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Beyond the stars Episode 5 to 7

Episode 5 🌹
By : Summer Gold
🍭 Adela-ide 🍭
” Father,, you called? ” I asked as I entered his room
” Yeah,, I want us to have lunch together ” he said walking out of the room
” Really? ” I smiled and followed him
” Yes,, I guess since you’ve matured, the distance is much. You always do one thing or the other ” he said and sat down as we got to the dinning table
” Not really father, I’m fine. I just want to make you proud of me ” I replied sitting down
” I am proud of you Ade,,,, but still I want you to remember that you are a girl ” he said with his mouth filled
” Father? You don’t have to remind me about that, I know ” I said chewing on my food
” Don’t worry,, I will make arrangements on your wedding soon with Aaron ( Third Master’s Son.) ” he said and I laughed
” No Father, am not getting married now ” I said
” You have serve me all your life,, you nee-d to bring out the woman in you right now ” he said and I dropped my spoon
” But,,, father,, I’m fine ”
” No Ade,,,,, Get re-ady. Your marriage preparation will be starting soon,, from now. You won’t be wearing these ” he pointed at my clothes,, ” You should learn how to behave as a girl ” he said
” Yes,,,,,, father ” I said sadly
” You are getting married? To who? ” Logan asked wiping my tears
I sniff in
” Aaron ” I replied and bur-st into tears
” What? Aaron? What about me!! ” He half yelled and his eyes turned red
” What do you mean? ” I asked
” I love you Ade,, you should have noticed this for a long time ” ” So,, why don’t you tell me? ” I asked
” I couldn’t ” He replied
” It’s too late right now ” I said
I stood up and went into my room in tears,, I can’t believe am getting married. And my best friend is in love with me?
” Mam,,, It’s Alia ”
” Come in ” I said
She [email protected]£ in with a strange woman, in her early fifties
” Who is she? ” I asked.”
” Your trainer ” Alia replied and went out
” Hi,,, Am Nora ” smiled
” Yeah ” I said
” Firstly,, wear this ” she threw a dress to me
” What is wrong with what I’m wearing? ” I asked
” You should dress like a lady from now ” she said and I scoff
” I’m doing this because of my father ” I said and took the cloth, and my sword
” Where are you taking that sword to? ” she asked and I sm-irk
” Trust me,, she’s my best friend ” I said and win-ked
” You will st©p that very soon ” she said
” Tell I will feed your bones to the gods ” I win-ked
I went to the bathroom to change,,,,
🍭 Charles 🍭
” Who is she? ” I asked Ellis who continue to grin
” I don’t know,,, but I’m gonna find out ” he said
” Is she pretty? ” I asked
” Of course,,, long hair, and all that ” he sm-irk and my mind went to Adela-ide
Where is she right now? Is she okay? When will I see her again?
” You are lost ” Ellis said snapping his f!nger
” Oh,, yeah. I really nee-d to go home right now ” I said standing up
” Okay,, see you later ” he said and we shook hands
My guards opened the car and I went in,, the driver started driving home but all I was thinking about is Ade.
St©p thinking about her,, you won’t see her again,, yeah I should st©p thinking about her. She’s not coming back.
I got home and come out of the car
I entered my room and rested my head on the be-d
🍭 Adela-ide 🍭
I put on the dress and sm-irk,, do I even look good in this? It’s uncomfortable on me.
I took my sword and opened the door
” How do I look? ” I asked but kept quiet almost immediately
What the fv¢k!!! This is not my room,,,
I turned around,,, oh no it’s Charles House.
What???? Again!!!
Episode 6 👅👅
🍭 Charles 🍭
I walked out of my office and went to the room where Ade stayed,, I was tem-pted to open the door.
I was shocked to find Ade standing right before me looking confused,,, I checked her out. She’s putting on another type of clothe.
Her sword is still with her anyway,,
” Charles,,,, ” she called softly
I rushed to her almost immediately and hvgged her ti-ghtly,, why do I miss her so much?
” You are back ” I said and smiled
” No,,, I don’t know how it happened again ” she said and I re-lease from the hvg
” I think it’s good anyway,, I really miss you alot ” I said
She ruffled her hair,, I t©uçhed the hair and loosed the band in it
” What are you doing? ”
” I love it this way ” I smiled
” I will be in trouble if I stay a night here ” she said with her f!nger in her mouth
” But,, why? ” I asked
” I’m getting married!! ” she yelled angrily as tears rushed down her eyes
” What,,, what do you mean? ” I asked
” See this? ” she said pointing at her dress
” I will be putting on this from now,,, I am starting my training on how to be a bride,, I went into the bathroom to change, I took my sword and opened the door,, I suddenly found myself here. Right now,, I am confused ” she said and sat down on the be-d
” I don’t un-derstand a thing ” I muttered
” You are really getting married? ” I asked again and she nodded
I faked a smile, ” That’s good ” I said
” You are happy for me? ” she asked without smiling
” of course,, why not ”
” But I don’t want to get married ” she blink out tears
” Why? ”
” I don’t know ” she replied and looked down
My eye went to her sword,, it’s shining 🌟. Like some sort of gold,, is it?
I was about tou-ching it but she suddenly disappeared
Whaaaaaat,,,, she disappeared?
🍭 Adela-ide 🍭
” oh my God oh my God, how did you get here? ” Nora asked with her hands on her che-st
I ignored her and looked round the room,, I am back again
Right now, I think I am out of my mind.
Am confused 😖,, really confused!!!!
” I’m sorry,,, you wasn’t looking when I sat ” I lied
” It’s okay ” she said,,,, I’m glad she buy my lie
” Firstly, you are learning this ” she brou-ght out a bead and some rope
” What is this? ” I asked
” Right now, we are ma-king a [email protected]!st bead ” she said and I scoff
” For who? ” I asked.
” You can also use it, you are a girl ” she said causing me to laugh
” What’s funny? ”
” How can I use this? Fighters don’t use [email protected]!st beads ” I said
” You are not a fighter anymore, get that into your small [email protected] ” she said using her f!nger to t©uçh my head
I brou-ght out my sword angrily and point it at her,, she [email protected] and moved back
” Try that again and I will behead you ” I said and keep the sword
” Let’s continue ” I said since she’s not re-ady to move
A guard [email protected]£ in almost immediately
” What’s happening my lady? I heard a sword,,,, ” he said breathing [email protected]
” Its nothing,, ” I said and grin at Nora
” We are good ” I said
He bow and left ( 😂😂😂)
” Let’s continue!! ” I yelled
” Yea ” she said and moved closer ma-king sure there is space between us
I don’t care right now, but I’m confused about what is happening to me
Episode 7 🍭🍭
👅 Ade’s Father 👅
Some weeks later 💫💫
” Why are we here? ” I asked as the third master and the fifth master stare at me
” It’s time ”
” For what? ” I asked looking confused
” We have to get ride of Ade’s Sword before things get out of hand ” One of them said and I sigh
” I am trying my best,, right now she’s getting married and she’s gonna st©p all those things. Then,, I will be able to take that sword from her ” I said.
” It’s not that easy,, I know her, she’s a very determined person. She’s a fighter, a good one at that ” he said
” I will try my best ” I said ” And besides, she’s getting married in two days ”
How will I tell Adela-ide that I have to take the sword from her? I’m sure she’s gonna refuse.
That sword was given to me to pres£nt it for her because she was destined to be a warrior,, but now the sword was discovered to be magical and not safe to be with her.
I really nee-d to tell her something that will change her mind,, but how?
I got back to my house and went straight to my room,,
” Master, do you nee-d anything? ” My personal guard asked
” Call Ade for me ” I said resting my head on the pillow
” Okay master ” he replied and rushed out of my room
” I wish you listen to me Adela-ide ” I said to myself
Few minutes later he [email protected]£ in, alone.
” Where is she? ” I asked
” Sir, my lady,, is missing again ” he said and I stood up immediately
” What? ”
” Yes master ”
Gosh,, where is she again!!!
I rou-ghed my hair angrily,,
” Get the guards right now,, search everywhere in the village!! ” I yelled
” Okay master!! ” he said and ran out
Where are you? Why do you always disappear when I nee-d to see you?
💋 Adela-ide’s Pov 💋
I keep on thinking about him,, it’s like am charmed alre-ady. He really is my dream right now.
And here I am, getting married to someone I don’t even love?
I don’t know why!! Why can’t I come to you again!! Why!!!
Why can’t I come to your world again? plea-se,, let me come into your world,, and your heart too
” Charles!! I miss you so much!! ” I yelled angrily with tears rushing down my eyes
Suddenly I heard some sound,, I blocked my ear instantly. My eye caught with my sword that is on the be-d
It’s shining and ma-king some noise,, the light coming out from it almost blocked my sight.
I Bend down and took the sword,,,, what is happening right now?
And then I met myself in Charles’s room,,, what the fv¢k just happened?
I took my sword up,, the light is out alre-ady.
Oh my God,,, my sword!! My sword is,,,,,,
Suddenly the door opened, I turned and it’s Charles
” Charles!!! ” I shouted running to him in tears
Why are you crying? My inner mind asked
” I don’t know ” I said as I finally hvgged Charles
😇 Charles’s Pov 😇
I entered my room weakly and met someone whose back is like Ade, wait is she the one?
She turned,, a tear dropped from her eye
She ran to me and hvgged me ti-ghtly,,,,,
” Did you miss me that much? ” I asked
” Am I not allowed to miss you? ” she asked in tears
” Of course,,, you can ” I said and hvgged her back.
We finally unlock from the hvg,,, she smiled and blink out tears
” Why are you so hurt? ” I asked wiping her tears with my palm
” I’m getting married in two days,, to someone I don’t love ” she broke down
” Then call off the wedding ” I said
” I can’t,,, but there is only one way to call it off “. She said
” What is it? ” I asked
she put her sword on the table and moved closer to me,,,
” Take my dignity ” she said
What will happen now?

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