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Being Mrs Spence Episode 21

Episode 21
Her eyes caught the Bible relaxing on Maxwell’s re-ading table.
She quic-kly looked away, while trying to concentrate on the pres£nt moment.
Her eyes travels to the Bible again, she suddenly flin-ched Maxwell straightened and looked at her.
“Are you alright…? He asked worried
“Yea… I’m good. That bible over there, can you re-move it…? Maybe hide it somewhere for now, you can put it back up later…is ma-king me a bit uncomfortable…
Maxwell looked towards his re-ading table and looked back at Florence confused.
He tries to say something but decided to oblige instead
“Uuhhhh sure! If it makes you uncomfortable I will put it in the locker then..
As he picked up the Bible, he stare at it before turning to Florence.
“If you feel uncomfortable with the pres£nce of this holy book then we aren’t doing the right thing. How will it be if God was seated in this room and watching us…? I don’t know but I wouldn’t mind the Bible beside my be-d because my heart is pure towards you Flox but it only feels like our de-sires are in the wrong timing . I want you and everything about you. There is no denying of what I feel for you. I’m not perfect but I crave so much to make love to you, not in a hurry or in guilt but in freedom… knowing that you are mine. We can wait if you wouldn’t mind… I’m willing to. Let’s have peace in our hearts whenever intim-acy will happen. tou-ching you now is like tou-ching another man’s wife. I want you to be mine and I will be forever yours Flox…
Florence sat [email protected] on the be-d. She bent her head without a word.
Maxwell went to her.
“… Flox, are you alright…did I say something wrong? Just tell me what you are thinking?
“Alot… really. But is alright Max. I agree with you and I won’t stress again on getting inti-mate with you. God must be very disappointed in me right now. Not just with this but with a whole lot of other things. Hmmm! I’m sorry for pushing you [email protected] and almost succeeded in kicking you off your principles. I love you Max not just for opening my eyes to the glaring truth but also for many other things…
Max responded that he also loves her.
They k!$$£d a little.
Drank their Champaign, talk and laugh over silly jokes.
Florence summoned courage and told Max about Cole’s house.
He was silent as she pleaded to him to help out.
” ….If Cole recovers the house, I will be very happy and will be able to finally move on. Because if the bank takes the house from him he will continue pestering me, because he doesn’t have much to fall back to. I want to be totally free from him, sign the papers and belong to only you Max…. plea-se…. I know the amount is hvge, but even if is half let’s start with that. plea-se. Is there anyway you can help out….
Max breathed de-eply, he dropped the drink in his hand. He stood up, walked to his room window..he stood there for a while as Florence plead, he retuned back to her and said
“I don’t know Flox… this is quiet complicated. Helping Cole recover his house from the bank is not really the issue but why you want to help him do that. I watch the way you talk about him…it seems you still wants to be with Cole…
“No…no… never. I won’t be here if i still want to be with Cole. I’m done with him for real. You are the only man I want to be with Max. I’m only being concerned over the house and do not want him to disturb me or you in the future…
Maxwell sat beside her again. He looked at her and said.
“The money is hvge Flox. I’m not berating him for his lavish lifestyle, it was his choice in the first place. You weren’t there and never saw a dime out of this hvge expenses, you have done enough as both a nice person and a good wife. I guess you should take a break. Let him carry the rest of his cross Flox. I can’t help Coleman. I’m very generous but not to that extent. Kicking him off to the street is exactly what he asked for, let him bear the consequences of his actions. Flox, even if I mess up tomorrow, God forbids it, I know I will never be that stupid…but if I happen to mess up, and you rush down cleaning my $h!t, patting me on the back…i will feel you love me too much and will always clean up my mess not minding how many times I do it. Sometimes, we nee-d to learn our lesson in a [email protected] way and appreciate people more no matter the little help they render to us when we’re in desperate nee-d. I’m sorry Flox but I’m not gonna help Coleman. I work very [email protected] for my money and won’t throw it off anyhow. Ask me to do any other thing for you and I will but this [email protected] one… count me out..
Florence knew Maxwell mind was made up.
He [email protected] say no to her and for him to turn her down like this means is final.
She felt bad as she retuned back to her room.
The following morning, she was sad that Maxwell refused to help.
She left for work way too early and didn’t pick his call or reply his message within the day.
She stayed out late after work. She knew Maxwell sometimes comes back from work late or before her.
He also work from home, monitoring everything going on in the office with his [email protected]©p.
If he comes back late and did not meet her at home he will be worried and that is exactly what she wanted.
She nee-ds to strategize a way to tell Cole about the pregnancy.
she can’t hide it forever since she and Maxwell had a final agreement of no intimacy.
Maybe that is the way God wants it.
Since she was trying to [email protected] get Maxwell worried, she drove over to Susan.
She told Susan of what she intended doing with Maxwell over the pregnancy but it didn’t work out.
Susan rebuked her, she was angry with her for trying to do such to Maxwell.
Even if she happens to be pregnant, ma-king Maxwell to father another man’s child without him knowing is sheer wickedness and evil. Susan told her.
Susan said Florence wasn’t pregnant but asked her to go to the hospital and confirm.
Florence Promised to do that but she was scared of what the result will be.
She didn’t bother telling Susan any other thing after the way she was scolded her.
Maxwell was calling but she ignored him.
It was almost 10pm she retuned home.
She greeted Maxwell coldly, he was sitting in his living room and watching television.
She went straight to her room without looking back.
Maxwell did not say a thing as he watched her walk away.
When she didn’t come out of her room, he decided to go check up on her.
The door wasn’t locked as he knocked and went in.
“I guess why you are mad at me.. and pu-lling this whole attitude was because I refused your request to help Coleman recover his house….
Florence didn’t reply. She brou-ght out the snacks and drink she bought and began to eat.
So that Maxwell will be more hurt.
“… your food is on the dining Flox. Why are you eating snacks…?
He made attempt to hold her but she moved away from him.
“Max, I’m fine with this…I don’t feel like eating your food. I will like to go to be-d After eating…
Florence said shunning him.
Maxwell stare at her speechless.
He turned and left quietly.
After sometime, he returned back with a tray of food and a small envelope by the side of the tray.
He left it on a table close to Florence be-dside and left without saying a word.
Florence who had it in mind that she won’t t©uçh the food, sighted the envelope.
She went to it, quic-kly opened it and covered her mouth from screaming.
She held the cheque in her hand, looking at it like she just saw ghost.
It was exact amount of money for Cole’s house.
There was a piece of paper inside like a letter.
She checked it out.
“I hope you keep to your word. Help him recover the house and come back to me. I will be here waiting for you. And plea-se, remember to eat dinner. I feel hurt watching you eat snacks when I personally made food for you after I retuned from work. This is your home Flox and I’m yours. You don’t nee-d to pu-ll attitude or come home late because you are angry with me and nee-ded things to happen your own way. I’m giving you the cheque because of the love I have for you. Is not for Coleman or for anything else. Only because I truly love you. plea-se, do what you must and come home. This time around, no Coleman, no awaiting divorce or any other bridge because all will be conquered by the love we both share. I love you Flox… goodnight!.
She held the letter to her heart.
This indeed is a great prove that Maxwell loves her.
She thought of running to go and thank him but decided to wait till morning.
Maxwell left earlier to work according to Bianca, Florence couldn’t see him before living.
Florence went to work, before the close of the day she left.
She was too happy and couldn’t hold back her joy.
She didn’t tell Cole that she was coming.
He will worsh!pthe ground she walks on if he finds out that she was about recovering the house and he was also going to be a Dad.
She parked outside and rushed in, the house seem quiet as she stepped in.
She started rushing upstairs to their master be-droom while shouting Cole’s name.
She was screaming Cole’s name excitedly.
Before she could get to the door, Lizbeth [email protected]£ out of their master be-droom [email protected]
Florence was surprised at first when she saw that she was only on a towel and [email protected] really [email protected]
“Mrs Spen….ce. you are here…oh welcome.
Lizbeth stammered abnormally and continued.
“…. I was about going into the bathroom when I heard Mr Spence calling for help., So I quic-kly rushed down to help him. He ..he wa..s…I mean he fell in the bathroom but I have helped him and he’s okay now. The room is a bit scattered, I will take care of it later… thank God that you are here…let me go and shower… welcome Mrs Spe…nceee..
Lizbeth rushed down while Florence did not think much of her in a mini towel or the way she was [email protected] and showing [email protected] of her ba-re bu-ttocks while running down.
She rushed in to know how Cole was doing, he was lying in be-d slee-ping.
Florence looked closely and realized his eyes were shaking. Which means he was pretending to be asleep probably because he heard her voice.
The room was messed up just like Lizbeth has said.
But is no big deal, she will tidy it up later.
Now is time tell Cole the goodness she brou-ght back.


  1. Ruth

    I don’t even understand this Florence of a woman again…why is she so focus on proving to this Cole that she is a good wife becos I can’t say she is blinded by love for Mr Coleman

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