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Bittersweet wife Episode 3 &4

(She is his Enigma🐯).
Episode 3.
She quic-kly bent down and [email protected]£d the do¢v-ment closed immediately.
She faked tears and sobbe-d them turned to Clara.
Clara kept starring at the do¢v-ments in Nora’s hands.
” what is in those papers? ”.
” I just [email protected]£ a widow…and you accuse me of doing something to my husband? I can’t believe you! ”. She said and broke into tears. ” no problem Clara…thank you for nor appreciating my years of talking care of you ”.
” all you did was torment me and make me a slave! The only one I had was father, and you killed him! ”. She knelt down and held her father’s hand,crying.
” I will ask the neighbours to help ”.
Nora said and quic-kly opened the do¢v-ments and was about to have a heart attack.
Totally [email protected]
” what?! No…
Her screams were so loud,even Ana heard it.
She quic-kly re-moved her ear pins and got to her mother.
” what happened now? ”.
” no…
Ana snatched the do¢v-ments and re-ad it herself. Her eyes grew bigger and bigger in shock they almost popped out.
” is this a dream or a joke mum? Ste.. Stepfather had an agreement to get Clara married to…what?! Kim Taehyung? No no no…which Kim Taehyung mum? A Kim Taehyung we have never heard of or…
” you fool! Have you not seen his face printed on the paper? He and that gorilla’s face has being printed on the paper. It is the Almighty youngest most riche-st most handsome musician! The famous and rich Kim Taehyung! ”.
” what?! This can’t be possible. Mum, that means…Clara, will no longer be our servant after her father dies? I am going to do my own washing and scru-bbing and cleaning? ”.
” the man is alre-ady dead! He is dead and he deserves it! He only thought of his daughter and not his wife. He left her with a rich family! A wealthy family! ”.
” meaning… The coin has turned around mum…we..we..we are go…going to be her servant instead. We will eat bre-ad surplus at her feet! ”. Ana said in rage.
” not if I make that turn against her ”.
” what are you planning mum? Because this is a written do¢v-ment! And has being signed by stepfather, Mr Kim and a well renowned lawyer mum! Mr d!¢kson! ”.
” re-ad it carefully Ana…we are going to make so much money from this do¢v-ment! Johnson thinks he is doing something spectacular for his girl,but will use it against her ”. She said evilly.
” how? ”.
” the Kim family has always kept their life pri-vate from the media. Not since Taehyung blasted the media doe both his arrogance and music. He has always being the one who made the media talk about his family. He is very controversial, imagine what the press will do when they get hold of this do¢v-ment? It will be the h0ttest gossip of the year ”.
” aahhh… Tell me more ”. She said smiling.
” every girl is in love with BTS…and they all boil up in anger when they hear or see any relationsh!pof BTS with other girls. Just see how they reacted when three of the boys got married. Especially, if it’s Kim Taehyung. The nation’s sweetheart. Imagine what will happened to Clara when the news goes out huh? ”.
” oh my God! She won’t be able to get our of the house…people will kill her! ”.
” and imagine how much money the media will pay us after delivering this news to them ”.
” and we will become billionaires! ”.
” and? ”.
” and at the end,Clara will still end up being our servant because she will have nowhere to go ”.
They both smiled evilly.
(One Week Later=Tokyo, Japan=Alpha Stadium).
The Japan press and billions of people were scattered on the street because of the famous boy band BTS.
The girls were screaming in happiness, the boys were shouting and talking selfies of them and the big screen outside the stadium while the paparazzi kept talking ph0tos of some other famous people getting out of their cars and entering the stadium with their b©dyguards.
One journalist was lucky enough to catch the attention of some of the famous people. And thousands of journalists got to them with microphones and recorders.
” wow…Mamamia, you are looking dashing tonight ”.
” thank you ”. She replied with a smile.
” so…what are you wearing tonight? ”.
” I am wearing Gianni Versace…. they designed this specially for me ”.
” Awww how beautiful. So tell us what you are expecting tonight ”.
” Urrrmmm… we all know BTS always turn even award winning shows into their own demn concert, so you can imagine what will happened un-der their own concert itself. I can’t wait to have fan,I love their music so much. And I also expect the security team to ti-ght£ñ their works tonight, especially the guarding of the stadium’s entrance and the protec-tion of our boys and I can see they are alre-ady doing that. Bit overall, I feel tonight will be a blast ”. She said in all smiles.
” woooww… tonight will indeed be a blast. Have a blissful night ”.
” thanks…you too ”.
And they [email protected] The night kept going smoothly as those who bought the expensive tickets kept entering the stadium with supervisors whiles others who couldn’t afford were left outside the streets to watch the performance on the big screen.
(5th Floor=Dressing Room).
Make up artists and custom team kept preparing the boys for their show. Everyone was busily on their phones in all smiles, except Taehyung.
He knew this day was his last day of thinking. And he had to give his father an answer. A Yes…or a No.
He cracked his [email protected],fighting to get his mind of it.
He imagined, being a married man,being tied up down with a woman doe doesn’t know,being known as a married man.
With how famous he was,the entire world would hear the news and his fans will hate him for getting married, he didn’t want to receive a harsh reaction like how his members who got married received.
” it’s time to put in your contacts Taehyung ”. A voice said but he didn’t respond. ” Taehyung, we are running late,keep your eyes opened… Taehyung! ”.
He flin-ched by the scream of his name,he looked around and saw his make up artist and members starring confusingly at him.
” what? ”. He asked.
” give me the lenses ”. Seokjin said to the makeup artist. She gave it to him and left. ” are you still thinking about what answer you should give your father? ”.
Seokjin asked as he placed the lenses in Taehyung’s eyes.
” you shouldn’t be thinking about that right now Taehyung, we have a show to perform and we nee-d to put in our A game ”. Namjoon said as he applied his l!pbalm.
” I hate being controlled…and that’s exactly what my father is doing to me ”. Taehyung said.
” oh come on! Marriage is not all that bad ”. Hoseok giggled as he re-moved his wedding ring,placing it in a drawer. ” I know armies will be angry by your marriage announcement, but everything will be fine after a year or two. They will learn to accept it. They did the same with me ”.
” the two of us are different Hoseok. Armies love you…but they worsh!pme ”. Taehyung said.
” haha! That’s true though. Remember when an army stole your shoe at the h0tel in Arabia and later made a video out of it? That was crazy. Namjoon said. ” I love armies and all,but 99% of them are super toxic and that’s why I got married first. I mean,in that way,they won’t have their eyes and any S-xual ideas towards me anymore ”.
” some Chinese armies almost got your car burnt when you got married, that wasn’t cool…I will get married after we disband ”. Jimin said.
” enough! You all should be talking some s-en-se and try to give a possible solution to Taehyung’s problems right now… ”. Seokjin said as he finished finished putting in the leases. ” I think you should do what your father wants for now Tae ”.
” what?! ”.
” well bro,do you want to loose the fortune? No right? This is not difficult at all. Get married, take the fortune… then divorce the girl later ”. Jungkook said with a cunning smile.
” but…Bella will not be happy about this ”.
” you can convince her. I think Jungkook is right. If you don’t want any controversy, just do as your father says. You know he is a !an of his words and will truly give the fortune to the orphanage if you don’t give him an answer today ”. Jimin said.
Taehyung looked down in a de-ep thought.
” no one knows your relationsh!pwith Bella except us Taehyung. And if she truly loves you,she would wait for you to divorce the woman tour father finds for you…simple. There is no nee-d to think too much about it ”.
The managers entered the room and [email protected] their hands.
” time up…time up boys! Let’s get to the stage..and kill this armies and enemies ”.
After the show,Taehyung spoke to his father on phone and gave his final cons£nt about the marriage.
(Next Day=New York City=Cripton [email protected]=Rented 10).
She was in all black after her father’s burial three days ago. She was weak and shattered.
She looked into her father’s bags and wardrobe, packing his clothes in a *small bag. Her hand it a very [email protected] box and she searched in it and pu-ll-ed it out.
It was an old* brown box,it looked very old but small and pretty strong. But it was locked. She shook it and realized there were papers and some metal stuff in it. As she looked into the bag to find the keys,her phone rung…
Episode 4.
(New York City=Cripton [email protected]=Rented 10).
She answered the phone call and placed the phone on her ears.
” hello? ”.
” is this Clara Johnson? ”.
” yes it is ”.
” this is Maria Saltzman. General Manager of the America’s Modeling Agency ”.
She quic-kly got to her feet and cleared her throat.
” oh ma’am…hi ”.
” why have you not called for the pas-sed one week? U told you to call in three days so I give you information for the event! ”.
” urmm… I am so sorry, father pas-sed away ”.
” oh my God. I am so sorry. Are you okay? ”.
” I am. He’s alre-ady being buried ”.
” I don’t think you can attend the event then. It’s in just three days and…
” no no no ma’am. I will surely attend. This has being my dreams since I was a child! And my father would have supported me too. Tell me what I should do plea-se ”.
” I nee-d you to pick some few clothes and bring them to the agency, you nee-d two days training to master your walk. We s£nt five ph0tos of upcoming models to Naomi. She was supposed to pick two girls who would walk besides her on the runway at the closing of the show. And guess what,she picked you! ”.
” what?! Oh my… ”. She began to cry. ” oh thank you so much ma’am. I…I…I will arrive there sooner than you think. Thank you,I will never disappoint you! ”.
” I will be expecting you. Show the guards my card,and they will let you in easily ”.
” okay…bye ”. She hanged up and looked around the room. ” it’s better to leave this house. The owner says the rent is due and I don’t have a dime on me to pay. I will leave father’s things here and leave for good. And I will find out what’s in this box when I get a stable place to stay. I hope Miss Maria can help me ”.
As she said that and started packing her clothes,her stepmother his behind the door and smiled evilly.
” your life will never be the stable Clara. This is the perfect time to shatter your dreams. You can never be anything you want whiles my daughter and I live on the streets ”. She said and dialled a number and called. She walked straight to the hall. ” hello…is this America’s Entertainment News Report? ”.
” Yes…and you are? ”.
” oh…I am just an innocent citizen who is trying to make some money from you ”.
” excuse me…think before you call next time ”.
” are you going to hung up…even is I tell you,I have a news and proof about Kim Taehyung? ”.
” what?! ”.
” yes…this news is not only going to give you views,but it will also make you billions ”.
” we are listening ”.
” but in exchange for ten thousands million dollars ”.
” urmm, how about you come to our company tomorrow? 8AM on the dot. And bring you proof along ”.
” I will ”.
She hanged up and sat comfortably in the chair.
Clara arrived there with two small bags in her hand.
” I am leaving this place aunt ”.
” do you think I care? ”.
” I am not going to return. I am leaving forever ”.
” good bye forever then. But I promise and as-sure you that…you will surely come back ”.
” and why would I do that? ”.
” just wait and see…
” there is nothing you can do that has not being done alre-ady. I will forever be free from your prison at long last. Good bye! ”. And as she said that,she left.
(3 Days Later=Bella’s Mansion).
She was the Queen B. The A plus supermodel every modeling company would love to work with. The ultimate model no upcoming or big models could compete with. Her mansion was heaven, from a rich family and for what she wanted. She sees it,she likes it,she wants it,she got it. That’s what she was. Hundred million followers on social media and most young ladies looked up to her. Getting re-ady for the Naomi Campbell event, her PA and designers surrounded her with different dresses she could choose from.
She looked unimpressed about all the clothes pres£nted to her.
It wasn’t because the dresses weren’t expensive and beautiful, but because of the news Omar gave him a week ago. About the new girl,coming into modeling with a killer b©dy and the face of an A plus model.
” Omar is in the line BB ”.
She snatched the phone from him and placed it on her ears.
” what?! ”.
” are you getting re-ady for tonight? ”.
” not really. It’s not even half the day yet so why are you disturbing my peace? ”.
” you should bring your arrogance down when am trying to help you out! You are the face of this company and because you give me ti-ps and I like you,I am trying to help you. Or unless you want Maria to slowly make the new girl bigger than you ”.
” no one can be bigger than me Omar! ”. She said and got to her feet in anger. ” I am the Queen yesterday, today and forever. Until I retire,no woman born of a woman will surpas-s me in this industry. I set the standards! ”.
” well,bad for you,because the two girls who are supposed to walk on the runway besides Naomi and you when the event closed had that girl’s name in it ”.
” huh…what? No…
” yes. And you alre-ady know that ten thousand billions of fans will be watching this event around the world, it can either be your fortune… Or misfortune ”.
Bella hanged up in annoyance, even before Omar could continue.
Not on my watch. This industry is mine! ”. She smiled victoriously. ” [email protected]£ron, I nee-d to do something interesting tonight for me…
(8PM=New York City=Time Plus=Naomi Campbell’s Event).
Naomi was an international icon,so she invited thousands of iconic celebrities to witness her retirement event from the modeling industry. The whole place was packed with stars and journalists.
(Bella’s Dressing Room).
She was being made up and re-ady for the event. Her PA entered and she kicked everyone else out as she was all re-ady for the event.
” someone is here to see you ”.
” is he here? ”.
” yes ”.
” have you done what I told you to do? ”.
” urmm…not yet BB. I swear I would go in there and do it immediately! ”.
” you better. Clara so called Johnson must have a blissful night. Make this night of hers,a living nightmare! ”.
She smile brightly and suddenly… Kim Taehyung entered the room.
This guy is one fine as-s man. Bella could never get enough of her b©yfri£nd.
Their family had being friends for many years. Being business or personally. But they had being [email protected]!ngin secret for five years without even their family’s knowledge.
They both knew Taehyung’s public status and how toxic some of his fans were,so they both decided to keep their relationsh!pa secret until BT?s disbanded. And that was going to be like five to seven years later.
[email protected]£ron quic-kly left the room and the two love birds hvgged each other ti-ghtly.
” I missed you honey ”. She said,but his face fell into thousands pieces.
” what happened? What is it? ”.
” Bella…I want to tell you something but…
” sweetheart you can tell me everything after the event, it’s just ten minutes for it to start ”.
” you don’t un-derstand! This has to do with our future! My father has f0rç£d…
Maria entered the room with Omar with a transparent veil.
” oh! Taehyung? ”. Maria looked surprised. ” you are here? But how…
” I will leave. Excuse me ”.
” Bella? How come…
” our families are friends. So he is my friend too. Forget it. Let’s go ”.
On the way down the walkway, he bu-mped into Clara and they both fell on the cold floor.
” are your eyes behind your head young man?! ”.
” excuse me?! You… ”. He angrily got to his feet as she also got up. ” you low human bei…
” excuse me? You should open your eyes when you are walking and learn some manners! ”.
” do you even know who you are speaking to? ”.
” I have no regard for Amy person who has no regards for others Kim Taehyung, you arrogant beast! ”.
His eyes grew bigger when he realised Clara recognised him.
He used to have every girl melt at his feet. This is the first time someone acted this wat towards him…especially a woman.
” you are a little…
And before he could end his s£ntence, a [email protected] [email protected] landed on his cheek…
To be continued


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