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Diamond in the forest Episode 7 & 8

Episode 7.
“Iya…iya… where are you…
“Omomi…wa n bi… I’m at the
back yard…
Remi dropped the basket in her
hand and went to meet her
grandmother who was using
sticks to cover her crops…
“Iya.. what are you doing…
“All this fowl has ate up my
melon and groundnut seed
that I planted in this ridge that
Dami, your brother helped me
to dug…they will use their tiny
legs to scatter my plant so I
decided to put sticks around
The crops to prevent them
from destroying the crops…any
chicken I see close to this my
ridge will be so unfortunate…I
will use it and prepare a
delicious egusi soup, me and
your brother will enjoy ourself
because he will be the one to
catch it for me, I can’t be
dragging land with this fowl
and I don’t want to sell them
because of you and your
brother, I told your mother to
come and take some she hasn’t
showed interest
since…aaah…see the way I’m
talking about unnecessary
thing forgetting to ask how
you are doing and what
brou-ght you down here….
plea-se don’t tell me you got
into another fight and they
s£nt you home for another
“Rara o (not at all) the princess
s£nt me to get somethings for
her at the market place, oja
oba, I was suppose to rush
back to the palace but
something has being bothering
me for days so I decided to
drop by, check up on you and
also see if I can get any help
“Hmm, what could that be my
“Your riddle iya, is being
echoing in my mind and I see
you repeating it in my
dream..”two will want me..
only one will have me then
disaster will struck….I will be in
between and then the gods
will take me away…faraway
with the seed of crown…what
does it mean iya…I don’t
un-derstand any single thing in
the riddles except that two will
want me… which is probably
Leja and the Prince… will I die
iya… what does The riddle
means ejoo …I want to know
“No my child, you won’t die..
not soon anyway, there are
things even I can’t explain…I
was just The mouth piece of
The gods… The gods will take
you away…faraway with the
seed of crown which will
become a precious diamond
sorted for and it will be hidden
in the de-epest [email protected] of the
forest… that’s all I can say untill
I’m given a go ahead to say
“I [email protected]£ for an answer to the
previous riddle now you are
adding diamond and forest to
it, anyway… I’m happy that I
won’t die so what I don’t know
won’t kill me…is better I st©p
disturbing myself over things
only The gods has answer to…
Iya.. I’m glad you are well as
usual, there was no time to
st©p and check up on mother
and Dami…I believe they are
fine…I will be on my way back
to the palace now.. before the
princess will start wondering
what is keeping me in oba oja…
“Becarefull my child in trusting
people, don’t be too soft or you
will be easily pene-trated and
don’t be too ha-rd or you will
scare the good ones away, be
in between and be wise… don’t
trust easily Remilekun… don’t
tell your secret out because
you maybe telling your enemy
in a friendly clothing…
“Iya…is okay…I don’t want
more riddles… the first is yet to
be interpreted… telling me
more will confuse me and
trouble my mind… let me just
hold on to the fact I won’t die…
not yet until I come of age like
“The gods has prepared this
[email protected] for you my child…be
strong because you will nee-d
alot of strength for the battle
ahead…I pray the gods will
have mercy and give us
wisdom to live among those
who hates us and strength to
forge ahead even when it seem
all hopes is lost…
“Amin, I don’t really have much
enemy again because Nike
apologies to me and she is
acting all nice but I’m watching
her closely because she maybe
upto something…Leja acted
foolishly around me one night
and even made me to t©uçh his
man-hood but he regretted his
actions and has being avoiding
me like a plague and I guess is
his guilty conscience that is
troubling him…I don’t want to
have enemy Iya… I’m glad Nike
is finally seeing me like her
sister and that is what I have
always wanted… but I don’t
trust her… not yet though…
“Trust is cheap until your leg
get glued in the tra-p set up by
same people you trusted…
becarefull my child, I will be
seeking The gods face on your
behalf…but just be
careful…there are things yet to
come which will trouble the
little world around you… don’t
forget to overcome hate with
love and serve with all sincerity
as you are called to serve…
Remi was in hurry and didn’t
bother paying attention to the
rest of the things her
grandmother was saying, she
picked up her basket from the
ground, gave her grandmother
a warm hvg
The older woman tapped her
gently on her back before Remi
re-leased her and run out.
The woman watched Remi
until she was out of The
compound, she lifted her face
up and muttered something in
the air before returning to her
crops ridge,
Remi’s brother [email protected]£ in with a
pot of water, he joined his
grandma in cutting more sticks
and digging up the ridge
“Your sister just left here not
long ago before you [email protected]£ in. If
you have come in earlier you
would have seen her, she
st©pped by from oja oba,
where she went to buy
something for the princess
“Okay, I was filling mamis
water drum, she was socking
the cas-sava she peeled, she
want to prepare fufu that she
will sell next tomorrow in the
market place… that’s if the
cas-sava soften and ferment on
time for her to be able to cook
it… since egbon (big sister) now
work in the palace I have to
double up in helping out…
“That’s very good… omo daa
daa, (good child) you are a
good son…dig that stick very
de-ep let me see how this crazy
fowls roaming everywhere will
be able to scatter my plants
again… and don’t forget to
bring my own fufu ones your
mother is done with it… she
makes a very nice fufu without
odour and also soft…
Remi was ma-king the princess
bead outside, as she sat at the
swing chair alone, Nike [email protected]£
to meet her
She wanted to engage Remi in
a conversation which Remi was
not sure if she should fully
trust Nike or not.
Nike s-en-se Remi’s withdrawal
and decided to apologise again
to her for the past deed
“I know I was terrible in the
past Remi, je ki aje ebonati
aburo pada ki a si gbagbe
tateyin was (let’s be sisters
again and forget about the
past)…he ki a jo sise papo bi ebi
still ore (let’s work together,
let’s be sisters and friend)
“It doesn’t work like that Nike,
is not magic… because I know
for sure that anytime you
begin to act all nice and guilty
is only because you nee-d
something from me and ones
you get what you are looking
for… you switch back to your
real self…I don’t trust you… so
spill it out… what do you want
“Nothing, I don’t want
anything I just want to be your
sister…I know I have being very
bad to you… but I’m a changed
person and I’m for real this
time not because I want
anything…I have come to
realize that we are sisters and
we don’t suppose to be
fighting each other all the
“Are you just realizing that
now… is better we just remain
as enemies and avoid each
other than to start this our
friendsh!pwhich has never
ended well…
“Aah aah Remi, don’t say that…I
don’t want to be enemy with
you… not again, I’m tired of
fighting with you every time
when we should be looking
out for each other…I know no
matter how much I hate or
fight you… you will keep
getting favoured more than
me and will always win so I
can’t be fighting a loose
battle…I just want to truly be
here for you and support you
like i was meant to
be…ejoo…Remi my beautiful
Nike kept talking untill a maid
[email protected]£ to inform Remi that the
princess was calling her
The following day as Remi was
walking along the long Royal
pas-sage to hang the princess
wra-pper which was not
properly dry the previous day,
she ran into Leja, who has
being avoiding her ever since
the night incident
He tried to ran back but
couldn’t as he stood face to
face with Remi
he was speechless on seeing
Remi, Remi tried to ease him
“Good afternoon Leja, is being
a while I saw you… did you
travel… how are you doing…
“Mi…o wa kpa…(I’m fine) I have
being around…
“Ooh really…since that other
night… I have not seen you…is
being over seven days if I’m
not mistaking… I’m glad you
are fine…
“You sound happy to see me,
Are you not angry with me for
what I did… that was more
reason why I have being
hidding from you…I can’t even
come to you and apologise…i
can’t even look at your face…I
have being so ashamed of
myself…I felt so terrible after
that night… and since the gods
has decided to bring my fear to
my face I will use this
opportunity to plead for your
forgiveness…Remi… I’m so
sorry…plea-se pardon my
uncultured behaviour…I know I
went about expressing my self
in a very wrong way…to tell
you the truth I have beaten
myself so ha-rd than the pain I
feel after hitting my head on
that chair when you pushed
me that night… I’m not that
kind of man that takes
advantage of palace maiden…
no I’m not but many maiden
will want me to approach
them like I did to you but I
can’t because I have no interest
in them…I wanted you Remi
and I felt I was loosing you…so
I thought I will get you down
to myself after I Saw you alone
that night…I don’t have any
thing reasonable to justify my
actions… all I want to say is I’m
sorry… I’m really sorry and
thank you for st©pping me
from such an abominable act
and giving me that ha-rd
push…I nee-ded it… although I
had a terrible headache after
that but it serves as my
As they were talking Nike
walked past severally and
greeted them with a smile
each time she walks past, Leja
ignored her and kept talking
while Remi responded
“Is okay Leja, I hold no grudges
against you, I’m glad you
learnt your lesson and sorry for
the headache you had because
of my push…
Leja loos£ned up and laugh,
Remi also joined in and also
laugh ma-king Leja more at
ease with her
The prince was coming down
and saw Leja and Remi talking
over something and laughing
He wondered what they were
talking about.
As Remi and Leja saw the
prince they knelt in respect and
greeted him, he asked them to
stand up and they did
He looked at Remi, who’s Head
was bent in respect and Leja
who stood straight like a
statue, he asked them to look
at him and they both did
“I was wondering what could
be amusing two of you…I love
happy people and I’m glad you
two are finding something to
laugh about…so I want to join
the conversation… Hope you
two won’t mind…
Remi and Leja looked at each
other, not knowing what to
“Relax, I was only joking…go
ahead with your
conversation…Remi plea-se see
me later…
“Yes my prince…
The prince walked past,
Remi and Leja [email protected], Nike
[email protected]£ to meet Remi as she
spre-ad the princess wra-pper
“egbon mi…ore mi to sho.
hahahaha eku se jare (hailing
Remi, “my elder sister, my sure
friend, Weldon) what was Leja
telling you…he talks like a
woman, he was talking and I
walked that pas-sage four
times…he kept talking…non
st©p…he talks too much… what
was he talking about…
“Some unimportant thing…is
not relevant…
“Despite I would have love to
hear it but I’m much more
interested in what the prince
said.. he said something to
you… plea-se can I know what
he said…?
“Still not important…he just
st©pped to say hello to me and
“Eeyah…I like him he is so
humble and and also very nice,
he is handsome too… fine
prince… anyway can I as-sist
you in hanging The cloths…
“No, is not much… I’m throu-gh
with it..
Remi later returned back to the
princess chamber, The princess
had message for her from her
“Remi, my brother said once
you are throu-gh with whatever
you will do tomorrow you
should come and tidy his
chamber, he complained that
the cleaners are not doing it
properly, he nee-d you to come
and do it, he has alre-ady
informed me so I told him I
will s£nd you to him
tomorrow…is a good thing that
the prince wants you in his
chamber, he doesn’t allow
maidens or any female palace
worker to come in there except
boys…so is a good thing he
picked interest in you and trust
you enough to clean up his
chamber… you should be
“Yes my princess…I will go and
attend to his chamber ones I’m
done with my work here
Remi wondered why she has to
be the one going to arrange
and clean the prince chamber
when he has a male personal
servant that attends to him
Episode 8.
Nike saw Remi and one other
palace maiden, Ope talking
about something and laughing
together, there were baskets
containing a ewedu leaf in
Ope’s hand, and another in
Remi as they walk towards the
kitchen side.
Nike dropped everything she
was doing and ran upto them
“Remi my beautiful sister…
where are you going with
Ope…I can go with you if you
don’t mind…I don’t have much
to do around here…
“We are going to the Queen’s
kitchen, tomorrow will be the
beginning of the full moon, so
there will be a great [email protected] as
the Queen will be adding
another year, the [email protected] will last
for seven days…you can join if
you want…
“No Remi…the Queen
specifically said only four
maiden should start the food
preparation…if your sister join
us we will become five and the
queen may not like that…
“Then you should step aside
Ope…Remi is my sister and she
is the princess personal maiden
which made her higher than all
of us, I should be the one
helping her and not you, and if
Remi said I can join in the
preparation who are you to say
no…they suppose to pair me
and Remi together because we
are related…
“Nob©dy is dragging the
sisterhood with you, all I’m
saying is that the queen want
only four maiden to start the
food preparation, Remi, me,
Seun and Ayo. We are complete
alre-ady…maybe she will add
you in the next grouping but
for now you are not nee-ded…
there are still other things to
do, like fetching firewood from
oja oba, joining the other
maiden to re-move sand from
the ofada rice and washing the
wra-pping leaves…but we are
complete in the queen’s
“sorry for yourself too, who are
you to tell me what to do, even
my sister Remi, who holds
more rank than you here
doesn’t order me or anyb©dy
around…why don’t you go and
fetch fire wood, pick the rice or
wash the leave so that I can
join my sister in the queen’s
kitchen…don’t you ever tell me
what to do again…we are all
palace maiden here…so don’t
order me around…
“Nike, is okay…it hasn’t come to
that…Ope plea-se let Nike join
us…there are a lot of things to
do and Nike’s help will be
greatly nee-ded, and after
sometime I will be leaving to
attend to the princess, I have
some other work I have to do
later…ejoo Ope…
“Remi don’t beg her…why are
you even begging her…she is a
nob©dy, if she want to die let
her go and die…anyway, Remi
What other work do you have
to do aside this….can I join
you…you can always call me if
you nee-d help with the
cleaning or washing…we are
sisters and i will be glad to
help out..
“No Nike…I don’t nee-d any
help, if I nee-d any I will let you
now but for now I am fine…
They all walk down to the
kitchen together and join the
other maiden, every one of
them got busy as they talk and
laugh about one thing or the
other, Remi as-signed work for
them and they all get started,
the Queen [email protected]£ down to check
how the preparation was
“eku se oo (weldone)
They all knelt down in
greetings to the queen before
getting up to continue with
their work
The Queen saw Nike and asked
“isn’t that your sister, Remi, the
one you fought and almost
killed…I’m glad that two of you
are getting along…that’s how it
suppose to be…no enemy or
fighting in Oba’s place…work in
unison…in togetherness…so
gbo? (Do you hear me?)
“Bee ni queen mother (yes,
queen mother)
She looked at Nike who got so
serious with her job so that the
Queen can commend her
efforts, she was happy that the
Queen noticed her pres£nce,
she felt so important and
adjusted so well as she kept on
smiling from ear to ear, she
wish the Queen will ask her to
come and be one of her
personal maid, she will be so
happy, she will no longer be
ordinary palace maid, she will
be like Remi
“Ki ni oruko re? (What is your
“ Oruko mi ni Nike…your
majesty(my name is Nike)
“se daadaa ni o wa (hope you
are fine)
“Been ni die…mo wa daadaa,
ese (yes, a little, am fine, thank
you )
“Why little? are you not
enjoying your work here in the
“ I am Your majesty, I always
want to help out in many ways
just like my sister, Remi does,
and give my best service but
the position I’m fixed in does
not allow me to do much, as an
ordinary palace maid I don’t
always have much to do until
I’m as-sign for it… I’m so
privilege your majesty to work
here and to be speaking with
you…many wish for such
opportunity…I wish you can
as-sign me to do more than I’m
required to do here, maybe to
be one of your personal maid…
or something close to that for
the period that I will be here…I
really want to serve well in this
palace and not lazy around like
most maiden do here…plea-se
don’t take offence in my
“No…no offence, is a good
thing and I will look into that, I
have enough personal maiden
but I will see where I can fix
you up…
“aaah…may the gods keep
blessing you my queen, you
will live long in good health
and will keep prospering in this
kingdom…more years will be
added to your greatness…
Nike knelt down and was
singing praises to the Queen
before the Queen left.
After the Queen left Ope who
was not deceived by Nike’s
show confronted her
“congratulation ha-rd worker…
we have seen how much of a
strong girl that you are…the
rest of us here are just lazing
around…while you are the best
worker and you want to be
well recognized…now the
Queen has said she will
consider and place you
somewhere…you should be
[email protected]…you are
succeeding…you will soon be
ru-bbing shoulder with your
sister Remi…that’s what you
have always wanted…I told
Remi bringing you here to the
kitchen… to join in this
preparation was a bad Idea
now you have come to make
us all look like we are not
doing anything and you are
the most ha-rd working maid
“jealousy…jealousy…go and die
Ope and everyone else who is
jealous because the Queen
herself picked interest in me…I
don’t care about anyb©dy I’m
only here for myself…so st©p
talking ru-bbish, I am very
ha-rd working and also the most
beautiful among all of you
here…and that was why the
Queen singled me out and
asked of my name and well
being…she doesn’t even know
if any of you exist but she
picked interest in me and that’s
why you want to kill yourself…
“is unfortunate that the Queen
is just noticing you after
several months of working
here, she knows Remi and she
knows me and everyone else
and she ask of our well being
anytime she see’s us so you
should be worried that no one
noticed you…if not for Remi is
related to you nob©dy will
even know that you exist…
people like Remi that are
beautiful and well endowed
has never talks or boast about
their appearance but you…a
common palace rat is ma-king
“Ope, am I the one you just
called a palace rat…I will beat
you up Ope, I will stuff the
earth dust into your mouth
and make you eat sand…I will
beat you blue and black…
jealousy…enemy of progress…
“beat me….hahahaha…
mtcheeeww… if not that
fighting in the palace is not
allowed…I would have
continued from where Remi
st©pped on you the other day
but on a second thought, I
think I will just let you be… you
almost died that day because
of that small beating she gave
you…you just pas-sed out…we
all poured water on you before
you [email protected]£ back to life… is not in
my hands that you will finally
die… look for someb©dy else
that will kill you not me…Remi
should ha….
“Ope, plea-se st©p mentioning
my name…and st©p all this
childish argument…there are
lot of things to be done around
here, two of you should not
spend the rest of the day
exchange words and looking
for who is the strongest…
enough…am going to do some
other things for the Princess…I
want by the time I will return
all the preparation should be
almost done, that empty drum
nee-d to be filled, Ope, you and
Nike should do that, fill the
drum from the big tank at the
back yard, plea-se no more
argument…or I will separate
two of you to join others in
fetching firewood…I guess that
will keep both of your mouth
Remi left the maiden in the
Queens kitchen to continue
with the preparation
She went to the Princess
“I was almost s£nding for you
Remi, have you gone to clean
my brother’s chamber…
“Not yet my princess…I was
trying to foresee things in the
queen’s kitchen…the maidens
are preparing for tomorrow’s
day…so I as-sisted a little before
“ko si wahala (no problem) are
you still busy…do you still have
something else to do…
“Yes my princess but every
other thing can wait until I’m
done cleaning the Prince
chamber…the other maiden are
attending to most of the
The princess nodded and Remi
left with her cleaning bucket
and rag to the Prince
She gently tapped on his door
and he responded asking her
to come inside, she went in
and close the door before
kneeling to greet, she looked
around the place,
there was much to be done
around the big chamber, it will
take her time to fold up the
wra-ppers scattered on the
chair and be-d, using water and
soup to clean the ground and
dust off every dirt on the floor,
chairs and window, she will
finish up more fast if the Prince
was not in the room, relaxing
on his be-d and looking at her
all over
“I was alre-ady wondering if my
sister did not give you my
message yesterday that I
nee-ded your help in cleaning
up here…
“Yes…she did, I was as-sisting in
preparing things for the
upcoming Queen’s [email protected]rty and
the full moon [email protected]
“yea…which starts tomorrow…
is going to be a full seven days
of eating and drinking and
getting merry…that’s why I
want this place tided up…are
you excited about it…like I
“Of curse…my prince…I am, let
me start with the cleaning
right away…
“alright if you can’t finish up
today then you can continue
tomorrow after the [email protected]
don’t over work yourself…sorry
that I have to chose you to do
this…I feel so comfortable with
you doing it than any other
person…do you nee-d me to do
anything…sorry I don’t really
know how to do much chores
but I can help with little, if you
ask me to…or you can teach
me…I will be glad to learn
un-der you…
“no…not at all…thank you, I
feel honored my Prince , I can
handle everything…but I would
have love to start from your
big be-d but you are lying down
on it…never mind, let me not
disturb you, I will just start
from the tables and
“Remi…is fine…if you want to
start from the be-d then I will
stand up…I will leave you
alone in the room…don’t let
anyb©dy into my chamber…I
will just check up on the queen
mother…giving you space for
you to be able to work
Remi nodded as the Prince
stood up and walk past her to
the door, he turned back and
look at her before walking out.
Remi felt relaxed as the Prince
walked out, she was happy
that her trick worked and the
Prince left the room for her,
she began her cleaning with a
smile, singing to herself, there
was a lot to do but it will be
fas-ter now that the Prince was
out of the room.
Nike and Ope were getting
water from the water tank to
the Queen’s kitchen drum
when they saw the Prince
coming, Ope and Nike greeted
and stood up at his command
Nike wore a very broad smile,
she wanted the Prince to
notice her, Ope watch Nike in
“My Prince…E ku abo, that’s a
beautiful agbada you are
putting on…well crafted with
beautiful design…
“ose…(thanks) you are Remi’s
“Bee ni…(yes) Remi is my sister,
in my family we are very
ha-rd working, my prince I am
one of the most ha-rd working
maiden here followed by my
sister, Remi… I a…
“What is your own name…
The prince ignored Nike who
was still talking to face Ope
“Oruko mi ni Ope…my prince…
(my name is Ope)
“Have you seen the queen
mother this evening…looking
out for her
Before Ope will say anything
Nike replied him
“Yes…yes my prince…I can take
you to where she is…I saw her
sitting and talking with some
visitors at the royal sit out, can
I take you there…
“Take me there? …why…when
am not blind…your information
will do…Ose
The Prince turned and walked
“ha-rd -worker…maybe you
should turn into a town crier so
that you can announce to
everyone, go to Oba himself
and tell him that you are most
ha-rd working maiden…
desperate fool…
“Jealousy…jealousy that is your
own problem… go and die
Ope…just watch out for me in
this palace…you will be
surprise at what the future
holds for me…nons-en-se…lazy
Leja walked up to Nike who
was still battling words with
Ope carried her water and left
after greeting Leja
“Hey…Nike ba wo ni (how are
you)…have you seen Remi…
“What happen…I don’t know
where she is…what do you
want I may be able to help you
if you ask me to…
“you can’t help me…I just want
to see Remi, she has being so
busy and I haven’t set my eyes
on her since today…I got a gift
for her and I want to pres£nt it
to her, by myself…
“Well, keep looking for her
then…I don’t know where she
is…why do you buy a gift for
her…today is not her birthday…
what is inside the gift wra-p…
what is she [email protected] Leja…
“Is none of your business, I will
find her…thanks for your time…
Nike carried her water and left,
while Leja went on searching
for Remi.

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