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Bad boys next door Episode 15 & 16

😍 Bad boy’s Next Door 🚪
Written ✍ by Summer Gold. W
💜💜 EPISODE 15 💜💜

💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜
” Thanks Harry ” I said getting out of the car
” Give him more time,,, he will un-derstand ” He said and smiled
” un-derstand what? That he love Ana and nothing can change that? ”
” Come on Vanes,,, he really love you a lot ” He said and a slight smile escape myl-ips
” I hope so ” I said and walked in.
I went straight into my room and [email protected] on the be-d,, I really nee-d to sleep right now.
Am so tired,,,,, just forget about Alex for now plea-se.
Oliver’s House 🏚
💜 Alex’s Pov 💜
” How can you do that!! She really love you alot!! ” Harry shouted at me
” I told her not to fall in love with me,,,, ” I said
Harry stood up and punched me straight in my face,,, I t©uçhed myl-ips and blood was coming out.
” So why did you tell her you love her when you know you still fv¢king love Ana??!! ” He asked in anger still getting back at me
” Harry that’s enough! ” Oliver said holding him down
” Let me teach this as-s-hole some lessons ” He shouted
” Calm down ”
I spit out blood and stood up,,,,,,
” I guess you are going to choose her over me ” I said walking toward the door
” Alex,,,, you should try to un-derstand. She really love you a lot ” Oliver said
” You should have seen the way that girl cried for this useless [email protected] ” Harry said
I opened the door
” If you walk out,, just forget about our friendsh!p” Harry added
” No Harry,, its not up to that ”
” I don’t care ” I said and walked out of the house.
💜 Harry’s Pov 💜
” Have you not taken it too far,,, a friendsh!pof 14 years can’t end like that. That’s too much ” Oliver said angrily
” I never knew a monster is my best friend,,, I thought am the bad guy among us. I can’t do that to a girl who love me ” I said
” I can’t believe Alex did that ” Oliver said and rou-ghed his hair
” I hope Vanessa doesn’t hurt herself,,, she’s so sad ” I said thinking about her
” We will do something about that,,, we should make sure she’s fine ” He said
💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜
I opened my eyes and walked to the window,, I saw Alex coming in. A tear dropped from my eyes which I quic-kly wipe off.
St©p crying Vanessa,, st©p crying. But I can’t,,,,,,,
My door opened and Alex [email protected]£ in,,, he have some mark on his face like someone punched him.
I rushed to him and t©uçhed his face,,,,
” What happened to your face ” I said
He held my hand and pu-ll-ed my hand down,,, I stare straight into his eyes
” What happened? ” I asked again
He sigh and turned back,,,
” Alex,, why did you suddenly change? Why? I thought you forgot about her alre-ady,, does that mean I am nothing to you? Tell me!!! ” I said and broke down immediately
That’s what I was avoiding,, I don’t want him to see me this way
He turned to face me,,,,
” I could not forget about her,,,,, I love her ” He said
” So why did you tell me you love me when you don’t? ” I asked
” Don’t you un-derstand?? I don’t love you a bit ” He said and I re-leased a ha-rd [email protected] on his face
He winced and held his face,,,
” I hate you Alex!! I hate you,,,,,, you just messed my heart up,,, I will never forgive you Alex. I will never forgive you ” I said and wipe off my tears
He ignored me and walked,,,,
I fell on my kneels crying my eyes out,,,,,,
Alex,,,,,, why did you do this. Why!!! You should have avoided me when I told you I love you.
” He warned you not to fall in love with him right? ” My mind told me
” fv¢k!!!! ” I yelled out and rou-ghed my hair sadly.
My phone rang and I took it,, a smile escape myl-ips when I saw that it’s Stanley,,,
📲 Hey baby
📲 Hi
📲 What’s wrong,,, your voice is dull
📲 I told you Stanley,,,,, love su-cks
📲 Tell me what happened
📲 I can’t tell you here Stanley,,, my life is a mess right now
📲 Who did that to you sis? Tell me
📲 It’s fine Stanley,, I gat this
📲 Anyway,,, mom and dad will be back tomorrow
📲 That will be the best
📲 I will talk to you later sis
I smiled,,, am glad my parents will be back. Maybe I will be able to cope well.
” Guys,, are you okay? ” Mom asked while we eat dinner
” We are fine mom ” I said
” Are you sure ”
” Yes mom ” I said and faced Alex
He was not moved one bit,,, how can he suddenly change like that???
” I lost my appetite ” I said and stood up
” Are you sick? ”
” Am fine ” I said and went upstairs.
💜 Ana’s POV 💜
” Am so glad you are back Ana,,, That bit-ch would have taken Alex from you ” Tessa said with a sm-irk
” And why do you think Alex will choose that trash over me? She’s not even my clas-s ” I said and sip from my drinks
” I know that ” Tessa replied and I fake a smile
You don’t have to try too ha-rd Tessa,, I know what you are up to.
Everything that happened was your fault,,, you love Alex so much.
I know you are full of pretense and evil,, my eyes are on you
I sm-irk watching her,,,
❤❤ Episode 16 ❤❤
💜 Alex’s Pov 💜
Am just going crazy right now,,, I don’t even mean everything I said to her.
I really love her a lot,,,,,, but I know Ana. She doesn’t give up easily,, if she find out about Vanessa and I, she will try to hurt her.
And I don’t want her to get hurt,, I love her a lot.
But Vanessa is getting everything wrongly,,, and I shouldn’t have said that to her
that’s just the least I can do,,, am so sorry Vanessa.
I walked into the school,,, without Vanessa. Her parents are back,,,, my eye met with Harry and Vanessa,,,, flir-ting with each other!!
Gosh,, what the heck. I held my fist trying to calm down,,, but hell no I can’t.
They walked toward me and st©pped
” Hi Alex ” Vanessa said With a smile,, I watched as she hold on ti-ghtly to him
” Hi ” I said and walked away.
” Hey Alex!! ” Ana ran to me and pe-ck me
” Hi ” I said trying to push her off me
” WHAT’S wrong? Why are you so lost? ” She asked
” Am fine ” I replied
” I just want to be alone ” I smiled and walked straight to the [email protected]
That’s my second best place in the school,, I guess that’s why am brilliant
My mind went to Vanessa again,,, I wish you un-derstand. I love you so much,,, I really do.
You are the first girl who really caught my attention,,, firstly I don’t want to admit it. But I just couldn’t hold it anymore.
I la-id my head on the locker,, a tear dropped from my eyes. I wipe it off immediately,,,,
💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜
” No Harry,,,, I can’t stay here. I really want to go to him,,, what if he’s sick?? ” I asked trying to get off Harry’s grip
” Vanessa,,, you should not allow that to take you over again ”
” No,, am doing this just to make him jealous. I really love him so much,, I saw him walking into the [email protected] He’s not okay ” I said trying to prevent the tears coming out of my eyes
Harry sigh and left my hand
” I guess nothing can changed your mind,, so I will go with you ” He said
” Thanks ” I said
We got to the [email protected] and before we could enter,, Ana walked in immediately.
” Hey Alex,,, what are you doing here alone??? ” She asked
I turned to Harry and then back to them,,,
I watched as Alex looked up and faced Ana with a smile,,,,,
” Am fine,,, ” He simply said
” Okay ” Ana replied
That bit-ch!!! She doesn’t even know when her b©yfri£ndis fine or not,, what type of girl is she?
She only care about her look,,, h0ttest girl my foot!!
I fold my fist angrily,,, they both walked toward us.
I immediately smiled and hold Harry
” Let’s go baby ” I said and we went off
” Why did you do that when you are not even happy about it? I don’t want to do anything that I will regret later,, I know he’s the only one you love ” Harry said
” Don’t you un-derstand??? Am trying my best to get him off my mind!! ” I yelled
” Gosh,, Vanessa,, you can’t get him off your mind. You don’t have to lie,,, you are still madly in love with him. The truth is even if you do this with me,,, you will never have a damn feelings for me ” he said and rou-ghed his hair
” Am,,,, am sorry Harry. Am just,,,,,, ”
” It’s fine,,, we are still friends. But plea-se I hate it when you pretend like you are fine ” he said and hvgged me
I held him ti-ghtly,,,,
💜 Alex Pov 💜
Finally the damn school is over,,,, I walked out of the clas-s before Ana come to me.
I entered the car and was about taking off when I saw Harry and Vanessa again,,,, gosh must they always stay together??
I watched as they both entered into the car,,,,, they left immediately
I sigh and also took off,,,,,,,,
I can’t even concentrate anymore,,, I can’t. I always think about her,,, this is fv¢king ha-rd for me.
I remember when mom asked me this morning,,,
” Alex what’s happening to you? You look finished ” She shouted tou-ching my messed hair
” Tell me what happened baby ”
” Am fine mom,,, just some sleepless nights ” I said
” You are lying to me Alex,,, you’ve always studied at night. So why will it affect you this much?? ”
” Am fine ” I snapped and walked out of the house.
I sigh and continue driving,,,, the last moment I looked up,,,, there was a car in front of me.
And everything [email protected]£ black,,,,,,
💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜
Harry dropped me home,, I waved and went in.
I saw mom rushing over,,, taking her clothes from different angle.
” Mom what’s going on?? ” I asked thinking it’s some business again
” Baby ” She broke into tears at once
” Mom,,,,,, can you tell me what’s happening? ” I asked alre-ady shaking
” Alex mom called me just now,,,, Alex got into a fatal accident ” She dropped the Bombshell and I went nut
” Who is Alex? ” I asked to be sure
” Are you crazy?? How many Alex do you know?? ”
” No,,,, that’s not true. ” I said shaking my head
I saw him in the car after school,,,, I should have went to him right? Am just so stupid
” No!!!!! ” I screamed as h0t tears rushed down my eyes
” We nee-d to go right now ” she said as we both rushed into the car
Alex plea-se,, just hold it in. Am coming for you right now,, plea-se don’t leave me,.

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