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Being Mrs Spence Episode 26

Episode 26
From the writer of uju
On getting to the kitchen, there was no fire.
Lizbeth had only used the shout of fire to distract Coleman and Florence from getting inti-mate.
She was burning with jealousy and couldn’t stand it anymore.
“Where’s the fire…what happened?
Florence asked looking round the kitchen.
“I was trying to turn off the [email protected] after cooking and one of the burner suddenly goes up in flame…. that’s was why I shouted but it also went down before you get here…”
Lizbeth lied.
“plea-se be careful next time. Maybe someone nee-ds to come and check what the problem is. Is really a bad sign for such to happen… let’s not take any chances…”
Cole didn’t say much, he sighed heavily, turned and walk away.
Lizbeth looked at him angrily as he left.
Florence didn’t follow immediately, she tries to lecture Lizbeth on fire hazard guidelines that she can apply if there is emergency.
She later went back to her room, on getting there she was surprised to see Cole on her be-d n-ked and waiting for her.
“What do you think that you’re doing Cole…?
“Lying down and waiting for my wife to come so that I can make love to her… that’s what I’m doing. Hope I answered your question…?
Florence stood staring at him, she had a lot going on in her head as she stood.
Wondering if she should consider, she has truly miss his t©uçh.
But she won’t bend easily to him and Cole has to tell her the lady that he invited over and sle-pt with in her abs£nce.
“Well, you can only t©uçh me tonight if you are willing to tell me the lady that you invited over while I was away, sle-pt with her and she infected you… that’s the only key to unlock the honey pot tonight…
Cole yawn lazily as he sat up, baring his n-kedness
He pointed to his man-hood and said to Florence.
“Why are you punishing me and punishing yourself? You want me as much as I do. Why all this long talk when you could hop into be-d let’s rou-ghing up the sheet. Look at how hungry your boy is…he is even staring at you pleadingly…
Cole said smiling and still pointing at his man-hood.
Florence [email protected]£d a pillow and said.
“You are not serious yet, i look like a joke to you right? Whenever you are re-ady to spill I will be re-ady and waiting with open ears…
She was about heading to the door when cool intercepted her.
He rushed to her and [email protected]£d her from behind.
Saying soft woryd and [email protected]£ss!ngher n£¢k and shoulder.
k!ss!ngher softly and stro-king her gently, Makin Florence to melt in his hand.
He turned her over and was about k!ss!ngher but shockingly she pushed him away.
“I’m not going to fall for your charms Cole, my mind is made up this time and there is nothing you will do that will turn me on except the truth. If you tell me the truth about the lady then we can return as we used to be…
“I have told you the truth alre-ady Florence. I never invited any Lady over here. Getting infected…I don’t know how that happened. That was why I said is probably you that brou-ght home the disease because I’m clean. Since we’re both free from it, we have tackled it, healed up and good to go what is st©pping us from enjoying ourselves as husband and wife. intim-acy is one of the core reasons for marriage, why can’t I t©uçh my wife when I de-sires to…if you keep refusing me, you are indirectly pushing me outside and ma-king me de-sire other ladies… think about it.
Florence laughed sarcastically and said.
“You have been desiring other ladies right from time even when I stay all night in the past satisfying your Large urge. You had me any time you plea-ses, you f0rç£fully use objects that was against my believe, and styles that tears me [email protected] I endured all to plea-se you but that never st©pped you from bringing Marina home, and chasing me out of my matrimonial be-droom and out of the house. You did all of this while I almost died plea-sing you at all cost. Cole, you telling me that I’m the one that spre-ad the disease is a sheer wickedness because you know the truth de-ep down. You don’t respect, love or value me. Because if you do, things wouldn’t have gone this bad. I’m not going to allow you to bend me over again…if you want to continue your adulterous act outside then be my guest. But I promise you that except you confess the truth and apologies for accusing me wrongly we will continue living as strangers and one way or the other I will find out the truth… untill then return to your master be-droom and Leave me alone. I’m done with this conversation. plea-se leave…
She stood waiting for Cole to leave but Cole sat on the be-d not wanting to go.
She took the pillow and walk out to sleep in the living room.
Throu-gh out that week Cole couldn’t convince her or t©uçh her.
She asked Lizbeth if the Lizba or whatever is her name [email protected]£ visiting and she said nob©dy [email protected]£.
Florence was determined in putting Cole to shame. she wanted to gather evidence to show Cole that she wasn’t lying.
She knew he sle-pt with another lady but kept denying it.
He even told her that he has been searching for job online and was waiting for them to call him for an interview.
He tries to use different means to get into Florence but couldn’t.
She was able to buy the [email protected]£ra. Waiting for a perfect time to fix it.
since Cole was always in the house, it was difficult to plant the [email protected]£ra.
Lizbeth who wanted to know what she was upto tries to get information out of her.
“… Mrs Spence, Mr Spence has changed for real. He cares about you very well. Must time if you are away, all he talks about is you. Maybe the strange lady that visited is probably a relative, former colleague or friend because she didn’t stay for long and I don’t think they did anything. But I’m still looking out for her return and will let you know if she comes back. But I want to know…do you have another plan… I’m re-ady to help out in anyway possible. I’m here for you ma’am and got your back always… you know alre-ady.
Florence thought of telling Lizbeth about the [email protected]£ra, maybe she could help out.
“Well, I have another plan but I don’t know… maybe you can help out. I bought an expensive [email protected]£ra… like a CCTV. The last time Cole was at the gym I try planting it but was afraid that he may step in and see me. Tomorrow morning, he will be using the gym house again for either 30 minutes or 45minutes. You will look out for me why I plant it in his room.
Lizbeth smiled cheerfully as she agreed to the plan.
She saw where Florence was fixing the small hidden [email protected]£ra before going out and pretend to be watching out for Cole.
Florence fixed it properly leaving no trace before rushing out. She thanked Lizbeth for watching out for her.
She went back to her room, leaving no evidence.
She has set her tra-p and await the culprit.
Only Lizbeth know her plan which is not bad because Lizbeth is on her side.
She visited Susan and told her about the [email protected]£ra and how Lizbeth helped her.
Susan suggested she get another and fix it in the living room and she should make sure she doesn’t tell anyone, not even Lizbeth.
Florence complained of how much she spent buying the first [email protected]£ra and was contemplating in buying another so soon.
Susan gave her [email protected] of the money, almost the amount she mentioned. She only nee-d to add little more cash to it.
Florence agreed to do as Susan suggested.
After a week, she kept thinking of Maxwell.
Wondering if she has become a history to him.
Him moving on with another pretty lady was evidence enough but she de-sire to speak to him. Even if is ones.
She got re-ady that morning and drove to his place.
The security didn’t want to open the gate, they went inside and asked Maxwell.
Maxwell asked them to open.
Florence went straight to the door and knocked.
She was taking aback when the same lady she saw him with in the church answered the door.
“Good morning… plea-se, how may I help you?
Florence swallowed ha-rd . She noticed that the girl has a fine accent.
She smiled back before telling her that she [email protected]£ to see Maxwell.
Maxwell new girlfriend was indeed pretty, she was also respectful and was not angry seeing her.
“He’s by the pool side, I can take you there…
“Thanks…but I can find my way down…
The girl nodded with a smile as Florence left.
She found Maxwell, he was shi-tless, sun glas-ses on and was relaxing on a wooden carved pool be-d facing up.
The early morning Saturday sun was up alre-ady.
It was around 11am
He straightened, but didn’t sit up or re-move the glas-ses.
” Hey… Max… Good morning?
He didn’t reply as he remained the same way he was.
She breathed de-eply, took a seat beside him.
“…How are you doing? I…I saw your girl. She’s pretty…uhmmm…
She lost word to say and yet Maxwell did not reply or re-move the glas-ses.
“..Can you plea-se re-move the shade so that I can atleast see your eyes?
No reply and he didn’t re-move it either.
She nodded confused. Made an attempt to t©uçh Maxwell but he used his hand to block her.
“Don’t try it… say whatever you want to say and Leave. Don’t try to t©uçh me plea-se…
He finally said. Florence [email protected] her hands together, fighting ha-rd to blink back tears.
“I’m sorry Max…I know I wronged you and don’t deserve your forgiveness. I’m de-eply and sincerely sorry… plea-se. Forgive me. plea-se Max…I have been living a miserable and unhappy life ever since you left. I haven’t been myself…I can’t do anything without thinking of you and how much wrong I did to you. I know I lied…I unknowingly took you for granted but it was never intentional. I never imagined such to happen. I… I’m sorry Max. I can go on my knee to prove how sorry I am. I’m re-ady to do anything you want. Max… anything that will make you to forgive me…
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Maxwell suddenly re-moved the glas-ses, dropped it on a wine table beside him.
He looked up at Florence and said
“All this are unnecessary because I have nothing against you. I have forgiven you long time ago Flox. I hold no grudge against you which was why I instructed the security to open the gate when they [email protected]£ to inform me that you were there. But I don’t want you close to me…not ever again. I have moved on… and want to leave whatever happened between us behind. Let it be in the past. Don’t allow yourself to wallow in misery because of me, go and continue living happily with your husband as you are also expecting the arrival of your baby. I wish you all the best Flox… and I mean it. de-ep down in my heart I sincerely wish you nothing bad but only good blessings of life…
Maxwell bite hisl-ips as he looked into her eyes, looked away to the pool side with a sudden frown on his face.
He looked back at her and said.
“….I heard alot of thinking ever since I found out the kinda lady that you are. Your husband said the pregnancy was over a month… which means all the while you were here you knew that you were pregnant but refused saying anything. You acted sick and got drugs. But the one I’m still confused about was you asking me to make love to you… when you know de-ep down that you were pregnant for Coleman. What where you thinking…what exactly was your plan, I don’t un-derstand your reasons and why…You… Flox…hmmm…
He paused, shakes his head sadly and wore back his glas-ses.
He face the pool side.
He was so fine, with his t©pless b©dy. His che-st goes up and down, as his heart beat gently.
He was de-eply hurt and struggling so ha-rd to face it.
A tear fell off from Florence eyes. She quic-kly wiped it off.
She hurt Maxwell so much and it was never in her intentions.
“I’m not pregnant Max. We are not expecting any baby. Well, I thought I was. I couldn’t tell you during the period I was here, I couldn’t. I was afraid of loosing you or getting you crossed with me. I know the sins I held in my heart and intended to carry it out but one way or the other you didn’t obliged…I don’t want to go into long details. I’m sincerely sorry. Never wanted to hurt you in anyway. Ever since that day you [email protected]£ to the house, I have never sle-pt with Cole. Not on the same be-d or ever getting inti-mate. And I’m serious this time, I can swear it…
“Flox, none of this is necessary. With all this information, what exactly do you want me to do with it? I’m cool… really, I am. go and leave your life with your husband. I’m very alright and have nothing against you…
Maxwell said standing up. He walked to the pool, re-moved the shade, threw it aside before di-ving into the water.
Florence sat confused on what exactly to do.
She stood up and that was when she saw Maxwell’s girlfriend coming.
She was bringing [email protected]£s, red and green mixed with dry fruits to Maxwell. And there’s a pack of jui-ce with an empty glas-s cu-p in the tray.
Maxwell was still swimming in the pool without giving her another look.
Florence knew it was time to go.
She started walking away.
“Are you leaving alre-ady…? I was bringing this to you. I thought you will be spending more time. I kinda delayed back inside…my bad. Are you alright… were you crying? Did he say or do something that….
Florence interrupted.
“I’m fine, I wasn’t crying. Is probably the flash of water from the pool. Thanks for the tray of goodies but I got to run now. Max is a great guy, you are very lucky to have him… I’m happy that he choose a calm, caring lady like you…
The young girl opened her mouth to say something but Florence walked away, she hurried out without looking back.

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