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Bittersweet wife Episode 17 & 18

(She is his Enigma)
Episode 17
” what?? No…leave me alone ”. She said in a shaky voice, trying to get on her feet bit they pushed her back down.
” just look at yourself. Do you think deserve our V? ”. One of the girls asked and [email protected] her [email protected]
” help me! ”. Clara shouted but her voice break into tears as the male in them [email protected]£d her up and tied up her hands behind her ”.
” do it now! ”. He commanded the girls.
One of the girls walked to he toilet and took out a pen of glue from her purse and poured it onto the toilets seat.
Clara saw this and she feared for her life. She used all her strength and pushed the guy off her and rushed for the door.
She opened it and stepped out.
” help me!! Help me plea-se! Someb©dy… Anyb©dy….
Her voice seized when the guy [email protected]£d hold of her hair and hit her [email protected] on her lowerl-ip.
It bur-sted into an opened so-re with fresh blood,oozing out. They tried str!pping her off the bathrobe to leave her in the bikini alone but she [email protected]£d onto it ti-ghtly.
They pushed her back to f0rç£fully sit on the toilet seat. She cried out loud.
” plea-se no! plea-se..plea-se plea-se plea-se! Help! ”. Her voice was cut short with a loud [email protected] from one of the girls.
They quic-kly tied her legs and sat her down on the toilet seat which was stuffed with h0t glue. Then they covered her mouth with a strong tape.
(The Bar).
Nuna and Leah arrived at the bar from the beach,holding their beach bags. They had alre-ady changed from their swim wears and were now wearing mall outfits.
The day was still young and they had all agreed to make the most of it since it was Taehyung and Clara’s honeymoon.
From the beach to the mall, from the mall to the mas-saging parlour, then to dinner, then they would all call it a day and take rest at the h0tel. But Nuna and Leah had worried faces on.
” what is going on? ”. Seokjin asked.
” guys,don’t you think Clara is taking too long in the bathroom? It is almost one hour ”. Leah said.
” oh God you are right! ”. Jungkook replied in shock.
The three strange people in suit and tie walked pas-sed them from towards the bathroom and walked out and away.
Clara was suffocating. The heat of the bathroom was killing her. She couldn’t get up since she was seated on glue.
She was bleeding, choking and dizzy. Herl-ips were sealed with a tape and she couldn’t scream either.
If only she could get out of the bathrobe she was wearing, then she would be able to stand a little but her hands were also tied behind her.
” Clara? Are you in there?m ”.
She heard Jungkook’s voice and her eyes opened wi-dely like plates. She quic-kly mumbled loudly.
” Mmmm! Mmmm Mmh! ”.
Jungkook and the others heard this from afar and quic-kly rushed to the bathroom and tried opening it but it was locked and the keys weren’t there.
Taehyung pushed Jungkook aside in haste and hit the door harshly with his foot and it swung open.
They were all shocked. Taehyung’s heart skipped a beat. They all immediately rushed to her,untying her hands and legs and mouth.
” what the fv¢k happened here?! ” Yoongi asked angrily.
” who did this Clara? ”. Namjoon asked.
” this people are fv¢king unprofessional… I will deal with this h0tel! ”. Seokjin said and walked out, followed by Yoongi and Jimin.
Taehyung untied Clara’s legs and tried getting her up,but realized she was glued to the seat.
Then he immediately re-moved the bathrobe from her b©dy,then finally got her up.
But Clara fell to the floor since her legs couldn’t carry her anymore. She was weak in her knees.
Taehyung quic-kly held her in an heart beat. He bent down and carried her up into his arms.
His head didn’t even come to realise how heavy she was. But he just carried her effortlessly.
Leah quic-kly dialled the Paris Hospital number as Taehyung stepped out of the bathroom.
Clara looked up to him softly, but his face looked angry and dangerous, and he just looked straight. They got to the bar and the managers and workers had gathered there,receiving lots of criticism from Seokjin and Yoongi.
” how come you people never check people who come into your beach! ”.
” sir…we are…very sorry ”.
” you are sorry?! What nons-en-se! I will make sure your stupid h0tel is closed down for good and you all loose your damn jobs! Look what some twats did to my wife! ”. Taehyung shouted in his de-ep husky voice.
Everyone was shocked. Especially his friends.
Did Taehyung just call Clara his wife for the first time? Yes he did.
No one expected that to come out of hisl-ips. But even Taehyung didn’t realise it. He was just too angry.
” we very much apologise for this unprofessional situation, we actually didn’t realise anyone coming in strangely. But we do have security [email protected]£ras which can identify…
” I don’t give a damn about your ca..
” calm down Taehyung..take Clara to the h0tel…we shall deal with this ”.
” yes ”. Namjoon said.
(Quality h0tel=12).
Taehyung entered the room with Clara,followed by the others. Their room was alre-ady clean and looking fresh after the room service cleaned it up in the morning. Taehyung forgot everything and gently placed her on the white be-dsheets. Her blood stains painted the sheets,she winced in pain as her elbow t©uçhed the be-d.
He placed her head on the pillow and her eyes never left his face,but never looked at her face either.
Jungkook walked slowly to her side and bent down. Taehyung [email protected]£ stiff and paused hisl-ips from venting his anger.
” are you okay? ”. He asked and Clara nodder a little. ” what happened? ”.
” I… ”. Clara opened her mouth and felt a burning s-en-sation on herl-ips as they were bur-sted and bleeding.
” this is not the right time Jungkook, leave her alone ”. Taehyung said it simple and short.
Jungkook stood up and faced Taehyung.
” the doctor is here ”. Leah said.
” let him in ”. Taehyung said, still looking at Jungkook. Both looked re-ady to throw hands.
The doctor entered and greeted, they gave him way and he made it to Clara’s side. He sat besides her and opened his hvge aid bag.
” how do you feel right now dear? ”.
” we..weak and so-re ”.
” okay.. ”. He checked on her and re-moved a sedative. ” there are no major injuries,I will inject you a sedative for the pains and also treat the wounds now. Then you will be okay ”.
” will you…put a plaster on my wound? ”.
” yes. Your forehead is cut so,I will cover the wound with…
” no no no…plea-se don’t put a plaster because o have a meeting with Rose Gabanna tomorrow! ”.
” what?! You must rest ma’am. Your b©dy went throu-gh a very shocking and painful experience which requires rest for today and tomo…
” no! I can’t rest. This is my career… Its is my life! ”.
” you will rest ”. Taehyung said in a commanding voice.
” excuse me? ”. Clara thought she heard it wrong.
Everyone was shocked at Taehyung’s sudden change of behavior.
” I said…. YOU WILL REST ”…
Episode 18.
” hey…you are not the one to decide my life for..
” shut up ”. Taehyung said in a low tone. ” do your work doctor ”.
Clara pu-ll-ed her mouth out in a pout and frowned,folding her arms together.
” you look like duck with that face…so concentrate on your treatment ”. Taehyung said.
Jungkook secretly smiled and shook his head.
Seokjin entered the room with the rest.
” the police is here Taehyung, we nee-d to give our statement. The security [email protected]£ras has shown something so…let’s go ”.
Everyone left the room,leaving Clara and the doctor.
The doctor injected her with the sedative and she winced in pain. Then he later cleared her wounds and covered it with a plaster. The doctor pu-ll-ed her a be-dsheet and helped her cover herself with it.
Then he got re-ady to leave.
” doctor….plea-se, tell Taehyung that I am absolutely okay to go and meet Rose Gabanna ”.
” I am a professional ma’am. I am not like those doctors ”.
” this is my life! I have begin dreaming of modeling since I was a child ”.
” well you have to be alive to model right? So I think you can wait a few days before going to meet her. She should un-derstand your situation after you explain to her. This has to do with your health and after my observation, I don’t think it is wise to work right now ”.
” but I feel okay! Just a little pain ”.
” that is what you think. But if you dare stress yourself, you might loose your balance and [email protected] I have written some drugs for you. I shall take my leave now ”. He said and left.
Clara took her phone from beside her and dialled a number, placing the phone on her ears.
” hello? ”.
” Clara? ”.
” yes,it’s me ”. She winced in pain again. ” Maria, I want to say something ”.
” why? Are you okay? Your voice is so low ”.
” yeah…I..I was attacked today by…
” huh?! By who? How? When? I don’t un-derstand ”.
” don’t worry now…I am okay now. A doctor checked on me and…
” no no no…I will have to come and check on you right now ”.
” listen! I am okay. I just think I might not be able to come and meet Rose Gabanna…but I really want to come ”.
” don’t worry Clara, I will have a word with her so that you can come some other day ”.
Tears fell out of Clara’s eyes.
” do you think she will still be interested in working with me? ”.
” oh of course. None of this is your fault. I will try and make her un-derstand okay? ”.
” tha… Thank you ”.
” okay dear. I will make sure to come see you tomorrow okay? ”.
” okay… Bye ”.
She hanged up and placed then phone aside. The door opened and Taehyung entered the room and closed the door behind him.
He folded his arms on his che-st, starring quietly at her.
” the cops are looking for the ones who attacked you. The h0tel [email protected]£ras shows that, three strange people in suit and tie entered the beach and club,without having conversation with anyone. They just entered the club ”.
” it was them ”. Clara said and her b©dy started shaking. Tears fell off her eyes. She looked frightened.
” the doctor told me to buy some drugs. And said you shouldn’t stress yourself, thinking or working at all ”.
” they were two women and a man. The man…he…he just [email protected]£d me and..and he… ”. She completely break down.
Taehyung felt a sting in his che-st. He went closer to her and sat closer to her.
Forcing himself not to show any emotions, but his heart couldn’t control itself in the situation. He t©uçhed the back of her hands.
” did… Did he do something to you? ”. He asked in a de-ep but low tone,very angrily. ” did he t©uçh you inappropriately? ”.
” no ”. Clara sobbe-d.
Taehyung’s phone rung from his pocket and he took it out and checked the caller.
Caller: Bella.
He breath heavily. Clara also saw this and kept her eyes away.
Taehyung placed his thumb on the screen and rejected the call. Then placed it aside.
” what do you want to eat? Should I order anything? ”.
” no…
” okay… I will order rice and pizza and everything ”.
” I am not hun…
” you will eat! ”. He said protectively.
His phone rung again and he again looked at his phone screen.
Then again rejected the call.
” the doctor asked me to change your bandages at 8. I will go bring the h0tel’s first aid ”.
Taehyung said and went out of the room.
His phone rung again on the be-d. For five times. Clara just kept looking at the screen,a little bit annoyed.
It was alre-ady dark. Evening had come and she kept calling a married man. Such a disrespectful slut!
Clara slowly got off the be-d to go into the wash room,but she was still very weak.
She stepped on the floor and flopped, falling, a hand [email protected]£d onto her [email protected]!st and carried her up. She turned to see Taehyung looking annoyed.
” couldn’t you just call me? ”.
” my mouth isn’t a loud speaker! ”. She answered annoyingly.
” look at you…a begger with a choice. You are just a flimsy little girl and still acting wild and bossy ”.
” I couldn’t wait for you to go into the bathroom! I nee-d to pee!! ”.
” if you don’t beg for my help,I will leave you to pee on yourself! ”. He said and placed her back on the be-d.
Clara’s eyes opened wi-dely.
Two room service entered the room with a first aid box and three paper bags of foods. They placed it on a table besides the be-d.
” plea-se ma’am, can you help me to the bathroom? ”. Clara asked one of them and they looked at each other.
” you two can leave. I will take her myself ”. Taehyung ordered. They smiled and left.
He sat down and took the first aid box.
Clara started sweating. She was suffering. She almost peed on herself.
She tried getting up again but the pain was too intense. She turned her head to look at Taehyung who was busily combining the antibiotics the doctor showed him to treat Clara’s wounds.
She f0rç£d herself not to [email protected] ,but it sli-pped out of her mouth so easily and daring.
The spirit and drugs sli-pped out of Taehyung’s hands when he heard her [email protected] .
” plea-se! plea-se take me to the bathroom… I ca…can’t! ”. She gro-an ed and he sm-irked.
” that’s it. That’s how I think it chuky ”.
” what?! What did you call me? ”.
” are you being arrogant again? ”.
” no Mr Man! plea-se! My pee is coming!!!! In 3 2 1…
Taehyung quic-kly carried her in his arms and walked her into the bathroom then sat her on the toilet.
” hey!..turn your back! ”.
” as if I want to look at you ”. Taehyung said and turned.
Clara peed and there was an immense look of plea-sure on her face.
She shut her eyes closed and [email protected] ed lightly, forgetting Taehyung was there.
Then Taehyung opened his eyes wi-dely. Shocked by hearing her [email protected] s,and even shocker,but he felt something between his legs.
He looked down at his shorts and yes…his little friend was in a really embarras-sing position..
To be continued

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