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A v!rg!nfor the wolf Episode 9 to 11

🍆🍆A v!rg!nFOR THE WOLF. 🍆🍆😋
🥛🥛You Are My Mate🥛🥛🤗
Rated 18+🔞
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Episode 9. ma-king love to my mate.
He [email protected]£ around and opened her door, offering her his hand to help her out. She took it, and straight away the connection between them was there, an energy pas-sing between them. His f!ngers£ntwined with hers, and then with a low growl he pushed her against the car and k!$$£d her.
What a k!ss. Her knees went weak, something that she thought only happened to women in movies, or a [email protected]ç£novel. She leaned back against the car for support; she nee-ded it because his onslaught was intense.
His hands wra-pped around her, drawing her b©dy to him until they were ti-ghtly pressed together, his [email protected] muscles against her soft curves.
he [email protected] herl-ips for him, and he tasted her mouth. Hisl-ips pressed against hers, gentle yet demanding, she was left in no doubt that he was in charge and he took her plea-sure very seriously.
She relaxed and decided to simply enjoy everything that he did to her and to try to return the plea-sure.
One hand crept up and stro-ked her brea-st, she gro-an ed against his mouth, wanting more from him.
He obliged by sliding his thumb over her n!pplethrou-gh the soft fabric of her dress. Soon his t©uçh had made it [email protected], the t©uçh of his f!ngersbrushing the s-en-sitive peak.
He tore himself away from her. “It’s no good, I must have you now.” With that he lifted her up and carried her towards the house, hisl-ips managing to find hers again while he walked.
Ellie wra-pped her arms around his n£¢k and k!$$£d him back, surprised to find it [email protected]£ naturally.
Nat was strong, his arms taking her weight effortlessly, it made her feel feminine and vulnerable, a man such as him wanting her so much.
He reached the house and set her down, before opening the door and propelling her into the house, his nee-d becoming increasingly uncontrollable.
Shiver of excitement pas-sed throu-gh her b©dy, the t©uçh of his hands on her flesh waylaying all her fears and doubts.
He was right, they were destined to be together, she could feel it too. As his mouth sought hers again she saw that faint red glow in his eyes, there was no denying there was something different about Nat.
Ellie did not have time to look at the inside of the house, he picked her up again and, taking the stairs two at a time, took her to his be-droom.
There he [email protected] on the be-d and moved over her, his b©dy so close. He k!$$£d her n£¢k, working his way down to the t©p of her dress and placed feather light k!sses just above where the fabric t©uçhed her skin.
His breathing slowed a little, he was trying to calm himself down. When at last he seemed un-der control he spoke to her, “Ellie, I want you, and I want this to be wonderful for you, I swear I will take it slow, but I am fighting for control.”
She stro-ked his hair with her hand. “I un-derstand, and I trust you, Nat, I really do.”
He leaned down and k!$$£d her gently, and then his f!ngersbegan to undo the bu-ttons of her dress, revea-ling the flesh of her brea-sts for the first time.
Each inch had to be stro-ked and k!$$£d, his f!ngersundoing the bu-ttons until her [email protected] and [email protected] were expo-sed.
With strong capable hands he sat her up and pushed the dress from her shoulders, and then he reached behind her and unclasped her [email protected]
As her ample br£asts were freed she felt a moment of embarras-sment, here was this rich, handsome man, who could have any woman he wanted, looking at her voluptuous b©dy.
It was the first time any man had seen her n-ked, but the look in his strange eyes made her feel as though it would not matter what she looked like.
“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” he told her before leaning forward and taking her n’pple in his mouth.
Her whole b©dy went into shock; nothing had ever felt like this, the s-en-sation a mixture of exquisite plea-sure and pain.
He su-cked and li-cked her n’pple until it was a [email protected] peak, then he rolled his ton-gue over it. When she thought she could stand itno longer he switched to the other one and the wonderful torture began again.
Heat built up in her b©dy, her S-x [email protected]£ we-t, and her cl!t throbbe-d with nee-d. All she could think of was how it would feel for him place his mouth there.
Her hands curled into his hair, holding his head against her as he carried on taking plea-sure in her b©dy.
If she thought this was good, the feel of his f!ngersworking their way down her b©dy and then brushing her th!gh made her anticipate so much more.
He did not make her wait long to find out what it was like to be t©uçhed by a man in her most inti-mate place.
Lightly at first he t©uçhed her, his f!ngersbrushing her cl’t and sliding back along the length of her s£x. Even throu-gh the.fabric of her [email protected] the s-en-sation made her tremble with excitement, she knew how we-t she was and now he would know it too.
There was no disguising how much she wanted him, her b©dy had toldhim everything he nee-ded to know.
With a [email protected] pent up de-sire his f!ngershookedaround the elastic of her [email protected], she thought he was going to pu-ll them down for her to step out of but instead he tore them away from her b©dy, leaving them shredded as though they were made from paper.
Now he had full access to every [email protected] of her, he set about ma-king her come for him. His f!nger stro-ked her s€x, pushing a little inside before pu-lling back to slide them, now we-t with her own jui-ces, back over her cl!t.
She whimpered with nee-d, and so he pushed a little dee-per until he found the barrier of her
The knowledge that she truly was a v!rg!nseemed to slow him down. He knelt on the floor by the side of the be-d and then pu-ll-ed her gently towards him so her legs dangled over the side.
He positioned himself between her [email protected] legs, taking a leisurely look at her swollen s£x before k!ss!ngthe inside of her th!ghs.
Moving as though they had all the time in the world he closed in on his prize, taking plea-sure from her [email protected] of shock when his mouth finally covered her cl!t for the first time.
su-cking and l!çk!ng her he began to re-lease the wild animal in her. She cried out when his thumb brushed along her slit and then di-pped
inside, the thickness of it filling her throbbing s€x.
He did not break her; instead he made her come with his mouth, only pene-trating her a little. Her world exploded for the first time, his ton-gue fl!çk!ng over her cl!t and his thumb
pushing in and out of her entrance.
Ellie’s s€x throbbe-d, contracting and re-leasing over and over while he diligently continued to drag every last spasm from her b©dy…..
When the throbbing subsided she [email protected] before him, Nat still kneeling before her as though she were the altar at which he worsh!pped.
k!ss!ngher th!ghs again he raised himself up and looked down at her. Ellie’s eyes filed with wonder as he began to undress.
First he un-bu-ttoned his shi-t, letting it slide off his arms revea-ling the toned muscles of a man who was in his prime.
His stomach was what she would imagine they meant when describing washboard abs, his skin rippling across it as he moved.
Her mouth almost watered in anticipation when he turned his f!ngersto the belt on his [email protected], pu-lling the leather so the buckle undid, and then pu-lling it [email protected]
Episode 10. My v!rg!nmate.
When the throbbing subsided she [email protected] before him, Nat still kneeling before her as though she were the altar at which he worsh!pped.
k!ss!ngher th!ghs again he raised himself up
and looked down at her. Ellie’s eyes filed with wonder as he began to undress.
First he un-bu-ttoned his shi-t, letting it slide off his arms revea-ling the toned muscles of a man who was in his prime.
His stomach was what she would imagine they meant when describing washboard abs, his skin rippling across it as he moved.
Her mouth almost watered in anticipation when he turned his f!ngersto the belt on his [email protected], pu-lling the leather so the buckle undid, and then pu-lling it [email protected]
Soon his [email protected] were sliding to the floor to join the rest of his clothes, and he stood proud and £r£¢tin front of her.
Her eyes were drawn to his c0ck, they wi-de-ned at the sheer size and girth of him. She could not comprehend how he would fit inside of her without it hurting.
Yet she had to know, more than anything she nee-ded to know what it was like to be taken by this virile man.
[email protected] she sat up and reached out her hand to t©uçh him. He closed his eyes and swayed slightly when her f!ngersclosed around his rigid length.
It felt so different, [email protected] and yet the skin moved as she slid her hand up and down it. She lost herself in the feel of him, so she was unprepared when his control broke and he pushed her onto her back and moved between her th!ghs.
His f!ngersmas-saged her s£x, rou-gher than before, and then he held himself and guided his c0ck towards her entrance.
The head of it brushed against her, he tea-sed her, and she could see the strain on his face, the effort it was taking for him not to simply plunge straight into her.
Slowly, he pushed against her s€x, the head of his c0ck sliding against her outerl-ips. The fear of his size pas-sed, now all she wanted was for him to pene-trateher.
Inch by careful inch he moved forward, her b©dy yielding for him. His c0ck slid inside her, stretching her, she could feel every movement he made, because gr!pp£dhim so ti-ghtly.
Although she was we-t and re-ady for him it still hurt, a stinging followed by a sharp pain when he broke her innocence. She tried not to cry, but a tear rolled down her face which he saw and li-cked away.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered, his b©dy stilled, but he did not pu-ll out.
Her breathing [email protected]£ in [email protected], the pain slowly eased and she was instead gr!pp£dwith a nee-d for him to continue, to make her his.
Unable to trust her voice she wra-pped her arms around him, and urged him to carry on.
“Are you sure you’re re-ady?” he asked.
“Yes,” she answered, throwing her head back in a silent cry when he pushed dee-per into her.
The pain turned to a plea-sure so much more than she had ever imagined. He pushed [email protected] into her until he had impaled her completely, and then he slid back out, the friction of their bodies stimulating her nerve endings.
Her hands were still wra-pped around him and she could feel the tension in his b©dy, he was still holding back, trying not to be too rou-gh with her.
In and out he thrû-st, each time ma-king her reach higher until the crest of her [email protected] was so close.
Her own b©dy seemed to be a confusion of feelings and emotions that were so new to her she had no way of dealing with them.
His thrû-sts grew ha-rder, more urgent, but she struggled to crest the peak of plea-sure, unable to simply let herself go.
He plunged [email protected] into her, and all at once Nat was filling her with his seed, he cried out, unable to control himself any longer, the wait had been too long.
Yet instinctively he knew she was wanting, and he could not let that happen when it was her first time.
Balancing on one elbow he wra-pped his strong hand around her br£@st and ran his thumb over her n!ppl!.
The feelings in her b©dy began to grow, and as he j£rked [email protected] into her he lowered his head and su-cked her n’pple into his mouth, rolling his ton-gue over it.
She arched her back, offering herself to him, and he rewarded her by grazing his teeth over the [email protected] little bud.
Suddenly her cli-max was upon her, and the ti-ght muscles of her s€x gr!pp£dhim and pulsed around his c0ck as he spurted his seed de-ep inside her.
It was like a chain reaction, one she could not now st©p even if she wanted too. Nat strained to be inside her as de-ep as he could, and Ellie felt his nee-d and lifted her h!ps to push onto him.
The change in angle caused her cl!t to brush against his b©dy and the feeling of the throbbing bundle of nerves connected with the plea-sure signals his mouth drew from her
Her voice mingled with his, she cried out her plea-sure, their mating now complete. If she had ever doubted him, then these feelings were now firmly in the past.
Even in the throes of pas-sion he had been considerate to her nee-ds, and now in the afterglow of their lovema-king he k!$$£d her tenderly and whispered things she had never thought to hear.
For the first time ever she felt truly loved.
Episode 11. Take me like a true mate.
“Did I hurt you?” Nate asked, his breathing still ragged and his face full of concern.
“It was nothing, and it soon pas-sed,” she answered, the feeling of discomfort now a distant memory.
“I’m so sorry; I lost control for a moment.” He looked so guilty her heart contracted in pain, and love.
“It was worth it, for the end bit,” she said blu-shing. “I hope I’ll get better at this and learn to plea-se you more.”
He k!$$£d her fiercely, and then pu-ll-ed back, holding her face between his large hands so she had to look straight into his eyes.
“You are perfect the way you are, I have never felt this way about anyone, and I never will. You must believe me, I love your innocence.”
He k!$$£d her again, this time more pas-sionately, and she felt the first fli-cker of de-sire again.
She stro-ked his back and marvelled at the suppleness and strength of his b©dy. Wra-pping her legs around him she hoped to encourage him to make love to her again, because she was too shy to ask.
He laughed, a de-ep throaty sound. “All in good time, my love. First I have something I want to show you, I think it is only fair that you know what you are getting when you agree to be my mate.”
He pu-ll-ed her off the be-d and, although she tried to wra-p the sheet around her b©dy, made her walk with him n-ked into the garden.
There a light breeze ca-ressed her b©dy, heightening her nee-d to be t©uçhed by him. However Nat resisted her and pu-ll-ed away, leaving her standing alone in the cool night air.
“I have tried to tell you that I am different, and
that you are my true mate. But I can’t explain how different I am, I can only show you,” he said, for once looking very nervous.
“plea-se keep an open mind, and don’t be scared, I can never hurt you. On the contrary, I can only protect and honour you.”
“Nat, whatever it is, you don’t have to show me, I am willing to be your mistress, no matter what.” Ellie said, feeling a wave of trepidation rush over her.
Whatever he showed her seemed pretty serious, and there would be no taking it back once she knew his secret.
[email protected] of her didn’t want to know because she didn’t want this evening to be spoiled.
“It’s important to me that you know, and I think you will agree once you see me…differently.”
“Nat, plea-se.”
“Just keep an open mind, and don’t be scared.” With that he ran away from her to the other side of the garden, and then he turned and faced her.
While she watched, his eyes took on the strange glow she had seen while they made love, and then he shimmered, as though he had gone out of focus to her eyes.
There was a swirling of colours, and for a few moments she could not make out the shape of him.
Slowly her eyes began to focus again, but she had to blink a couple of times because something was wrong.
The shape before her was no longer human, instead a large dog like creature stood in the place where Nat had been.
Ellie looked around, feeling completely vulnerable, Nat had obviously pla-yed a trick on her, and he couldn’t have done it alone.
Which meant she was standing here, completely n-ked in a billionaire’s garden, while being laughed at by god knows how many people.
She turned to run back to the house, tears of shame running down her face.
Then she heard the sound of something running towards her, and turning back she saw the creature was not a dog, it was a wolf, and it was about to catch up with her.
Stumbling she fell to the floor, the large russet brown wolf towering over her, she wanted to scream, but the sound would not come out.
This was it, she was going to get eaten by a wild animal, and all she could think of was what would happen to Tom.
“plea-se,” she said, looking into the eyes of the creature and knowing he could not un-derstand her.
Then, as she looked, she felt that same connection, and the realisation that this was Nathaniel Greystone’s secret.
For a moment she could not breathe and the world seemed to close in on her. This could not be real; things like this did not exist in the normal world.
Yet nothing that had happened seemed real since she met Nat yesterday.
Yesterday? Such a short time ago, but it seemed like forever. This was why he was different, and this was why he offered her everything that was his. Wolves mate for life, which was why he had been searching for his true mate.
Now it all made s-en-se, he did not pick her because of what she looked like, or how much money she. had. He had no say in it, and neither did she.
Reaching up with a shaking hand she ran her f!ngersthrou-gh the thick soft hair of the wolf.
She heard him sigh; relief seemed to flow from him. He must have had some doubts that she would not accept him for what he truly was.
stro-king his back with both hands she felt him shudder, his eyes dilated and he lowered his head and sniffed her.
Then the air shimmered again and Nat was before her, his mouth on her br€asts and his f!ngersbetween her legs.
He ru-bbe-d her cl!t, sliding his f!ngersalong the length of her slit until he was sure she was re-ady for him, and this time he mounted her quic-kly, pushing straight into her.
She [email protected] with surprise, her nails digging into his skin leaving red marks.
This seemed to spur him on, he thrû-st [email protected] and then pu-ll-ed back to thrû-st into her again, the beast in him taking over.
Although it hurt a little she did not care, this time she wanted him to take her like a true mate.

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