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Diamond in the forest Episode 15 & 16

Episode 15.
By Amah’s heart
“What did you just say…Remi…
you are pregnant for… who?
The prince asked Remi after
getting out of the shock, Remi
was no more afraid, she was in
for whatever will come out of
this, just like her mother said
she wasn’t asking the Prince to
marry her she just wanted to
let him know the truth, he
deserve to know that was
what her mother told her, and
she has made up her mind to
do this and was re-ady for any
consequences that will come
out of it.
She looked up at the Prince
who was staring at her waiting
for her to repeat herself, and so
she did
“you la-id with me…the night
you got drun!kand asked me to
take you to your chamber, you
took my vir-ginity that night
and that was why you saw
blood on your trou-ser…which
also stained your wra-pper…I
couldn’t return the wra-pper
because the blood stain was
still on it and refuses to go no
matter how I try so I kept it…
that was the night my prince…
on the fourth day of the
seventh day [email protected] that the
Queen hosted in the…
“shh..shhh…just wait…oh for
the gods sake…I don’t
un-derstand you, Remi…I
remember getting drun!kthat
night and asked you to take
me to my chamber and you
did, and that was all I
remember, i called you Remi…
and asked you if anything of
such happened…after seeing
the stain on my trou-ser…you
said nothing happened
between us…that the blood
was from the wound you
sustained on your th!gh while
helping me….the gods bear me
witness because that was
exactly what I ha-rd you say
except I didn’t hear well…did
you say that or not…
“I…I did…yes I told you that
“Hold on…that is all I want to
know…since you told me
nothing of such happened that
night… why this…
uhmmm….you are Leja’s
woman and you two has being
together…why didn’t you go to
him…he told me himself that
you are his…why do you come
to me with the news of your
pregnancy…I’m seriously trying
to un-derstand this…but is not
ma-king any s-en-se to me…
“I’m not lying this time…I’m
serious my prince…I have
nothing to do with Leja…he
wanted to be my lover but I
never gave in to him for once…
I am not in any relationsh!p
with Leja…the only man that
has t©uçhed me…right in this
chamber was you…my prince…
let the gods bear me witness…
There was a knock on the door
and without waiting for an
answer Leja and Nike rushed
in, the prince turned to Leja..
“Leja…have you being
eavesdropping to my
conversation again…what is
really going on…
“imabinu omoba…(I’m sorry
my prince) I just couldn’t help
but over ha-rd your
conversation with Remi…I was
by your door waiting to be
summoned I did not mean to
eavesdrop but your voice was
loud so I ha-rd few of the things
you said about Remi being
“Yes…yes…she said so and I’m
trying to make s-en-se out of the
whole thing…isn’t she the
same person you claim to be in
a relationsh!pwith and that
loves you…so what is really
going on…because I’m
“ my prince…we are in a
relationsh!p…for a while now…
even Nike her sister here can
testify to that…I even visited
her back home and buys things
for the mother…her mother
knows me very well…I have
never lied to you before my
prince…Remi is my woman and
we even agree to settle down
together and she told me last
week that she was pregnant
and I asked her to keep the
child, we agreed on what to do
I was surprise to hear her and
telling you that she was
carrying your child….i was
shock when I ha-rd her say that
and that was why I rush in
here the way I did…
Remi was so surprise to hear
all that Leja was saying and
Nike was just nodding her
head in agreement to
everything Leja said.
Remi wanted to defend herself
but the prince hushed her to be
quiet so that Leja can finish
talking, and after Leja was
done talking Nike started with
her own
“my prince…she confide in me
that she was pregnant for Leja
who she has being in a
relationsh!pwith for sometime
now, Remi, then said
something that shock me, she
told me that she was going to
make the prince feel
responsible for it so that you
can marry her, I was surprise at
the boldness she use in saying
such evil and I hushed her not
to say such but she said she
wasn’t going to have a child or
marry Leja because he is a
guard she wanted more, she
wanted to become the Queen
by all means, and she will
make the prince take
responsibility for the
pregnancy… my sister, Remi
said so many things, I can’t
even say half of all the ill
things she vomited from her
guttered mouth, everyb©dy
knows that we are sisters, from
the same family, I can’t
possibly lie or be against her,
what will be my gain in that,
the misun-derstanding we had
before has being settled , and
that misun-derstanding was
also because of the prince
when she planned to s£dûç£
him and I was against her
doing such so she decided to
engaged me in a fight knowing
well I wasn’t feeling too well
that was why I pas-sed out that
day, but all that was settled
and we have being in a good
term until she [email protected]£ up with
this pregnancy thing again, at
first she deliberately [email protected]£
pregnant for Leja so that she
can make you feel responsible
for it…my prince I hate evil and
I can’t support bad thing even
if is my mother, but my sister is
getting out of hand and she
nee-d to be dealt with in that
way she will st©p all this lies
and accusation…how can she
accuse a whole prince of this
kingdom of being responsible
for her pregnancy knowing
well that Leja here, her main
lover is responsible…this is so
bad…apologies my kind
The prince sat ha-rd on a chair
and held his head as Nike and
Leja accuse Remi who was just
standing as word fails her, she
did not even know what to say
or what to do.
Remi knew that Leja and Nike
had ganged up against her and
this is their own way to
revenge, she breathed de-eply
and started regretting coming
to the prince chamber if she
knows that it will come to this
she would have stayed back
and carry her fate and she
would have told the prince
right in the beginning when it
all happened and he asked her,
but she couldn’t say such
because even the prince did
not remember tou-ching her.
Leja and Nike have being
looking for this kind of
opportunity to tarnish her
image, destroy her personality
before the prince and here they
have finally succeeded.
Remi knew she has to be bold
and strong for herself, come
what may, she will not allow
Leja or Nike…or even the prince
to see her troubled soul.
The prince was quiet as Nike
kept talking and he suddenly
raised his voice at everyone to
be quiet
“Everyone should leave…leave
right now…I don’t want to hear
another word from anyb©dy…I
have ha-rd enough…I nee-d
space to think…get out of my
chamber all of you…
Leja and Nike were surprise as
the Prince ordered them out,
they rushed out with speed
because the prince was
obviously very angry, they
knew they have planted the
seed of hatred in the prince
heart, all they will do now is to
wait for the seed to take root.
They can’t wait for the time to
come when Remi will be dealt
with, they thought his action
will start immediately but was
surprise as he asked them to
get out
Remi left and when she was far
away she waited for Nike and
Leja to catch up with her and
when they saw that Remi was
waiting for them they decided
to pas-s another road but she
rushed to them with speed and
blocked them, they st©pped to
face her and she started
[email protected] for them
“Wow…that was a wonderful
[email protected] two of you…you
two make a good team,
fantastic team, you deserve a
medal for putting up such a
show in there…wow…don’t
worry you will both reap what
you sow…it may not be now
but sooner or later your
reward will come like a flood…
don’t be surprise when it
comes…because the gods have
mark this day and saw my
innocence…the gods will judge
this case and whatever that is
meant to be will certainly be…
Leja spoke with a smile curved
at one end of his mouth
“you finally agreed that you
are pregnant after denying it
for so long…hahahaha…I told
you that you can hide
everything but you can never
hide pregnancy…I know the
truth…I know how it happen
but you kept on denying and
ma-king me look stupid…you
chose the prince over me…I
told you Remi that I will mess
up your life if it happens to be
true that you are pregnant for
the prince…and I will do that…
the prince can’t have you…over
my dead b©dy…I saw you first
and I wanted you but you
chose the prince over me now I
will make you regret ever
turning me down…you are
carrying his child…that suppose
to be my child not his, you
allowed him to make love to
you and took your vir-ginity
that belongs to me…you
allowed the prince to [email protected]
you but you refuse to t©uçh my
man-hood…just a t©uçh that
was all I asked that night as
my bladder was so h0t and I
wanted to re-leased the pas-sion
on you and you pushed me
and insulted me but you
shamelessly went to the prince
and he la-id with you while in
drun!kenness…you are so
shameless Remi…I feel so
angry right now that I feel like
[email protected] you…
Remi started laughing out her
pain as she ha-rd Leja speak.
“hahahaha…Leja…I will fling
you like a kite across the fence
if you ever wave a hand to my
face…I will beat you like a
child…you are hvge and tall
but I will sit on you and stuff
earth dust into your mouth if
you ever…I mean ever try to
point a f!nger to my face…I am
a ha-rd nut…you can’t crack me
easily, you have formed a good
team with Nike…no problem…
I’m waiting for two of you to
bring out all you got, yes…the
prince made love to me…ooh it
was so sweet, he was fun to be
with more than you will ever
be, so interesting and I feel
good too, plea-se go and hvg a
palm tree if you are pained…I
don’t care, but yes I am
carrying the prince child…and I
will carry it to term and bring
him or her to this earth, I thank
the gods that I never had
anything to do with you…I
never agreed to your dirty
request…I can never be yours…
you and Nike are match made
together…you belong to each
other not to someb©dy like
me…listen to this…let me go in
detail on how me and the
prince had it… as I ba-red it all
open to him…I beckoned on
him to come fort and devoured
my b©dy and he did, he was so
hvge and good…I did not want
him to even st©p as he went
on and on before you
interrupted us with your stupid
Leja j£rked a muscle as Remi
spoke…he twist his mouth as
anger and jealousy burn
throu-gh him, he wanted to
make Remi to st©p talking
about how good the prince
was in be-d with her but he was
afraid to t©uçh her, his eyes
was red as he bite hisl-ips,
Remi hvgged herself and laugh
as she talked about the
meeting with the prince that
night ma-king Leja and Nike to
boil in envy, Leja hates Remi
more than he had ever loved
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“You make it sound like a
fantasy but the prince was
drun!kand you were in serious
pain after the deed was done,
you were shaking Remi and
couldn’t walk well so with all
this your expression… I see
nothing else for you but how
sad you have to loose yourself
to a drun!kprince and he hurt
you that night even though
you don’t want to admit it…the
pain was so obviously written
on your b©dy that night…
“ooh yeah…talking about the
pain…it was a lovely pain…
sweet pain that got me with a
bundle of blessing…it was far
better being with a drun!k
prince than it will ever be
being with you in a cleared
eye…just your mare t©uçh feel
so disgusting and cold…but the
prince was so warm and
inviting…plea-se deal with the
loss… you and your s-en-seless
team member are all losers…
Nike spoke out of anger,
boiling even more as Remi
seem to have words for
everything that Leja says to her
and even taking pride in what
she and the prince did as she
expresses it to them.
“Remi you thought you are
smart…I told you….you were
messing with the wrong
person…we have not even
started yet…this just a little bit
of what that is yet to come for
you…you will regret in this
life…you beat me and my
mother up and dragged us like
animals into cleaning your
front door…aahh Remi…you
will regret it…I will deal with
you…walayi…I swear by the
gods…I will mess with you…
you want to have the prince…I
asked you to abort that
b—–d that you are carrying
and you said no, you want to
reap were you did not sow…
you wanted the prince… well
that will never happen…you
will never belong to the
prince…I will make sure of
that…if there’s anyb©dy well
deserving of such then is no
one else but me…not you…I
suppose to be the one carrying
that child for the prince and
getting married to him to
become the future queen but
you ran fas-ter than a shadow
to go and hang your cloths
where you don’t belong…this is
just the beginning for you
Remi…calamities will besiege
you, you will even beg for
death but it won’t answer
you…you will be f0rç£ to kill
your self when we are done
with you…just be prepared..
“Nike…hmmm, your hatred,
envy and jealousy burn like
fire…I can feel the heat…i
wonder why you have decided
to compete with the gods…i
did not chose anything for
myself…the gods chose me to
serve here and that is what I
have being doing ever since…
this path you have decided to
thre-ad hope you are capable
because as you know…the
gods has blessed me with
strength for any battle…so I am
not afraid of you or your
empty threats…Nike you will
fall into the hole you dug for
me and will burn in the fire
you set for me…I promise you
and everyone ganging up
against me… am innocent and
the gods are not dead…they
will vindicate me…so you all
should go ahead and bring out
what you got I will be waiting
because you and your team,
Leja ,your mother, yourself and
any other person that will join
you can not destroy me if the
gods did not permit…but if the
gods allows you then is fine by
me…but be careful Nike…be
very careful because you are
just about to draw a line of
war… my grandma said things
like this will happen now I’m
beginning to un-derstand her
riddles but she said something
else…she said the gods chose
me because I’m strong enough
for the battle… so Nike…you
and your team should gang up
against me…the gods will
vindicate me…and the truth
can not be hidden forever.
Remi looked at them again
before walking away, she was
re-ady for anyone and anything.
Anything that can’t kill her will
only make her stronger,
She doesn’t know what the
prince have in mind to do or
what Nike and Leja are
planning but she was not
Remi remembered her
grandmother’s word again.
“two will want you…only one
will have you then disaster will
struck…you will be in between
and the gods will take you
away faraway with the seed of
crown…which will become a
precious diamond sorted for, it
will be hidden in the de-epest
[email protected] of the forest…
Remi remembered her
grandmother’s riddle which is
still a misery to her, she can’t
still fully explain it, when she
said two will want you but one
will have you Remi had
thought she un-derstood but
right now even the prince
doesn’t want her and she
doesn’t want anything with
Leja either, maybe the only
[email protected] she un-derstood is
“disaster will struck” she can
feel it but what ever may come
she silently pray the gods to
give her strength to overcome
hate with love just as her
grandmother has advised her
to do but as Nike and Leja
decided to trouble her she will
not allow them to break her
Nike and Leja sat at one corner
that night as they planned on
how to deal with Remi.
“I wish her nothing but death…
aah Leja you nee-d to see what
she did to me and iyami…that
girl is so evil…I want her dead…
“I don’t want her dead but I
really want her to regret ever
choosing the prince over me,
and she has the gut to paint it
to my face…denying with
everything she got that she
wasn’t pregnant that is the
bitter [email protected], if the prince has not
got her with a child I wouldn’t
have worry much but now
look…she said she will never be
mine and I will make sure the
prince will hate her with
pas-sion, if I know she will
chose the prince over me I
would have allow the prince to
get drawn in the river where
he went to swim one day and I
have to rescue him…I would
have just watch him sink to the
bottomless pit…since I can’t
have Remi he will not have her
“I have a plan Leja…you know
we are in this together…so we
have to work together and nail
that fool…[email protected] me so that I
can become pregnant and
when I become pregnant you
will make the prince to get
drun!kor get him slee-ping for
so long…I will ask iyami to give
me one leaf that i will give you
to place on the prince food…no
we are not going to hurt the
prince we can’t even hurt him…
the gods may strike us because
he is the heir to the throne… all
I’m asking is to get the prince
either into a de-ep sleep or get
him drun!kso that you will
sneak me into his chamber and
I will try and [email protected] him if is
possible but if he refuse I will
make him feel like he la-id with
me because he may not be
able to remember…and you
will back me up…and with that
the prince may accept me as
his bride and I will become the
next queen of this land and I
will reward you greatly…I will
bear a son…your son, nob©dy
will be aware of it except me
and you, and that son will also
become the next king the
prince won’t know that is not
his biological son but yours…
and within the time I will be
the queen you can also be
having me in be-d, I will sneak
into you chamber because I
will make sure you have a big
chamber here and you can
have me all you want…but I
will greatly reward you and
give you everything you
want…there’s a way we can go
about this and perfect our
plans…if you have a better
suggestion bring it on…let us
discus it…no time to waste…
“Nike…aaah…you are a
baddooo….how long have you
being cooking this kind of
plan…is just too much…I can’t
get involve with that…what if
the truth comes to light do you
know what the kingdom will
do to us…is very deadly let just
suffer Remi small and let her
be and we will all be…
“I’m not backing out of this…
yes we will deal with her…I
have a big plan for but I also
want to be with the prince as
she was, i want to feel the
prince warm b©dy and his
care-sses…I want to be the
queen and I can not achieve
that without your help, you
have your secret safe with me
and yours is even deadly
because you are wishing the
prince dead…you said you
would have allowed him to get
drawn in the river and die I will
hold on to that if you refuse to
help me achieve my purpose…
we are in this together leja…no
going back…[email protected] me…I’m
giving you my b©dy for one
week and even more if you
want…all I want is to be get
pregnant and ru-b it on the
prince so that he can make me
his queen…you have no choice
in this than to agree to this
plan…we have to do this so
that we can have a bright
future together…I won’t tell
your secret out is safe with
“I don’t trust you Nike…the last
time you told me the same
thing you end up telling Remi
that I f0rç£fully la-id with you
and it was you that [email protected]£ to
me and you even promise to
keep it a secret between us…
“I nee-ded to bring it up so that
she can flush the pregnancy
after she told me…I did not
meant to tell her but I was
re-ady to do and say anything
for her to take off that child
but she still refuse…that was
why I told the old fool but she
was stiff n£¢ked in keeping the
child…but now she will regret
ever crossing me…are we
together or not…we nee-d to
work as a team and not let
anyone suspect us…
“hmmm…Nike…I fear for this…
but I’m re-ady to suffer the
prince for taking Remi from
me…I hate him and I hate her
even more…
“Yes…very good, that is what
I’m talking about…hate them
with pas-sion…let hate drive
you with f0rç£ so that we will
achieve our aim together….you
will sneak me out in the night I
nee-d to go and collect
something from iyami…she will
be waiting for me close to the
palace and I will return
immediately after collecting
it…you are the chief guard here
you have to watch out
intensively and not allow
anyone to know when I leave
and when I returns back.
Remi stayed inside the next
day with the princess, she has
had series of night mare and
have to wake up early, she
wondered what will happen
now, the prince has not said
anything or summon her, he
has being quiet since yesterday
and the silent was killing her,
she wish the prince will let her
know her fate so that she can
face whatever befalls her, but
no word from him till this
After doing all her morning
duty she nee-ded to make the
princess hair.
as she was ma-king the princess
hair who kept talking about
marriage and children with
Tunde, Remi was not listening,
her mind was far and occu-pied
“Remi, You seem troubled
what is it…last night you were
so restless in your dream…is
there a problem and you seem
to be growing bigger…well I
just felt you are probably
adding some weight but that is
not my problem…you can add
weight if you want what I’m
concerned about is what is
troubling you…
“Nothing my princess…just…
having some personal
“I do tell you my personal
problems…why are you hiding
yours…talk to me I will
un-derstand…I guess you don’t
really have anyb©dy you talk
much to just like me…I don’t
have much friends except very
few that comes around once in
a blue moon, you are likely the
only maiden I disclose my
problem to…so if anything
bothers you should learn to
talk to someb©dy in that way it
will be less burdened because a
problem shared is a problem
The Princess quic-kly turned to
look up at Remi who looked
away in shame
“You mean you are pregnant…
serious…are you sure of what
you are saying…you are really
pregnant for who?
“If I tell you will you believe
me…I never meant for this to
happen but it was a very
expensive mistake and I’m
stuck with it…I’m pregnant for
the Prince…
The princess stood this time
and opened her eyes wi-de, it
sound so unbelievable to her,
she sat back on the chair and
looked up at Remi who bent
her head…
“I believe you…don’t feel bad
with my reaction…I know you
can’t pu-ll such expensive joke…
but I believe you Remi because
you have never given me
reason to doubt you in
anything…but is my brother
aware….is he aware…this is
very serious…Oba will be so
angry with him except if he
intend to marry you to cover
for the shame…but is he
aware…have you told him that
he got you in with a child…
“I did but he didn’t believe
me…he was angry…because
Leja lied that the pregnancy
was his but I have nothing to
do with Leja, he was only
trying to spite me because I
turned down his proposal…
“maybe I should go and speak
to my brother…he may listen
to me…let us go to his chamber
so that I will let him
un-derstand that the pregnancy
is his…let’s pray that the gods
grant us favor and he will
agree because the prince can
be difficult even to me his
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When the princess and Remi
got to the prince chamber she
gently tapped on the door and
was later told the prince was
not in his chamber
The princess and Remi went
back to the chamber and asked
the guard to let them know
whenever the prince returns
and just as Remi finish up the
princess hair that afternoon the
guard [email protected]£ to inform them
that the prince was back, so
Remi and the princess went
over to see him
When the prince saw Remi
with the princess as they both
walked into his chamber and
Remi stood close to the door
with her head bent while the
princess [email protected]£ to sit with him
“I have being getting
unexpected visitations of
recent…and I’m no more
comfortable with it…to what
do I owe this visit again…
“Remi told me what happened
and I’m here to plead to you to
accept her…she is a good
maiden and have serve me
well…the pregnancy is not for
Leja but for you…don’t listen to
what Leja has to say…he is only
being pained because he can’t
have her as he has wanted…
“princess…you don’t
un-derstand where this story is
coming from and Is very
confusing …I jut want to breath
and I don’t really have time for
this…she told me herself that I
never t©uçhed her the night I
suspected that something
might have happened between
us because I was drun!kbut, I
pleaded to her to tell me the
truth and she said nothing
happened and I usually see her
with Leja, I asked Leja about
her and he said she is his
woman…they are in a serious
relationsh!p…it was also
confirmed by her sister Nike…
so I serious don’t know how
you want me to take up
another man’s
responsibility….if this all you
[email protected]£ here for I don’t have time
for this now…I have a meeting
with the oba later this evening
so return back to your chamber
and st©p getting involve in a
matter like this…
The princess couldn’t say
anything and have to obey her
brother and return to her
chamber, after sometime Remi
[email protected]£ out and walk straight
back to the prince she tapped
and without waiting for a reply
went right in and saw the
prince changing up to leave
“What is all this….why are you
here again…why can’t I have
breathing space…
“I was saying the truth when I
say the child I carry is yours
and that Leja have nothing to
do with me and was only
ganging up with Nike to spite
me…i have told you the real
and only truth…
“so what can I call the [email protected] you
also told me that nothing
happened between us…was
that truth or was it a lie…how
dare you even come up with
such thing just to blackmail me
into settling with you, having
another man’s child for me…is
something wrong with you
Remi…my mistake is ever
picking interest in you but that
also has changed ever since
Leja told me about two of your
love escaped…don’t come in
here again talking about this
and I will be taking this to Oba
and I bet you that will not go
down well…
“was I suppose to be scared…
take it to Oba…tell everyone
that I was trying to blackmail
you with a child that is really
The prince was surprise to hear
Remi speak to him so bold and
“…I am not asking you to
marry me or to take
responsibility of this child…I
and maami are capable of
taking care of this baby…I just
wanted you to know…I lied
before because you can not
even remember laying with me
after that night…you broke me
up, my mistake was not
st©pping you but now that the
deed is done I have to carry
this burden and I don’t care
whatever the consequences
maybe my prince, the fact is if
you deny this child today never
come for him or her
tomorrow…you still have the
time to believe me but if you
chose not to believe that is
your problem and not mine…I
have told you the truth and
nothing but the truth…trash it
now but never you come
claiming responsibility of my
child in future…I thought you
are a noble man and will
accept a mistake when is done
but here you are calling me a
liar and believing everyone
else over me…o daaa…no
problem…the gods will judge
this case and bear me witness…
Remi stormed out and left,
leaving the prince standing and
having something to think
Nike sneak out that night and
return quic-kly after collecting
whatever she when to collect
from her mother, she [email protected]£
back on time with the help of
Leja as they kept on with their

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