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A v!rg!nfor the wolf final Episode

🍆🍆A v!rg!nFOR THE WOLF. 🍆🍆😋
🥛🥛You Are My Mate🥛🥛🤗
Rated 18+🔞
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Last episode.
Episode 12. Forever with my mate.
He stretched her with his hvge co-ck, her ti-ght s3x gripping him so that they both felt intensely stimulated by the friction of his thrû-sts.
Nat’s hands seemed to be everywhere at once, stro-king her face, then down her n£¢k to her [email protected]
Here they lingered for the longest time, teasing her n’pples into the. ha-rd est little peaks before his mouth covered them and he rolled his ton-gue over them until she squirmed beneath him.
plea-sed with his work he pushed one of his hands between their bodies and found her cl!t, ru-bbing it with his thumb, while his powerful thrû-sts continued.
Ellie felt the world sli-pping away from her. Here she lay, with a billionaire werewolf ma-king love to her in the garden of his exclusive house.
None of it seemed real, except the feel of him inside her, and his hands and mouth on her b©dy, she held on to that as she approached an earth shattering clim-ax.
He gro-an ed and surged ha-rd into her, his seed spurting warm and de-ep. It crossed her mind that he was indeed trying to breed with her, the thought of that was too much.
Her [email protected] crashed into her, the contraction of her s3x drawing his seed de-ep into her.
The realisation that she was everything to this man was a powerful feeling. No longer was she the cheap little office girl who had to scrimp on everything just to get by.
At this moment she was no longer the curvy unattrac-tive girl. Instead she was the chos£n mate of one of the most eligible bachelors in the city.
Ellie felt wave upon wave of plea-sure wash over her. Nat nipped at her n£¢k, leaving his mark on her, telling the world she was his while he filled her with his seed until he was spent.
Her cli-max reached its peak, and gradually she [email protected]£ back down to earth.
Nat held her close, his c0ckwas still inside her, neither of them wanted to move and break the spell that rested over them.
Like this they were complete, no words were nee-ded, no explanations had to be made.
Eventually Ellie found her arm going numb and she nee-ded to flex it, her movement stirred Nat. He pu-ll-ed out of her and rolled onto his knees.
Offering her his hand he helped her up and they went back to his house. Wordlessly they climbe-d the stairs to his be-droom and she crawled un-der the covers, and he slid in beside her.
“Are you OK with all this?” he asked.
“I don’t know how I feel. It’s a lot to process,” she answered honestly.
He [email protected], and Ellie realised he must think she was rejecting him. Leaning on one elbow she [email protected] his che-st and tilted his face towards hers.
“Don’t worry, Nat, I accept what you are, I simply don’t know how to make it fit into reality. You have known this all your life; to me it’s the stuff of fairy tales.”
He stro-ked her cheek lightly. “Take all the time you nee-d, I’m not going anywhere.”
“Are all your family like you?” she asked. So many questions filled her head she didn’t know where to start.
“Yes, we only reveal ourselves to each other and our true mates.”
“And our children will be the same?” He smiled.
“What’s so funny?” she asked.
“I like the fact that you are thinking about “our” children.”
“Well, there is no one else for me; I think this true mate thing works two ways. The only thing that worries me is Tom.”
She and Tom had been everything to each other for so many years; she could not abandon him now, not even for true love.
“Don’t worry, he’s growing up, he’ll go to college and have his own life. But until then I’ll do whatever you think is best to help him accept me.”
“OK,” she sighed, knowing it wasn’t going to be easy, but then she had the rest of her life with Nat to look forward to.
“Is there anything else you want to know?” he asked, stro-king her back and s£nding tingles along her spine.
She looked at him, still not able to believe this man was hers. “There is one thing.”
“Ask whatever you want,” he said pushing her hair back from her face.
“Can you make love to me again?” she asked, not wanting to think about the future any more.
“Oh, yes. That is one thing I definitely can do.” He pu-ll-ed her head down towards his and k!$$£d her slowly and s-en-suously.
His ton-gue gliding along herl-ips ma-king her shiver with de-sire.
When they had k!$$£d until herl-ips felt swollen he sat up and lifted her so she was on al fours.
Moving behind her he slid his f!ngersinside her alre-ady we-t s3x. Pushing de-ep he moved them in and out, sliding them down over her cl!t.
Her whole b©dy throbbe-d with the nee-d to be filled with him, but he took it slow.
“plea-se Nat, I want to feel you inside me,” Ellie begged.
He laughed his low s3*y laugh; those were the words he had wanted to hear. She felt the head of his c**k against her se-x and then he breached her and pushed de-ep, filling her with his thick length.
In one fluid movement he filled her, stretching her wonderfully. Ellie [email protected] her b©dy against the be-d, taking him completely inside her.
When she was completely impaled, his f!ngersfound her cl’t and stro-ked her there while he began to thrû-st in and out of her.
His other hand reached out, cu-pping her br£@st so that each time he thrû-st forward her n!ppleru-bbe-d against the palm of his hand.
She cried out, the sound muffled by the covers on the be-d. Her b©dy exploded around him, her ti-ght s** throbbing as she [email protected]£ while Nat continued to plunge himself into her.
He was more controlled this time, ri-ding her throu-gh one [email protected] and then bringing her to the crest of another.
Ellie wondered how much her b©dy could take, when he finally [email protected]£, crying out like the beast he was. His hands moved to grip her h!ps and he pumped himself into her, holding her in place
Ellie thought he would split her in two; her se-x ached as he j£rked ha-rd into her. His pent up cli-max seemed never ending, the throbbing of his c*”k s£nding tremors throu-gh her overly s-en-sitive b©dy.
Then her second [email protected] took her and they peaked together, her cries mingling with his.
When he had finished he slumped forward over her, his breathing heavy and fast. He pu-ll-ed out of her and they [email protected] down together, holding each other, happy in the after glow of their lovema-king.
He stro-ked her arm lightly, and then said, “Ellie, what you said about being my mistress.”
“Yes,” she said, almost too tired to speak.
“You do know that’s not what I am asking of you?”
“Oh, I’m sorry; I as-sumed that was what would happen.” Ellie tried not to let her voice break with the lump in her throat.
She had made a mistake; he simply wanted to breed with her, which was why he had given her the job and the added insurance.
He turned to look at her. “Ellie, I mean you are my mate, when you are re-ady we’ll get married.”
“Married!” It was something she had never expected.
“Of course. I would marry you tomorrow, but I guess we might have to wait a little while longer than that.”
“That would certainly make people talk.”
“We can’t leave it too long though, I want us to be married by the time you have our first child.” He turned and k!$$£d her again. “And the way you make me feel it won’t be long until you conceive.”
His hand slid over her brea-st, finding the s-en-sitive n’pple and stro-king it. “You are insatiable you know?” Ellie said filled with happiness.
“I didn’t until I met you.” With that he slid down the be-d and again began teaching Ellie all about the plea-sure a wolf can give to his true mate.
THE END 🤭🤭🤗🤗🤗
More stories on the way.
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