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Being Mrs Spence Episode 29

Episode 29
“…. she… just died. I.. don’t..
He was stuttering why replying Susan.
Susan laughed sarcastically before saying.
“Coleman you are a joker, big time joker…What do you mean she just died? What nons-en-se are you vomiting from your mouth to my ear? Is my sister a plant that will stay like that and die. I don’t un-derstand you Coleman… what did you say happened to Florence… what did you do to her this time?
Susan said angrily
Cole breathed de-eply. His heart was racing. He never imagined that it will get to this. Why will Florence kill herself, why will she do this.
Susan interrupted his thought.
“…Mr Man, what did you do to my only sister? Where is Florence… what happened to her? You are an imbecile if you drive all the way down here to make joke with Florence’s life…
“I’m not ma-king any joke Susan. Florence [email protected]£ back from an outing yesterday evening, she was angry over something and ran straight to the kitchen, took a knife and stab herself and before I could rush her to the hospital she has alre-ady loosed so much blood. She couldn’t make it… she died this morning in the hospital…
Susan walked around like a crazy person while laughing sarcastically.
“,Is not my sister that died, no…it cannot be Florence. Coleman you can’t succeed in Killing her…no you can’t. She was angry over what? This your story doesn’t add up. You better be praying ha-rd that nothing bad should happen to Florence otherwise your days on this earth is numbered. I will kill you and go to jail with my full che-st. Don’t dare me Coleman. Nothing should happen to Florence .. nothing should happen to her. God… God… don’t let this to be true… don’t do this to Florence. plea-se… God forbids it that the man she married finally s£nt her to an early grave. No…no.
She asked of the hospital address and Cole gave it to her.
He was afraid to return back to the hospital.
He drove back home.
Lizbeth was chewing a leg of chicken while watching the television when Coleman [email protected]£ in
He was angry that Lizbeth has appetite to eat despite what happened.
“… have you forgotten that I’m pregnant. I can’t skip food because I’m eating for two…
“Nob©dy is asking you to skip food but Florence is dead. Be s-en-sitive because is not joke…my wife is dead. Florence died this morning… don’t you get it. I’m not in my right mind. I killed her…we both killed her. I can’t deal with myself…I can’t…
He sat ha-rd on the chair with his head bent.
Yesterday at the hospital the doctor had checked Florence and said that she was brou-ght in late. She was as good as dead. Her blood was almost drained off.
This morning he was afraid of the news the doctor will tell him but he listened anyway.
“… like I said yesterday, she loosed 70percent of blood and that’s a blacklist for survival and 15percent out of the remaining 30 clothed together. Only 15pecent is active and they’re gradually clothing up. I don’t know but she has a very tiny chance to life which I doubt if she will make out of today. I’m sorry Mr Spence but I have no hope to give you, your wife may not make it. miracle can still happen but in a medical terms we don’t bank on miracles. But miracle is exactly what she nee-ds to survive.
Cole has waited as the medical terms carried out surgery in removing the knife that was buried inside her b©dy.
He waited, pacing up and down.
A doctor [email protected]£ out of the emergency room, just a look at the doctor’s face he knew Florence was gone.
The doctor shakes his head sadly and walked pas-s him without a word.
He knew then that Florence was dead.
He drove straight down to tell Susan. He knew it won’t go down well but he has to tell her.
And here he was thinking of how life will be without Florence and how he caused her death.
Lizbeth st©pped eating. She moved closer to Cole and said.
“Is a lie… you’re just pu-lling my leg right? Mrs Spence is alive? plea-se don’t tell me she died… she is alive right?
“Get out of my side, do you think I will make jokes with something as this? Florence died this morning…I saw it myself. The doctor said it loud and clear…I…I… don’t know what to do now. I never wanted her to die.
Lizbeth paused and stared at Cole. After sometime she took a bite from her chicken meat followed with another bite.
She was chewing loudly as she continued eating.
Cole looked up at her.
“How can you still be eating even after I told you about the death of Florence, that’s very ins-en-sitive of you Lizbeth, even the chicken you are eating is Florence money, she deserves some quiet time at least. Even if you don’t really like her but plea-se show some respect… she does not deserve to die… not now. We killed her… hope you know that…
Lizbeth interrupted.
“I don’t know what you are talking about Mr Spence. What do you mean we killed her? Mrs Spence killed herself… she stabbe-d herself to death. I have no hand in it and you have no hand in it. She chosed to die and I can’t st©p living because of her. My few moment of silent was enough. Live goes on… she is not the first person to died. Many people have died before her.
Cole looked at her surprised.
“Lizbeth…are you human at all? Why will you say such. We indirectly killed Florence. If she haven’t caught us in a de-ep inti-mate compromising position she would have still be alive…
Lizbeth began chewing on the bone of the chicken. She smiled and said
“This chicken is ju-icy , even the bone too. Look at all the calcium inside the bone…I can’t allow it to waste. Cole… I’m going to be calling you Cole from now onwards because we have a thing going on and you are the father of my unborn baby. Mr Spence sounds like old fashion to me. I’m no more the maid in this house, I’m almost like Mrs Spence. The only difference is that is not legal yet. I satisfy you more than the late Mrs Spence has ever done all throu-gh her life time. Florence caught us having S-x and so what? She would have go and cry her cry quietly then move on with her life or better still pack out of the house…same way she did during Marina time. but instead she started beating me and hitting my head on the wall. You asked her not to hurt me because of the baby, she [email protected]£ shocked that I was pregnant. Her wo-mb is probably damaged and she can’t conceive maybe that’s why she felt bitter when you announced the pregnancy to her. The next thing she did was to run into the kitchen, gr-ab a knife and dive into her b©dy. She practically killed herself. St©p pointing her death to me or even to yourself…she chosed to die and I can only bid her farewell… that’s all. Life goes on for the living…
They were still talking. Susan kicked the door open. She [email protected]£ in with some police men.
“Arrest him, arrest her… arrest every human in this compound. They will rot in hell if they don’t provide my sister.
The meat dropped in Lizbeth hand. She ran to Cole crying that they should leave her because she is pregnant.
“Who are you pregnant for? Susan barked at her.
Lizbeth [email protected]£ afraid with the kind of fire she saw in Susan’s eyes.
She was stuttering and couldn’t say.
“… cat caught your ton-gue right? You can’t talk again. You will give birth to a premature baby in prison after several torture. You all messed with the wrong person and I won’t spare any of you. I will see to it that you all rot in jail…
Cole was arguing that he has no hand in Florence death.
The three police men that [email protected]£, while two where searching the house and gathering evidence that was alre-ady tampered with, one put a handcuff on both Cole and Lizbeth, they whisked them away.
Even Dominic the gate man wasn’t left out in the arrest.
The police found Florence bag un-der the cushion.
They opened it, checked what was inside before taking it away.
They sealed up the house, put it un-der crime scene and still un-der investigation.
Lizbeth was crying loudly in the police van as they drove off.
She looked back and it was almost gr-abbing her, she was tired from running. The horrified looking darkness in formed of a monster won’t give up chasing her.
She kept [email protected] ha-rd as she ran with the little strength left in her.
Her b©dy has several bruises, some of her wound was almost decaying. She was tasty and hungry yet she couldn’t give up.
She saw a golden gate, so beautiful with high fences. There was a man standing inside the gate.
Finally there is Hope of a rescue for her. She was relieved as she ran towards the gate.
She kept hitting on it.
“Open up plea-se… monster of the dark is after me. plea-se open let me in. I’m tired, tasty and hungry. I nee-d help… plea-se open. The monster is almost getting to me…
“No, this is not a place for people like you… only for those without blemish or sp©t. Go back and wash yourself that you may become clean. Return back after then, just at the approved time and the gate will automatically open for you. The master warned against people like you… return back my lady and do as I instructed…
She was [email protected] and angry at the same time.
“Didn’t you hear any of what I just said? There is a horrible monster destroying lives and properties…he is after me. I have been running from it yet I can’t get away from it. I’m hungry, tasty and tired… plea-se let me in. Be merciful and don’t turn me away. There is no place to go back to… nothing to go back to. If you leave me out here I will be engulfed, swallowed up totally by the monster of darkness… plea-se save me.
The man didn’t reply
“… okay, if you can’t open the gate can you atleast give me water to quench my taste or even some food? plea-se…
She saw the scary darkness traveling towards her with speed.
… plea-se… open. Look, the evil is coming…I can’t keep up like this. plea-se save me, don’t s£nd me away. I’m begging you in the name of God… plea-se. Don’t let this evil thing consumes me. Have mercy on me I’m helpless… have mercy. Don’t do this to me… I’m re-ady to do whatever you ask of me…open the gate for me. I want to come in… look…look is here alre-ady. Jesus…
She cried out loudly as the darkness was almost getting to her.
She picked race, this time her legs couldn’t carry her but she kept running.
She was weak, she fell down many times while running.
She was crying as tears poured down. She was ba-refooted, sweat covered her b©dy. her cloths torn, her wound stinks badly. Her legs couldn’t carry her. Her throat was patched with taste.
She was tired, she’s can’t continue.
She was going to die anyway and the monster will feed on her flesh.
Is better to surrender now, no better time than now.
She stumbled and fell, tries to get up but couldn’t. She remained still on the ground.
She shut her eyes and began to mutter the name of Jesus severally.
“I can’t do this God… I’m tired. Help me… help me. I don’t want to be consumed neither can I keep up with the race. I’m tired… I’m weak… help me… plea-se…I nee-d your help.
She kept muttering silently to herself and just then a light appear from a far distance. It was like a single sp©t star that Sparks brightly.
A man was beside the light, urging her to get up. She saw his golden face that shone brightly with the light.
Her eyes was closing up. She was tired of everything and death was close by, her strength has failed her. Maybe death us the solution.
She surrendered herself for the monster to feast on.
But the more she focused on the light she felt energised. Her strength was renewed but the moment she takes off her eyes and looked at the scary darkness she [email protected]£ very weak.
The man with the shining light kept urging her forward but her fear was greater than her Faith.
She looked back at the darkness that swims heavily towards her.
She was too weak to scream as the monster begin to swallow her up.
She realized that their were others too being swallowed by the same monster.
They were shouting and screaming as they fall to their damnation.
She was too tired to shout.
She couldn’t shout, her throat closed up. Her breathing suddenly ceased. the dee-per she falls the closer she was to everlasting doomed.
When all hope was gone, a strong hand [email protected]£d her, the hand began to pu-ll her out gently and carefully.
It kept pu-lling despite how the evil monster was equally pu-lling down at her from un-der ground.
This stronger arm didn’t let go, she hanged onto him ti-ght as he pu-ll-ed.
Several other scary hands kept pu-lling her to the darkest doomed but she found herself going up as the strong arm pu-lls.
She was pu-ll-ed out of the ocean of darkness.
The monster made a grumbling angry echoing noise that s£nt fear all over her before it disappears.
She looked up at the man that just saved her, he was same man with a shining light.
Her weakness has left her, she can see clearly and energised too.
She remembered other people falling to their doom and quic-kly told the man to also help and save them.
“They never asked for my help. You called out to me to help you and I answered your call. I only rescue those who wholeheartedly seeks for my help. Follow me, let’s go…
She couldn’t remember asking for the strange man’s help. She was too tired and can’t remember everything she said.
She only remember calling the name of Jesus. Praying to God to rescue her and just then the light and the man appeared before she was consumed by the monster but the strong arm rescued her.
She followed him and they walked past the beautiful gate with high fences.
“This is so beautiful, I st©pped here for help but was turned away. I wish I can get inside and see the great beauty inside…
She whispered to herself but she was shocked when the man leading her replied.
“Because is not yet time and your records of earthly deeds nee-d to be straightened. Is weak and rou-gh and not fully qualified to enter the golden gate of life. plea-se follow me…
She followed quietly behind.
He led her out of the monster gate, filled with thick darkness and that’s where she fell into before the monster began to pursue her.
He led her out to a straight road.
“Keep going from here. Don’t be afraid… I’m always with you Florence. straighten what’s made weak. Align your ways and fight the good fight for your Faith. Forgive the pain you suffered and all those involved. Be a mirror for other weak souls to find strength. Don’t put out your light of kindness…let it shine even brighter. Go…
She realized then that not only did the man knows her name, her stinky wound was healed, her thorn cloths was changed to something better. She was ba-refooted before now she has a fine footwear on her feet.
She was renewed and a heavy burden lifted off her heart.
She looked up to thank the Man and realized that he was gone, disappeared.
He was nowhere to be found.
She awaken from her de-ep sleep.
Open her eyes and saw her sister Susan.
Sitting with her head relaxed back on a chair beside her. Her eyes were closed,
Probably slee-ping, she looks like she haven’t sle-pt for days.
Florence tried to stretch out her hand to t©uçh her and found out that she had tubes stuck into her b©dy preventing her from moving.
Her b©dy felt numb. She wondered how long she has been here.
Just then something began to beeped loudly beside her.
Doctor rushed in, Susan woke up.
“She is back. Oh wow… she is fully back. This is beyond medical explanation. It can only be a miracle. She is back and her heart beat is normal. Wow…wow..!”
The doctor exclaimed loudly as he checked her.
Susan began to t©uçh her, she began to scream loudly s she [email protected]£d her hand calling her name
Florence wondered how long she has been in the hospital and why is she even here.
“Hey Suzy… what’s going on.. how long have I been slee-ping.
Florence asked confused
“Three weeks and some days… you have been in a coma. God… Flo, I thought I had loosed you. Oh God… Thank you…. thank you…
Susan suddenly began to weep.
“…let me go and inform Max, he is out in his car and haven’t gone home for two days now. He has also been footing the expensive bills here . Max is an angel…he has not st©pped praying for you. He was here earlier to check up before going back to his car. I will run and tell him that you’ve finally woken up…
She ran out and just then everything begin to come back like a flash.
She remembered how it happened, everything.
she took her hand down to her stomach where she stabbe-d herself, there was a big bulped up pipe stucked there. She felt a little s-en-sation but there was no pain.
Florence thought of the monster, the scary darkness the beautiful golden gate the man with the shining light.
She shut herself and whispered
“Thank you God for another chance to life. grateful I will always be to you alone who owns life itself. thank you… thank you..
She continued saying her thanks with a true heart filled with Thanksgiving.


  1. Adex

    Thank God, Flo has second chance.
    Cole is a monster. It is high time they parted.
    Marriage is a s£nsitive thing.when one missed at the onset, the doom has started.

  2. Bob

    I have been checking for days for next episode. Please push forward next episode tomorrow I beg poop.
    Thank God Flo was given another chance

  3. Nmenme

    Hmmmm……., Florence should really take her time to analyze her life’s journey and take drastic steps to better her living. She should move on with her life and forget about the toxic relationship she had with coleman, because this second chance she has, should really count.

  4. Vincent

    Truly anyone whosoever shall call upon the of the Lord Jesus shall be saved. I was moved to tear when Flo got a second chance to life. If she leaves Cole that will him to have true repentance and change his ways for real.

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