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Daddy’s girl Episode 1 & 2

(Getting her pregnant)
Episode 1
By: Faith Lucky
Chloe’s pov:
I walked down the sp©tless stairs with my phone stuck to my ear as I spoke to my personal as-sistant.
“Yes…I want 12 of those blue dresses delivered to my room before evening and talk to the new head quarter manager of Chanel. Tell him I ran out of purses and remember, I want all white.
“I’ve texted the ambas-sador of Lovebur-st jewelries and you’ll be traveling to Paris tomorrow to get me my rings. I want all diamond and…maybe two gold wrist watches and I want the best and the most expensive. I want all this things right in my room before Saturday. Do you hear me?” I stated and she nodded.
“I do ma’am. I got this” she said still struggling to carry the heavy bunch of clothes in her arms.
I smiled broadly.
A quic-k introduction.
Am Chloe Seth. The one and only daughter of the business tycoon, Adam Seth.
Am a fashionista and extremely obsessed with shopping. My mom’s late and I never met her so all I have is my father.
I love him so much cause he’ll do anything just to make me happy – anything to plea-se me.
It’s almost like I have all cause of my h0t model b©yfri£nd, [email protected] He’s from one of the most wealthiest families in New York and we’re both like the most adorable couple in the world.
But he’ve been tripping for a while now. He has become extra busy since he was made the CEO at his father’s company.
We ba-rely talk on the phone and this is the tenth attempt am trying to get to speak with him on phone but…
I brou-ght my cellphone down from my ear and looked into it.
I st©pped walking and paused still on the fleet of stairs.
“He’s not answering…” I muttered.
“Who’s not answering ma’am?” My personal as-sistant asked concerned.
I sighed.
“It doesn’t matter. I guess he’s as busy as a bee not to answer his calls” I said feeling despondent.
“C’mon ma’am, your b©yfri£ndjust inherited his father’s biggest and most famous company. He must be busy doing everything he can to sustain it from loosing it’s worth” she said and I smiled waving off the doleful look.
“You’re right Gladys! I’ll just give him sometime…or maybe he’ll call back” I beamed and continued our walk down the stairs.
We got to the living room and I find dad on the sofa re-ading a newspaper.
I rushed to him and gave him a big hvg.
“Good morning dad” I said very excited since his birthday is coming up soon and am the event planner.
“Morning sweetheart. I trust you sle-pt well” he grinned.
“Yes dad. But am curious, have you been going to the gym lately?” I asked and he laughed.
“You look so younger and strong” I added and he laughed even louder.
“Alright…what’s the flattering about?” He asked and I pouted.
“I want to spend the night at [email protected]’s house. I’ll be going there from school” I replied.
“What?…he invited you?” He asked and I shrugged.
“Well…it’s been long since I saw him and…”
“Chloe?” He called with his brows furrowed.
“C’mon dad, we’re not going to do anything funny” I said giving him my most innocent look.
“You know kids can be up to mischief” he grumbled un-der his breath.
“Trust me dad. I just want us to spend the evening together catching up on movies and games. I just miss him you know” I pouted and he sighed.
“Alright. Just Becareful”.
I leaped.
“Thanks dad! I love you”.
“What are the clothes for?” He asked referring to the heap of clothes Gladys carried.
“Dad, we’re having a charity event at college and am giving out my one week old clothes for charity” I beamed.
His jaw dropped.
“One week old?”.
I nodded.
“Okay dad, I’ll be going to school now. Glady’s, plea-se take the clothes to my car. The red one” I ordered carrying my backpack from the couch.
Gladys walked to the door struggling to see like she would fall any moment.
“Bye dad” I said and half hvgged him.
“Bye princess, take care of yourself. And try not to give in to [email protected]’s good looks!” He said behind me while I rolled my eyes.
When will he st©p seeing me as a little helpless girl?
He’ve done everything he could to see that I don’t let any man see my undie or try to have a chance with me.
And luckily for me, [email protected] un-derstands. He’ve never f0rç£d himself on me.
I got to my car and got in while the driver turned on the ignition.
“Good morning ma’am” the aged man said looking at me throu-gh the front mirror.
I brou-ght out my cellphone and went straight to tik tok.
I fixed my hair and made a video of myself telling everyone am on my way to school.
Am more of a social media freak and obsessed with any new app that pops up in the internet.
The driver sped up and I relaxed back on the soft chair.
Episode 2
Chloe’s POV:
The car st©pped infront of the school and I got down.
My two best friends – Anna and Ciara were alre-ady waiting for me by the door.
We were three close friends that shook the entire school.
Other girls envy us while boys are always trying to impress us.
It’s more like we’re the main attraction but we aren’t bullies. We’re too advanced for that.
I got to them and they smiled.
“Chloe, you look great this morning” Ciara said and I sm-irked.
“Thanks girlfriend, you look nice too”.
We walked into the building together and settled on our seats.
“I saw your tik tok video…it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g Chloe” Anna blurted dropping her legs on the desk before her ex-posing her th!ghs.
I covered my nose with my arm and faked irritation.
“What’s that smell Anna? Did you forget to wash your un-derwear after Simon ban-ged you last night?” I asked sm-irking and her cheeks turned tomato red.
She brou-ght down her legs and covered her face with her palm while the rest of us chuckled.
“Chloe, st©p revea-ling so much” she said clearly embarras-sed.
I brou-ght out my hand fan and began waving it over my face.
“But you both are just the sickest couple I’ve ever seen. You dare open your legs for a guy just so to plea-se him, pathetic” I scoffed.
“At least I get to do what I want. Why you’re locked up in your room. You’re such a baby. Daddy’s girl” she said with a sad face.
“Defend yourself Chloe” Ciara said laughing.
“No, what am about to say might make her cry. I’ll leave the fight for tomorrow, shall we?” I stated and turned facing my desk.
The rest of the girls sat properly and some students walked in.
There was just few people in the clas-sroom. Everyb©dy trying to mind their business.
“Um…Chloe, I don’t know how you’ll feel but…I want to contest for the most beautiful girl in Glamour High” Pearl who was sitting beside me said I flin-ched but concealed it immediately.
“You…want to contest? Why?” I mumbled though I just wanted to scream down the walls.
“I don’t know…i just wanted to try. The posting of fliers starts tomorrow and the portal for voting also gets opened tomorrow” she said trying not to maintain an eye contact with me.
“That’d be great Pearl. I wish you both luck in the beauty contest” Ciara jibe-d but I sh0t her a stare and she quic-kly looked away.
I rolled my eyes.
The door opened and a lecturer walked in.
Many students trooped in afterwards.
I adjusted on my seat but I couldn’t take my mind off Pearl.
The only problem I’ve got with her competing is the fact that only one student gets picked from a whole clas-s.
I won last year’s beauty contest and she’s planning on taking the crown away from me this year?
That slimy bi*ch!
I glared at her feeling a bit more stabbe-d.
And I guess when she wins the beauty contest, her fame would bloom and she’ll get her own friends and try to beat me in everything.
But why’s she suddenly competing this year? What’s going on?
“Miss Chloe Seth, any problem?” I heard the teacher ask and I looked up at him blankly.
“No, there’s not” I replied with anxiety eating me alive.
“plea-se get your Literature textbook” he said and I reached for it in my bag.
Let’s get this day over with so I can go visit [email protected]
I just miss him.
Kian’s pov:
My boys and I sat by our round table smoking and drinking.
We’re the Sinners.
A popular but secret gang in New York.
Our identity is hidden but we’re very dangerous.
I lingered on the wine glas-s in my hand and thought for a while.
What’s going to be my birthday challenge for my useless minions.
Let’s watch some videos first.
I brou-ght out my iPad and connected it to the flat screen at the end of the room.
I logged into tik tok and the first video that popped up attracted me.
She looks familiar…
Like I’ve seen her before one way or the other.
I went ahead to [email protected] video.
She’s so beautiful but what got me hooked more was her big curvy bo**s.
No doubt her backside will be damn good like the front.
“Damn. She’s h0t” One of my men, Kyle said and bit hisl-ip.
I nodded in agreement.
Who is this beauty?
I glanced at her name.
My eyes wi-de-ned.
She’s the devil’s own daughter.
How can that motherfu-ker have a girl so tempting?
And why…didn’t I know of her?

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