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Bittersweet wife Episode 19 & 20

(She is his Enigma).
Episode 19.
” I am done ”. Clara said.
Taehyung turned and carried her to the be-droom and placed her on the be-d.
He covered his boner with his legs but it was impossible. Clara looked strangely at him and looked down at his shorts. A loud laugh left herl-ips.
” you have a boner! ”. She shouted.
” huh? Shut up! Taehyung said. ” keep your voice down you idiot! There are guards behind the door! ”.
” but why? Are you ashamed, everyone knows you are in the room with your wife..don’t they? ”.
Taehyung’s eyes were stuck on her,but this time,they were softer.
She was also lost in his eyes.
The whole world was quiet now.
His phone rung loudly and distracted their moment. He starred at the screen and again…
This time,he didn’t bother to decline, he just left the phone to ring.
Clara saw this and her che-st hurt.
” you should pick up. It is the love of your life calling ”.
” that’s none of your business ”.
” she will get her angry with…
” I said shut up! ”.
The room suddenly [email protected]£ quiet again. Taehyung took the box closer to Clara and started removing her bandages and plaster slowly.
She whined in pain as he did and he brou-ght his face closer to hers to b!ow air on her wounds as he took of the plaster.
Clara raised her eyes to look at his face.
He was perfect. He was handsome, he was beautiful, he was cute. He was just perfect. His face looked like a work of art. But what was all the arrogance for? Why is he so full of himself? Why?
She got a perfect glance of his face which had no sign of acne or even a sp©t,then her eyes finally fell on hisl-ips.
Her memory flashed back to all their accidental k!sses.
Taehyung finished taking off the plaster and started cleaning the wounds. Clara was not feeling the pain as her [email protected] was dead😹.
” thank you ”. She whispered.
” never mind ”.
” I know all you did was not from your heart but…you saved my life anyways. Even if you are saving me to impress others,I am still alive because of you ”.
Taehyung pretended not to hear her but his heart was beating fast.
” I can he divorced from me soon to be with the one you want ”. She added with her fave away from him.
” can you keep quiet and keep your opinions to yourself once? ”.
” sorry ”.
” what was that? This is going to be interesting. Acting all repented now ”.
” hey! Just because I thanked you,shouldn’t give you the audacity to be…
” chuky is back ”.
Clara laughed. And that made him laugh too.
The night just drifted away.
(Next Day).
The sun rays appeared and reflected in the room. It first hit Clara’s eyes and she opened them. She turned her head aside and saw Taehyung lying in the couch,de-eply asleep. She f0rç£d herself to sit up on the be-d. She remembered that she was supposed to meet Rose Gabanna today. Her dream was being shattered because she was injured.
Even if Maria was going to speak to Rose on her behalf, Rose might still think she was unprofessional.
She sobbe-d and blinked tears out her eyes. Sadness had taken over her and she cried silently.
Taehyung opened his eyes and looked up the sofa and saw her. He sat up and when he realised she was crying, he rushed to her side on the be-d.
” what is it?? Are you feeling pains? ”. He asked and she shook her head. ” then what is it? ”.
” I was supposed to meet Rose Gabanna today,now…I can’t go all because of this ”.
” I’m sorry…
” sorry? Is that supposed nti make me feel better? I have dreamt and prayer for this day. For the day I take my career, to the next level, this woman is like…the most biggest supermodel boss and I…
” listen,that is not important. You are hurt and you are not supposed to go,the doctor warned me! ”.
” why should you care about what the doctor said? Look, I will be fine,just let me go. It’s not like you care so much about me to sacrifice taking care of me the whole day. I promise that your father will not hear any of this Mr Man ”.
” no…
” plea-se! Come on,st©p acting like it is my health you care about and let me go! ”.
” damn it Clara! ”. Taehyung shouted and got up,upset. ” I am also human and of course I fv¢king care about your health! I am not such a big monster you idiot! I have feelings and I get hurt so shut up and rest…
Clara was suddenly quiet. There was a knock on the door.
Taehyung walked to the door and opened it. All his friends walked in with two room service holding their breakfast. They served the food on the table and left.
Jungkook quic-kly rushed to Clara’s side. Jimin sm-irked. Jungkook t©uçhed Clara’s fave and ca-ressed her.
” are you okay? ”. He asked with a smile.
She nodded and Taehyung stood at the door gnashing his teeth.
” I really missed you,I was so scared that something would happened to you ”.
” I feel…
” hungry? Can you eat on your own? ”. Jungkook asked and took salad with toasts and tea on a small tray and faced Clara.
” Jungkook! ”. She laughed. ” I can…eat on my own ”.
As she said that,she rolled her eyes up to see Taehyung at the door,looking angrier than ever. She didn’t know why,but she kept her mind from that.
” the police said they are yet to find the three culprits. Everything will be fine Clara ”. Namjoon said.
” yes…and when you finish eating, I shall take you to feel fresh air from the beach ”. Jungkook said.
” well she can’t go to the beach ”. Taehyung angrily said.
Everyone turned to him in shock. Because they were all there at the club when Taehyung willingly gave Clara to Jungkook and made a deal with him.
But Taehyung’s eyes were just fixed on Jungkook like he was planning to burry him alive.
” why can’t she go? ”. Jimin asked.
” because I am taking her to see Rose Gabanna after her breakfast…right Clara? ”. Taehyung asked,faking a smile.
” really? ”. Clara was now totally confused. ” eeerrm.. Yes. Yes of course ”.
She laughed awkwardly and started eating.
Taehyung smiled wi-dely, knowing that he had won this time around and turned to all his friends.
” okay. I think all of you should leave us to get re-ady because Mrs Gabanna does not really joke with her time ”.
” but…didn’t the doctor say Clara should rest yesterday? ”. Jungkook said.
” that’s not your fv¢king business Jeon Jungkook! She is my damn wife and I have the power! ”. Taehyung shouted.
” it’s enough Jungkook ”. Yoongi said. ” come on,let’s leave them alone ”.
They all nodded and left the room.
(On the walkway).
Jimin and Jungkook high five each other in laughter, leaving the rest of the members to laugh.
” this plan is totally working Jungkook, wow…congratulations ”. Seokjin said. ” I never throu-gh Taehyung would be jealous over you and Clara ”.
” it’s better he falls in love with Clara and forgets Bella. Because if we don’t achieve that,Bella will even separate him from us ”. Yoongi said.
” I agree. Bella is too hostile and doesn’t deserve him. She’s the one who’s made him such a d!¢k and arrogant man,she controls him if we don’t take care,she will destroy Taehyung’s life. She’s a phycopath! ”. Jimin said.
” well…we are close to achieving our goals and fulfilling the promise we made to Mr Kim. So we shouldn’t give up now…let’s go and wait for them to come back ”. They left and went into their respective rooms.
(Room 12).
Taehyung walked out of the bathroom in a bathrobe after finishing his bath and he kept drying his hair with his towel.
Clara had finished eating and waiting to also take her bath.
” when did you agree to take me to see Rose Gabanna? ”.
” you do like pla-ying with my patience right? ”.
” what? What did I do? ”.
” you like Jungkook that much? ”.
” well…he’s a nice guy. He treats me nicer than you treat me ”. She said and pouted. ” I wish his family f0rç£d me to marry him instead,his future wife would be so damn lucky? ”.
Taehyung lost in that moment and furiously walked towards her and [email protected]£d her up,she was upset too about his on and off behavior.
She pushed him to the floor and Shem also loosed balance and fell over him.
Their faces were zero inches away.
And he raised his head and k!$$£d herl-ips.
Their breathing caught up.
He sm-irked and de-epened the k!ss,and it was unbreakable..
Episode 20.
Taehyung’s phone rung loudly and the two quic-kly separated. Taehyung helped Clara up and carried her to the bathroom. He [email protected]£ out and went to take his phone from the be-d. It was a message from Bella.
He opened the message.
Taehyung deleted the message and dialled her number, placing on his ears waiting.
” hello? ”. Bella’s voice [email protected]£ throu-gh.
” I alre-ady told you that I would find time for us to meet,so why are you calling so much? ”.
” oh…so of you had not re-ad my message, you wouldn’t have man up to call me right? You have change so much Taehyung ”.
” I have not changed, the boys and I are busy with our new albu-m and I don’t have that much time to talk ”.
” see? I am your girlfriend and should be your number one priority, your friends should come last! I know they are your friends and band mates but of only you listened to me and [email protected]£ out as a solo artist, you wouldn’t have being stressing yourself with them and just be with me! ”.
” you are getting me annoyed Bella. What do you want? ”.
” I am pregnant! ”.
The air left Taehyung’s lungs. Shock was not how to explain, he fell on the be-d,sitting with the phone still on his ear. His eye ba-lls shaking with fear.
He thought he didn’t hear it right. He took a de-ep breath.
” what? ”.
” Taehyung,I thought you’d be happy ”.
” happy about wha…what di…did you say? ”.
” what do you mean? I went to the doctor last week and he said I was pregnant Tae ”.
Taehyung sweated so much he started shaking. He cleared his sweat and heard Clara calling him from the bathroom.
He quic-kly hanged up on Bella and walked I to the bathroom, she was done bathing and wearing a bathrobe.
” help me plea-se ”.
He bent down and carried her into his arms and walked into the be-droom. His face had changed, he was moody and Clara noticed it when starring at him. He placed her on the be-d.
She didn’t st©p starring at him. His phone rung and he quic-kly hanged up.
Clara’s phone also rung and she took it from the be-d,answering the phone.
” hello? ”.
” Clara, how are you this morning? I was preparing to come there this morning but you alre-ady know,BB is also one of my clients and Rose Gabanna has decided to first meet her alone of you are not feeling well. You can meet her when you get better ”.
” no no Maria! I will be there in a few hours ”. She said happily.
” you are kidding right? ”.
” no….I am getting re-ady and I will be there soon ”.
” oh…okay Clara. I will let Rose know so you will be added back to the list. I will be expecting you ”.
” okay! ”.
She hanged up and looked at Taehyung who was alre-ady starring at her.
” are you okay MM? ”. She asked and Taehyung chuckled in confusion.
” MM? What’s that? ”.
” well you told me not to call you by your name so MM,in short for Mr Man….that’s the only name I will call you till we divorced ”. Clara said in an innocent hurtful laughter.
Taehyung’s face fell into a gloom.
He realised that, he and Clara would divorced sooner or later. He had not thought of that, not until she started developing feelings for her.
He cleared his throat and faced her.
” you cal call me Taehyung. Doesn’t matter ”.
” Uuuuhhh..what?! Are you ki..
” what do you want to wear? Before we meet Gabanna. Tell me so I can re-move it for you. It’s getting late ”.
He cut her short and she laughed.
(America=New York City=Kim’s Mansion).
Mr Kim had called his lawyer of many years to finally transfer the entire fortune to Taehyung’s name. Mrs Kim looked extremely excited and content. After many years of marriage, she was finally getting her dreams to become reality. Mr Kim and his lawyer were seated in the hall with a table between them.
Mr d!¢kson took out some property transfer do¢v-ments from his bag and placed it on the table.
” are you sure you you have made up your mind about this? ”. His lawyer asked.
” of course sir. My husband and I have made up our minds ”. Mrs Kim shouted in excitement.
Mr Kim shook his head in annoyance. He praised his head and quietly starred at his eldest son Hadid who stood quiet at the other end of the room
He had lived with his father since he was little. He knew his father loved him,but not his step mum.
Hadid never met his mother nor knew who she was. But he had visited her tomb for many years.
He lived a lonely life for a long time because he didn’t have the love of a mother and decided to work his own way in life to achieve his success. He always knew Mrs Kim didn’t want him to have a share in the Kim’s fortune, so rejected it.
He always rejected his father’s money,so he didn’t really care of everything was transferred to Taehyung. And his wife was very supportive of his decision.
Because he and everyone alre-ady knew,he was the result of a cheating scandal of Mr Kim and his secretary, while Taehyung is the legitimate son.
The lawyer handed a pen to Mr Kim and pushed the paper in front of him.
” okay…sign here Mr Kim. And your son Taehyung is forever going to be the sole owner when you are gone ”.
” thank you ”.
Mr Kim took the pen and was about to sign.
Then there was suddenly a heavy argument outside the mansion. They all turned their faces to the door.
Mr Kim placed the pen on the paper without signing, then they all got up and walked outside the mansion.
Three guards were preventing a [email protected] woman from entering the mansion with f0rç£. The woman’s face could not be seen clearly.
Mr Kim looked at them in confusion and raised his hands.
” what is going on?! ”.
” sir…this dirty woman just [email protected]£ here and tried entering the mansion and we told her to leave but she decided to do it with f0rç£ ”.
” who is she? ”. Hadid asked.
” we have no idea boss ”.
” leave her…let her speak up ”. Mr Kim ordered and the guards left the woman alone.
She stood there with an angry face and pumping che-st. She adjusted her clothes and hair well. Then she faced them.
” and..who are you ma’am? ”. Mr Kim asked.
” I am here to see Mrs Kim Nana ”.
Mrs Kim’s heart quic-kly skipped a beat as she starred at the woman down the compound.
She had no idea who she was and looking at how rugged the woman looked, she had no idea someone like this would ever have the gust, looking for a popular woman like her.
The entire family turned to stare at Mrs Kim in confusion.
” Nana…you? Do you know this woman? ”. Mrs Kim asked.
” I..I have no idea who she is? Hey…who are you woman? ”.
” if you want me to say this in front of your entire family, then…why not? ”.
Mrs Kim started shaking heavily. She swallowed [email protected] With no idea of what the woman was about to say.
” I have nothing to hide so what are talking about? Sweetheart, are these not one of those many poor street golddiggers who are always willing to frame rich people? Guards! Take her away! ”. Mrs Kim ordered.
The guards pounced on the woman again,trying to throw her out.
” leave me alone! I woke up from a coma a year ago in the South Korea hospital, and the doctors told me that you have my son! ”. The woman shouted.
Mrs Kim felt a spin in her head and was fainting..
To be continued

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