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Being Mrs Spence Episode 28

Episode 28
Maxwell drove, Bill sat beside him while Florence sat quietly at the back seat of the car.
Bill was trying ha-rd to keep the car warm with conversation but he seems to be the only doing the the whole talking.
He wasn’t yet aware that Maxwell and Florence knew each other.
Bill asked for her address, Florence was grateful that they will be taking her home instead of dropping her halfway.
She opened her mouth to answer Bill Maxwell interrupted.
“I won’t be driving to her place, I’m dropping her in the next bust©p. She should be able to find her way from there…she can call her husband to go pick her from there…”
Bill turned to him and said.
“C’mon Max, it won’t kill you if you drop the fine lady at her place. We are heading home and have nothing special doing this weekend, plea-se let’s take her to her house even if is the closest bust©p to her place…. don’t drop her in the next bust©p…
“Well Bill, if you don’t have anything doing, I gat lot to do which includes swimming and resting. Even if I don’t have anything at all, I’m still not going anywhere close to her place. She should sort that out. If she can find her way to the field park then she should also find her way home… I’m not her driver or her husband…”
Bill looked at Maxwell shocked. He knew him to be down to earth, kind and always re-ady to render help. He doesn’t un-derstand what got into him, ma-king him to sound so harsh and wounded.
Bill tries to argue but Florence st©pped him.
“Is fine Bill. I will find my way…I appreciate you trying to help. Next bust©p is not that bad, I can easily locate my place. Is not really a big deal. Your friend has something eating at him, is okay if he does not feel like it…I do appreciate the effor…
Maxwell interrupted her angrily, surprising Bill.
“Did you just say I have something eating at me? you are just unbelievable Flox… you enjoyed every damn thing you did back then, you took pride in it and feels unremorseful about it. I don’t blame you at all, I blame myself for being a fool. I blame myself for trusting you, I blame myself for loving you withholding nothing. You are nothing but a pretentious liar. You probably thought you tricked me into doing your bidding, or emotionally blackmailed me but that’s where you lie…I did everything I did for you with a clear eyes and because I wanted to do it. You and your so called husband can go to hell and burn… I really don’t care.
Bill was speechless, he opened his eyes in shock as Florence replied Maxwell angrily.
“What else do you want me to do, I said I’m sorry…I have tried apologising and you said is cool. Why are you still trying to paint my sins on my face? Max, if you think I will burn in hell, you won’t be left out because of your unforgiving Spirit. Why do you pretend to love God, pray, attend church service, re-ad your bible and yet you…
Maxwell shut her up again.
“You want to bring my faith into this, wow… you really do want me to pretend like nothing happened? maybe I should Give you a trophy for the world best lying, deceiving lady. You led me along a no road, left me stranded and move on to the arm of your dear husband, how petty is that. Amazing right? Your Coleman called me a loser, he said I was after his loving wife because I can’t get mine. He is super lucky, because if I la-id a f!nger on him his half remaining Life will disappear. You and your stupid husband are pathetically. you think why I was after you was because I can’t get a single woman to marry?…no Florence. I can get any woman I want, I was only after you because i thought you are worth it but you proved to me that you are worthless…
Bill nee-ded to step in, the heated argument was getting out of hand. Maxwell was speeding angrily as he kept talking.
“That’s enough man, is this the lady you told me about? I’m not aware that you both knew each other. You pla-yed a coded one on me and didn’t say anything all this while. plea-se you nee-d to st©p calling her unprinted names Max, slow down plea-se before you get us all killed…
Maxwell laughed sarcastically.
“Really… Bill, really? plea-se don’t tell me what to do… you don’t know what this lady did. You only listened to it as a story, you don’t feel my pain, so st©p, just don’t try to tell me what to say and how to express myself. If you want her, plea-se go for her but don’t try to tell me how or what to say… you feel me? I’m serious man. I was broken for weeks because of her, she is a Delilah…she got me, oh yeah, she did got me pined to the ground just as she wanted. She retuned to her husband and left me to go and die…but unfortunately for her I survived. This is the exact thing she did in the beginning. Impatiently broke up with me and went to be with a man that claims to love her better. i should have known…I should have traded carefully. You have never loved or cared for me…it has always been your Coleman. I get it…it all started to make s-en-se after I realized I was being pla-yed… you pla-yed a smart one on me…”
“, Drop me here, I said I want to get down…” Florence barked angrily as she kept battling with tears.
“Oh Flox, you want to get down now, because you hate the truth, I thought you wanted me to take you to your angelic dear husband…. you changed your mind about it? Hahahaha… What were you even doing at the park, monitoring my life to see if I have moved on?Oh yeah, I have moved on and can give you a receipt of my moving. I’m better off without you… I never nee-ded you in the first place…”
“I said st©p the car, let me out…I want to get down Max…” Florence said this time she couldn’t hold the tears.
Bill was trying his best to calm his friend but he seems to be on another level of anger.
He has never seen him so angry.
“St©p the car man, you have said enough…she wants to get down. You are going to get us all killed with this crazy driving of yours. Slow down… Max, listen to me…I know you are bitter, I know you are hurt but you have to let go. Calm down… plea-se… let it go. I’m really sorry for reopening the wound…I never meant to and I’m sincerely sorry….calm down Max…
He suddenly st©pped, put his hand and head on the steering wheel.
Bill volunteered to drive instead because Maxwell was not in the right frame of mind.
Florence wiped off her face as she opened the door and stepped out without a word to any of them.
Before Bill will say something she was far gone without looking back.
A car almost hit her as she tries to cross the road without checking for incoming car.
She screamed out in terror, Bill and Maxwell looked in the direction of the scream and froze.
Maxwell rushed ahead of Bill to the sp©t, Florence has disappeared within in a twi-nkle of an eye.
She was gone, waved down a cab and off she went.
Maxwell retuned back to his car, took the pas-s£nger sit while Bill drove.
“Hey man, that was crazy… you almost killed that lady. Oh my God… what [email protected]£ over you? You may try to deny it but is quiet obvious that you still love her. You hate the fact that she kept chosing her husband over you, it hurt I know. But despite it all, you still loves her… you really nee-d to let it go… You gave me a scare back there man…”
Maxwell did not say anything, he relaxed his head back on the seat and kept staring at nothing as Bill drove on.
Florence sobbe-d quietly inside the taxi, the man asked her severally if she was alright, she was too broken to reply and kept silent.
She is moving back to the master be-droom ones she gets home. God has alre-ady transformed Cole to a better man.
She will live happily with him, supporting him with all she has.
Loving and respecting him like she should and as a married woman that she was.
Maxwell could have aswell [email protected] or beat her up for what she did instead of saying everything he said.
She wished she had turned down the offer initially to Join them in the car.
It was a bad idea and she is regretting it now.
Maxwell painted her like a wicked being, but God will bear her witness that she never meant for any of what happened to happen.
She un-derstands that he was de-eply hurt, he pretended to have forgiven her the last time at his place, she never knew he had bottled up so much in his heart waiting for a perfect time to pour it all out.
She feels so broken more than ever, maybe a cudd-lefrom Cole will erase all her fear and troubled heart tonight.
Florence wiped off a tear
Maxwell will never look at her the same way again, he will forever hate her.
And that is what hurt the most.
She never meant to hurt him, she wish she can go back in time and turn the wrongs into right so that everything happening now will go away.
She will have to focus on her marriage, maybe since Cole was off fertility drugs they can start trying for a baby.
Hoping that God will smile at them this time and really make them parents.
Atleast, Cole will start helping out ones he gets his first salary.
He will as-sist in special areas like paying the security guy at the gate, Dominic. who she kept promising to pay his two months pending salary soon. She feeds him and sometimes gives him sti-pend to hold on, that maybe why he has been patient with her.
Cole will also as-sist in other house expenses which has weighed her down for the past months.
she will have to pay Lizbeth off to go work somewhere else.
She has been nice to them and she will always have a home with the Spence but having her means extra expenses and they nee-ds to cut down their spending if not, they won’t be able to save up.
So Lizbeth will have to go, is sad but there is no better option.
She does not really nee-d any help to care for her home, it was Marina’s idea and Lizbeth has proven to be an angelic being.
And Lizbeth will definitely un-derstand why she has to go work somewhere else.
They nee-ds to have enough savings for the raining day, Cole too nee-ds to save from his pay.
The only person they nee-d is the security gentleman who guards the gate.
she was glad that Cole has bounced back and had alre-ady secured a job.
She has been giving him both money to fuel his car and other necessary things which he asked her for the money.
She was happy to as-sist as usual, Coleman was and will always be her husband, she only nee-ds to be more prayerful so that things doesn’t go wrong again.
She will move into her matrimonial be-droom, allow her husband to love her as he should. Hoping to become pregnant from this year till next.
Having a baby will change a whole lot of things.
It will make her very happy and she knows Cole too will also be happy.
When she got close to her gate, she asked the cabman to st©p, she paid him before stepping down.
Dominic, the security guy was surprised that Florence retuned without her car.
She told him that it was at the mechanic.
As she got closer to the house, she started hearing a loud [email protected] ing scream.
That was Lizbeth’s voice.
What was happening”, she wondered.
She called the security closer and asked him what could be going on and why was Lizbeth screaming
The security who knew what was going on didn’t want to say.
The first time he heard the scream, a month ago, he has gone throu-gh the back, peeped throu-gh the window that Lizbeth usually leave open.
He saw Mr Spence and Lizbeth crashing ha-rd in the sitting room.
He wondered why they kept doing it in the parlour when they can save everyone the noise pollution and use the room instead.
He has had a thing with Lizbeth in the past, that was last month. After giving him food, they crashed out in his small room.
During the time Mr Spence was also ill, when he was getting his physiothera-pist exercise, he has gotten inti-mate with Lizbeth.
That was the very first time and she warned him off after then.
He remained in his lane until she [email protected]£ back again on her own free will.
He had asked her Why she decided to come to him after all this while, she said because Mr Spence was not looking her way again ever since his wife returned back and secondly she misses his t©uçh.
He knew the last [email protected] was a lie but smiled anyway.
He had asked Lizbeth to remain with him and leave married man alone to love his wife.
Lizbeth insulted him for saying that. She refused giving him food for two days despite Mrs Spence has always instructed that he gets fed twice in a day with good meal.
He threaten to report to Mrs Spence if Lizbeth continues with that attitude and that was how she started giving him food again.
The security wanted Mrs Spence to walk in on them because it was becoming too much.
He was glad that Mrs Spence did not return with her car, because ones the gates opened and a car drives in they will know and pretend like nothing happened.
It was time for their secrets to be opened, he hopes it won’t get bad.
Dominic, the security guy urged her to go inside and find out by herself.
Florence does not feel good with the way Dominic said it.
She breathed in, went to the door and quietly tries to open it but it was locked.
She has a spare key in her bag which was attached to the other bunch of keys.
Florence opened the door.
She quietly went straight to the dining area where the scream was coming from.
They were on the dining. Lizbeth bent over the table while Cole was ma-king out with her from her behind.
He has a t©p on, his trou-ser was down. Lizbeth was on a go-wn with nothin un-derneath.
No [email protected] anywhere. She pu-ll-ed up her go-wn while Cole kept digging from the bag and she continued to scream.
They had cloths so that ones they hear the sound of Florence car, Cole can quic-kly pu-ll up his trou-ser, Lizbeth will pu-ll down her go-wn and they will pretend like nothing happened.
“Scream baby scream… I’m enjoying it. Scream louder for me…baby…
Cole was saying as he kept on with his performance.
Lizbeth kept screaming loudly.
Florence stood with her hand covering her mouth, her eyes pooped out in shock.
The sight she was seeing was not only disgusting but unbelievable.
It looks like a nightmare but the reality stare at her as both Cole and Lizbeth were backing her.
Florence legs shakes uncontrollable, she felt a sudden cold all over.
Can today be any better, this will definitely be the worst day of her life.
Cole’s phone was lying carelessly on the ground beside where she stood.
Florence picked it and put it inside her bag after switching it off.
She brou-ght out her phone and took a picture of them, switched off her phone and put it inside her hand bag before throwing un-der the cushion.
Lizbeth scream was too loud for them to hear anything.
Florence scoffed. “This is unbelievable… God”
She whispered. Florence was frozen, she couldn’t move from where she stood watching.
It was as if Cole felt someb©dy’s pres£nce and turned.
There stood his darling wife watching them in shock.
Her legs were shaking and her eyes pooped out from it’s socket.
Lizbeth who didn’t know what was going on kept screaming even as Cole pu-ll-ed back.
He pu-ll-ed up his trou-ser, Florence kept staring without moving.
Lizbeth wondered why Cole st©pped all of a sudden, she turned and met her own shock.
She was [email protected] ha-rd , like she ran a marathon.
Cole was equally [email protected] like a dog re-leased from it’s leash.
Lizbeth covered up her go-wn as she bent her head in shame.
Was this the angelic Lizbeth or a she devil. A pretender and manipulator who she told every of her plans.
So Lizbeth was the strange lady that infected Cole with a disease.
Who could have known or think Lizbeth was “Lizba”.
The house has suddenly gone so quiet if not for the ha-rd breathing of both Cole and Lizbeth.
Florence was speechless. She tries all she can to remain calm and [email protected] but the more she stare at them the more she wants to kill them both.
The tumblers that usually hang on the dining were down, the cu-ps were arranged somewhere close to a cushion where she stood.
Lizbeth will arrange them back ones they were done with their deeds.
Florence who had been struggling to stay calm and think of how to react [email protected]£d one of the cu-ps and threw it at Coleman.
He dodged it and the glas-s cu-p smashed on the ground.
She saw a very small bre-ad knife by the table, it was also [email protected] of the things they re-moved from the dining table.
She [email protected]£d it.
Coleman knew what she was about to do, he held her as she tries to stab Lizbeth on the arm.
As Cole tries to pu-ll her away from Lizbeth she stabbe-d him on the th!gh.
Florence pu-ll-ed it out again and tries to stab him again but he held her hand ti-ght, preventing her.
She felt power she never ha-rd before [email protected]£ upon
She pushed him away and he fell to the floor.
The blood from the small knife stab was running down his trou-ser.
Florence dragged Lizbeth by the hair, she hit her head severally on the wall.
Lizbeth was screaming for help this time.
She was shouting
” plea-se don’t kill me, my baby…my baby…”
One of her hand was on her stomach.
Cole [email protected]£ to Lizbeth’s rescue.
“Don’t hurt her, she is pregnant…
Florence blinked severally, she let go of Lizbeth and face Cole.
“Pregnant??. Lizbeth is pregnant…with who’s baby? Who is she pregnant for…?
Cole mumbled something. Florence asked again.
He stutter a bit before finally saying.
“Mine… Lizbeth is carrying my child. For real this time… she is alre-ady a month. plea-se don’t hurt her Florence… carry your grievances on me. Let Lizbeth go… for the sake of the baby she carried…
Florence looked from Cole to her supposed angelic Lizbeth.
Saliva dried up from her mouth, she [email protected]£ speechless, strength left her b©dy.
She opened her mouth but no word [email protected]£ out.
Maybe is better to kill herself and die for everyone to be happy, there was nothing to live for again.
Absolutely nothing to hope on.
She couldn’t find the small bre-ad knife she used earlier.
Florence rushed to the kitchen, Cole followed but kept a distance.
He thought she wanted to stab him again so he tries to avoid her.
Florence [email protected]£d one of the sharp kitchen knife and dig into her b©dy without a second thought.
Cole screamed out and rushed to her as she staggered and fell down with the knife buried inside her.
He [email protected]£d her but she was loosing alot of blood and her eyes where closing up.
He searched for his phone to call an ambulance but couldn’t find it.
He asked Lizbeth for hers but she was taking forever to bring it.
The security [email protected]£ in, Cole shouted that he should call an ambulance.
Dominic quic-kly did.
Florence eyes were getting blurred as she [email protected] the pool of her own blood.
The noise was fainting off, Cole was running up and down shouting “where’s is my phone”
Someb©dy lifted her from the ground, but it was too late as the noise finally fade off.
She was clouded in a total thick darkness. As life begin to leave her b©dy.
Maybe only death will give her the peace she de-sired for long.
Her death will equally make everyone happy, they will move on fast and she will never be missed.
Death was the only solution because she was tired of living in misery. Life have not been favorable.
She was done.
Florence watched as the thick scary darkness swallowed her up.


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    Serves her right. I’ve never seen a foolish, naive and stupid human being like Florence. Mtcheww… Why did she stab herself? Nons£nse.

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