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Bittersweet wife Episode 21 & 22

(She is his Enigma).
Episode 21.
The entire family were shocked. Mrs Kim stood there,speechless.
Mr Kim turned to his wife in shock and confusion.
” her son? What is she talking about Nana? ”.
Mrs Kim laughed awkwardly and walked down the compound and let the guards leave the woman alone.
” oh! Madam…wow. Long time no seen ”. She said and [email protected] the woman.
The woman was in shock.
But Mrs Kim had to find a quic-k way to save herself in this situation immediately.
She placed her mouth behind the woman’s ears secretly as she hvgged her.
” calm down. We can talk about this alone. Just [email protected] with me plea-se ”.
She st©pped hvgging the woman and turned to the family with a smile.
The woman also smiled awkwardly to them.
” she is my old time friend Yu. I..I shall have a word with her. plea-se…go on with the signing of rye properties ”.
Mr Kim nodded and went inside with the lawyer.
Mrs Kim and the woman also followed and entered.
Leaving Hadid and his wife Luna,standing in front of the door.
” did you just see what happened babe? ”. Hadid asked her.
” I totally don’t buy any of this friendsh!pacting. Mother in law is definitely hiding something. If they were lon time friends, how come the woman acted so hostile before, and mother in law was also looking very terrified ”.
” the woman said she had her son. What son? This is strange and I am going to find out. Come with me ”.
(The Study Room).
Mrs Kim closed the door behind her and pointed at a chair in front of the study table.
The woman frowned and folded her hands on her che-st.
” enough of the pretense ma’am. Tell me,where is my son? ”.
” who are you? ”.
” I am Kim Johan. I am Taehyung’s mother ”.
Mrs Kim gnashed her teeth and bolted her hands in anger.
” not anymore, because I paid for him ”.
The woman laughed sarcastically.
” don’t think your money scares me okay? All I nee-d is a DNA test,and everything will be over. The doctor’s thought I was dead and that’s why they sold my baby to you..but I knew exactly that I gave birth to my son alive and healthy. If you do not set everything right,I will expo-se you in front of the entire world ”.
” you wouldn’t dare! Taehyung has known me as his mother his entire life! And look at you,you look like a wretch. Besides,what can you possibly dp for him? He is alre-ady successful in life, I and my husband has given him the life,you would have never afforded ”.
” so what? Everyone has their own way of upbringing their children. Poor children also loves their parents. I learnt the entire truth. My old time friend was a nurse at the hospital when I was in a coma. She asked the doctors and they told her I gave birth to a baby boy and fell into coma. But it was a lie. The reason why I had a difficult child birth was because my husband and I tried escaping a fire attack. Our house caught fire and my dear husband saved me and our unborn child. I fell into a f0rç£ labour because of the shock,and because when my husband was saving me,he died throu-gh it! ”. She said in tears. ” my son was the only thing that could have being my source of happiness,but you bought him with your filthy money because you can never have children. Just to trick your husband that you went to hive birth in Korea! And you told the doctors to tell me that my son was dead. That was why I fell I to coma ”.
Mrs Johan said and gave Mrs Kim a heavy [email protected]
” you wretched bit-ch…
” of you don’t give me back my boy,I will expo-se you! ”.
” well your dear boy is twenty five years old successful musician who will hate you till his last breath because only I am his mother! What did you think? After I found out from my doctor that I had an ovarian cyst which had covered my wo-mb,and because of that I could never give birth,I had to do something so my husband wouldn’t divorce me! ”.
” that is your own problem ”.
” I have !ade your son who he is today ”. Mrs Kim looked into one of the drawers and brou-ght out Taehyung’s solo albu-m and some pictures with his band. ” Do you know BTS? Look at him! He is the famous Kim Taehyung of BTS. And if you dare [email protected],I will re-move the ladder I set un-der his feet to take him to the t©p,so that he falls right back down ”.
” what?! Aren’t you acting like his biological mother? And does a mother not sacrifice and die for their children? ”.
” do you think your son is important to me? Never! The reason why I bought him was so that my husband will leave his properties to him! And if it ends up with him,it will end up with me! Because I am his lawfully wedded wife and I am the only one who has that right to his fortune! Not his stupid secretary’s son! ”. She said in hate.
” you don’t care about my son,then give him back to me! ”.
” I will! Only on one condition. Let !y husband transfer all his as-sets to his name,and Taehyung comes from his honey moon,I will make him transfer it to my name. Then that will be can have your baby! ”. She said in disgust. ” but if you dare [email protected], I will kill your son! ”.
” no! No no no…plea-se I will be quiet ”. Tears fell out her eyes.
” good. We have a deal then…
Outside the study and behind the door,Hadid and Luna looked at each other in shock after hearing the entire truth.
” Hadid…Taehyung is not your father’s son. You are his only biological son. So that means…in all these years,Taehyung was actually the illegitimate son. Not you ”. Luna said.
” I..I can’t believe this ”. Hadid left with tears followed by Luna.
(France, Paris=Gabanna Modeling Agency and Others).
In front of the biggest building in Paris. Thousands of armies and fans of Gabanna had gathered there,chanting and screaming.
Famous people will never know how their fans knows their plans and where they will be.
Four cars quic-kly arrived there,they were sleek and expensive.
Guards from the company and cars,all surrounded the car.
Taehyung stepped out of one of the cars and waved at the fans who went crazy. He waited and lend his hand,Clara held him ti-ght and stepped out. Limping on her left foot.
He held her ti-ghtly behind her [email protected]!st and supported her to walk.
His friends got out from the other cars and waved. Flashes of pictures went crazy from the ph0togra-phers.
The guards prevented the paparazzis from asking any question.
Clara held the box in her hand ti-ghtly even though Taehyung had held her. He rolled his eyes in annoyance and they entered the building.
(Shooting Room).
Bella was dressed up in a S-xy swim suit…waiting for the ph0togra-phers and production team to arrived.
She kept checking herself out in the mirror in anger.
” Taehyung is here ”. A familiar voice told her.
” you are not kidding right? ”. She turned in shock.
” no BB. But he didn’t come alone. He [email protected]£ with his wife ”. [email protected]£ron said.
” you cool! I am his wife! And I am going to have his baby! ”.
” oh plea-se ”. [email protected]£ron scoffed. ” we both know you are not pregnant BB come on. This plan of yours will not work ”.
” you are becoming too bossy and arrogant and I will fire you of this attitude continues ”.
” sorry…just advising you as a friend! ”.
” you are not my friend! I am your boss! re-ad myl-ips ”. She rolled her eyes and put on a coat to cover herself. ” I nee-d to meet him now! ”.
(Meeting Room).
Taehyung entered with Clara in the big room.
Maria met them both inside with opened arms and hvgged Clara who looked like a roasted fish.
” you don’t look that bad. Make up will fix all that ”. Maria said. ” I still believe you will do better than Bella ”.
” what?! ”. Taehyung was shocked. ” Bella is here? ”.
” yes. Urrrmmm, she is the one competing against Clara in front of Rose Gabanna today ”.
” Urr… O..okay. So,where is she? ”.
” in the shooting room am guessing. Ph0togra-phers have arrived and are preparing themselves before we start, but Rose must first meet Clara before we start everything ”.
” okay…thanks. Excuse me ”. Taehyung said and left the room.
Clara’s face dropped in sadness and looked away. Maria looked at her and smiled.
” jealous much? ”.
” huh? ”. Clara panicked.
” straighten your face and smile dear. This is your biggest opportunity as a model ”.
” yes..yeah ”.
” and also,don’t worry. Taehyung can be yours if you want. I see love in his eyes when he stared at you. You crack heads just don’t want to admit it ”.
” if you see love, why is he going to see Bella then? ”.
Rose Gabanna entered the hall and Clara was shocked. Her eyes almost fell out of her head.
She tried getting up but Maria st©pped her.
Rose smiled and went closer to her.
” if it isn’t the famous Clara Johnson, now Kim Clara ”. Rose complimented her and she laughed shyly.
” I am your biggest fan !ma’am. It’s my Berty biggest plea-sure to meet you ”.
” feeling is mutual my dear ”.
Clara placed the box on the table and Rose’s eyes fell on it.
And her memories went black and white.
She could see herself putting some papers and chains in the box angrily. She held her head ti-ghtly.
Maria went closer to her,they were all confused. Clara f0rç£d herself to get up.
” Rose, what is the matter? ”. Maria asked.
Rose gro-an ed loudly as memories flashed. Thousands of them in her eyes,and she couldn’t take it.
With total blackout, she [email protected] on the cold floor.
Episode 22.
(Rest Room).
Rose was layed in a be-d in the company’s rest room. Clara sat in a chair in front of the be-d and the doctor entered the room with Maria.
He immediately attended to Rose while Maria stood besides Clara.
Clara kept starring at the box with worry,then she started at the key chain,handing on Rose’s n£¢k.
” I don’t un-derstand any of this Maria…Mrs Rose,does she know me or…
” I don’t know. How would she know you Clara? You come from New York and she’s bring here in Paris for the past seventeen years till her husband died five years ago ”.
” eer… O..okay..
Rose was still unconscious but she begun to [email protected] her sleep.
The doctor took out an injection to inject her to sleep.
” my daughter…. how could you do this Johnson? Give me back daughter! ”.
Maria was shocked.
Clara loosed her mind.
The doctor was confused.
Rose kept talking in her unconsciousness.
” Clara… Clara.. baby…mummy will come back for you I promise…
” what?! ”. Maria screamed in shock,ma-king Rose flin-ched from her unconsciousness and woke up,sitting up on the be-d.
She was confused and had no idea where she was. She looked around the room. Her vision was blare.
Clara slowly got upon her feet,the box,falling off her ti-ghts onto the floor.
Tears fell out her eyes,herl-ips were shaking.
Rose’s eyes fell on her and tars fell out her eyes as well. Everything started coming back to her. She looked down and saw the box and walked to it.
Clara’s shocked eyes never left her. She kept starring at Rose in disbelief as she picked up the box.
Rose let herself fall on the floor and held Clara’s feet.
” Rose, is this for real? Your memories are back? ”.
” My child. Oh my God forgive me! ”. Rose screamed in pain.
” n..not possible. No…you,you can’t be my mother!…
” Clara plea-se calm down, you are alre-ady weak as it is ”.
” Clara plea-se… ”. Rose pleaded.
She took the key from her n£¢k and unlocked the box,and Clara’s heart fell into her stomach.
” this box is mine. I am the one who…I..I can explain ”.
” you have the key…that doesn’t make you my mother! My mother is good as dead to me because she abandoned me! She run away and left my father and I ”.
Rose opened the box and the first thing Clara saw was Rose’s old picture, carrying Clara when she was a baby.
Clara weakly took a step back,shaking her head. She f0rç£fully limped on her feet and rushed out of the room.
” Clara! Wait! ”. Maria shouted, running after Clara with Rose.
She walked fas-ter than lightening, forgetting the pain she was in,tears blinding her eyes.
She knew no where in the company, but she kept on walking, she just wanted to be far away from that woman and the company.
She [email protected]£ across two walkways and pas-sed by the left which led to the shooting room.
(Shooting Room).
Bella was going crazy as Taehyung stood there quiet,starring at her uninterested.
She just confirmed to him that she was pregnant, by telling him personally, but he seemed not to be interested.
” you are changing Tae ”. She said in a low tone,trying to t©uçh him.
” I want to tell you something Bella…
” go ahead. Because this is the perfect news to convince your father to divorce that girl. Then our dreams of being together will be a reality. We can finally tell the world that we were together all this while ”.
” I will accept my responsibility, bit…Bella,I can’t divorce Clara ”.
Bella’s mouth dropped, planet earth could enter.
She intentionally held her belly.
” what?! First of all,you didn’t even hvg,t©uçh or k!ssme after being [email protected] from each other for so long. You didn’t look excited to see me like always use to. You didn’t even smile or act excited to hear about the pregnancy. About your own baby we both made,and noe…you are telling me you can’t get divorced? ”.
” exactly… I…I am sorry. I think I am not going to be a [email protected] of your life anymore ”.
” what?! Taehyung, you waited this long to tell me this?! Now that I am pregnant with your baby?! ”.
Clara’s entered the room and the news hit her heart like a bullet.
Taehyung turned his back and was shocked to see her.
Bella smiled at the corner of herl-ips.
Clara’s hands were shaking on the door’s handle. Because, she heard what Bella said.
She quietly starred at them both,sobbing…she starred Taehyung for the last.
” no ”. Taehyung whispered with regret on his face. ” Clara listen…
As he started walking towards her,she quic-kly closed the door and took to her heels.
” let her go! Why are you acting like she’s important now Taehyung?! I thought I was your love! ”.
” yes Bella! That is what I also thought. I also thought I was your love! ”.
” Yes Bella! That is what I also thought. I also thought I loved you ”.
” excuse me? ”.
” I just realised I was just infatuated by you. I…I am sorry, I love her! I love my wife ”. He said and rushed out of the room after Clara.
Bella looked around then room, going insane. She tore the dress she was wearing in pieces.
” this can never be how it ends, Taehyung is mistaking if he thinks I will wait secretly for him for five years and get nothing out of this. This is going to turn bloody ”. She said and walked out of the room.
(Out the Company).
Clara finally reached outside the company. The guards were all confused and tried getting close to her but she pushed them away.
Tears had filled her entire face. She looked tired and exhausted.
Paparazzis took thousands of pictures of her. Kindly watsap kwaku ish Fans kept shouting hatefully at her.
She quic-kly limped to the car she and Taehyung had sat in and got to the front, luckily,the keys were in.
She entered and sparked the engine.
Everyone from the building rushed downstairs, but she speedily drove away.
” Clara! ”. Taehyung shouted on t©p of his voice, gr-abbing his hair in his hands in frustration.
” plea-se! plea-se get my daughter! Clara! ”. Rose screamed to Taehyung.
What?! There was shock,everyone starred at Rose.
The paparazzis went crazy with pictures and recordings.
” your daughter? ”.
” it’s a long story Taehyung,plea-se go get her before she gets hurt ”. Maria said with worry.
” we’ll go with you ”. Yoongi said.
Rose held her head in dizziness, Maria held her ti-ght.
The boys sat in the car together, Taehyung drove away.
The guards started throwing the paparazzis out of the company.
(Rest Room).
Bella angrily walked into the room,shouting Rose’s name. But she just saw the doctor packing his tools.
” where is Rose Gabanna?! ”. She shouted.
” look for her,she must be following her daughter now ”.
” what?! Her what? bu-tt the whole world knows Rose Gabanna has no family…
” she was suffering from amnesia. Now her memories are back and she found out a girl named Clara is actually her child ”. The doctor said with a smile and left.
Bella’s face [email protected]£ pale. She looked on the floor and saw the box. She bent down and looker into it.
Seeing Rose’s pictures and a baby girl, and a man. She saw a gold chain and some papers with written letters and signatures.
She took out am odd blue paper and re-ad it,and that was when she lost it all.
” a..a…impossible! This…is…Taehyung is not even Mr Kim’s son? Then…that means he…I…I am…I have being in a relationsh!pwith a nob©dy all this while?! ”..
To be continued

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