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Beyond the stars final Episodes

💫 Beyond The Stars 🌌
Episode 8 💋💋
💋 Adela-ide’s Pov 💋
” Take my dignity ” I said
” What? I can’t do that ” he replied moving away from me
” Charles,, this is the only way you can help me. I don’t want to get married to that man. plea-se ” I said
” Still I can’t do that,, just find another way. Not this, am not that type of guy ” he said and a smile escape myl-ips.
He’s so different
” What are you smiling at? ” he asked snapping his f!nger
” Nothing, ” I replied and sat down on the be-d ” I think my sword is the key to come into this world ” I said and he sat down beside me
” Wow ”
” And,, we may not be able to see each other again “I added
” why? ”
” Because,, after this wedding. The sword will be taken away from me ” I said and fake a smile
” What??!! ” he j£rked up
” That’s the truth ” I said and wipe my tears
” I will loose you forever? ”
” Yeah,,, so. I am going right now,,,, thank you for the time we spent with each other, you are really one of a kind. ” I said and took my sword
” Wait!!! ” he shouted and hvgged me ti-ghtly to himself
” I,,,, I love you ” he said and I unlock from the hvg
” What did you say? ”
” I love you ” he repeated and a tear dropped from my eyes
” More than you do ” I said and k!$$£d him
” I think this is our last meeting ” I said trying to prevent the tears forming in my eyes
” Will you forget me? ” he asked
” I can’t ” I shook my head negatively
I unlock from the hvg and took my sword,,,
” Bye Charles ”
” Wait ” but I’m gone
I returned to my room and dropped the sword angrily,, things are just complicated right now. I can’t believe Adela-ide is getting married,,,, hmm
” My lady,, you are back .you nee-d to see master right now ” two guards said as they [email protected]£ into my room
I nodded and they left
I sigh before finally walking out of my room,,, I bu-mp into Lucas and the starring began. He have been avoiding since I told him about the wedding
” Lucas,,, ” I called
” What ”
” We are still friends right? ” I asked
” Not until you tell me where you always run to,, ” he said
” So,, if I tell you. You will st©p avoiding me? ”
” Sure ” he replied and I smiled a little
” What if I tell you there is another world different from ours? ” I asked and he laughed
” Are you crazy? How can something like that happen ”
” See? You don’t even believe me, ” I said and walked away
I know it’s impossible for someone to believe this,, it’s confusing and [email protected] to believe.
” Father am here ” I said
” Where are coming from? ” he asked sounding somehow angry
” Am,,, ”
” Talk to me!!!! ” he yelled and I moved back fearfully, why is he so angry right now?
” Father am sorry,, it won’t happen again ” I said
” Get re-ady,, the wedding is tomorrow ” he said
What??!? How can it be tomorrow? I’ve not even met with the guy, and am getting married to him??
” But father,!! ”
” Get re-ady,, that’s my word ” he said and I walked toward the door
” Give me your sword ” he said and I almost stumbled
” Father plea-se,,, you can’t take this from me ” I cried
This is the only way I can see Charles,
” You don’t have to fight again Ade,, I will get you guards to do that when nee-ded ” he said
I hand over the sword to him and ran out of the room in tears,,,
I ran into my room and cried bitterly,, I can’t believe I will never know happiness in my life again!!
I wish all these never happened in the first place,, am really hurt right now. Really hurt,,,
👑 Charles POV 👑
Why did you come to me when you know you won’t stay? Why did you have to leave me when am finally falling in love again after so many years?
I wish I can come to that world of yours, to stay with you forever
” You nee-d to st©p thinking about her,, if she’s yours then she will definitely come back ” Ellis said taking the wine from me
” Mine? Do I have to prove that she’s mine? I’ve never feel this way for the past few years, what else do I nee-d? ” I asked
” Dude,, its okay ” he said patting my back
Will you ever come back? How are you doing right now? Are you okay?
Episode 9 🍭🍭
Semi Finale
🍭 Adela-ide 🍭
” My lady, you should come out now. Everyone is waiting ”
” Five more minutes ” I said and wipe my tears away
I wish I can just disappear right now,, but it’s like my hope is lost alre-ady. Should I accept my fate?
I don’t even love Aaron one bit,, he’s just like a friend to me. Now am getting married to him?
” My lady ” she called one last time and I got up
I checked myself out,,, I scoff at the bride wear am putting on. It doesn’t suit me, am not even happy about it.
” you look so beautiful ”
” Thanks ” I said and walked out of the room,, two bride maids followed me as we walk into the temple
Dressed so beautifully,, I wish am getting married to Charles, it will be my happiest day.
Right now I don’t even know how he’s doing,,,
” Do you take him Charles Chaplin as your wedded husband? ” I imagined the priest saying
” Do you take Aaron Delos as your wedded husband? ” The priest asked for real and I sigh
I don’t have a choice right?
” Yes, I,, do ” I replied
I saw him grinning,, is he happy to be my husband?
” You may now,, k!ssthe bride ”
What!!!!! k!sswho!!!! Me??!!!
He lean closer! Closer!! Closer!!! St©p!!!!!!
Hisl-ips landed on mine,, I wish I could push him away,, but hell no!! I can’t.
I closed my eyes,, I didn’t k!sshim back though.
💋 Charles 💋
My heart is hurting right now,, why do I have a feeling that she’s gonna leave me? What if she forget about me?
Will I be able to hold it in.
Ade,,, you are my love, you are the one I want. You [email protected]£ into my life so suddenly and you Stole My Heart,, you make me fall in love again.
How do I forget about you? How!!
” Charles!!! ” Ana shouted running to me and collected the bottle from me
” Why are you here?! ” I asked
” One of the b©dyguard called me!! You will hurt yourself if you continue doing this!! ” she yelled
” What’s your business with that,, it’s my life ” I said
” I know,,,, but it’s hurting me to see you this way ” she said
” Why? ”
” Because I love you ” She said
Is this Ade?
” Are you Ade? ” I asked
” What?? Yeah, it’s me ” she said and I pu-ll-ed her closer to me
” No,,, Charles. Its Ana!! Just get her out of your mind, she’s not coming back ” she said and wra-p my arms around her n£¢k
” Where are we going? ” I asked
” Am taking you to your room,, you look horrible ” she said
👑 Adela-ide 👑
Now it’s time to do what married couples do,,, I cried as the water splashes all over my b©dy.
I entered into the room and he walked to me with happiness shown all over his face
” I know you are not happy about this,,, but Ade I really love you a lot. And I will do anything to make you accept me,,, you won’t regret this ” he said and k!$$£d me
Should I believe him?
I closed my eyes and let him do his thing with me,,, what do I do? I alre-ady made my oath,, he broke my vir-ginity,,, he’s the one for me.
Maybe Charles is only a character,,, not for me
A tear dropped from my eyes,, what I want is different from what I got
Episode 10
Finale 💋💋
💋 Adela-ide Pov 💋
Three years have pas-sed and many things has changed,, I wish I could bring back time and live my life the way I wanted.
If wishes were horses,, I faced my three years old girl smiling at me like an angel she is.
I still think about Charles everytime,,, but I really want to see him and tell him everything that happened. I want to ask him how he have been,,
But I can’t,, because we are not fated to be with each other. A smile escape myl-ips,, I am happy with Aaron, he loves me alot and will do anything to make me happy.
But you know what first love means right? I once heard someone saying first love doesn’t last,, I knew it’s a lie.
But right now,,, I am trying to fight my mind telling me it’s true that first love doesn’t last.
” Hey baby ” Aaron entered and pe-cked myl-ips
” Hey,, how was your day? ” I asked
” Great,, was thinking about you all day ” he said and I blu-shed
” You should do something else now adays ” I said
” What is more important than you? ” He asked and k!$$£d me
” Dadaaa ” our daughter called
” Oh no,, am so sorry baby ” Aaron said lifting Angel up
” Am so sorry Angel ” he said and k!$$£d her hair
Awwwn, so cute
Am trying my best to stay focus with Aaron,, I wish Charles is doing the same. I always wish for this every night I stare out of my window,, seeing many stars.
” I wish you are happy like I am ” That’s all
I can wish for.
If I am chanced to come back in my next life , am gonna love you and I will never leave you.
That’s my wish,,,,, dear Charles,, my first love ❤️
😘 Charles 😘
Now,, I’ve waited for you this three years. Seems nothing is gonna change, maybe I lost you forever.
Or maybe we are not fated to be with each other right? But right now will never st©p loving you,, you are not my first love.
You are my lost love,, gone for good and forever. A hurtful smile escape myl-ips when I think about her,, my first encounter with her.
How she dressed with sword in her hand,, how I k!$$£d her. How herl-ips tastes like,, how we talked.
I can’t get her off my mind,, I love you so much Adela-ide.
And here I am getting married to Eva,,, I wish you are also happy right now
” You may k!ssthe bride ” the pastor said
I smiled and k!$$£d her with pas-sion,,,
” I will always love you Charles ” she said
What else can i just wish for? I wish you find your true love in any world you are right now, I don’t know maybe i still exist in your dream right now.
But I still love you, and my love for you is,, Beyond The Stars 🌌
Love you all Golden People 💋💋💋💋

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