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Daddy’s girl Episode 18 & 19

(Getting her pregnant)
Episode 18
By: Faith Lucky.
Chloe’s pov:
Today started off great cause Gladys [email protected]£ over and she had so many things to share.
“…I just couldn’t believe he was the one. The moment I walked into the resturant and met him seated close to the window…gosh!, I looked away. Oh geez! Last night was the best blind [email protected]£ ever!” She said and jumped on my be-d ludicrously.
She stood up immediately and began fixing the be-d…
I chuckled.
“You make me laugh Gladys” I beamed getting off the be-d.
I went to my dressing table and sat on the chair facing the mirror.
“I think I nee-d to dry my hair” I groused removing the shower cap.
She [email protected]£ and stood beside me before plugging in the dryer into the switch.
She t©uçhed my lovely black hair and mouthed a ‘wow’.
She turned on the dryer and began using it on my hair.
After we were done, she helped me pick a nice outfit to where for clas-ses.
I wore a short white Sk-irt and pink glittering t©p that the sleeves st©pped by my wrist. And white boots to match.
I took my school bag and she helped me put the as-signments Jace helped me with inside.
I applied l!pgloss and put on the rest of my jewelries before leaving the room with Gladys trailing behind me.
We got outside and she opened the door of my car for me and I entered.
I’ll be going to school with my black Lamborghini sports car today.
I brou-ght out my phone as the car began moving immediately Gladys shut the door.
“Hey Kyle” I said with my eyes glued to my phone.
“Hi Chloe” He muttered but I didn’t care if his voice was way lower than before.
Maybe he’s having a so-re throat.
Messages popped into my phone like I had been missing from social media for days.
I took ph0tos for starters and uploaded it so my fans and friends will have something to fix their eyes on.
The rest of the ride to school were filled with giggles and laughs from funny twits and comments.
Alot of people were talking about the Sinners gang too.
Those blood su-cking mysterious men.
I couldn’t help but laugh at myself at the thought of them being my b©dyguards hit me.
That’s something that is simply impossible.
The car drove into the school compound and I knew immediately due to the students around and Kyle has to hit horn bu-tton for them to move out of the way.
It’s crowded cause some students might be done with their early morning lecture and are on their way home.
I dislike noon lectures but what to do?
I have no other choice than to bear it.
My mother always wanted me to become a journalist or something related to that but dad objected strictly.
I sighed at the thought of mom.
I miss her so much!.
I snapped out of my thoughts the minute the door opened and a fair smooth hand was waiting for me to hold onto.
I did just that and [email protected]£ out of the car.
Kyle immediately walked back to the drivers seat not wanting to look into my face. I rolled my eyes feeling less bothered.
He’s really a weirdo.
Ciara and Anna ran to me.
“Oh hey babe! You look like billion dollar worth” Anna beamed with a wi-nk.
I scoffed.
“Are you insulting me?” I asked enthusiastically and she laughed nervously.
“Am just pla-ying, you…I meant you look so good in this t©p. Look how it glitters with the sun” she said sticking out her ton-gue.
I chuckled.
I’ve got crazy friends.
“Unfortunately, we’ll be saying bye. We don’t have clas-ses this afternoon” Ciara said dolefully.
“Both of you?” I asked holding their hands and they nodded.
“Aww. Don’t feel bad Chloe, we’ll chat you up later” Anna said and we pu-ll-ed each other into a hvg.
We giggled and dis£ngaged.
“Alright girls, see you tomorrow. Remain fresh” I beamed and they waved at me leaving.
I re-leased the breath I’ve been holding onto the moment they broke the news that they’ll be leaving.
I stared at the hvge broad building infront of me. It re-ad – [email protected] OF Mas-s COMMUNICATION
I would be damn lonely. I went into the building watching students go back and fought.
Now, this feels like Anyother university in New York.
I got to clas-s and sat down at the second row. I had my head buried de-ep into my phone pla-ying my favorite game which happens to be Candy Crush Saga.
I heard someone humming a song and I turned to see a nerd boy with acne blemish on his cheeks.
So disgusting!
I got up and moved over to the back seat where the *bad boys* where always seated during morning lectures.
It happened to be just ordinary students around. I sat beside a girl with hvge but messy hair..
She seems harmless.
She took her eyes up at me and stared at me for a second before looking forward.
That was awkward though.
Ivy’s pov:
I smelt thick rich perfume and I turned to see the rich kid, Chloe sitting beside me.
I was at first damn surprised surprised she was actually sitting beside me.
I took often glanced at her.
She looks so rich herself. Then my eyes rested on her bag. Oh my!.
What a piece of treasure.
A sm-irk appeared on my face as an idea popped into my head.
Don’t worry Ivy,
You’ll be poor no more.
Episode 19
Chloe’s pov:
Finally, clas-ses were over and like usual, The teacher reminded us about the project she emailed to us.
“It will be submitted next week and there would be an oral test accompanied with it. I’ll throw any question and point at anyone to solve and provide admin answer. It’s compulsory for all students. In other words, goodnight everyone” The professor said and took his books before him.
Everyone stood up alre-ady leaving and some talking.
I sighed standing up to my feet and taking my books from the desk.
I walked past the girl I was sitting close to and left the clas-s.
This means I have to study more with Jace any time I get.
I seriously wouldn’t want to fail or stutter before everyone.
I can do this.
Just like Jace said.
I was now outside the building on my way to where the car was parked. The sky was starting to get dark and quite gloomy like it would soon rain.
Suddenly, my purse was f0rç£fully snatched from my grip.
“Hey!!” I rasped going after the girl who seemed to run fas-ter freely in her dirty sneakers.
She ran past the car and Kyle began chasing her. I slowed down cause am not used to running for long.
I was damn tired and was starting to hyperventilate.
I stooped beside the car loosing my strength and balance.
My eyes were closing bit by bit and my breath unsteady.
What’s happening to me?
I’ve never felt so drained in my entire life.
Slowly, I lost consciousness.
Kian’s pov:
I fixed my eyes on Chloe as she emerged out of the building looking doleful and tired.
Her Sk-irt looked so good on her and smooth fair legs were inviting as well.
She’s not h0t – this is epic beauty.
I [email protected]£ out of the car to maybe help her walk since she doesn’t look okay.
Immediately, a girl walked past her and snatched her purse running.
I went after her cause she was fast and seemed like a pro at stealing. My mask fell off my face but I didn’t bother. I’ll deal with this bi*ch.
I increa-sed my pace taking every route she did. We were at the parking lot where lots of cars occu-pied most of the space.
She kept running among and beside the cars like she wanted me to get tired or give up.
Myl-ips cornered into a sm-irk as I admired the girl’s moves.
She’s good.
I jumped on a small car beside her and flew across standing before her. I pushed her ha-rd she fell on the ground.
I pu-ll-ed her up and took the purse from her.
“Hey, let me go!!!” She yelled angrily and kept fussing. I almost laughed cause the request was quite impossible.
“You little thief. You should be begging me to let you go cause you stole from Adam Seth’s daughter. You’re fearless” I said squinting my eyes at her.
She tried to kick me at my di-ck but I held her leg up preventing her from taking further action.
She stared at me with so much scorn.
Ivy’s pov:
Why does he have to be so gorgeous???
His eyes were the best I’ve ever seen.
What am I saying?
He’s the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen.
He raised my leg up the more and I stuttered back almost falling before the law of stamina moved me to holding his shi-t ti-ghtly so I won’t fall.
“Can’t you see? I might fall! Let me go..” I rasped wi-de-eyed.
He lifted my leg up the more.
“Beg me” He said coldly.
His grip on my leg was ti-ght and there was really no move that could save me now.
He reached my hands on his collar and re-moved them.
“Am sorry….plea-se…forgive me” I stuttered myl-ips moving ahead of me.
He let go of my leg and I fell backwards to the floor. My whole back ached instantly and my eyes welled up.
“Stay away from Chloe cause next time pu-ll you a stunt like this, your back won’t be the only thing that’ll get hurt” He said and walked away with the purse.
I was in so much pain but I still looked up to see him go.
Who is this guy?
I sat up slowly from the floor my knees facing upwards with my hands wra-pped around my legs.
I sniffed.
I’ve never been hurt like this before. Not more to an anonymous guy.
I really don’t intend to be a thief. I stay with my aunt and her husband. My parents died in a car accident and all their wealth were pas-sed to my uncle instead of me.
They lied to the court that I was an illiterate and didn’t know much. So the court made an order that once I ace in all the subjects, I’ll be given the whole wealth but that seemed impossible.
My aunt and uncle are ma-king my life a living hell. We’re very rich but they are just too stingy. I wear filthy clothes and sleep at the attic. One would think am awfully poor.
I steal to be able to get cash in my pocket. My aunt declines giving me money for upkeep. She just did as the court said – put her in the best school and feed her.
That’s all!
I stood up slowly and walked back to the clas-s to take my school bag and walk home.

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