couldn’t
Daddy plea-se help me , plea-se help . She kept on screaming as the cops dragged her outside ….
I shook my head in pity , she sure deserved it……..
Walking out of the courthouse, I helped Loretta walk by placing one of my hands on her shoulders and the other on her [email protected]!st band
She was still limping, but had to come because she was the main witness
Now my mind can finally be at peace. She said with a smile
Same with me , I am really happy the witch will get to spend the whole of her life behind bars. I said and we both laughed
Did you see her face when the judge re-ad out his final judgment? She asked still laughing
Of course , her mouth was wi-de opened like a zombie.
Oh my gawd! Candy you are so funny. She continued laughing
The reporters crowded us immediately we got outside the courthouse
Damn! I cursed
Miss Noah, Are you happy that justice is served? one of them asked
Do you have any thing to say about the Judgement? Another one asked
What about you miss, what more do you have to say about the criminal Kira? a third one asked facing Loretta
I sighed in frustration
how are we going to pas-s throu-gh! they blocked all of the way
I looked around
Where the hell is Chase and Nick? I wondered
Can you plea-se just excuse us, my friend here is getting weak? I pleaded
We will, but plea-se Just answer us? they kept on insisting
I was about to give in to their demand when a familiar voice whispered into my ears
Let’s go
I turned back to see Chase and Nick , they were both wearing sunglas-ses and a cap as a disguise
I sm-irked
Nick carried Loretta up in bridal style and Chase held my hands as we pushed throu-gh the crowd of reporters…….
Chase Delgado
on getting to the parking lot , I let go of Candy hand
You took so long to come out of the court house, what were you both doing? she frowned
Nothing, we were looking around for both of you . Nick answered, he was still carrying Loretta in his arms
I smiled
The Nick I know had never cared de-eply for any girl like this before
So where are you headed, Are you taking Loretta back to the hospital? I asked to be sure
he nodded
Alright! if that is the case , we will see later
Sure. he smiled
bye Loretta, take good care of yourself. I bade and she smiled shyly
She looked so innocent, It was [email protected] to believe she was the same girl who tried to s£dûç£me . Well! People do change ………
I watched him go over to his car, he lowered Loretta gently to her feet before opening the car doors , he as-sisted her into the car, got Into the driver seat and drove off………….
I smiled
Are they [email protected]!ng? Candy asked , she arched her eyebrow
I don’t know
She gave me a surprise look
Why won’t you know , he is your brother and you ought to know most of his secrets
Really! he is your brother also .I sm-irked
Oh! that is true . She nodded and I chuckled
Come on , let’s go
I got into the driver seat and waited patiently for her to hop in before driving off to her home ……
Candy kept on burbling about how happy she was about Kira’s s£ntence
I feel so happy and so much relieved. She said , she looked so funny when she tried to demonstrate how happy she felt
I chuckled
I never knew her to be this funny
I wish she rots and dies in prison . She added
I glanced at her and smiled
It is alright Candy , can we plea-se talk about something else?
Why? She asked giving me a puzzled look
I just don’t want to talk about Kira, hearing about her makes me remember how you were almost [email protected]£d , and I don’t want to have such memories again
Fine! She agreed , so what should we talk about?
hmmmm erm ….. so tell me more about your upcoming concert? she suddenly asked
I glanced at her in surprise
how did you know about it?
She grinned
I received a notification when I was in the courthouse and when I cli-cked on it , it was all about your up coming Concert . She explained
It should be all over on the media by now, she added
Crazy Dave! I mumbled
What did you say? she asked
Nothing….. so when will the concert be holding? I asked
She laughed
Are you for real? What do you mean by that? do you mean you don’t know the [email protected]£ of your own concert
I sighed
$h!t like that do happen, when will it hold? I repeated
Friday. She replied with a grin that split her face
Oh yeah! I drawled….
On getting to her home, I parked in front
I will call you later . I said , I leaned towards her and k!$$£d her briefly
She frowned
Aren’t you gonna come in?
No. I shook my head
But why? She asked still frowning
I don’t want to ruin a family moment. I answered with a smile
Liar! she retorted , she opened the door and was about getting down but I caught her by the arm and pu-ll-ed her back
What do you mean by Liar, why did you call that ? I asked, I was really confused
She scoffed
Just tell me you don’t want to come in because you find my house so unattrac-tive, you don’t nee-d to lie
Are you for real? I asked in a huff but she just stared blankly at me
I bit myl-ips
Don’t ever say this , I don’t want to hear this again . I warned
but I was just…….. she was about to say when I cut her off
You can go in
What! She exclaimed in surprise
go in, I repeated
she alighted from the car and ran into her house without looking back at me
She is just so stubborn!
I started the car and drove off heading to the mansion……
Candace Noah
Entering into the house, my family were having a [email protected]
What is the [email protected] all about, is it because of Kira? No it can’t be , my family don’t give a damn about her
hi mom! hi dad! I greeted
They looked in my direction and smiled
Candy! Max rushed to me , he held my hands and led me to the sofa
Sit down! My dad instructed and I did
What is going on here? What are we [email protected]? I asked staring at the sumptuous meal on the table
We are [email protected] your success. he said with a wi-de grin
Oh, I thought we have [email protected] it before
he shook his head , I am not talking about your successful solo debut , i am talking about this .
he picked up an envelope from the table and handed it to me
I opened the envelope and pu-ll-ed out a folded paper
I unfolded the paper and glanced throu-gh it
Oh my gawd! I exclaimed with my eyes wi-de opened
“Delgado label record gifted me a mansion and a car for my successful solo debut”
Is this for real? I asked in disbelief
Yes baby, Two women from the record label [email protected]£ over to see you , they dropped this when I told them you were not in. My mum explained
I squealed in excitement
So when are we going to move out of this unattrac-tive house? Max asked and my mum hit him pla-yfully
The word attrac-tive house made me remember what I said to Chase
Did I over react? No I don’t think so , I was only trying to……… I st©pped when the realisation hit me
Oh my gawd! What did I do ? Chase was only trying to give us space to [email protected], that was what he meant by “not ruining family moment”
I jo-lted up from the sofa
Are you alright? My mum asked distracting me from my musings
I quic-kly composed myself
Yes mom. I answered
Are you sure? My dad asked , he stared curiously at me
Yes, I just remembered I have an as-signment to do . I lied , I knew it was a blank lie , but I don’t care , all i wanted is for my Chase not to mad at me
I faked a smile and headed to my room
i pushed the door opened , walked to the be-d and sat on it
I brou-ght out my phone from my bag and dialled Chase number
he picked it up on the third ring
hello Chase! I greeted immediately and he chuckled
Congratulations Candy!
I am really sorry for judging you wrong . I apologised
he sighed
It is nothing, you just nee-d to be careful how you use your words next time
I smiled
Thanks baby , I love you
I love you too. he said and ended the call
I sighed in relief
I stood up from the be-d and headed back to the sitting room
So let get on with the [email protected] I said as I sat down
My parent silently exchanged looks and shook their head
They must be thinking I am crazy . I thought within
And as if re-ading my mind , Max said in a huff
You are crazy Candy , you are really crazy ……
Nick Delgado
Entering the hospital ward , I placed Loretta gently on the be-d
I covered her with the blanket and tucked her in
She frowned
but I don’t want to sleep
Why? you had a really rou-gh day and you nee-d it . I said trying not to meet her gaze
I don’t know why , but my heart always race fas-ter whenever I am with her
No, I want to talk to you . She pouted
That is not possible, I have business to attend to
Oh! She exclaimed
I looked at her and met her gaze , she looked away
What is wrong with her? I wondered
I will be here in the evening. I informed and she nodded without looking at me
I sighed
I took a few steps to the ward exit and st©pped
What is wrong with me , my heart feels so heavy seeing her sad ,
I turned and walked back to be-d, I sat on it and she shifted a little
Aren’t you going again? She asked and I shook my head negatively
Why? she asked with her eyes wi-de opened
I smiled
Because staying with you is more important
Nick! She called softly and I sighed
I guess it is time for me to man up , I nee-d to tell her how I feel about her
Loretta, I think I like you . I blurted out and she [email protected]
Nick! She called again
I don’t really un-derstand what I am feeling, but I really want you by my side ……
Oh my gawd! She exclaimed softly
So will you be my girlfrie…….
Yes! Yes! Yes! . She screamed before I could finish my question
I chuckled
I will be your girlfriend Nick . She repeated
I pu-ll-ed her close to me and hvgged her ti-ghtly
She is so damn funny!
Episode 52
Candace NoAh
The sound of the alarm clock woke me up from sleep
I rolled before sitting up on the be-d ,the luminous sun shone brightly into the beautiful room , yes the beautiful room. We were alre-ady staying in the mansion and guess what! I have a room on my own……
I glanced at the wall clock, it was 8:00
Time to prepare for school!
I got off the be-d and walked into the bathroom to freshen up, I returned to the room n-ked and went over to the wardrobe
I opened the fancy wardrobe and looked into it
What should I wear? I wondered, I searched throu-gh the heap of new clothes and soon settled for a blue go-wn….
I put on a matching [email protected] and [email protected] before wearing the beautiful long slanted go-wn….
Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I liked what I saw
Candy you are so beautiful! I praised myself
I parked my hair into a loosed bun and applied little makeup.
I wanted to look a bit different today …
I pu-ll-ed out a white sneakers from un-derneath the wardrobe and wore it…..
I sling my backpack across my shoulders and headed downstairs to the sitting room…..
I met my family having breakfast, they were seated around the dinning
Good morning! I greeted and they all looked at me
Wow! You look so beautiful! My mum remarked and I blu-shed
What is up for breakfast? I asked while sitting
Rice flakes .my dad answered and I nodded
I dished a smaller portion of the rice flakes into a plate
Are you sure that will be okay for you? My mom asked
Sure. I nodded
I guess she wants to start dieting since she is now a celebrity. Max drawled
Can you plea-se Just shut up. I barked at him and he rolled his eyes
After breakfast, I headed to the garage with my dad
Since I couldn’t drive, I gave the car to him . It was a white sport car, the latest model of its kind
We got into the car and my dad drove off headed to the music school …..
On getting to the school , my dad parked in front
have fun at school baby. my dad said and I smiled
I alighted from the car and wave at him as he drove off…
Walking into the hvge gate , I was surprised to see a hvge banner of me, Chase , Nick and two other celebrities , we were regarded as the pride of Delgado Record Label
Wow! Is this for real? I beamed happily
I headed to my clas-s and noticed some students were secretly taking pictures of me …
I smiled
is this what being a celebrity feels like?
Entering the clas-s , there was no teacher in clas-s
$h!t! I missed the first clas-s
I sat down on my seat and looked around ,
Loretta was not yet in clas-s, but why? She told me she would be in school today
Are you looking for someone?a familiar voice asked
I smiled knowing it was Tiffany
I looked in the direction of the voice and she was right behind me
hey! I greeted and she nodded
Are you looking for someone? She repeated while sitting beside me
Yes. I nodded
And who is that? She arched her eyebrow
Loretta. I answered and she laughed
Are you real? Why would someone who got expelled be back in school?
I sighed
The school called her back on Nick’s orders
Nick! And why would he help her? She gave me a curious look
because she is innocent, you watched the trial right?
She nodded
I brou-ght out my phone from my backpack and was about dialling Loretta number when I felt a hand tapped me
I looked up to see three girls smiling at me
hi Candace! one of them greeted
hi, how can I help you? I asked staring at them
Erm we are hvge fans of yours, can we plea-se get an autogra-ph?
I smiled
Sure, where should I sign?
on our clothes . she said
They handed me a marker and I quic-kly drew my signature on their clothes
Thanks , they beamed happily and took their leave
how does it feels to be a celebrity? Tiffany asked , she had been watching us quietly
Wonderful! I remarked
I dialled Loretta number and she picked it up immediately
hi babe, where are you? I asked
I am in front of my home waiting for Nick, I will soon be in school.she informed
Alright, don’t be long . I said and ended the call
What did she say? Will she be in school today? Tiffany asked in a rush
Yes, she is……. I st©pped when my phone rang
I checked the caller , it was Chase
Give me a minute, let me pick this call. I said to Tiffany and she nodded
I received the call
hello baby, where are you? he asked
I am in clas-s
Good! come over to the studio. he instructed and I frowned
So you mean you were in the studio all this while and you never bothered to inform me
I am sorry baby , I was so busy
Okay, I will be on my way now
Alright. he said and ended the call ……..
I am sorry Tiffany, but I nee-d to go over to the studio. I informed
Alright! If that is the case , I will just wait here for you
Thanks. I smiled…..
I stood up from my chair and walked out of the clas-s ………
I pushed the door to the studio opened and walked in
Chase was all alone in the studio and he was seated at the extreme corner
Bolt the door. he instructed
Why? I asked and he sighed
Just do it
Fine! I agreed
I bolted the door and walked towards him .
Why do you want …….. he pu-ll-ed me to his [email protected] before I could complete what I was wanted to say
I want you Candy . he grunted and I huffed
So you called me over here to have S-x with me
Is anything wrong in that? he asked , his eyes was fixed on my che-st
You are unbelievable!
he placed hisl-ips on mine and k!$$£d me hungrily, and at the same time his hand was roaming all over my b©dy
he broke the k!ssand whispered into my ears
“ we are going to go on a marathon”
Marathon? What do you mean by that? I asked confusedly
he sm-irked
Stand up. he instructed and I did
What is he up to? I wondered
he stood up from the chair and asked me to face it
Why? I asked , I was confused
Just do as I say. he instructed and I did
he bent me over and pu-ll-ed my go-wn up
What are you trying to do? I asked with a trembling voice
he chuckled
I want to fv¢k You from behind ………….
Oh no! My b©yfri£ndis really crazy!
Nick Delgado
With a great speed, I drove over to Loretta’s home
I promised to drive her to school today but ended up waking late..that means she will be late to school, and it is all because of me ….
On getting to her home , I parked in front.
It was a modest house located at the outSk-irt of the town
I alighted from her car and walked towards the front door
I knocked on it and it was immediately opened up by a young woman
Nick! She squealed in delight
I smiled
She has the same facial look as Loretta , she must be her big sister
hi ma’am! I greeted
You see Nick , Loretta told me all about you but i was thinking it was just her fantasy …. you know who would believe the almighty Nick would stoop so low to [email protected]£ a commoner like her
Gosh ! She talks too much
Where is Loretta? I asked trying not to sound rude
I am here . Loretta informed limping out of the house
I sighed in relief
Oh my gawd! You guys look good together. her sister exclaimed
Thanks….. Are you re-ady? I faced Loretta
Sure, She answered, she gave her sister a pe-ck before taking my outstretched hands
How are you feeling now? I asked as we walked to the car
Better! She answered with a grin
I opened the car door for her and waited patiently for her to get in before going over to the driver seat
I hopped into the car and drove off heading to the music school…..
Is your sister always this funny?I asked on our way to the music school
Yes, she is the friendly type. She chuckled
Oh I see!
She has been like that ever since my parent died, she always act funny just to make me smile
I glanced at her
She must be a very good sister
Yes, she is the best sister in the world . She answered with a grin
I smiled …
We soon got to the music school and I parked in front of hvge gate….
Go on in . I instructed and she pouted
I laughed
What is wrong?
I am a bit nervous, what if someone tries to pick on me
They dare not! if they try it , I will throw them out of the school
She smiled
For what? I arched my eyebrow
For everything. She answered smiling shyly
I leaned over and k!$$£d her briefly
Run along , or you will miss more of your clas-ses
Alright! She flashed me a smile before alighting from the car…
I started the car and drove off heading to my pri-vate mansion….
I nee-ded rest …..
On getting to the mansion, I honk the car horn and the gate was immediately opened up by the security
I drove into the compound and parked in the garage
Alighting from the car , i was about heading in when the security called me
I looked at him
What is it?
Some one dropped this for you. he said handing me a parcel
What is th…….. i st©pped when something caught my attention, it was the gold chain tied around the parcel
Oh my gawd! It belongs to my mother, I had it made for her on her last birthday
Who dropped this? I asked with a trembling voice
A man on a motorcycle, I didn’t see his face . he explained
I quic-kly unwra-pped the parcel and opened it , there was a note in it…
I unfolded it and stared blankly at what was written on it
Who the hell is this?
With a heavy heart, I dialled Chase number
he picked it on the third ring
Chase! I called with a trembling voice
What is it? he asked, he was [email protected] heavily
I sm-irked, it was obvious he was having S-x….
You nee-d to come over to my pri-vate mansion now
Why? I am bu…. he tried to say but I cut him off
Mother’s Killer just s£nt a message . I informed and he [email protected]
I will be on my way now . he said and end the call
I re-ad what was written on the paper all over again
Who the hell is this?
Chase Delgado
After ending the call, I pu-ll-ed my d!¢k out from Candy’s pvzzyand immediately held her so she won’t fall
Are you alright? I asked her and she shook her head
Why would I be? You were so [email protected] on me . She said in between sobs
I chuckled and Zi-pped up my trou-sers
I was not [email protected], you are still not used to it….
I adjusted her clothes and she smiled lightly
What is the call about? I mean Why did you st©p after the call? She asked
Do you want me to continue?
hell no! She screamed and I smiled
I nee-d to take care of something. I informed
What is that? She probe-d on
Nothing much, just some preparation for my concert. I lied
Oh! Can I come with you?
No, you have clas-ses to attend and you also nee-d to stay with Loretta
Oh! that is true. She nodded
Can you walk properly? I asked and she nodded
Good! See you later . I picked up my car keys and k!$$£d her briefly before walking of the studio.
I headed to the parking lot, got into my car and drove headed to Nick’s pri-vate mansion……
What does he mean by a message from Roxy killer? I wondered on my way to the mansion
How did the killer get to know Nick’s mansion! How did he/ she knows he will be going over there today! Or is the person stalking him?
Damn! this is more serious than I thought
but I very sure of one thing , the killer is very familiar with the Delgado’s….
On getting to Nick’s mansion, I honked the car horn and the gate was immediately opened up by the security
I drove into the compound and parked in the garage
I alighted from the car and walked into the house
Nick was seated on the sofa, he was turning here and there with a worried look on his face
brother! I called and he looked up at me
What is wrong? Where is the message? I asked rushingly
he handed me the paper he was holding
I glanced throu-gh it and [email protected] in shock at what I re-ad
“ it is time for me to strike again, I bet Roxy is rotting away in hell now ..
I ban-ged the bit-ch both in her pvzzyand as-s hole before pressing her to death with a pillow
Ha ha ha ha ha.
I am wondering who I should go for next , Is it Neil, Nick or Chase? or maybe I should just kill all of you at the same time……”
Who brou-ght this? I asked with a trembling voice
I have no idea. he answered dryly
I stared blankly at the paper
Who the hell s£nt this ?

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