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Bad boys next door Episode 13 & 14

😍 Bad boy’s Next Door 🚪
Written ✍ by SUMMER GOLD. W
💜💜 EPISODE 13 💜💜
💜 Lilah’s Pov 💜
I was changing when I discovered that am still on Oliver’s jacket,,, what???
I quic-kly put it off and went to spin it in the washing machine,,, I hope it dry off before tomorrow.
A smile escape myl-ips when I remember how he put the jacket around my arm, so cute.
Am gonna use the opportunity to talk to him tomorrow,, oh Lilah,,, I [email protected] on the be-d dreamily.
” Lilah!!! Come for dinner alre-ady!! ” I heard mom
” Okay mommy!!! ” I shouted running downstairs.
💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜
I was changing when someone [email protected]£ in,,, Alex?
I covered my b©dy immediately,, I was just tying a towel around my che-st.
” Gosh,,, you should have knocked ” I said almost yelling
” This is my house not yours ” he sm-irk and sat down on the be-d
I guess he’s dressed,, but why so soon
” Can you just go out for some minute? ” I asked and bite myl-ips
” No ” he simply said and laughed
” What’s funny? I want to dress ” I said
” Am not holding you right? ”
” But,,,, ”
” Okay okay,,, am leaving ” He said and got up
I sigh in relief,,, he walked toward the door and suddenly moved to me holding the ti-p of my towel
” omg!!! ‘ I screamed
He laughed and went out,,, I back the door and sigh
What a crazy guy??!!
I immediately dressed up into a short go-wn,, I brushed my hair. I apply a little powder and smile at myself.
” You can come in ” I said to Alex and he [email protected]£ in
” When will you st©p throwing me out just because you wanna dress? ” he asked and moved to me
” Till eternity ” I tea-sed and sm-irk
” What the fv¢k? ”
I laughed ha-rder this time
” Gosh Alex,, you should see your face right now ” I said pointing to his face
” That’s not funny ” he said pretending to be hurt
” Sorry about that,,, ”
” Let’s leave,,, am done ” I said and carried my bag
” Leave? Now? ” he asked
” Of course ”
He took the bag from me and put it off,,,, he pu-ll-ed me closer to himself and smiled sheepishly and k!$$£d my n£¢k.
A slight [email protected] escape myl-ips,,,,, I closed my eyes and took myl-ips in.
He moved to myl-ips and k!$$£d me de-eply,,,,,, I slide my hand into his shi-t feeling the warmth of him,,,,,
He unlock from the k!ssand stare straight into my eyes
” What are you doing? ” he asked and I sm-irk
I re-moved my hand and [email protected] his arm,,,
” You are so beautiful ” he said and t©uçh my hair
” Remember you once told me am ugly? ” I asked and arch a brow
” Of course,,, you are still ugly ” he said
” But you just said am beautiful ”
” Sl!pof ton-gue ” he replied
” Idiot ”
” Four eyes ” he muttered
” Gosh,, you are annoying ” I said and took my bag up
” Am leaving ” I said and walked out
He followed me and we both got into the car,,,,,
” A k!ssbefore I start the car ” he said and pouted out hisl-ips
” No ” I said
” Really? Okay,, I will just go and k!sssomeone else ”
” you won’t dare do that,, am gonna kill her ” I said and laughed
” What? Kill? Am not doing that ” he said and took off.
We continue talking till we got to school,,, we [email protected]£ out of the car and he held my hand
” Like seriously? ” I tea-sed
” everyone should know you are mine right? ”
” Someone is tryna act cool ”
” You can go on,,, I have to do something ” he said and pe-cked me before running off.
I walked into the clas-s and breath in the cool air,,, why do I keep feeling like something bad is gonna happen?
I shook my head and sigh,,, soon Lilah [email protected]£ in with a grin.
” You look so happy,, what’s happening? ” I asked curiously
” Nothing ” she said and win-ked
” Are you kidding me? You are too happy than normal ”
” Okay okay,, am gonna tell you ”
” Am listening ” I said
She told me everything and I almost fell off my seat,,, I couldn’t hold back the laughter
” Jeez,, what’s funny? ‘ she asked forming an angry look
” Absolutely nothing,,, but it’s kind of funny. You almost fainted while walking with him? Someone is in love ” I said and win-ked
” I know,,, but let’s forget about that ” she said
” Okay ” I raised my hand up in surrender.
Suddenly I heard some scream,, I turned to Lilah and then back to where the scream is coming from.
Soon a girl [email protected]£ into the clas-s,,,she look,,,,,,,,,, h0t!!!
Putting on a miniSk-irt,, a crop t©p and a boot. She catwalked and win-ked at the people screaming.
” She look so beautiful ”
” Who is she? ” I asked Lilah
She kept quiet
” Am asking a question ” I said
” This is not good ” Lilah said and faced me
Who is she???
💚💚 Episode 14 💚💚
💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜
I watched as she smiled sheepishly and walk over to Lilah,,,,,
” Hey Li ” She said With a smile
” Hi ” Lilah replied somehow shaking
” I guess you are surprise to see me,,,,, it’s obvious ” She said and win-ked.
She stare at me for a minute and walked out of the clas-s,,,,,
” Who is that? ” I asked
” That’s,,,, Ana ” she dropped the bombshell
” What?!! ” I shouted and stood up then sat down again
” Yeah,,,that’s her ”
” I knew it,,, I knew she’s gonna come back. But why now? Alex and I are getting along,,, so why will she come back now?? ” I asked almost in tears
” Gosh,,, am just speechless right now ” Lilah said.
I ran out of the clas-s and went straight to the field,, I sat down and buried my face in my palm. I know nob©dy is gonna find me here, that’s better.
I heard some voice and I looked up,, I saw The girl Ana and Alex coming, I immediately stood up and ran into the practice room.
I opened the window slowly so I listen to everything they say
” Why did you come back? ” Alex asked
” Are you not happy to have me back? ” Ana asked with a smile
” Am,,, glad. Am just surprised ” What? He’s happy?
” I realized that I made a mistake,,, I should have trusted you,, am really sorry Alex. ” The girl said and hvgged him
I watched as Alex also hvg her ti-ghtly,,, a tear drop from my eyes.
I know this is gonna happen anyway,, so why am I feeling so hurt this way?
Nob©dy is aware that Alex is my b©yfri£ndyet,,, but everyone know about Ana and him.
I sat down on the floor and allowed the tears drop freely,
Someone entered the room and the looked up,,,
” Why are you here alone? ” Harry asked walking to me
I wipe off my tears immediately
” Nothing,, I just wanna be alone ” I said
” Never knew you are a liar ” He said and bend down in front of me
He re-moved the hair strand from my face and wipe my tears
” You saw them right? ” He asked and I bur-st into tears immediately
” He’s just yet to decide who he’s really in love with,,,, Ana is someone who doesn’t give up easily. She have been friends with Alex since we were in Kindergarten,, and they really love each other a lot. ” He said and I looked up
” So,,,, he lied to me? ” I asked and sniff in my tears
” No,,, am sure he’s attracted to you. Alex doesn’t fall in love easily,,, but you are just different ” He said and t©uçhed my cheek.
” I really love him a lot,,,, what if he leave me for her?? I saw the way he hvgged her,,,, am broken ” I said
He pu-ll-ed me into a hvg,,, it calm me down a little.
But the thought continue brushing throu-gh my mind ,,,, Ana!!!
” Let’s leave ” He said and pu-ll-ed me up
” Thanks ” I said and managed to smile a bit.
💜 Alex’s Pov 💜
” Alex,,, you seem lost. Is something wrong? ” Ana asked and I faced her
” Am fine ” I replied
But am not!!! I nee-d to talk to Vanessa right now,, but Ana won’t even leave my side
” I love you so much Alex ” She said and k!$$£d me,, I reciprocate to the k!ssand held her [email protected]!st.
I heard some footsteps and I opened my eyes,,,,, Vanessa and Harry,,, I tried to pu-ll Ana away but she held me too ti-ghtly,,,
I saw her eyes,,, it look teary. Gosh what have I done?
. 💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜
I was shocked when I saw Them,, k!ssing. Harry held my hand to calm me down,,,, I can’t calm down right now.
I walked to them and separated them,,,
” What the fv¢k are you doing??! ” Ana yelled
” I should ask you that,, what the fv¢k are you doing with my b©yfri£nd? ” I asked
” What?? Your b©yfri£nd?? ” She asked and laughed
” I guess you’ve loosed it,,, Alex is my b©yfri£ndnot yours ” She said
” Why don’t you ask him? ” I sm-irk
She turned to Alex with a smile
” What is she talking about? Is she your girlfriend? ” She asked
Alex kept quiet and look away,,,
What? Will he tell her am nothing to her?
plea-se don’t do this to me,,,,
” Alex,, is she your fv¢king girlfriend? ” Ana asked again
” No,, she’s not ” Alex replied and I [email protected]
I moved back immediately,,,,
” Now get lost ” The girl said and held Alex hand,, they both walk away.
I felt a hand on my shoulder,,,, I looked back and faced Harry.
” Am sorry about that ” He said
” Sorry? For what? Am really fine,, ” I said and fake a smile
” You don’t have to pretend Vanes,, I know you are hurt “.
” Am not,, can you just take me somewhere silent? I don’t want to stay another minute here ”
” Sure ”
” This place is cool ” Harry said looking around
I sat down on the long bench and bur-st into tears,,,,
” What the fv¢k!!!! ” I yelled in tears
” You are such an as-s-hole Alex!!! How dare you do this to me!!! ” I shouted and continue crying
Harry only stood there watching me,,,,,,
I cried my eyes out,,,, why did I fall in love so freely and stupidly???
Why did I fall in love with Alex and not Someone else???
I wish I can hate him right now,,,,, but it’s like am stuck with him. I even love him more
” Alex,, what have you done to me?? Why do I love you so much?? ” I asked still in tears
Am just a goner

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