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Bittersweet wife Episode 5 & 6

(She is his Enigma🐯).
Episode 5.
The whole world was about to fall when he got that [email protected] He was shocked, more than the moment his father had told him he was going to get married.
” you are going to regret of your life…I will show you, why am called the King of Kings in…
” I alre-ady live a life of regret Mr Kim…I wish journalists were here in front of us. I would have being famous for [email protected] the King of Kings ”. She laughed and walked away.
The rest of his band arrived there.
” we’ve being looking for you everywhere… We have being given one of the VIP seats…come…
Namjoon didn’t finish speaking and Taehyung angrily walked away,followed by them.
(Models Dressing Room).
[email protected]£ron looked on the tables and saw Clara’s table because her name was paste on the bag on the table.
He quic-kly walked to the table and looked around the drawers. There was a low heel and a high heel shoe.
Clara was to walk in the low heel when upcoming models would walk on the runway to market Naomi Campbell’s new clothing line. And she was supposed to walk in the high heel at the closing of the event besides Naomi.
quic-kly,he took a sharp cuter from his purse and f0rç£fully break the high heels. Then after it was broken,he immediately glued them back together.
Since they were white heels,it was very [email protected] to see that they were destroyed and glued back together.
He heard voices coming closer from outside and just like a flash,he flee.
(Front Event).
All the models were re-ady and some musicians [email protected]£ to sing to open the show. As everyone enjoyed themselves, the models [email protected]£ out,cat walking on the runway in Naomi Campbell’s new fashion clothes. People [email protected] happily.
Mr and Mrs Kim sat in the front line of VIPs as they also enjoyed the show.
His eldest daughter in law walked closer to him and sat besides him.
” what happened? ”. Mr Kim whispered to her.
” I followed him like you asked me father in-law… And it see!s he was [email protected] by the girl ”.
” what girl? ”.
” the girl you chose to be his wife ”.
” you must ne kidding me! She’s here? ”.
” the information reaching me is that,she’s one of the upcoming models ”.
” I..i can’t believe this ”. He smiled softly. ” if the event had not start,I would search for her and give her an award for teaching him a lesson his parents refused to teach him. He must have being very disrespectful to her ”.
” maybe ”.
” I am planning to make the marriage announcement today. Since her father signed the contract, I am free to go ahead and move this forward. Go back to your work now my dear ”.
” okay ”. She said and left.
” what were you two talking about? ”. Mrs Kim asked in annoyance.
” your future daughter in-law is pres£nt on this event ”.
” excuse me?! ”.
” the music is too loud Nana…I can’t hear you! ”. He said in laughter.
The upcoming models [email protected]£ out,cat walking on the runway and Clara was second in line. She rocked her b©dy before ten thousand eyes, and she walked like a queen. Many people started whispering to each other while Maria smiled proudly.
The MC [email protected]£ out as the models retreated and lifted the microphone to hisl-ips.
” I hope everyone is having lots of fan! Tonight is Naomi’s last night as a supermodel since she’s retiring. So of course,the young last who [email protected]£ to take her place in the modeling industry is also pres£nt in this event. To spice this night,popularly known as BB,give a round of applause for Bella Bello! ”.
Mrs Kim smiled proudly and nodded her head with approval while Mr Kim scoffed at her reaction.
” this is the best woman for our son. They’ve known each other since they were kids! You should have chos£n her as his wife ”. She whispered to Mr Kim.
” no! She is arrogant… Just like him. Her father was my best friend but I don’t like her ”. He whispered back as he [email protected] like everyone else.
Taehyung’s mood changed as soon as Bella walked out from the curtains, cat walking like a pro on the runway.
He smiled so lovingly that his friends shook their heads in laughter.
Bella killed it on the runway and people screamed their heads off.
Some media personalities held a DVD in their hands, looking around the event and quietly stealing their way at the back of the event into the lights and sound [email protected]
The event went on and on and on and finally,time was far spent.
It finally [email protected]£ down to the closing of the event.
The MC [email protected]£ out again with his !microphone and flowers.
” the time everyone has being waiting for. The time were the icon,the legend,the super of super models Naomi Campbell to reveal herself. And she’s coming out with super model Bella Bello and two aspiring models Alya Ross and Clara Johnson! Give it up for them! ”.
The curtains cut open and the elegant Naomi Campbell, the Queen of the runway walked out,cat walking and holding flowers of appreciate, Bella walked behind her best and then,Clara and Alya walked besides each other, people cheered when Clara walked out.
It seemed she stood out the most because she was blinking and of course, she was the thickest model.
Bella wanted to burn the whole place down. She reached the end of the runway with Naomi and they turned to Clara and the other who was cat walking towards them with ph0togra-phers flashing [email protected]£ra lights at them.
” it’s about to go down ”. Bella whispered to herself.
Before Clara could reach and the end of the runway, her heel break from the bu-tton and from her stance, she flopped and heavily fell on the floor like a rock falling from a mountain. The whole place went dead.
The ph0togra-phers and journalists didn’t hesitate to take thousands of pictures of this.
Some of the models and other people rushed to her side,especially Naomi.
Clara felt like her dreams had come to an end. Tears rushed down her cheeks as Bella secretly smiled and gave a thumbs up to [email protected]£ron who stood at a corner.
” are you okay sweetie? ”. Naomi asked her. ” she’s hurt! ”.
Clara’s forehead had hit the floor and cut.
Blood slowly [email protected]£ out.
” plea-se call the doctor Omar! ”. Maria asked. ” Clara, are you okay? ”.
” I… ”. She sobbe-d uncontrollably. ” I am so sorry Maria… I disappointed…
” no no no..never. You did amazing tonight. Come,how is this possible, what happened to the shoe? ”. She said and took the broken show to check.
Bella’s eyes opened wi-dely in shock.
But to think everything was over,the lights of the event started going on and off.
” oh gosh! What now?! ”. Naomi gro-an ed.
The big TV screen of the event suddenly [email protected]£ on and !most shocking news the world never expected appeared on the screen.
A man from Entertainment News appeared on the screen and…
Everyone was hit,including the Kim family because no one expected this.
Taehyung’s eyes grew wi-der as half of the people of the event turned to look at him.
” what? ”. Clara whispered..her voice was shaking.
Bella’s mouth could contain thousands of houseflies because they were wi-de opened when she starred at Clara and then back to Taehyung in the crowd.
” what is going on Yu?! Did you do this? ”. Kim asked.
” no..of course not! Wait,am coming ”. He said and walked away.
Just then,the picture of the do¢v-ment agreement appeared on the screen for the whole world to see.
Before people’s eyes, Clara took to her heels, out of the event, being chased by others…
Episode 6.
She kept running and running without back even though she heard voices calling her name from behind.
But wasn’t what st©pped her,she was finally out of the building, immediately, she st©pped a taxi. But she was t©p late,some guards [email protected]£d hold of her arms and the taxi quic-kly drove away.
Everyone from the building were quic-kly coming out. Mr Kim arrived there.
” young woman,calm down. This is explainable,if only…
” let’s go off me! plea-se let me go,this is all a mix up ”.
” there are mp mix up here. Well…
Clara was absolutely shocked to find out that it was actually true.
The news was right. She was indeed getting married.
” I would rather die than do this! I am just a poor small area girl trying to chase her dreams. Nob©dy knows me here so how come…
” guards,let go of her ”. Mr Kim demanded.
The guards left her alone and she tried calming down. Tears still falling down her cheeks.
” I am not going to marry anyone sir! When that time comes,I will make a decision for myself. ” she said,wiping the small blood off her forehead.
” well I am sorry about that, your father signed the contract ”.
” wha…excuse me?! ”.
” if you don’t know the real truth then… You can come with is to my mansion. Then…
” I don’t care about what my father has done! He is dead! ”.
Mr Kim was shocked…meanwhile,Mrs Kim looked extremely relieved.
An elegant woman in am expensively dress stood besides her with a smile at the corner of herl-ips.
” wow Nana…I can’t believe Yu actually your former driver’s daughter for your son ”. She whispered.
” I can’t believe that either Edna. But it’s okay,as long as that idiot has died,my secret is absolutely safe now ”. She whispered back. ” all I have to do is simple…make his daughter’s life a living hell and get her divorced from Taehyung ”.
” we’ll see how that goes…
” I want him married to your daughter instead! ”.
” hmmm…what are friends for dear? ”.
Mr Kim stood there speechless. He looked down and took a de-ep breath.
” what happened to him? ”.
” doesn’t matter…
” my name is Mr Kim Yu. Owner of Kim empire and cooperatives. And your father owed me a favor. I don’t want to f0rç£ you Clara. But your father alre-ady signed the do¢v-ments. And you should come with us ”.
” or what?! ”.
Mr Kim walked slowly to her ears.
The Ca!eras went wild and snapped thousands of pictures. The guards st©pped the paparazzis from coming closer.
” or else…your modeling career will come to an end ”. He whispered. ” and remember as well,you will get no job elsewhere because I will make sire of that. And last but not least,you nee-d lots of protec-tion after this news is now worldwi-de trending news, remember, my son is an icon. Many fans are obsessed with him,you will be dead by tomorrow morning on the streets of you lack protec-tion ”.
Her eyes opened wi-dely. She trembled on her feet.
For the first time in her life, actual fear gr!pp£dher b©dy.
” I…
” let’s go ”.
She had loosed her mind. All she did was follow orders,the guards held her hand and the others closed her front to prevent paparazzis from taking anymore pictures.
All the important guests started leaving.
In a way,Naomi’s night was totally ruined.
Shocked was not a word to describe what went on that night.
(Next Day=Bella’s Mansion).
From hall to kitchen, from kitchen to [email protected], [email protected] to upstairs were filled with alcohol bottles and broken glas-ses, stains of blood,shattered flower pots and torn dresses.
Bella had really outdone herself after the news. Her anger was at the peak. She layed on the floor of her be-droom besides her be-d. Her left hand was cut slightly due to breaking things last night, her eyes were black and when she opened her eyes,they were like blood.
Her secret relationsh!pof five years had just ended right in front of her. Her phone was ringing loudly and she couldn’t get up to pick up because she was weak.
Her mother batched into the room and was shocked. She was alre-ady shocked at how the entire house was messed. She went to the be-d and took Bella’s phone.
Her eyes grew like plates.
” Taehyung? ”. She looked down at Bella on the floor. ” why is Kim Taehyung calling you at this time of the morning BB? ”.
” fv¢k off mother, and fv¢k Taehyung too…hung up the damn phone and get out of my house! ”.
” you mean,I should get put of your asylum? Because this is not a house. Answer my question or should I [email protected] the cra-p out of you?! ”.
Bella got up and stood on her fee. Almost falling down because of her hangover.
” Taehyung is my damn b©yfri£nd! We’ve being [email protected]!ngand having S-x secretly for the past five fv¢king years and he just dumped me for a fat pig! ”.
” what?! Taehyung?.. You? ”. She seemed shocked, but her face soon turned into a smile. ” oh goodness…
” I can’t believe this. Even the world didn’t know our relationsh!p…but now the world knows about his marriage with a low clas-s woman! ”.
” why did you never tell me about your affair?! I would have helped you sustain it you spoilt [email protected]! Now you have loosed the heir to the Kim’s empire! ”. She [email protected] Bella and she fell to the floor.
” what do you mean I loosed the heir? I am in love with Taehyung, not his money! ”.
” oh really? So what if Taehyung was a poor homeless street boy? ”.
” well…okay the money also counts as well….but that doesn’t matter anymore because he dumped me. How could he do this to me?! ”.
” he didn’t dump you dummy! His father arranged all this. It’s either Taehyung gets married… Or he losses everything! The properties! ”.
” huh? You…you are not lying right mum? ”.
” no. His mother told me herself. Taehyung has no choice ”.
” if he loved me,he wouldn’t have accepted this ”.
” urrrmmm my dear,we are talking about the Kim’s. Not *an ordinary family. Besides,he would turn poor of he doesn’t marry the girl. But that doesn’t mean* he is not yours. You can easily take your man,you can still be with him until he gets divorced ”.
Bella cleaned her tears immediately and stood up.
” really? He can get divorced? As soon as his father signs the properties to his name ,he can divorce her and have your man completely back ”.
” oh God yes! You will do something about to right? ”.
” of course. I am a relationsh!pcounselor after all means,Nana will get that girl into the MWR, *Married Women Rights. All we have to do is control her,and she herself will push Mr Kim to end this* marriage ”.
” I am so glad. I will call my baby immediately,he must be so sad I didn’t pick his calls ”.
(Namjoon’s Mansion).
Taehyung layed in one of the big chairs in the hall. His eyes were red and his hair was *scattered. Namjoon’s wife [email protected]£ out of the kitchen with a cu-p of lemon tea on a tray.
The rest* of his friends entered the hall while Namjoon walked from downstairs. They sat besides him while he took the lemon tea.
” thank you Sana ”. He said,she smiled and went back to the kitchen.
” what happened last night Taehyung? What did your father say? ”.
” he alre-ady arranged the wedding. On the 25th? ”.
” what?! You have just four days to prepare for your wedding! What the hell? ”.
” shut up Jungkook ”. Seokjin said. ” and what did you say to him? ”.
” nothing. Because he said everything was re-ady. Black suit,wedding go-wns,diamond rings,after [email protected]…he has prepared and made everything fv¢king re-ady! ”. He angrily said.
” have you heard from Bella? ”. Jimin asked.
” she’s not picking my calls ”.
” it’s un-derstandable. She’ll come around, just give her some time ”. Namjoon said. ” Sooo…what about the girl…Clara was her name right?….
” wow…she was so h0t last night ”. Jungkook imagined her. ” you are lucky Taehyung… She’s so…
” Jungkook!!!….
” but it’s true! Come on,admit it Jimin, you complimented her a lot last night too…look,I know Bella is pretty and everything, but real men wants meat…not bones ”.
” you as-s-hole! ”. Taehyung almost hit Jungkook but they were separated. ” I met the golddigger earlier last night and she [email protected] me in the face after she made me fall on the group ”.
” hmmm…that’s why you were so angry the whole night ”.
” I will make sure she finds everyday bitter in this contract marriage ”.
Taehyung’s phone rang and he smiled when he saw the person calling.
” Bella? Wow…she calmed down so fast ”. Jungkook mocked.
Taehyung gave him a murderous look and got up,he picked the call and excused himself.
(Kim’s Mansion=be-drooms).
Clara was in a white robe. She *sat on a be-d in one of the luxurious be-drooms. She had folded her legs in front, holding the wooden box she found in her father’s things ti-ghtly* . She heard a knock on the door and Mrs Kim entered…
To be continued

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