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Bad boys next door Episode 11 & 12

🎷 Bad boy’s Next Door 🚪
♠♠ Episode 11 ♠♠
💜 Vanessa’s pov 💜
I wra-pped my arm around his n£¢k and k!$$£d him back,,,, his hands still on my [email protected]!st.
The truth is, I don’t know what to think right now.
He unlock from the k!ssand stare straight into my eyes,, I looked down to avoid his gaze.
” Hmm,, I will just go now ” I said and walked out his room,,,
What just happened? This is just more than a friendsh!pk!ss,, then what. Is he in love with me alre-ady?
But he never said he loved me right? Then what!
I [email protected] on the be-d,, a smile escape myl-ips as I think about the k!ssagain.
I t©uçhed myl-ips and covered my face with my palm
He k!$$£d me,, and even held my [email protected]!st oh gad ( 😂😂😂)
” Am I really a good k!ss£r? ” I never knew when Alex [email protected]£ in
I sat upright immediately,,,
” What do you mean? ” I asked and cleared my throat
” You were blu-shing ” He said with a sm-irk
” So what? ”
” Anyway,, am only here because mom asked me to check on you. I don’t know why,, but I guess you are fine. Bye ”
” Wait!! ” I said almost in a scream
” What ”
” Uhm,,,,,,,, nothing. You can leave ” I said and fell back on the be-d.
” You mean,,, Alex k!$$£d you? “Lilah asked
I covered her mouth immediately
” You are shouting ” I said and smiled
” Awwwn,,, that’s cute ” She said and chuckle
” I know,, but he haven’t Even tell me anything,, why he k!$$£d me and all that. Am just feeling somehow right now ”
” Don’t worry,,, he’s just proving [email protected] to get. And have you asked his friends who Ana is? ” Lilah asked
Actually I told lilah about how I saw Alex starring at a picture and keep on saying something like Ana
” oh yeah,, maybe I should go now ” I said
” Are they not in the basketball courts? ” She asked
” We can go together ” I said
” What do you wanna know? ” Harry asked
” Who is Ana? ” I asked
” Alex’s Ex girlfriend ” He replied and I [email protected]
He still love her a lot,,,,
” Where is she? ” I asked
” I don’t know? She left some days after they broke up ”
I wish she never come back,,,
” Why did they break up? ”
he told me everything and a tear dropped from my eye
“Thanks ” I said and turned to Alex who was smiling at the other boys
” You are the only girl who he ever talked to freely after what happened,,, he really don’t wanna fall in love again. But I guess you are different ” Harry said with a wi-nk
I left immediately without calling Lilah,, am so sad right now
So,,,,,, that’s why Alex keep on starring at her picture when he’s alone. Am sure he still fv¢king love her.
What if she comes back? I wish I never fall in love with him. But what do I do right now?
Am so stupid,,,,, I wipe off my tears and went back to clas-s
” Hey loser ” Tessa said and the clas-s laughed
I faced her with anger when I remember what Harry told me,, all these is happening because of her.
” Don’t tempt me Tessa,, just leave ” I said coldly
” So what if I don’t leave? ”
I ignored her and started walking out of the clas-s,, she held my hand and win-ked
” let go off my hand ” I said folding my fist
” Are you crying? ”
I [email protected] her and pu-ll-ed her away,,
” When next you cross my path,,, am gonna kill you ” I said and walked out of the clas-s.
Finally school is over,, just what I’ve been waiting for. I walked to Alex car,, he’s waiting alre-ady.
I entered without saying anything,,, he kept quiet also and drove home.
We got home and I got out of the car,, different thought filled my mind.
I went to my room and threw my backpack on the floor almost angrily,,, why did you fall in love? Why is your first love complicated like this?
I looked up and found Alex starring at me,,, I sat upright and kept a straight face
” Why are you acting weird? ” he asked and sat beside me
” Am not acting weird,, am cool “.
” And what were you discussing with Harry? You guys look serious ”
” And why do you even care,, you are ma-king everything really [email protected] for me. I almost fell for it that you like me,,, gosh. You love someone else ” I snapped and a tear dropped from my eyes
” What are you talking about? ”
” Ana,,, you still love her right? ” he kept quiet ” I know,,,, and am sure she’s gonna come back. Am just so stupid to fall in Love with you,, I should have,, jeez ”
” St©p!! Just st©p,,,, why are you ma-king me remember her when am trying [email protected] to forget everything? I actually thought I can never love again after what happened but I was wrong,,,,, I just discovered that I really love you alot. Why are you bringing her up now? ” he said and stood up
I also stood up and held his hand
” You really love me? ” I asked and blink out tears
” I love you so much ” He said and hold my face in his palm
” But am really scared,, what if she,,, ”
” Just forget about her ” He said
I smiled and hvgged him
” I love you so much ” I said
” I Love you too ” He said
💚💚 Episode 12
💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜
Suddenly the door opened and we dis£ngaged immediately,,, mom [email protected]£ in and cleared her throat
” Am I disturbing you guys? ” She asked and I looked down to prevent her from seeing my blush
” No mom,,, ” Alex replied and hold my hand
” Okay,, I will just leave. Vanessa you should see me in my room ” She said and went out
” Are we in trouble? ” I asked
” Of course not,,, just go on ” He said
I nodded and went to meet her,, what will she say? Tell me to stay away from her son? Or what.
” Hey darling ” She grinned
” Hi mam ” I said softly
” You see,, am so glad my son fell in love with someone like you ” She said and I smiled
” Thank you mam ”
” And,,, plea-se don’t ever leave my son no matter what. He really suffered a lot when Ana broke up with him,,, ”
So his mother know everything? So cool
” I know mam,, I can’t leave him. I really love him alot ” I said
” I know ” She said and pe-ck my cheek
” Thank you ” I said
” You can go,, he will be waiting ” She win-ked
” Mom! ” I shouted and she laughed
What type of woman is she anyway,, I left the room after that.
💜 Lilah’s Pov 💜
” Baby,,, can you go get me some fruit??? ” Mom asked from the kitchen. I [email protected] dropped my pen.
” Sure mom ” I said and went to her
” Take this ” She gave me the list and some cash
” I will be back!!! ” I shouted while walking out of the house.
I checked the time,,, it’s 7:15pm. I really nee-d to hurry up,,,,
I started walking down to the fruit stall,,, my phone beeped and I pick the call
📲 Hey Vanessa
📲 Hi!!!!!
📲 what the fv¢k you almost spoil my ear drum
📲 Am sorry,,, am just so glad
📲 Latest gist?
📲 Yeah Bess,,, am gonna tell you everything tomorrow
📲 can you just brief me about it?
📲 No,,,, tomorrow bye. And make sure you bring something for me especially those sweet pancake from your mom
📲 come on,, when are you going to come meet her? She always ask for you ”
I said
📲 Don’t worry babe, soon
📲 Okay bye
I ended the call and entered into the fruit stall,,, I was busy getting the fruit when a familia face walked in.
Omg,, is that not Oliver? Oh he’s the one.
I ignored his pres£nt immediately,, even though am crushing on him,, I can’t face him since he have so many sluts.
I continue with my mission,,, someone tapped me and I j£rk off
” Hey cool down,,, it’s not a ghost. ” The person said
I turned back and felt shock to see Oliver smiling at me,, I gulp down nothing
” Hi ” I said feeling uneasy
I pray I don’t end up saying ru-bbish,, this is the first time he’s talking to me
” Do you stay around here? ” He asked
” No,,, oh,,, I mean yes ” I said and smile
Gosh am so nervous
” That’s cool,, am about going,,, we can walk together ” He said while I just stood there starring at him like a lost dog
What???? Walk together? With Oliver??? What the heck,,, how will I walk freely?
” Hey ” He snapped his f!nger
” I can leave if you don’t,,,,,,, ”
” No!! We can,,,, sure,, yeah,,, let’s go ” I said
So now I’ve turned to a stammerer?
We both walked out of the stall and started leaving,,, there was total silence.
Its really awkward like this,, should I bring up a discussion? No,,, I can’t
Suddenly the ran started falling,, I looked up immediately
” This is bad ” Oliver said and gro-an
” Oh my gee, what do we do right now? ” I asked
He held my hand and and we started running,,,,,
But wait!!! He’s holding me right now!!! Gosh,, should I just faint? No that’s not good.
The rain poured heavily and we have no choice than to st©p somewhere,,, I checked the time. It’s 8:30pm alre-ady.
Oh no,,, mom will be waiting
I sat down on the long bench,,, I dropped the bag with me.
Damn am freezing alre-ady,,,, I wra-pped my arms together,, the cold is just too much right now.
I looked up at Oliver who was standing looking up at the rain,,,,.
He look so damn cute with those we-t hair,,, I wish I can just tell him
” Hey Oliver,, I really have a hvge crush on you. ” I imagine myself saying
I bit my bottoml-ips,,,,
💜 Oliver’s Pov 💜
I turned to her and she looked away,,, she have been starring at me.
I checked her out,, she’s really cold alre-ady. She’s just putting on a short Sk-irt and a light t©p.
I quic-kly re-moved my jacket and walked to her,,,,, she faced me.
Her hair was all over her face due to the we-tness,,, she look so pretty that way.
I cleared my throat and wear the jacket around her,,,,,
” Thanks ” She said
” You are welcome ” I replied and sat down
I watched as the rain keep on pouring down with f0rç£,,,, when will this st©p anyway
” Do you have any idea when the rain is gonna st©p? ” She asked and I turned to her
” Am not God Lilah” I said and sm-irk
” How did you know my name? ”
” How did you know mine? ” I asked in return
” Who wouldn’t know the h0ttest boy in school? ” She said and smiled
” I don’t know about that ” I sm-irk
” So tell me how you know my name
” I guessed ” I said
Damn Oliver that was a white lie,,, you know her name because you have a crush on her
” I know, you don’t have to tell me ” I said
” What? ”
” I didn’t mean to say that out ” I said
” Oh ”
” And besides,, you are Vanessa’s friend, she always talk about you ” I added and she smiled
Cutest smile ever,,, herl-ips were really red. Maybe because of the cold,,,,,
If you wanna k!ssher just ask for it
” Shut up ” I muttered
I really have some stupid mind 😂😂
” I guess the rain has st©pped,, let’s go ” I said and gr-ab her hand.
” Thanks ” was all she said
💜 Lilah’s Pov 💜
Finally we got to my house,, I turned back at him and smiled
” Thanks for walking me home ” I said
” Its nothing ”
” Bye,, see you in school tomorrow ” I said and waved
” Just go on ” He said
No hvg? No k!ss? My mind asked
Come on we are not even friends yet
” Goodnight ” I said and ran in
” Am so sorry baby ” Mom said and hvgged me
” It’s not your fault mom ” I smiled
” But who was that? He walked you home? ”
” He’s,, my friend ” I replied
” Really? That boy is a really nice guy,,, he always help me with my stuff whenever he sees me. I never knew you attend the same school ”
” That’s cool ”
” Okay,, just go change your cloth and come for dinner ”
” Okay mom ” I went upstairs
Oliver’s thought brush all over my mind,, I couldn’t help but to blush
” Oh Lilah,, you are going crazy ” I said changing my we-t dress
What do you guys have to say about Lilah and Oliver?

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