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Bad boys next door Episode 9 & 10

💋 Bad boy’s Next Door 🚪
Written ✍ by Summer Gold
💖💖 Episode 9 💖💖
💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜
” Do you really have to go there? ” Alex asked feeling reluctant to stand up
” Come on,, this is my mark. Am not even as brilliant as you guys. Or will you teach me that? It can save us the stress of going to Harry’s house ” I asked with a wi-nk
” No,, I don’t know how to teach girls ” He simply said
” Why? ”
” Let’s go ” He said
” j£rk ” I muttered
” Four eyes ” He said
” Idiot ”
” Four eyes ”
” Stupid ”
” Sweetheart? ”
” Don’t call me that, am mad at you ” I said
” Okay,,, enemy ” he said
” No,, okay call me sweetheart ”
” I wasn’t calling you sweetheart in the first place,,, I was on a call ” he said and laughed
” you are such a j£rk!! ” I yelled and [email protected] his shoulder
” Come in before I leave you here four eyes ”
We got to harry’s house and I wowed,, so beautiful.
” You don’t have to stay there forever ” Alex said and sm-irk
I followed him in,, Oliver and Harry are there alre-ady focused on phones, I think am the only one eager to learn.
Not their fault,, they are just brilliant
” Hey Vane ” Harry and Oliver said with a smile
” Hi ” I replied with a smile also
” The last time I checked,, two humans [email protected]£ into this house ” Alex said walking toward somewhere I don’t know
” Do you nee-d our greetings? ” Harry asked
” Of course not ” He replied from wherever he is
” But why did you come with her? You should just drop her here and leave ” Harry said
” I have to keep an eye on her ” Alex said
” Is she your property or what ” Oliver asked
” My mom is gonna kill me if anything happen to her ” Alex said
” you are so stupid to think he love you,, he’s just doing this because of his mom ” My mind said
But why do I have a negative mindset?
So when are we starting? ” I asked facing Harry alone this time
To my surprise they all started laughing,,,
” What’s funny? ” I asked with a confuse look
” Mehn,,,, those project work are just getting on my nerve. I thought it’s something serious,, but I finally checked it out yesterday, I can solve it while slee-ping ” Oliver said
” Well am not like you guys,,, but I don’t know how guys study. I’ve never seen Alex with a book ” I said and turned to Alex
” What if I always study while you are asleep? ” He asked
” Hmmm,,, really? Maybe am gonna start doing that from now ” I said with a wi-nk
” But for now,, plea-se let’s do this. I can’t afford to fail this ” I said and took the phone from Harry
” Wait,,, give me back,, ” He said but I refused
” You can do this later plea-se ”
” Okay,,,, but on one condition ” He said
” What? ”
” A k!ss”
” What!!! ” Alex and I shouted at the same time
Oliver and Harry faced each other and laughed
” Are you kidding me? ” I asked and moved away from him
” You won’t do it?,,, remember it’s your mark ” He said and slightly gave me a small piece of paper.
I re-ad it ” [email protected] perfectly ” was written boldly in it.
I grin at him and nodded,,
” So are you re-ady? ” He asked and held my hand
” Sure,, since you are gonna teach me ” I replied
” Wait,, don’t tell me you are doing that ” Alex said walking toward us
” I don’t have a choice ” I replied and smiled
” See? She even smiled ” Harry said and pu-ll-ed me to himself
He lean closer to me and was about k!ss!ngme when,,,,
” No!!! ” Alex shouted and gr-ab my hand
” Jeez,, what are you doing. ” I asked
” Don’t worry,, I,,, I will just teach you instead. Let’s go home ” He said dragging me with him
” But you told me you don’t know how to teach girls? ” I asked
” Don’t ask me questions let’s go ” He said still dragging me with him
I turned to Harry and Oliver,, they waved and win-ked.
What are those two up to anyway 😂😂
” What do you think you are going to do earlier? k!ssHarry? Or what? ” He asked on our way home
” Of course,, and why did you even st©p me from doing that? ” I asked trying to avoid his gaze
” I can’t believe you right now,,, why will you allow someone,, he’s not even your b©yfri£nd. Why will you allow him do that? ”
” Are you my b©yfri£nd? ” I asked and faced him
” What? ”
” I said are we [email protected]!ng? ” I asked this time with a smile, fake one though
” Just forget it ” He said
” But don’t try to do that when am not there ” he said
” And why should I listen to you? ”
” Because you have to ”
” Why? ”
” Because you are mine ” He said silently
” What did you say? ”
” Nothing,, ” he said
I was about saying something when I realized we are home alre-ady,, he got down of the car and went inside without waiting.
What? Is he angry right now?
Episode 10
💜 Alex’s Pov 💜
Gosh,, now am going crazy,, I was damn jealous. But why? Do I like her now? No no I don’t,, I love Ana, nothing can change that.
” Hey Alex, open up ” Vanessa knocked
” What do you want? ” I asked
” Are you okay? ” she asked
” I’m fine,, I just wanna be alone ” I said
” Okay ” She left
I [email protected] back on the be-d trying to cool my [email protected],,, Alex what is wrong with you? What!!!
Why do you keep on thinking about her? Why is she so different?
” Hey Alex what’s wrong? You look finished ” Mom said, I heard Vanessa chuckle
” It’s nothing mom ” I said with a smile
” Come with me,, I have to,, oh no. Just come with me ” She said
I faced Vanessa and then back to mom,, what is she going to tell me?
I followed her upstairs without saying anything,, we entered her room.
She smiled and ruffled my hair
” When are you going to accept the fact that you really like her? ” She asked with a smile
” What?? What are you talking about ” I asked
” You like Vanessa right? ” She asked walking toward the wardrobe
” No I don’t ” I replied immediately
” Am not a kid,,, I am your mother ”
” I don’t like her mom,,,, I don’t and am sure of that ” I said
” I think you are yet to realize that,,,, you can leave . but when you finally realize,, come back to mommy ” she sm-irk
” Mom!! come on ” I said, she laughed and I couldn’t help but to laugh also
” You are just something else ” I said and walked out of the room
” Hey you can come for the stuff you wanna know ” I said with my two hands in my pocket
” It’s not a stuff Alex ” She said walking to me
” Then what is it? ”
” Chemistry is not a stuff,, it’s really something I’m struggling with right now ” She sigh
” Anyhow ” I sm-irk and went into my room
Few minutes later she [email protected]£ in with her whole backpack
” What is this? ” I asked with my eyes wi-den
” What’s your business with that,, you are the teacher and I am the student so what I bring is non of,,,,, ”
” One more word from you and you are out of here ” I said and she kept quiet immediately
I chuckle
” Let’s finish this,, and we will know who the boss is ” She sm-irk
” are you threatening me? ” I asked
” No,,, let’s do this ” She brou-ght out the notepad
I stare at her as she brou-ght everything out,
” You are drooling ” She said without looking up
” Am not ” I said turning my face away
💜 Vanessa 💜
” The Zinc oxide has both acidic and basic properties,,, the reaction between an organic acid and alcohol in the pres£nce of a catalyst is called esterification ” I continue starring at his face as he tell me everything
How can someone be cute and brilliant at the same time? I just love you a lot
” Will you continue starring at me or you are going to listen ” he asked without looking up
” fv¢k, am tired. You should take a break,, it’s almost 2hours, why don’t you even show any sign of tiredness? ” I asked and he looked up
Our faces are just few inches from each other,,,,
” I should be the one complaining,, not you ” he said.. I scoff and rested my back on the be-d
” Let me take a quic-k nap ”
” Not here,, you can just go to your room ” he said
” Okay I will,,, just pu-ll me up ” I said giving him my hand
He held my hand and try to pu-ll me up,, he ended up falling on me.
I was able to see his ocean blue eye very closely,,, he’s so handsome.
My eyes moved to hisl-ips,, I li-ck my bottoml-ips
” St©p dreaming four eyes, am not gonna k!ssyou ” He said and wi-nk
” Idiot ” I said and pu-ll-ed him off
” Now go out ” He said
” What if I don’t? ”
” Then forget about chemistry ”
” So be it,, am gonna make Harry teach me instead. He’s nicer ”
” What? He’s nicer? I spent almost two hours with you here,, you were the one who wanted to rest. So now Harry is nicer? Why do you always hurt my feelings? ”
” What??? I was just kidding ” I said and smiled ” You are the best ” I ruffled his hair
” So,,, how about my k!ss? ” he asked
” What? ”
” You wanted to k!ssHarry for this right? But am the one who,,, “..
” You are not Harry,, and besides you were the one who insisted in teaching me ” I sm-irk
” Now I un-derstand,,, do you like him? ” he asked arching his brow
” Who? ”
” Harry ”
” Of course,, who wouldn’t. He’s cute, tall, and brilliant ” I said and smiled
” I am cuter, am taller and am more brilliant ”
” Who cares ”
” Really? ”
” Yeah,, I don’t care ” I said and carried my bag
” Am leaving ” I said and turned my back at him re-ady to go out
Call me back, call my name, plea-se call my name!!!
I felt his hand around my [email protected]!st and I smiled,,, I turned back to him and hisl-ips landed on mine.
Someone should crush on me na!!! 😭😭

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